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Apparently I forgot to write a review of last week's episode (my Sunday got ridiculous), so rather than trying to make that up, I'm skipping straight to this one. Expect possible bonus commentary on last week's episode as it arises :-)

I'm finding bullet points much easier to work with, so here we go again:

  • I'm torn on this episode, because I liked a lot of it, but there were elements that didn't entirely work for me. But I liked it a lot more than I didn't like it, so that's probably good?

  • One thing I absolutely unreservedly loved was that the world was saved by Bill's love for her mum. I'm sorry, but that's just fantastic and I adore it. I feel like I'm spending a weekend watching the world be saved by love, and I couldn't be happier.

  • The bit that really didn't work for me was the Doctor's broadcasts. I'm still not sure what he was trying to achieve. I mean, why did he go along with the monks? Really? Fine, he's a prisoner, but what was the point of his broadcasts?

  • And I'm not entirely convinced by the idea of Missy turning good, although I do like the complexity of it and, in the right hands, I think it could be fantastic. A morally ambiguous Missy could be a lot of fun, done well.

  • Although I strongly suspect she's faking it, because she's Missy.

  • Really, I loved Bill saving the world by loving her mum. Did I mention that enough yet?

  • Please, please don't ruin that by resurrecting her mum or making her mum some kind of time paradox thing or some other run-around to bring her mum back. That would remove a lot of the interest and impact of Bill's relationship with her.

  • It's kind of nice to have the Doctor's gesture with the photos turn out to be so important.

  • The Doctor's comment that he spends so much time saving the Earth with its seven billion people who are clueless and frequently selfish because he finds people like Bill is heart. My heart. That was beautiful.

  • FAKE NEWS CENTRAL. I'm sorry, I'm enjoying the pointed political commentary this season. And the Doctor wanting to fix racism was great :-) Go show, being all relevant and shit.

  • Did anyone else get a lot of 1984 vibes from this plot? I was expecting a daily hate and a ministry of truth to pop up.

  • We have always been at war with Eurasia.

  • Pearl Mackie continues to be utterly amazing as Bill. I adore her.

  • I continue to love the relationship between Bill and the Doctor. It's so good. I'm even willing to forgive the Doctor for his test of Bill, because it kind of made sense, even though I hated it. At least now we know where the regeneration shot for the trailers came from! It did make me wonder briefly...

  • I am reluctantly enjoying Nardole and his part in the TARDIS team. Damn, I really didn't want to!

  • I can't decide whether I liked the Missy scene in the middle or not. I wanted to, but I felt like she'd lost the playful evilness that I love. Maybe this is why I'm ambivalent about the Make Missy Good project that the Doctor is running?

  • If Missy really is turning good, then that final scene is beautiful. It's the scene that felt the most convincing of her turning a corner, but it's also the scene I felt could be her faking us out the most. Hmm.

  • Breaking it down, it turns out there was a lot about this episode I really liked. Weirdly, the part I was least was the Missy part, which I never thought I'd say. Maybe that's why I'm so torn about this episode--the part I expected to love was the part I didn't, and everything else was unexpectedly good.

  • I still think this is the best season of Capaldi's run, and I'm sure it's got a lot do to with Bill.

  • I have a plot bunny for a Bill fic from this episode. Hooray!


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