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This week, I went to my monthly critique group (which was held at a Mexican place where I ate the best veggie chili ever and sampled churros at last, but I digress) and the short story I'd written provoked some interesting discussions about culture and so on.

I live in Canada, but I grew up in England lived there until around nine years ago. So most of what I write is heavily influenced by where I grew up and I make no bones about happily digging into the weirdness that hides under the tourist version of England. The specific story I wrote was all about the destruction of the world, triggered by a meeting at a village fete.

And thus, I included a coconut shy, because it's one of those staples of a fete. Baking and vegetable competitions, Morris dancing, vicars benignly watching people lose their rag when they can't knock a coconut off its stand. Except it's a thing that's unknown outside Britain and my readers had to look it up, which was when we started discussing whether a story is marketable if its set so firmly in the minutiae of its culture that there are going to be references people outside that culture don't get.

And I pointed out that there are references in North American lit--including in their work--that I've had to research, but because things get American-ised, most people over here don't realise it. They're not used to having to dig in and learn. It's standard fare for people living outside North America. I mean, I cannot count the number of times I had to double check that Unspoken (by Sarah Rees Brennan) was supposed to be set in England, because so many references and terms had been shifted that it was a strange experience for me. I'd really like to read the British-published version, to find out whether it was done for all versions or if the Brits got a less confusing experience.

It was an interesting discussion, because we're not even talking about two cultures that are far apart on the surface. Same language, same racial background, our histories are tightly tied together. And yet, at times, it can feel like we're so far apart.

My conclusion was that I'm going to keep writing the way I do and throwing in references, and if readers need to look something up, hooray! Education! If editors one day want me to smooth out and Americanise stuff...I'll cross that bridge when/if I get to it, and I'll probably find the line I won't cross.

(Hint: the line will probably when someone tries to take out my coconut shy.)

Fic as meta

May. 1st, 2017 10:04 am
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I was writing a fic yesterday (another Bill fic, I know, apparently I love her that much) and I was reflecting on the things that trigger me to write about a particular character or fandom. I mean, there are a lot of characters out there that I love, but I never write fic for them. Ditto for fandoms and universes. Why do particular ones grab me and make me write?

And one of the conclusions I reached is that I use fic as a way of writing meta. I'm not a person who writes meta essays particularly well. It's not my thing. So when I need to think about a character and their reactions or backstory or my headcanons for them, it comes out most effectively in the form of fic.

Sure, I'm shallow, and sometimes I just want to write a silly or fun story. I've got a fair few of those.

But a huge chunk of my ficcing is about me working through thoughts about a particular character, or relationship, or fandom universe. Even my AUs seem to stem from that.

And I think that's why I'm writing Bill fics right now, because I have so many thoughts and feelings about her and there are so many things I want to explore about her. It's the first time I've had a Who companion I wanted to write about since Donna! I loved Amy, but I never had that itch to write fic for her because I didn't feel any great need to expand on what I saw onscreen. There was nothing in her character that made me think.

But Donna? And now Bill? Even when I wrote my one Clara fic, it was actually about Bill, because it was the only way I could discuss what I was feeling about her. I have thoughts. So many thoughts. And writing them into a meta essay isn't a format I'm comfortable working in, but putting them into fics?

That's how I meta.
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So, as I haven't updated here, over six months (barring a couple of fic posts), maybe I should note a few things? Possibly.

1) I'm going to be in England from Thursday for a couple of weeks, which will be epic. There is a con. A visit to Jersey. A prom concert. A Harry Potter studio tour. Many family events. It's going to be big.

2) Mother is visiting for her annnual six months in Canada. We're having a surprisingly good visit.

3) Related to that, a decision has been made regarding...well, many things. Mum and Dad aren't moving to Canada when they retire. That's the big thing we've been working through.

4) Mum (and probably Dad, but we'll see whether it really happens) will be spending three months here/three monts in England after Dad retires. They're selling the house I rent from them in 2018 and Mum will use the profits from that to rent an apartment for them.

5) I'll be (FINALLY) moving into my own apartment at that time, too. It's a good decision for both of us and Dad's mood has improved so much since he decided not to move (yeah, it was not a joint decision for them) that Mum and I are both happy with this now that we've got used to it.

