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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First of all, an early "Thank you!" for writing a fic in one of my fandoms. That alone has made me happy. If you've already got the perfect idea, please, go ahead and write it! If you want to know more about what I love about these pairings and prompts I've been mulling, I've thrown some thoughts together below.

I'm happy with any rating you're comfortable writing for.

General likes: I am a total sucker for tropes: accidental marriage, fake dating, stuck in a cabin, baby on the doorstep, cheesy AUs, the works. Throw them at me! I adore competent women kicking ass, women bonding, get together fics and figuring out how to stay together fics. I read fic to get the happy endings that are often missing in real life and in canon.

Dislikes: Death fic, sad endings, BDSM and heavy kink, graphic violence, dub-con/non-con, character bashing, cheating/adultery.

Holby City (Serena Campbell, Bernie Wolfe) )

Custard Protocol - Gail Carriger (Primrose Tunstall, Tasherit) )

Ghostbusters (2016) (Jillian Holtzmann, Erin Gilbert) )

Cornetto 40 - love Commercial (Debbie, Maria Fernandez) )

Persuasion - Jane Austen (Frederick Wentworth, Anne Elliot) )
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How did we already get to December 21st? Wasn't it June 21st yesterday?

We've already had some snow here, so saying it's the first official day of winter feels a little superfluous. The "official" seasons have little relationship with what the weather is actually doing, I feel.

Anyway, I'm mostly ready for Christmas. More ready than I usually am at this stage. All the baking is done. There are mince pies in the freezer ready to bake whenever I need some.

(I'll bake some tonight to bring into work tomorrow. We have a treat table going in my department this week, so the pies will fit in perfectly.)

Cranberry sauce is also in the freezer, along with Christmas pud and Christmas cake. If anything happens to keep me from my aunt's Christmas lunch, I've got a cashew roast in the freezer that I can bake off and serve for myself with all the trimmings. I think I'm ready!

I need to polish my Yuletide fic based on beta feedback, but it should be easily done in the next day or two. And I even wrote a Yuletide treat! Which needs to be posted in the next day or two, as well. It feels like this Yuletide was much less stressful than it has been over the last couple of years. I think the tactic in the future is to skip NaNo, because I'm feeling much more relaxed about Christmas right now. I've ended up as a post-deadline pinch hit, but I'm sure whoever is writing for me is working on a fic that I'll love. (THANK YOU.) And Yuletide, for me, is just as much about giving fic and working my way through the collection while eating Christmas cake, so being on the pinch hit list isn't too stressful.

Today I got a little bit of unexpected Christmas joy. One of the business analysts I work with--I spend hours every month helping him to balance revenue--gave me a present! We are both LotR fans, so he found a Lego Gimli for me! It's adorable and has taken pride of place in my desk geek collection :-D

So, how is everyone else doing with Yuletide and Christmas or Hanukkah prep? Have you had any bits of unexpected seasonal joy fall into your life?
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I'm choosing not to look at how many days it is until Christmas, but it is starting to feel a bit Christmassy now. We've decorated at my office. I've started my advent calendar.

I'm trying to figure out how many Christmas-themed books I can read in three weeks. I'm feeling a need for a Dark is Rising reread and I've got a stack of cozy comfort books with Christmas in the title. I'm trying to resist the temptation to add The Domesday Book to the stack because I read it last year and it's not exactly cheerful.

And I'm halfway through the annual Box of Delights rewatch, which always makes me feel festive.

At church, we're embracing the advent season and it's lovely. I hadn't realised how much I missed the Anglican traditions around seasons until I spent a few years in a Baptist church that did its best to ignore all of the festivals except for Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. It's such a relief to be back in a congregation where I feel like I fit--all of me, not just the Baptist-appropriate parts.

Yuletide is starting to come together, too. My main fic is in its second draft and I'm well into writing a treat, which is most unusual for December 6th! Over the last few years, I've been doing NaNo and ending up feeling totally burnt out in December, so Yuletide has been a struggle. This year I'm excited about Yuletide again!

I chose not to do NaNo due to the horrific work deadlines and trying to get my Marvel Bang fic edited on time, but it's turned out to be a blessing in disguise. By the time I was through the worst of the post-work-and-Marvel-Bang burn out and starting to itch to write something, I still had loads of time until the Yuletide deadline. Maybe this is a signal that NaNo just isn't the right timing for me.

