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I have to admit, when the news first broke I thought it had to be a hoax. Surely Lis Sladen is far too young to die?

Sadly, it quickly became apparent that it wasn't a joke and I still cannot quite believe that someone so young and filled with life is no more. She really never seemed to age and maybe that's why it's such a terrible shock.

My first clear memory of Doctor Who is begging my parents to take me down to my grandmother's so that I could watch The Five Doctors, which she had recorded because it aired during my birthday party and apparently the birthday girl has to attend her party even if Doctor Who is on.

I somewhat suspect that I may be refusing to take part in any birthday celebrations that prevent me seeing 50th anniversary things in 2013 :-)

Anyway, watching that episode is my first really clear memory of Doctor Who and, knowing my father, I was probably told who Sarah Jane Smith. Certainly I knew exactly who she was by the time of the 30th anniversary, when the BBC spent most of the year airing adventures from all the Doctors and they showed Genesis of the Daleks as the Tom Baker episode. I adored Sarah Jane in that one because she was such a strong, amazing companion. One of the first Target novelisations that I read was the Peledon one with the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane and I loved her feisty, women's lib moments.

Every time people complain about the Doctor's companions being scared, screaming women it's Sarah Jane Smith and Ace that I refer them to. They were scared, sometimes they might have screamed a tiny bit, but they were strong and they always did what needed to be done despite the fear.

Losing the Brig was hard, but Nicholas Courtney was at that stage of life where I knew that he wouldn't be around forever. I was sad, but not shocked.

Losing Sarah Jane Smith is a shock and somehow, much more terrible. Lis Sladen was older than I knew (63? really?), but she never aged so she seemed eternal. I really am going to miss her.
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Only a week three weeks behind (that's what happens when one goes on vacation) but here we go.

Cut for spoilers )
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So Friday sucked a bit, but thankfully my week is now over :-D When your day starts with unexpected snow (!!! It's only early November) you know things aren't going to go well. I like snow, except when I've got to drive through it and I'm the only person in the province with winter tires.

Anyway, today is going to be a day of awesome. I have chores to do first, but then I'm off to do fun things. I'm going into Staples to buy a portable external hard drive. This year I'm doing a Christmas box for a child somewhere overseas, so I'm also going to pick up lots of paper, pens, pencils and stuff.

Then it's off to the mall for some more things for the box - hat/mittens set, possibly, and a small toy or two. Must remember to buy a shower cap while I'm out because mine is dying. I may pop into Starbucks for hot chocolate action :-D

After that, I'm popping into my local yarn shop. I need to drop off some DVDs and possibly spend a bit of time knitting and gossiping. Then I shall pick up the odds and ends I couldn't get at the store last night (spinach and ricotta cannelloni requires, er, spinach) before picking up some sushi and heading home to watch SJA and Spooks.

If all this actually works as planned, I'm going to have an awesome day.
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I haven't read any other reactions, but I loved this. Although it has reminded me of how much I miss Doctor Who and how long the next two weeks are going to be!

So, onto the spoiler-ific review.
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Before the review, I just want to say "squee!" to the news that we finally have an airdate for Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars. Squee! Just over two weeks away. Is it November 15th yet?



Ahem. Anyway.

A week late, but better than never, I have finally got my thoughts on SJA together. There will definitely be spoilers here:

Cut for spoilers )
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A little birdie has told me that the Sarah Jane Adventures start airing (in the UK) today and tomorrow. That makes me very happy :-) I still haven't heard anything about a Waters of Mars air date, though, which makes me less happy. Doesn't sound like we'll get it for Halloween.

OTOH, it does increase the odds of it being aired around the anniversary and the idea of new Doctor Who on my birthday makes me quite happy. Heck, if it gets aired the Saturday before the anniversary then I may even save it to watch on my birthday!

In other words, make an announcement someone. Please.

This morning Annie kept giving me the "I'm so cute, can I have a cuddle?" look and then running away as soon as I bent down to get her. Silly kitten. Kate was just too psycho to even think about cuddles. She gets like that in the mornings.

Right now, I'm so tired that I'm falling asleep at my desk. I'm even writing this with my eyes closed. Good thing I can touch type! As most of my knit group is busy or stuck without sitters, I'm thinking that I'll also wimp out and stay home. Probably asleep. It took me less than three minutes to fall asleep while reading yesterday evening.

I dug out the beginnings of a Bambera fic that I started a couple of months ago. It's pretty good. Wonder what it was supposed to be? And can I do anything with it?

And should I, bearing in mind that I'm planning to do NaNoWriMo and then it will be Yuletide. Perhaps I should put it aside and then see what I can do with it over Christmas?

I really need some sleep. Incoherency is imminent.
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My parents are here! Woot!

Their flight sounds like a bit of a nightmare and they finally touched down three hours late, but they're here :-) I'm selfishly glad that I didn't go to pick them up - I would have had less than an hour's sleep in the end if I had! Mum didn't actually go to bed. She sat up in my recliner, dozing, until I got up and she looked really awake when I left.

She's going to crash later, I know it.

They both needed a cup of tea when they got in - after assuring me that they'd be going straight to bed! - because they were stressed and awake. In fact, they behaved exactly as I predicted so I'm laughing quietly at Mum :-) Da spent a few minutes cuddling with Kate in his chair (awww) which relaxed him enough to actually go to sleep when he went to bed.

Who is this man and what has he done with my father? He never cuddled Cassie and Skipper when they were alive!

Anyway, I am officially relieved and happy to finally have them here safely.

In other news...

