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Apr. 15th, 2017 11:29 am
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Hello! If you've found yourself on my journal for the first time here's a little bit about it.

I post about anything that pops into my head. Mostly that's fandom stuff and some personal stuff, because I use this as a journal as much as a discussion place, but sometimes it's links or discussion of real world politics if I'm feeling really opinionated. Don't worry, those posts are the rarity. The fandom stuff is the most common.

My always and forever fandom is Doctor Who, but I am a fandom butterfly who glomps onto all sorts of things. Current loves include: Holby City, Call the Midwife, Supergirl, the MCU, Star Trek, Star Wars...Star anything probably. This list may change, but the SFFness of it never will.

I write fanfic and original fic. I've written gen, het, m/m, and f/f. My current main ships are f/f ones and my current WIP original novel is an f/f romance. But if you're here only for the f/f and any mention of dude slash will make you rear back in horror, you might not want to be here. Just a heads up.

I rarely post locked stuff, but when I do, it's because I'm talking about something potentially controversial (religion), or something intensely personal that I'm locking down to a select few.

I'm always happy to meet new people, so friend/subscribe/circle away! Comment somewhere and introduce yourself! I don't bite and I try to keep discussion here vibrant and friendly. Welcome!
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Yup, the Hugo finalists are out and the Archive of Our Own is on the list for Best Related work: http://www.thehugoawards.org/2019/04/2019-hugo-award-1944-retro-hugo-award-finalists/

I'm actually delighted about a large chunk of this year's ballot. There are works on there that I nominated (yes, including AO3) and works on there that I've heard a lot about and I'm looking forward to digging into. The Best Novel list is an incredibly strong field this year - no novel stands out as a run-away winner because they're all excellent. Or I assume they all are, because the ones I haven't read are either books I've been saving for a rainy day because I loved their other books (Record of a Spaceborn Few) or books friends have raved about (Trail of Lightning).

The commentary about the list has reinforced my belief that this is a really strong Hugo year.

Except for AO3, which is understandably controversial and it's annoying to see so many people already declaring it doesn't deserve to be there so they will be No Award-ing it.


Firstly, we know it's not on there purely for the content. I know a lot of us were having fun with being "Hugo nominated fic writers" after the announcement, but we are aware that the nominations weren't about the fic.

Hypable has a great article about AO3, the Hugos, and why it deserves to be there. It discusses the importance of transformative works in the larger fandom discourse, the fact that a lot of (Hugo finalist) writers started out in fanfic and have works on AO3, and why it's great to have the public acknowledgement out there.

I'm not pretending that AO3 is perfect. It's not (yet). It's code infrastructure is still a mess despite a lot of work last year to clean it up. That work led to the big changes in search that fans had been asking for (which, IMO, is a good argument for why it's on the ballot this year in particular) but there's still a lot more work to do. There are issues with racism and other -isms in corners of the site, and those problems are hard to tackle. It relies on unpaid labour, then again, so does much of fandom's infrastructure (including many of our biggest conventions), so I can't take issue with that part.


AO3 is an incredible feat of community and engineering. It's weathering a storm of anti and purity policing that we've never seen before in fandom.

It's a resource, a community, a place for serious work and silly fun, and we built it. So I'm pretty happy to see it - and transformative works - hitting the ballot of a major award this year.

This quote for ULTRAGOTHA on File770 delighted me:

You know what? Let’s be joyful alongside everyone associated with AO3. I was joyful when File 770 was nominated and I’ve got a heck of a lot less invested here that many in the Transformative Works community have in AO3.

No, everyone involved doesn’t get 1/2,000,000 of a Hugo nomination, any more than I had a fraction of Mike’s nominations.

But that reaction is joyful! Let there be Joy! It’s a community that gets a lot of disrespect and the Organization of Transformative Works and Archive of Our Own has done titanic work in not only bringing respect to that community but ALSO creating a space that nurtures a pool of damned good SF/F/H writers.