Provided this week doesn't go to hell, I'm on vacation on Friday until December 19th, which will be fantastic. Lots of time to finish recovering, to read books, to do Christmas baking, to veg out with the telly...I'm excited to have a vacation, even though we're forecasted to get out first big snow on Monday!
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Yuletide assignments are out!

Catching many of us off-guard, because we're used to having a few days grace between sign-ups closing and assignments going out to polish our letters and catch our breath. Guess their algorithms are working really, really smoothly these days.

I'd been hoping for those couple of days to get my letter written. I was ill for a few days last week, so my sign-up was done on Sunday afternoon when I knew which fandoms I wanted but hadn't had time to properly write a letter yet. It was a near-thing actually getting that far, even though I nominated fandoms this year so I really, really wanted to take part.

(OMG, apparently I'm not the only person asking for and requesting Holby City! Woo hoo!)

So my letter had a placeholder until a few minutes ago. Oops. Hopefully my assignee didn't take one look last night and wander off in a huff, never to check back!

(For anyone interested, my letter is here.)

That whole illness thing was...not good, but at least I'm mostly better now. The timing couldn't have been worse, though. Work stuff, fic deadlines, Yuletide...of all the times I could be ill, why just then?

I have got so much to catch up on this week *trudges off*
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Dear Yuletide Author,

You've signed up to write for one of my beloved teeny fandoms so that already makes me adore you and utter little squeaky happy noises :-D Thank you!

I'm not hard to please, I don't think. A lot of my fandoms are femslashy this year, but if F/F isn't your thing, I'm a huge fan of female friendships and fics focusing on those.

This letter isn't as long and terrifying as it looks, I promise. I broke it all down into sections and put the general notes in their own bit, which is why it looks long, but honestly. As long as you don't include anything on my dislikes list, I'm probably going to be happy.

General likes and loves )

General dislikes )

Think of England - K J Charles: Fenella Carruth, Patricia Merton )

Uprooted - Naomi Novik - Agnieszka, Kasia )

Jupiter Ascending (2015): Jupiter Jones, Kiza Apini )

Jurassic Park (Movies): Claire Dearing, Ellie Sattler )

Cornetto  )
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I totally forgot to post this after reveals. Oops!

This was my main assignment fic:

Things to Do in a Bar at the End of the World (2435 words) by Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hawkeye (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kate Bishop & Jessica Drew
Characters: Kate Bishop, Jessica Drew
Additional Tags: Future Fic, Apocalypse, Hopeful Ending, Female Friendship

Jessica had never been a big drinker, but the end of the world didn't seem like a thing that should be faced sober. Not when it was probably going to be the end for real this time.

And then I wrote a couple of treats, too, because who doesn't want to write about sporty lesbians in love?

Five Press Conferences, One Question (1394 words) by Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cornetto "40 - love" Commercial
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Debbie/Maria Fernandez
Characters: Debbie (Cornetto "40 - love" Commercial), Maria Fernandez
Additional Tags: 5 Things, Press Conferences, Developing Relationship

"Have you spoken to That Line Umpire?" floated out from somewhere in the middle of the press throng.

Some Ships Never Sink (1710 words) by Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Cornetto "40 - love" Commercial
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Debbie/Maria Fernandez
Characters: Debbie (Cornetto "40 - love" Commercial), Maria Fernandez
Additional Tags: Social Media, Kissing, Romantic Fluff, Romance

#Mabbie, a love story about sporty lesbians and the social media that follows them.
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I've been reccing Yuletide fics on my Tumblr ([ profile] selenay936), trying to get as many read and recced as I can before the reveals. The recs are here.

If I have some time later in the week (and I'm terribly bored, which is unlikely) I might try to put together a big list here, but for now, use the Tumblr link :-D
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Dear Yuletide Author,

You've signed up to write for one of my beloved teeny fandoms so that already makes me adore you and utter little squeaky happy noises :-D Thank you!

I'm not hard to please, I don't think. A lot of my fandoms are femslashy this year, but if F/F isn't your thing, I'm a huge fan of female friendships and fics focusing on those. Honestly, apart from one exception that will be pretty obvious, don't feel obligated to throw in femslash just to please me unless it's something you also feel for those characters. And if you do, then go to town on it :-D

General likes and loves )

Cornetto 40-love Commercial: Debbie, Maria )

Maleficant: Aurora, Maleficant )

Bletchley Circle: Lucy, Millie )

Scorpion: Happy Quinn, Paige Dineen )

Sleepy Hollow: Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills )
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Happy Holidays, everyone!