6) Mum and I plan to get apartments in the same building. Not the same corridor, that would be too weird, but the same building. It will make it much easier for me to keep an eye on her apartment and car while she's in England. And we'll be able to share stuff--like the sewing machine and our huge collection of baking equipment--and visit each other for coffee when she's here, so that'll be quite lovely. We've been plotting and planning this and getting excited, so I think we're making the right decision.

7) I'm still writing, but not as much fanfic as I did. I'm currently working on a fic for Marvel Big Bang and an original novel that I'm ridiculously excited about. We'll see what happens :-)

8) This will be my third original novel. The other two aren't quite trunked, but the first one needs a total rewrite and I'm still not sure the second one is viable, either. My current WIP? I'm feeling good about it. Really good. Of course, I haven't hit the stick middle yet...

9) My sister is engaged to a lovely, wonderful man. They're planning to get married next August. My attendance at Helsinki Worldcon is now dependent on what their wedding date is. Hold on tight.

10) If you want to hear from me more than once every six months, I'm on Twitter: [ profile] selenay. And I'm on Instagram sporadically. My username there is selenay936. I also post those photos to Tumblr ([ profile] selenay936, which is about the only thing I'm still using Tumblr for these days.

And this concludes the updates :-) Tune in same time, same DW maybe six months.
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Me: I checked this thing out of the repository but it won't let me edit it. Is something wrong with the repository?
DBA: Have you tried checking it out to edit it?
Me: ...
Me: It's going to be one of those days, isn't it?

We're forecasted to have a huge snow storm on Sunday. The entire province is ready to cry. We're so far over our snow removal budget that it's become a joke and everyone is worn down by it. Hopefully this will be the last bad one of the season, but I'm not holding my breath.

I've booked a week off over Easter. I'm too worn down and need some recuperation time. My poor, abused back needs some recuperation time.

I'm also going to do Camp Nanowrimo this year, so that week off will give me a chance to get a solid bit of work done. I'm currently reading and making notes on Papercuts so that I can make the larger revisions it needs. I'm pretty sure that I've found the biggest plot issue and I know where to fix it, so that's good. It's a better book than I remember, but not yet good enough to go out on submission. My plan is to make the revisions by the end of the month and send it out to test readers, so I'll be itching for something new to play with in April.

At the moment, I'm pretty sure that I'll be plunging into the revised version of Zombie Circus. The one with the correct main character :-D I've got another novel in outlining stage that I'd like to tackle this year, but it needs more thinking before I start it.

I've also been working up some short stories with an eye to submit to magazines this year as well as querying agents. Even if all I get this year is rejections, I'm making 2015 the year that I throw myself at the publishing thing and see what happens.
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After today, I am going to be off work for six entire, whole days. It will be glorious. I need the break so much, just to catch up on sleep.

So far, my NaNo novel is going pretty damn well. I'm still enjoying it, and I'm actually having more fun with it the further I get into it. There is one scene that will probably lose the first few paragraph in revisions, and another I know will need expanding, but I'm not actively hating it. Remind me of these positive feelings when I hit the mid-novel, everything sucks, part of writing, okay?

At least I still feel confident that I have the right MC on this one :-D And yesterday, I got to throw in a library description from my research, which made me squee a little as I wrote.

Unfortunately, this morning I wandered onto Twitter and immediately got filled in on the latest SFF fandom explosion. Reading to figure out what the hell everyone was talking about was beyond depressing, and made me a bit afraid for the nebulous potential future when I might be a published author. I know that there will be negative reviews, it's inevitable, but the idea that a reviewer could take such a dislike to specific authors that they mount campaigns against them and anyone who enjoys their work is...frankly, terrifying.

And this comes after a couple of weeks of reading about two separate authors who hunted down, stalked, and even attacked (in one case) negative reviewers.

It's enough to make an aspiring writer want to throw in the towel and never ever let any of my original fic see the light of day. Fanfic 5eva!!111!!!

(Except it turns out this morning's shitstorm culprit started out in fanfic land many years ago, and committed many of the same offenses there. So, you know, fanfic land isn't any friendlier than original fic land, sometimes.)