AO3 is a vital part of Fandom and the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror community. They did stellar work last year and we should not disrespect them, their work, and the space that they’ve provided for this community, by voting them below no award. They don’t deserve that from us.

Let's celebrate and be proud of what we've achieved. Let's explain to people why AO3 deserves to be on the ballot. AO3 isn't perfect, we can critique it and work for further changes and developments, but it's still an incredible piece of work built and maintained by fandom.
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Where did the last two months go? It's April already!

Well, I know a bit of it got lost in an exhausted haze because I've been having a colitis flare, but that can't be the entire cause. Apparently living in England is making me way busier than I was in Canada.

(Colitis flare isn't fun, but isn't life-threatening either. I'm slowly adjusting to the meds. I'll find out in a couple of weeks whether I can be weaned off the steroids yet. Yay.)

I had a couple of days away in Brighton for work last month, which was exhausting but fun and really useful. My job is continuing to be great and today I did a telephone interview for a possible minion. Well, we're calling them my new friend. I guess it sounds better than minion. I do not like interviewing people. Ugh.

I started a Babylon 5 rewatch a couple of weeks ago and I'm almost at the end of S1. I foolishly thought this would be comforting. Apparently my brain had some kind of blip because this is not comforting. OMG, how is this more relevant now than it was when it first aired?

The world is fucked.

In more cheerful news, Eastercon is only two weeks away and I just signed up for [community profile] vidukon_cardiff so I've got lots of fun stuff to look forward to. My sis and I are taking Mum to the Harry Potter studio tour just after I get back from Worldcon. And the Hugo finalists list is amazing. So many good things happening!

Almost makes the imminent Brexit-induced apocalypse feel less terrifying.

No, wait, it doesn't. Ugh.
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Star Trek: Discovery! The first two episodes have delighted me and I'm enjoying it a lot more than the first season.

Afternoon teas. Sis and I took Mum out to afternoon tea on Saturday as her Christmas present and it reminded me how much I love the entire experience. We went to the Midsummer Night's Dream themed tea at the Swan by the Globe and it was lovely. We're making a list of more afternoon teas we want to do.

Books! I'm on a good book roll. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle was brilliant and kept me guessing all the way to the end. I'm almost at the end of Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik and as long as it sticks the landing, I'll recommend it. And somehow I've eaten almost the whole of The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare in less than a day.

English winter. So much less distressing than Canadian winter. Today I'm working from home and enjoying the sunshine glittering on the pretty dusting of snow we got last night. It's melting off now, but it's still pretty.

Choir. It's such fun, I've met new people, and I'm getting to sing some wonderful pieces. We're doing three songs from The Greatest Showman this term, plus a beautiful John Rutter and we're tackling the Hallelujah chorus. The choir mistress has also fallen for Kirby Shaw, so we're doing a number of his arrangements of different pieces. And Marylebone liked us so much that we've been asked back to sing at Christmas and they want us to do an evening during the summer.

My cats. They're frequently ridiculous, but they're also the best cats and so snuggly.

(Feel free to get Disco spoilery in the comments. Also, warning that there might be Disco spoilers in the comments.)
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I was doing so well at regular updating in December, then Christmas hit and the updating stopped happening. BUT! I have noticed with only a month's break, rather than my usual six months, so that's almost like updating regularly, right?

When I last posted, I had the cold from hell. So did Mum. We hung onto those colds until well into January, unfortunately, and Mum's turned into a chest infection. She's recovering well now that she's been stuck on antibiotics. Poor Mum. We did feel a lot better and thought the colds were actually ending on Christmas Eve, but then they roared back on December 27th. At least we were feeling semi-human for the big bits of Christmas and a lot of the family stuff. Phew.

More Christmas details )

This was one of the reasons I moved: getting to spend time with family.

One of the other reasons was getting to spend time with friends, and I just had a weekend doing that by going to Redemption convention.

A sort of con report )

It was good to get a break over Christmas, but I'm also still loving my job so I'm not sad about being back. There's a lot of interesting projects coming up and it feels good to have my efforts regularly recognised. It's such a contrast to my last job!