And I got the BEST Yuletide gifts :-) I can't believe I actually got fics in the tiny fandom that I'd been super hoping just to get one little thing in.

I got two!

skies above can't be stormy and Love-All are both based on this awesome little film, and my heart is filled with joy by them :-)

Hope everyone else is enjoy their day, and finding amazing fics in the Yuletide collection to read. Just don't forget to eat delicious food and watch Doctor Who, okay?
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Despite feeling utterly rotten (a cold, a migraine, and dry socket from my tooth extraction three months ago...what a horrible week), I have posted my Yuletide fic!

It still needs editing and I'm waiting on beta notes, but at least now I won't accidentally default and I can make the adjustments as needed over the next couple of days :-D


And now to sniffle and whimper on my sofa for a while.
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My co-workers and I have dubbed last week, Hell Week. It was not good. It was, in fact, very, very bad. A lot of work, a lot of frustration, a lot of overtime. But the end result is that all the sections of Project Chaos are now live, so we're now mostly working on support for the next month or so until our maintenance team takes over.


Admittedly, I have to get up early on Sunday to work for a couple of hours, but hopefully it won't be all weekend. Or even all day. Famous last words, I know. The more meetings I'm in about this weekend's activities, the more I suspect it won't be as simple as everyone wants to believe.

Last Saturday was a very long day due to a ten hour-long deployment, and I spent Sunday trying to catch up on a bunch of chores that I didn't get to on Saturday due to all the working. I'd rather not have another all-work weekend.


As the days tick closer to NaNo, I'm really hoping that the level of overtime starts to drop. November needs to be a light and easy month at work so that I can put all my focus on the writing. I'm now incredibly glad that I had all my Big Bang fics in good shape by the end of September, so work didn't kill my hopes of publishing those on time.

There are so many teevees related things that I wanted to have the energy to comment on. So many. The Flash continues to delight me. Once Upon a Time is great. Agents of SHIELD is one of my biggest happies of the week (OMG, May and Phil dancing! So much new head canon and C/C plot bunnies!). NCIS and NCIS:NOLA are the perfect level of brain candy. Sleepy Hollow is squeeful. Scorpion is adorkable.

Let's not discuss The Arrow, okay?

The last two episodes of Doctor Who have been the strongest of the season. Wow, the Mummy creeped me out!

Squee with me in comments over it all, as spoilery as you want to be :-D

Lastly, [ profile] yuletide is open for sign ups! *muppet flail* I love Yuletide. It's always so much fun. My biggest problem this year is trimming my requests down to six or under, which isn't a problem I've had in the past. Even if I restrict myself to fandoms where I only want female characters, I've got five requests. And my potential offer list is ridiculous.

On one level, there are characters who didn't get in that are making me regret not nominating. My traditional Call the Midwife request can't be done due to the lack of Cynthia. Nobody nominated Jessica Drew for Captain Marvel. But really, if they had been there, my request problem would have been even bigger.

I'm prepping my DYW letter. It's a little epic. Oops? It'll be better when I've trimmed out a fandom or two. Yuletide is such a fun and wonderful exchange :-D

(If anyone is wondering about new fic from me, keep your eyes peeled on Saturday. My first Marvel Big Bang fic goes live *and* the [community profile] femslashex archive opens. This time of year is lovely and ficcish. I need to find more reading time to read all the lovely new fic being publish.)
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Dear Yuletide Author,

You've signed up to write for one of my beloved teeny fandoms so that already makes me adore you and utter little squeaky happy noises :-D Thank you!

I'm not hard to please, I don't think. Although I have a shippy little heart, I'm also more than happy with fic focussing on friendship instead of shippiness if that's not your thing. Write the story you love and I'll love it too. That said, if you're a romance writer then I prefer F/F or M/M rather than het in my shippy fic, which is probably obvious from the character combinations I requested but it's always worth making clear.

General likes/dislikes )

And so, to specific fandom by fandom notes that will hopefully be shorter than the general section :-D (Edit: *sigh* Nope!)