I was looking through this journal last night and not one of the entries on the front page was actually fannish. When did I get boring? When did I stop wibbling about fannish stuff? I assure you, I've not stopped reading, watching and thinking about fannish stuff. I adored the Merlin season finale to itty bitty pieces and I'm hunting out fic. SJA made me super happy so I need to do a season 2 review post. It's only eight days until the Doctor Who Christmas special and that's making me very excited. Has everyone seen the DW Advent Calendar on the BBC site?

And yet, I don't actually seem to discuss any of that on this journal.

That's it. I'm determined. There shall be at least one fannish post per week from this day forward. It's my pre-New Year's resolution.
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Note to self: Bring in SQL pocket book with useful hints on how Oracle differs from all other platforms tomorrow before it drives you insane.


My iTunes came with a pre-written automatic 90s playlist and I thought that I'd check it out today. I can't decide whether it's having a laugh at me or not. Abba 90s? Also, Simon and Garfunkle immediately

followed by Abba is distinctly weird. It's one of those selections that you keep listening to because you want to see which ridiculous pairing it can make next.

Fish pie last night was a success. I shall post the recipe when I get home. It really is scrummy. Sadly, Holby City didn't finish dl-ing until very late so I did not get my Tuesday night veg out with HC. Instead I watched the very interesting Time Team special on a WWI dug-out and Monday's episode of SJA. It seems that I haven't done an SJA rec since the first (or maybe second?) story of this year's run.

That was very remiss of me and must be fixed.

Spoilers below for everything up to Mark of the Beserker part 2 )

One quick thing:

Dear BBC,

Why are you being so lame at putting Radio 2 shows up for Listen Again? No Chris Evans last night, no Wogan this morning. You even flaked out on the Today show yesterday (didn't try today because I wanted to see how Wogan's auction for Children in Need is going). What's going on? I rely on you to provide good radio shows and have them up at least within 6 hours of broadcast!

No love,
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Title: From the Ashes
Summary: Maria rescues the girl and discovers that what you planned isn't always how things work out.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Maria Jackson/Romana II
Spoilers: Nothing really unless you've never seen SJA or 1970s Doctor Who. I started this before watching the start of season two SJA and I'm a spoiler-phobe, which is why the canon doesn't quite tie up with what we've now seen.
Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] doreyg who requested Maria, Susan, Romana II or the Rani (two out of four ain't bad), old school/new school, the TARDIS and some action scenes. I think I've got most of that in!
Disclaimer: Doctor Who, its spin-offs and its characters are the property of the BBC. I do not own the characters and indeed am only playing with them for a little while. I am not making any money from this. No copyright infringement whatsoever is intended. The story is for entertainment purposes only. Please check with me first if you want to archive this story.
Distribution: Teaspoon and an Open Mind, anyone else please ask first.
Feedback: Yes please *g*

When she was seventeen, Maria considered her biggest triumph to be passing her GCSEs while helping to thwart a Silurian attack on London.
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There be rampant spoilers behind the cut for both episodes, just to warn everyone.

Spoilers! Get your spoilers here! )
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The new SJA cinema trailer is made of awesome *nods*

Anyone know of a good resolution copy? YouTube quality isn't Just enough to know what the trailer is.
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I am still more than a little in shock, so I can only hope that what follows is coherent.

Massive, truly huge, stonking spoilers here. You have been warned )
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Spoilers beneath the cut:

Read more... )

With only two episodes remaining - two that I feel are going to be rather tense and exciting - I am now entering spoiler-avoidance time. I haven't watched the next week trailer and I plan not to. I'm not quite at hiding from the Internet stage (yet!), but I am hiding for anything that might even hint at anything. As the Internet and spoilers become easier to access, I'm finding that I enjoy reaching an episode or film without any clue of what will happen more and more. I suspect that it's because I'm so often spoiled for at least a bit of the plot for most things so it's that bit more special if I can watch a show that I care for spoiler-free.

In other words, no spoilers for 4.12, 4.13 or beyond in comments, please :-) Unless it is uneducated speculation on things mentioned in this review.
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Despite a colleague saying "I think today will be a good day" (causing the entire office to erupt in curses at her jinx of the day) it hasn't actually been too bad so far this week. I lost two hours today to unexpected recruitment stuff but I managed to get all the builds requested into my Big Project Phase One. I now have a meeting tomorrow when they'll change it all, but theoretically I now get to do Phase Two this week.

Sadly, no writing so far this week due to complete shatterment.

And in lieu of an actual review, may I say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the last few episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures (yes, even in spite of the presence of Slitheen). I can't believe that it's over already! Anyone heard whether season 2 has been commissioned?

Feel free to spoiler in the comments and don't read the comments if you don't wish to be spoiled. I've even heard the Doctor Who companion announcement today.

And who was it that addicted me to the Luke/Noah thing on ATWT? Because you're evil. I think it might be [ profile] mmmchelle. Thank goodness for YouTube and kind people putting up edited just Luke/Noah stuff. They're just about to go on the fishing trip...
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Spoilers under here )

Writing this while waiting for things to run on our new, super-duper, whizzy data warehouse. It keeps surprising me by, uh, running my reports quickly. Damn, I'm suddenly more productive.

We're considering putting go faster stripes on the new warehouse :-) Obviously we aren't complete geeks at all...
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Cut for SJA spoilers )

I need to stop watching the trailers for next week. They really give away far too much plot.
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Cut for SJA spoilers for those who are still to watch their videos )

In my half dazed state this morning, I could have sworn that I saw a promo trailer for Robin Hood just before the 5.30am news. Can anyone confirm that I'm not actually hallucinating and I'll be getting more Much and Sir Guy goodness soon?


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