This year is already shaping up to be another busy one. I've got various trips planned, including two more conventions (Eastercon and Worldcon), and I'm planning to look for a home to buy later in the year. Probably another two bed flat, but ground floor so that it's wheelchair accessible. It looks like I can afford one in the village I grew up in, so keep your fingers crossed. I'll probably start applying for mortgages and looking for something to buy in May or June, although a lot depends on how much chaos is going on due to Brexit. Argh.

We had snow on Tuesday. My train almost didn't make it due to ice on the tracks, but it got to the station eventually. I only fell over once on my walk home and I really regretted not wearing my snow boots! It took Dad 3.5 hours to get home and Mum was sending me increasingly worried texts until he got there. Some of it melted off yesterday and then froze hard, so walking to choir last night was...interesting. There was an ice-skating moment. Thankfully I was almost there when it happened and I didn't actually fall. A couple of friends gave me a lift home. I was really glad I was working from home yesterday and today. The temps should get rid of the ice and snow today. Phew!

I'll still take this tiny bit of snow and temporary chaos over Canadian winters every time.
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It's my last work day of the year. Already! After today, no more work until January 2nd :-D

I've been working from home due to the amazingly awful cold. Still hoping that I'll be better in time to enjoy Christmas. Mum and I both got hit, so we've been commiserating a lot. And being really annoyed with dad, who gave it to us. Argh.

Yesterday was a very, very long working day. Boss and I spent hours trying to track down a bug in a thing we were trying to do. It's a function I re-wrote from MSSQL into Postgres and a part of me was very worried I'd fucked it up. Hours of tracing, comparing data, several dozen spreadsheets proved that nope. The bug has always existed in the function. At least for the last eight years, anyway. Nobody had ever noticed that the function wasn't behaving as intended. We spotted it because we were doing the process that used it for the first time (chap who usually does it is on holiday) so we were being super paranoid about validating the results.

We suspect he's never validated the results or he would have noticed this before *sigh*

It didn't show up in my testing due for really good reasons that are too complicated to explain, but totally suck. I feel less guilty now.

Anyway, boss and I worked until 7pm last night (boss hinted at 5pm that I was done for the day, but I stayed and kept working it with him because I knew I wouldn't have been able to rest, an effort that hasn't gone unnoticed :-D ) and found the issue, confirmed it definitely this morning, and are now waiting on higher-ups to decide what they want us to do. Neither of us intend to cancel our holiday to fix this.

So, hopefully at 5pm I'll be done for the year and then I can relax!

Still have stuff to do. I need to pop to the shops tomorrow for last minute bits and bobs (I KNOW how bad it will be). I realised a couple of days ago that as I'm going to giving presents in person this year, I need to buy wrapping paper. Usually people wrap for me because I'm not here. What a difference!

Tomorrow I'm also popping round to the parents to help decorated their tree. It's been so long since I did this with them :-D

If you're celebrating, how are your Christmas plans going?

And if you're not a Christmas person, what are your plans while we worship Santa?
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I visited my parents at the weekend and my Dad has the most horrendous cold.

Yesterday I woke up with a slight tickle in my throat. But I was singing at Marylebone station after work and I am a determined sort of person, so I did my thing and ate Vocalzones and make it through two hours of carols and assorted Christmas songs successfully.

By the time I got home, my voice was on its way out.

Today I have no voice. I am hilarious. If I strain, I can get a sort of whisper squeak out. My boss keeps curling up laughing every time I have to speak.

(He's a treasure. An actual treasure, not the sarcastic type. He fought marketing off for me today so he gets so much kudos.)

I need to do some last minute shopping after work so I plan to do that, get home, and possibly not leave the house again until I can speak properly. Although I've now started sneezing and sniffling, so I might not feel much like going anywhere for a couple of days. Please let this cold be done by the weekend? I have too much to do!
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The Yuletide deadline is later today! Ish. I think.