Captain Marvel (Marvel): Carol Danvers, Jessica Drew )

Fearless Defenders (Comics): Annabelle Riggs, Brunnhilde | Valkyrie )

Young Avengers: America Chavez, Kate Bishop )

Parasol Protectorate - Gail Carriger: Biffy, Professor Lyall )

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011): Benji Dunn, William Brandt )

Call the Midwife: Cynthia Miller, Trixie Franklin )

I hope this enormous essay gives you somewhere to start with the fandom you've matched to me on and I look forward to unwrapping my fic on Christmas Day!
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I'm starting to count the days until my Christmas break. Due to my compressed work schedule and the plethora of federal and company holidays, I've managed to get a Christmas break that runs from 20th December to January 5th while only using five vacation days. In other words, I'm off work for nearly two and a half weeks over Christmas.

*flail arms*

So, I'm now counting the days until December 19th when I skip out of the office singing silly carols and relishing the idea of not returning for a very long time.

Not that I don't enjoy my job, I do, but it's been a long time since I had a break that didn't involve travelling or dealing with parents and parental expectations of what a 'vacation' is. Often both. My mother's idea of a good vacation usually involves getting lots of DIY jobs done around the house and travelling places to get administrative stuff done or shop for curtains. If I take a staycation when she's here, there's usually no chance that I'll get time to sit around reading books and fic or writing for hours on end or marathoning entire TV series.

Take a wild guess at what I've got planned for Christmas :-D

So, yes, countdown to vacation is started. Nine days to go!

I'm feeling ambivalent about my preparedness for Christmas. On the one hand, I've got the turkey (stuffed turkey breast, actually) ordered at the butcher's and the Christmas pud is in the freezer. On the other hand, I got as far as mixing up pastry and mincemeat but haven't actually made and frozen the mince pies yet. Nor have I ordered the Christmas presents.

I got three quarters of my Christmas shopping done tonight. Tomorrow I make mince pies and finish the shopping. When those things are done, I'll feel much happier about the entire thing.

Shockingly, my Yuletide fic may be the only thing I feel relatively calm about. I finished it last night leaving me with well over a week for editing, beta-ing, and re-editing. I'm even feeling fairly happy with it. Huh.

And I still have two weeks to get the big crackfic C/C fic edited for Christmas Eve posting :-D
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It's the [ profile] yuletide strategising time of year again! I *think* I've got my nomination list fixed. Several fandoms I really want to request/offer in my sign-up are thoroughly covered already so I'm nominating for my tiny fandoms with tiny pairings :-D

The rule change where I can request up to six things on sign-up is going to be so great. Usually I have trouble narrowing my requests down to four, so this year it's going to be a bit easier. And because offering thousands of fandoms apparently doesn't help the matching algorithms, I'm keeping myself to a maximum of ten offers without making a big bucket o' fandoms offer this year.

I suspect half my sign-up, at least, will be me hoping for femslash in my tiny fandoms. How has nobody spotted that Trixie/Cynthia in Call the Midwife is a thing that needs to happen? How is there so little Kate/America in Young Avengers? Why isn't everyone falling onto Valkyrie/Annabelle in Fearless Defenders?

OK, yes, I'm ridiculously excited for Yuletide *already* and by the time sign-ups happen and assignments go out, I'll be slightly ridiculous. As it's the only exchange I'm signing up for this season, I think that I'm allowed to be ridic :-D

My Big Bang editing is...happening. I've finished going through the MS and making copious notes on all the things that I need to do and last night I got the first two chapters edited. As they were the ones that stood out as needing the most work and the largest rewrites, it feels good to have them done. I'm still hoping to have the edited MS out to my beta by Monday but a lot depends on how much time I have to spend doing family stuff this weekend.

Dad is visiting. Mum wants us to be All Family All The Time. It's really bad timing.
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Yuletide reveals are now live so I'm posting this while I remember:

Action Hero Figures and Ham Sandwiches (2509 words) by [ profile] Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peter Parker & Flash Thompson
Characters: Peter Parker, Flash Thompson

Summary: When Peter and Flash met, they almost bonded. Until the moment Flash said something stupid.
That has been the pattern of their relationship until now but maybe things are about to change.
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So, I was talking to [ profile] historyterry at the weekend, babbling about how relieved I was to be nearly done with my Yuletide fic, and he asked me what I'd requested.