On the one hand, I wish I hadn't fallen down the link trail. On the other hand, ignorance isn't always bliss, if there's a chance you'll walk into the same traps as previous people have. At least, in the event I do sell anything, I know this is something that could happen and can be braced for it. At least a little bit.

Now I need to go and find some happy things, and then I need to write my novel some more. Today is the day I get to write a little reveal I've been looking forward to, so it's going to be fun.
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Last night, I ventured out with some local writing friends to talk plotting and NaNo. We drank froofy coffee drinks and discussed plots, with some flailing from the person writing epic fantasy for the first time.

I think she'll do better than she expects :-)

I was slightly intimidated by all the fantastic stories and plots being discussed, particularly the intricate themes and cool ideas people are working on. I'm just writing about libraries and families, with a romance subplot between my heroine and a lesbian dragon who is sometimes human. It's not exactly Tolstoy.

But everyone seemed pretty interested in my story, so I have hope yet. I might even have agreed to let people look at it when I've got a draft I'm semi-happy with.

Feel free to laugh, but letting local friends see my original fiction is way, way, way more intimidating than letting a whole bunch of strangers see my fanfic. I'm going to need to get past that inferiority thing sometime soon.

Tonight I plan to get some words in (on non-NaNo projects) and then try to catch up on some teevees. Co-worker M is so disappointed that I haven't seen OUaT yet. He'll be even more disappointed if I don't have time to watch Flash tonight. There will be epic pouting and woecakes tomorrow morning. That seems like a good excuse to veg out with the TV tonight :-)
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In news that will shock nobody, last week was actually worse than the previous week. Still trying to process that one. There was a point on Thursday where I ended up begging someone to leave me alone for five minutes so I could eat a sandwich.

This point was 3.15pm on Thursday. I'd been given a last minute, two hour meeting over lunch and even though I got back to my desk at 2.15pm, nobody could seem to leave me alone long enough for me to stuff a sandwich in my gob.

And then I worked for what was supposed to be a couple of hours yesterday, and turned out to be a nine hour marathon. This week is going to be so long.

Please let it be an easier week.

The only positive to yesterday was that I got a lot of writing done during the gaps while nothing happened and we couldn't do anything.

My biggest writing day ever.

4.6k words.


Most of a chapter of Zombie Circus, plus finishing a short story I was writing as prep for my NaNo novel. The short story ended up a lot longer than planned* (it was 3.2k of those words) and it taught me a few things I didn't know before about two characters. So, that's a yay :-D

Tonight I'm going out with some local writing friends for some pre-NaNo plotting. I'm starting to think that I'm more of a plantser this year, rather than a pure pantser. I've done a lot of prep. Most of it in the form of short stories to figure out my characters and some background details. I know the beginning and end of my novel, but the middle will be an interesting discovery thing. Which is why I'm not completely pantsing, but not completely plotting, either.

All my local friends are strict plotters. Going to a plotting party with them will be interesting :-) It'll also make up for the fact that I can't make their kick-off party, which is on Sunday (when I'm busy) instead of Saturday (when I'm not busy). Argh. And here I thought that NaNo starting on a Saturday would let me get to the party!

So, that is the state of me on this bright and sunny Monday morning. Let's all hope for an easy week where I get to do interesting stuff like sleep and keep up with teevees, instead of the pattern of the last two weeks. Okay?

* I know, you're all so shocked that I ended up writing more than planned on something. Heh.
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I've been trying to get mostly done with the Zombie Circus novel before NaNo kicks in and I start writing Papercuts (now the working title for the novel in the Segmented Library universe I've been working on), and I've come to a horrible realisation:

I've been using the wrong main character.


I've know for a while that Zombie Circus would need some heavy revisions before I could do anything with it. That's fine, though, because it's the first non-fanfic novel that I've written to completion, and I didn't expect to have something great the first time out.

But the more I write--because I'm determined to finish it before revising or rewriting, just so I know that I can do it--the more I realise that I'm writing about the wrong character. The one I really like, the one I want to be inside the head of, isn't my male MC. It's the woman who was supposed to be a secondary character, who didn't appear until chapter six but is so much more interesting than the male MC.