I posted mine to the collection yesterday. It needs more editing and a better title, but I was hit by a bus this afternoon, I wouldn't be afraid my recipient was getting coal, so that's good.

I do love Yuletide :-D

I also love the way my brain is still trying to make me consider writing treats, even though I have no idea how I'd find time for that. I'd been thinking about having some kind of comment-fic-prompting-palooza here, but now I'm thinking the more sensible plan is to do that in January when we're all feeling a bit of a post-Christmas low and need something fun to do.

I looked at AO3 when I was posting and noticed this is only the third fic I've posted this year. Wow. I can see what kind of year it's been! I think this is my lowest number of posted fics for many years. I'm hoping next year will be more inspiring and less exhausting.
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A vintage photo of two women dressed up and looking at each other lovingly, one in a dress and one in a suit and hat and holding a cigar. Text says 'don't have to know canon f/f rec fest'.
Femslash "don't have to know canon" rec fest!

Would you like to read more femslash but are intimidated by unfamiliar canons? Or would you like to draw more people into your femslashy fandom? This fest is for you! Rec & find recs for femslash narrative fanworks that can be enjoyed with little to no canon knowledge!
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Make me choose between:
  • two ships
  • two characters
  • two fandoms
  • two anything at all

Meme provided by [community profile] journalmemes.
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I have a completed Yuletide draft that passes the bus test. Hooray! And with plenty of time for editing and beta-ing, which is particularly awesome.

Every year, I'm sure this will be the year when I end up defaulting, but every year I don't. This is my eleventh Yuletide and I'm still maintaining my record for not dropping out.

I'm slightly stunned that this is my eleventh Yuletide. Where did all those years go?

I am seriously considering doing some kind of tiny fic promptapalooza next week. Maybe. It might be a fun way to keep my writing muscles working for a while. It's something I used to do on Tumblr way back when I was actually using it and it was good fun, so if there's any interest, I'll do it.
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Today my work team is off for lunch at a local pub, which is rather exciting (for me) because I haven't done the Christmas pub lunch thing for over a decade. Literally. So this should be fun.

My Yuletide draft is...happening. I've got most of it. I just need to write the final scene and decide on how I want to end this, which is actually quite difficult because this is a canon where neat endings don't happen and I am unsure about my recipient's feelings on happy vs unresolved endings (I am not doing tragedy here). Hopefully my beta will point out if the ending won't work for my recipient.

I'm happy with what I've got so far, though, and I'm feeling confident there will be no defaulting, so that's always a win in my book. I'd been hoping to have time to write treats, but that may have been an ambitious aim. I'll see how I'm doing next week. I haven't rattled my presents and I probably won't, because it's nice to have a surprise.

Note to self: post your [community profile] femslashex fic.

Also post a link to the fic you got for femslash, because it was awesome and that's what happens when you somehow luck into [personal profile] netgirl_y2k being your writer :-D
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Via [personal profile] cesperanza, this post in [personal profile] impertinence's journal looks like an interesting idea: Federation and Fandom.

It solves the concerns we all have about P2P networks and could be more resilient than other ideas I've seen bouncing around, although I'm sure there are also some down sides to it, too. It's one that's worth investigating, though, as building our own platform won't be a fast process and setting up instances of federated serves could satisfy the urgent need.
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I had a lovely day out in Oxford on Saturday with Mum, getting odds and ends of Christmas shopping done and generally enjoying the seasonal vibes of my favourite city. I feel a reread of Doomsday Book by Connie Willis coming on...

And on Sunday, I sang in my first big concert with my choir! It was really good fun and we were a sell-out, which is good because it means our nominated charities are getting lots of dosh. We even sang almost all the right notes and, except for two lines of Jingle Bell Rock that went slightly awry (the dangers of deciding going off-copy for an extra song two weeks before the concert!), we even sang all the right words!

I suspect we're better than I think we are. I don't get the full effect, standing with the other 80 sopranos with one slightly tuneless person to my right, so I can't judge. Mum and Dad reported we sounded great, but they would, wouldn't they?