I could take a look at my sign-up in AO3 but I've decided to be pleasantly surprised with what I get because seriously, no clue. Not at all. I even remember writing a detailed Dear Yulegoat letter and I still can't remember what I requested. So this year, I'm going to love whatever I get and there will be no nagging "oh, I wish I'd got matched on this other fandom" thoughts because I've got no earthly idea what I might be getting.

How do I remember details of code I wrote three years ago and can't remember what I put up in a sign-up six weeks ago?

Anyway, my Yuletide fic is finished, beta'd and edited. Just need to do a final read-through and then it's getting uploaded and I'm done. Phew!

In other news...

Christmas menu has been rejigged slightly because I'm down one (usually very hungry) guest. My aunt is still insisting on cooking a large turkey. For two of us. I'm being a wee bit more sensible about all the other food so that I'm not eating left-over potatoes for two weeks. There is going to be so much turkey.

The one thing I still need to do is source a Christmas tree. My Annie-cat likes to sleep in the artificial one and the branches are gradually bending due to this. She's only an eight-pound cat but trees aren't really rated for that! So I want to get a real tree because then I won't care if she sleeps in it and bends the branches slightly. Hell, maybe she won't sleep in it due to the prickles!

Last night was a bust. Tree lot at my local firehall was sold out when I got there. Tonight I'm going to a lot my aunt assures me had tons of trees yesterday. Fingers crossed!
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Dear author,

Firstly, you're writing a fic just for me so don't worry because I'm going to love it. Seriously, that is a given and I'm already flailing about it :-D

I'm pretty easy-going with fic reading. Provided it doesn't contain my absolute, hard, no no no squicks, there's not much that I won't love. My biggest joy is from fics that have a bit of plot and a bit of character stuff. Whether it's fluff, adventure, romance, drama or complete crack, I love it.

The things that I really don't read are death fics, horribly tragic fics, BDSM and other extreme kinks, and mpreg. So, you know, the standard things :-D

So, having said all that you might be looking for some specific guidance. My sign-up optional details are a fairly complete precis of what would make me flail madly, but here you go:

Mission Impossible (movies) )

Call the Midwife )

Parasol Protectorate )

I hope you have fun writing your yuletide fic and I can't wait to see what the results are!

Your grateful recipient,
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My [ profile] yuletide fic is done, posted and complete. Go me!

Now, I may be playing with a couple of little Treats...


Dec. 18th, 2011 10:09 pm
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You know those weekends where you have loads of plans and a time table that, if followed perfectly, will ensure that you get everything done?

And you know how plans always fall apart due to miscalculations like running out of mince meat and cats knocking over the Christmas tree?


The good news is that it was only the little tree downstairs and it was easy to fix. The tree is now being hidden under the stairs unless I'm at home and awake to supervise.

And I've got more mince meat marinating so the mince pies for the work thing on Wednesday can still happen.

OK, yes, no cards got written and I'd planned to have the pies made and ready to bake so that Tuesday evening would be less fraught...

I love Christms but I always get over confident about my plans. At least my Yuletide fic is pretty much done and will be uploaded tomorrow. How is everyone else doing on the Christmas insanity?

Please don't let that be a cat with a bauble that I can hear...
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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, thank you so much for doing this! I'm sure that I'm going to love whatever you write. There's a lot of family stuff for me to do on Christmas Day (the price I pay for having my family scattered around the world - lots of Skyping) so if I don't comment on my story on the day, don't worry. I'm overwhelmed with Christmas and will be reading it on Boxing Day :-)

This year I surprised myself both in terms of the fandoms that I chose and the lack of femslash in my wishes. Usually there is at least one fandom where I would love some femslash. I briefly considered requesting Lady Sybil/Gwen in my Downton request, but 1) Gwen wasn't on the nomination list (oops!) and 2) I discovered that I really wanted to know more about Lady Edith.

My favourite fics involve a bit of good plot and some nice character insights or development. If you get that in the story then you're going to score big with me :-)

You want something more specific? OK, let me think...

Ballet Shoes )

Oxford Time Travellers )

Downton Abbey )

You can take these ideas or discard them entirely, it's your choice. The only things I'm really not into are PWP, death fic and non-con. Thank you so much, Yuletide Author, I think you're smashing :-)


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