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It's Friday and Jodie Whittaker is still playing Thirteen. I TOLD YOU I WOULDN'T BE OVER THIS SOON.

Anyway, my requests are teeny tiny ones. Apparently now that I've given up on LJ entirely, I've lost the good icon sources.

Can anyone point me to some Thirteen icons? I know ya'll have them, because I've seen some, so point me that way?

And if anyone has some good Bill icon sources?

Actually, if anyone knows where the Doctor Who icon makers are posting to on DW that would help *so much*.

I have posts I need to write. Posts about England/Worldcon trip plan (less than two weeks, OMG!) and arranging meets, an AMA post, probably MORE Doctor Who thoughts. But right now it's hot and humid and my ridiculous big fluffy cat keeps sitting on me and so my brain is too fuzzed out to make them.
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The Haven has been updated at last!

There is a new review up at Haven Reviews for a West Wing fic that looks very good. The Newsletter Index has also been updated with some extra information on a Star Wars newsletter.

And what have I contributed? Well, I dusted off my icon-making skills:

Two Doctors Two Doctors Seventh Doctor and Ace

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The usual rules apply: please do not hotlink, I'd love to hear from you if you take any and credit would be lovely.

Kinda GIP

Nov. 8th, 2005 07:52 pm
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Um, so I finally gave in and bought myself extra userpics. Of course, now I just have to find or make enough icons to fill the 100 spaces. But at least now I can have enough icons to reflect my fannish butterfly tastes and random phases.

And so, Zelenka *g*
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Obviously I'm obssessed. It's the only explanation for seventeen Doctor Who icons.

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There are also new fanfic reviews up at The Haven and I'm not even responsible for all the Doctor Who reviews. Just most of them... *g*

Tour de France started yesterday so I am in my ridiculously excited, cycling-obssessive mode. Go Lance!

Armstrong looked incredibly strong yesterday. I'd say that he's still the safe money this year and I couldn't be happier. I want his career to end on a high. It's been an incredible career, an amazing record, so finishing it in yellow will be the icing on the cake.

Ullrich was not looking so strong. What a shame. Not. His team will have to make a tough decision - support Ullrich, a man who has seen his best days, or support Vinokourov. I'm an unashamed Vino fan and Telekom would be idiots to put their money anywhere else. Unfortunately, I can see them imploding under the pressure and nobody getting anything good :-( On the other hand, Vino in the '03 Tour showed what he can do without his team's support. He's a strong, aggressive rider and he could put Armstrong into the kind of difficulties that Ullrich just can't muster. He's a so-so time trialler, but with good form in the mountains could more than cancel out that handicap.

Vino is one of my hopes for the next few years of Tour competition :-) Ivan Basso is another rider that I'd love to see in yellow in Paris one day. David Zebrisky has shown some great potential in this weekend's racing - not a Tour winner this year, but definitely someone to keep an eye on. I'll be interested to see what he does in the mountains. I already like his character and personality, so I hope he equals the talent he promised yesterday.

Tomorrow is a rolling stage, another one for the sprinters. My money would go on Robbie McEwan - he mistimed it today and that has to grate. He'll be raring for a stage win tomorrow :-) And then on Tuesday it's the team time trial - CSC or Discovery will come out the victors. Discovery has won the past two years, but CSC is a damn good time trial team, they've won the TTT before and this year they have the added bonus of leaving last with the yellow jersey in their midst. It's too close to really call it right now. Telekom will be there, but they're probably too fractured to win. Vino and Ullrich will both lose time, although hopefully not too much for Vino's sake. I would predict that on Tuesday evening either Lance or Zebrisky will be in yellow, but it's far too close to call it.

</ Mystic Meg moment>

Icon post

Apr. 10th, 2005 11:23 pm
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So I've been capping. And playing around in PSP. It's oddly calming. Huh. There are Atlantis icons and Doctor Who icons. 'Cos I needed a DW icon *g* Some of the DW icons may contain spoilers for 'The End of the World' - peek at your own risk.

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