Last night, I did a little thought exercise trying to work out how I'd tell the story if she was the POV character. It would change a fair number of things, right from chapter one, but all the changes I'd need to make would probably be a stronger story. She's more alive in my mind than Jack, and her backstory is more detailed for me, even though she was a late addition to the book. There are other choices I'd make for some of the threads if she was the protagonist, and I like those choices. They're more interesting. The path the story would take feels more interesting.

It probably helps that she's got some things in her background that make her a bit more of a shades of grey character instead of an outright perfectly good character. It's one of my narrative kinks, characters who do things because the outcome will be right even if the methods and path to get there aren't. Characters who haven't made the right choices in the past and may not make them in the future, but aren't inherently bad.

This realisation hasn't upset me, oddly enough. It's made me determined to finish this version of the story, just so I know that I can do it and can see the path Jack takes to get to the end, but then I'll put it in a drawer. I'll stay away from it completely, and then in the spring I'll write it again.

Except I'll be writing it with a different main character, which will probably give me an entirely different book in the end. I think that I'll quite like the other version.
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Things I have learned today:

1) Our web app is ridiculously complicated to add a report to, it's incredibly fragile and the error logs it generates are so far beyond useless it's not even funny.

2) My desk rattles worryingly when I beat my head on it.

3) Chocolate granola is yum.

I literally ended up beating my head on my desk late morning due to the total confusion over this damn web app. And the web team are actually the least helpful people to ask because they just tell us to look in the logs. That would be the logs filled with Java exceptions and 'report not found' errors. When we've definitely uploaded and re-uploaded the report multiple times and none of us are coding the Java section so those logs don't tell us anything we can actually do anything about. Theoretically we just update some tables with values (from a script the web team sent us) and everything in the app feeds off those, except for where it doesn't and the web team think we're all idiots BECAUSE WE DON'T USUALLY DO THIS PART OF THE DAMN PROJECT. Usually the *web team* do this but now that we're on full tilt to get the web app finished (don't get me started on how the web team were supposed to have done all this four weeks ago and they don't seem worried about missing deadlines) it's all hands on deck and none of us know what we're doing.


On the up side, our staff association fed us a healthy breakfast (they're no longer calling it an appreciation breakfast, probably because none of us feel appreciated if there's no bacon) and there was chocolate granola and blueberries which are tres nom :-D

Cut for fic and editing discussion )
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This week's work clusterfuck is too complicated to detail so I'll just summarise: nobody knows what the hell they want us to launch on Canada Day weekend so my team is being pulled in half a dozen different directions at once.

It's exactly as fun as it sounds.

I'm blaming this in part for the fact that I've started writing the crackiest, daftest fic I could possibly think of. It's probably also contributing to me getting a lot of words down on my Marvel Big Bang fic at the same time.

Well, the work stress and the sight of my editing notes on the fic I finished last week. It's not that it's a bad story and I know that it's salvageable, but it needs some serious work. Several sections need rewriting, there are two new scenes needed and a heck of a lot of other scenes need tweaking and smoothing before it will even be ready to go to my beta. Otherwise it will be a four rounds of betaing fic and Fahre will kill me if we do that again :-D

So I'm spending all my spare minutes writing total crack and the Marvel Big Bang and for some reason, because they're both weird and silly and fun fics, I think I'm producing words that aren't terrible. The crack fic has same feeling I had writing Dreams and Circus Crowds: it's fluffy and silly with maybe a hint of angst and I'm having so much fun the words just flow. And as with that one, I thought it would be a short silly fic but I suspect it will be something more significant.

I'm flying by the seat of my pants on it and seeing where it takes me :-D

This year's Marvel Big Bang fic is also proving to be fun now that I'm getting some momentum on it. I knew going in that it would be a long fic, but I'm getting a better feel for just how long now that I'm really working on it: Very Long. Oops. I've got nearly three months to get the first draft together, though, so it's definitely doable.

It's reminding me of why I enjoy writing after a few weeks of working on something that I think will be good when I've kicked it into shape, but was definitely hard work rather than fun. The hard work fics aren't bad to work on, not at all. Sometimes they produce something that I didn't think I was capable of doing.

But I'm starting to notice that the ones that start out as weird crack fun fics and then somehow grow into something deeper (but still fun) as I write seem to produce my best writing. I wonder why?
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Good things about my weekend: finally seeing Spiderman.