If you are a Londoner and you want to judge for yourself, come and see us at Marylebone station next Monday (December 17th) between 5pm and 7pm. Bring some change, because we're raising money for Scannappeal.

The important part is that we had fun with music, I'm making new friends, and I'm definitely continuing next term. Hooray for singing!
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I was pointed to [community profile] fffriday, which does a follow Friday type thing for F/F stuff.

In other words, on Fridays people rec F/F fic, original stories, art, vids etc. Which sounds nifty and amazing :-)

Doctor Who!

Dec. 7th, 2018 11:44 am
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Possibly unpopular opinion: I'm really enjoying the current Doctor Who season.

Yes, it's different from the RTD/Moffat era. Yes, the plots aren't as complex. No, I don't bloody care.

I adore the Thirteenth Doctor. She's becoming my favourite New Who Doctor.

I'm surprisingly enjoying Bradley Walsh, after being certain I wouldn't.

I possible ship Yaz and the Doctor.

(Not possibly. Definitely.)

It's probably an unpopular opinion in some circles, but I don't care. I'm enjoying my lovely show :-)

Tell me the things you're enjoying about this series!
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I think everyone else is already posting links to all the useful places/discussions (check out [personal profile] umadoshi or [personal profile] morgandawn for collated lists of it all), so I won't duplicate that information. I'm simultaneously sad that another platform is imploding and fans are being forced to flee, and happy to see DW become more active.

Part of the reason I find it hard to motivate myself to update DW regularly is that it's been a bit ghost-town-like. No comments, not many other people updating, combines to make it feel a bit like shouting into the void. That's why so much of my fandom time is on Twitter (despite the filled with Nazis issue). At least we're interacting there.

Twitter tip: lists are your friend and sometimes the only way to manage. I have a list of key people I want to read every day, sort of a highlights list, and a list of cute animal twitters for when I need a cheer-up. And then when I've got time and the mental head space to deal with the trash-fire nature of the world, I can read my full Twitter feed. Lists are key. As is a good client because the native one is terrible. No chronological ordering is ridiculous. I have the native one installed for push notifications to my phone/iPad, but I use Tweetbot (or Tweetdeck on the computer) for actually reading Twitter.

I was very active on Tumblr for about eighteen months, but I've barely used it since 2014. The time when I was super active was also the time when I was deep in my MCU love and most of the fandom stuff was done over there. As my deep MCU obsession waned, so did my Tumblr activity. It's never been an easy place to do the kind of socialising and fandom community stuff that I grew up on, and all the purity police bullying of recent years put me off going back. That's also why I've been mostly active on Twitter.

I'm not sure I'm writing anything useful here, but it's good to get thoughts out and down. I'm not sure where fandom is heading this time as a new base. I'd like DW to get more active again. I like the ideas Pillowfort have, but the timing is terrible and their infrastructure simply isn't ready for fandom to descend on them.

TBH, as difficult as it is, I'd love to see a "platform of our own" concept finally take root and get implemented. It would require an army of fans and the kind of planning and organisation that has kept AO3 up and running for so long, but we did it once, surely we can do it again?

The guy who made Pinboard fandom-friendly is also collecting ideas and trying to work out the logistics of building something for us. If anyone outside fandom is going to build something, he's probably one of the people I'd trust most to do it.

Maybe one of these ideas will work out. The problem always comes down to money: platforms can't monetise fandom, so they eventually chase us out. So the only way to build something we can't be chased away from is to do it ourselves somehow.

Someone suggested a P2P-based option and my entire spine shuddered. No. That's not a solution. Many fans don't have the bandwidth to be part of a network like that, and then there's the content that's plain illegal (yes, I'm talking child porn) that nobody wants on their computer in any sense. Even with the strictest controls and moderation, it won't be possible to guarantee that stuff won't be on someone's machine at some point in a P2P solution, and most of us aren't willing to take that risk.

I'm going to be watching closely to see, what if anything, comes out of all the discussion I'm seeing about a platform of our own. After all, I didn't think we could find a way to own the servers to host our fic, and look what AO3 has become! So I don't think it's impossible and a tiny part of me is hoping something good might come out of the current shitshow. The Tumblrocalypse is just another iteration of events like Strikethrough and it's about time we found a way to keep that from happening.
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Really, how is it December? Where did the last two months go?

I was really busy, that's where.

I moved into my flat, I did so much in October that it was ridiculous, and November was only quiet by comparison.

House stuff )

Work continues to be great.
Cut for work stuff )

Life outside has also been really busy.
I have a social life! )

The consequence of having a social life is that I'm realising it's not really practical to go entirely car-free after all. After Christmas, I plan to look for a second-hand Toyota Yaris Hybrid (the smallest hybrid on the market). Borrowing Mum's car works sometimes, but it's not a good solution and there are times when she has to run errands for me that I just can't do, which isn't fair. I'd love to get an electric, but there's no way to plug one in here, so a hybrid is the next best low-emission option.

I've been feeling much happier over the last few weeks, which I think is because I'm feeling more settled both at home and at work. It's great having my own space again, being able to relax and veg out when I want, cook what I want, make spur-of-the-moment decisions because I don't have anyone waiting for me...in short, I'm so happy to have my own place again :-D

I am seriously considering seeing whether I can afford to buy a house next year, rather than waiting until 2020. It's possible I won't be able to get a mortgage for what I need, but I'll see. That's an adventure for next year.

Right now, I'm just enjoying being settled and not having to think about moving or packing for a while.
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Before I go any further, thank you for writing for me! We share at least one fandom, and that makes me happy.


- Women rescuing each other
- Women having epic friendships
- Competency
- Cheesy tropes!
- Intense, passionate, world-shattering kissing
- Flirting, banter, humour
- Happy endings

Do not wants:

- Deathfic and sad endings
- Rape and dubcon
- Graphic violence, blood play, extreme kinks etc.
- Incenst, paediophilia, bestiality etc.
- Humiliation, adultery/cheating
- Character bashing

Specific fandom thoughts below:
Read more... )
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Er, I can't quite believe my last post was in late July. Where did the last two months go?

Well, into work and house-hunting, probably.

Job stuff )

And then there's...

Housing stuff )

Overall, I'm doing well. I've had my ups and downs. I was really depressed the last couple of days, but it's possible that was the pre-drome for the migraine I had this morning. I've also been stressing myself out about the amount of money I'm spending on the flat. I know that I'm still within budget, I have the money, but I'm still managing to feel guilty about spending on "frivolous" things like the new sofa.

It's an Ektorp sofa. So it's a really inexpensive sofa. But I still had to talk myself into it, because why would I need something silly like a sofa? *slaps self*

I have finally managed to allow myself to order a nice telly (it will arrive on Friday, in plenty of time for Doctor Who) and I'm feeling a lot more positive today, which makes me suspect this week's blip was the migraine talking.

Getting into my own place will also make getting out to socialise much easier, which always helps. There's a community choir in the town I'm moving to, which I plan to join.

I got to Nine Worlds for a day in August, which was great, and I have plans for several conventions next year. [personal profile] paranoidangel and I went board gaming in Oxford a few weeks ago and plan to return soon. All my weekends in October are now filled with activities (Hamilton! Scotland! Tolkien exhibition!) but hopefully we'll manage it in November.

I'm excited about having so many fun things lined up in October.

[community profile] femslashex is due next Saturday and Yuletide sign-ups will open soon, so I'm actually writing a bit for the first time in ages. Go me!

It's not always been easy, but it still feels like moving back is the right call for me. I miss my friends in Canada, but my support network here is bigger and feels more available. I'm less worried about my future here, which is ironic when Brexit is looming and the world is a trashfire.

Hopefully my next post will be written from the sofa in my own little flat. Wish me luck on the move!


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