Bad things about my weekend: Woken up at 7am due to construction across the street, the men's cycling road race, yesterday evening's migraine.

Yeah, so the film was the highlight and otherwise the weekend sucked *sigh*

Hopefully this weekend will be better. Due to the way my new hours work out and a federal holiday, I have a four day weekend coming up :-D In fact, due to a coincidence of dates I'll be working four day weeks for the next three weeks. Woo!

Now, if the guys building the house across the street can get rained off on my days off, it will be perfect :-D

No writing happened over the weekend, but I did get some ideas and make some changes to the Marvel Big Bang outline. There are no longer any sections that say "something interesting happens here" and one of the things that was concerning me (the fact that Natasha is just sort of lurking around with nothing to do for large chunks of the story) got resolved with the changes. I'm feeling pretty happy with that. I'm also starting to suspect that this fic is going to be looooooong.

And I need to have the first draft ready by early September. I can do it. Right?
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Yesterday it was horridly hot and muggy when I got home so I made the (at the time) sensible decision not to hop on the exercise bike because I was fairly sure that I'd expire.

Today my back is locked up and bitchy so tonight, despite the heat, I shall have to bike for a while. Ugh.

My Annie-cat is determined to induce heat exhaustion in both of us by insisting on cuddles and extensive draping every time I sit down. I tried to deny her but she gave me the pathetic look and the tiny 'mew' noises so I gave in. The poor thing is fluffy as heck and probably cooking in her coat, yet she insists on cuddles with her warm mommy so that we can both be even hotter and more disgusting.

What a silly cat. Kate is being sensible and "hell to the no" on the cuddle thing. She's normally my deeply stupid and silly cat, so this is an odd turn-about.

Remind me of how much I dislike this kind of heat when I'm complaining about snow and shoveling in January, OK?

I managed to finish chapter two of the Big Bang yesterday, add another scene to the insane AU and may have started a teeny fluffy fic that fits into the Damage Limitations-verse. The fluffy is because fluff requires no plot and thus is relaxation. It also does not need me to keep count of the Coulsons, Natashas and Clints in a scene or figure out how to differenciate which one I'm referencing.

Remind me after this, only one of each character in any given story. Never again with the alternate universe story-lines.
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I'm doing a bit of a reading blitz this week to get some stuff read before it has to go back to the library. Thankfully Fables and the Hawkeye and Mockingbird books that I have out are renewable (let's not discuss the insane number of books on my coffee table to be read from the library and the two holds that just came in) but I needed to get the three volumes of Ultimates read by Friday.

OK, please correct me if I'm wrong but...someone at Marvel took an idea that would seem far-fetched and weird in fanfic and actually wrote and published comics based on it, right? And people paid for it?

Wow. Seriously, wow.

Suddenly my [ profile] marvel_bang plot looks positively sane.

Speaking of...does anyone on my f-list want to beta a fic with travel to alternate universes, super soldier serum gone wrong, vampire!Clint and a Clint/Couslon B-plot? Beta won't be needed in September :-D

Good news: I now have an outline and 850 words of chapter one written. Looking at the outline, it should definitely be over the 10,000 word minimum. Phew! Getting over the word minimum in these things always worries me, even when it's a lower one like 10,000.

I'm honestly surprised at myself for the outlining thing. I never do that. My writing is usually very much fly by the seat of my pants, hope that I figure out how to get to the ending I have in mind as I go, don't worry about anything beyond the next section or two. This fic is mapped out. There are brief synposes of each bit. I can move them around and add to them as I think of things, rather than hoping that I remembered that I wanted to do something particular when I get to it. This will either be brilliant or a process that I never follow again.
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I am definitely going to have to split my left wrist at night. Talk about "not weight bearing". Argh.


The story behind yesterday's lack of hot water and my cold shower )

I spent the whole of yesterday entirely convinced that it was Thursday. Completely. To the extent that I confused my pharmacist by ordering my Humira a day early (we have a routine, it's a cool thing, I will apologise when I pick up the Humira) and confused Mum with my reaction to the concept of putting out the recycling.

It took me until fairly late in the day to grasp that it was not, in fact, Thursday. And even then I kept having to remind myself about the not!Thursday thing when I was making mental lists and plans of things that needed doing over the next couple of days.

Worst part? I'm having to do Thursday again today. It's definitely a second Thursday. I will never get the hang of Thursdays *sigh*

I've got a plot bunny nibbling my ankles, but thankfully it needs a bit of fleshing out before I go anywhere with it so I should get the 5+1 Things fic finished before I get tempted towards it :-)

Speaking a fair bit of Thing 3 written and now I'm scrapping it. I left out the funny. And possibly (probably) the hot. And the Natasha. It was, in short, boring and very bad. Thankfully I've figured out what went wrong (no Natasha, Thing 3 needs Natasha) so re-writing it should be much more fun than writing it the first time.

Pro-tip: if you're scowling at the screen, the funny has probably left the fic. Stop, scrap, try again from a different angle.
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Today I am working from home. For once, it's a planned thing and everything. It's so that I can have the washing machine running while I work and to make it easier to get the cats over to their vacation home (my aunt's house) as early as possible. Then I can Clean All The Things! because my mother will be returning with me from England. This house needs major de-fluffying.

Just to keep me on my toes, today is also post-Humira day and I have no side-effects. Nothing. Not even a hint of nausea. The last two doses have been rotten. Today, when there is no chance that someone eating toast might accidentally cause me to vomit, I am feeling absolutely fine.

Oh, body, you are so contrary.

As I drove home last night I was thinking about Sum of Parts. Bambera has decided to be in the fic and I was thinking about how I keep writing her and this will be my third fic with her and...

Hang on, when I wrote Treaty of Llangol did I do anything that interfered with canon? It's set while Rory is 'gone' and I'm pretty sure that I didn't actually tamper with canon at all. Hmm.

I need to re-read Treaty to make sure, but I'm fairly certain that Sum of Parts could actually be a sort-of follow-up. Or at least, make use of the same Bambera. Huh. That would even make a couple of things work better. I'm only 1,700 words in and it will only require changes in a few lines so...

Sum of Parts is turning out to be a lot of fun to write. Let's hope the momentum continues, shall we?

And now I shall remove one load of washing from the machine and chuck another one in while I wait for someone to tell me why the data in their tables is insane.
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French assignment completed - check.
Morning out with [ profile] terrylbirch - check.
Never Ending Website work - check (but *flail* because my eyes are now hurting like a bugger. Stupid graphics that I'm only half way through fixing).
Quaker website - kinda check, kinda not. Update work is done. Can't log into the host to upload via FTP or via the control panel.
Angry email to Quaker website hosts - check.

See? I can be productive and useful when I choose to be. I just have to be firm with myself and make sure that I dedicate one day in the weekend to actual work rather than goofing off for fun stuff.

Not in the office for the next three days - I am on a VBA course. Should They're determined to turn me into a Microcrap slave *sigh*

I've been thinking heavily about Mage Murders and why it's stuck. I'm starting to think that the main problem is that I'm attempting to tell the wrong story. I'm trying to write the prequel before I've written the important story stuff and while it's good to have that early stuff in my mind, it's not as interesting a story as I thought it would be. Time to take a step back, look at the short story that triggered the idea last year and possibly think about diving into the book that that short story was the first chapter for. I think that I intimidated myself out of writing that because it would require more work. I'll see how it goes when I've got some things roughed out on paper.

I really need to work on Under Green Hills because the ideas are buzzing around my head but I've been too tired over the last couple of weeks to write them. Huh.

Remind me why I thought full-time employment was so important again? Right, money.

Scary stuff

Aug. 1st, 2005 06:55 pm
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So tomorrow I am traipsing into London, forgoing a day's pay, to take a technical test and hope that I do well enough to merit an interview a few days later. It's Java and, after an afternoon going over old text books and applications that I've written, I feel fairly confident about my J2SE knowledge. I have no idea what format the test will be in, though. If it's like the multiple-choice C++ test that I unexpetedly aced this afternoon (after not touching the language for over a year), then I should get through the J2SE section without too much sweating and may be able to bluff my way through the J2EE stuff to get a reasonable score. It would be particularly handy because they know that I haven't used J2EE before.

If it's a "here's a pen, here's a piece of paper, regurgitate what you know" deal then I may be sunk. Hmmm.

I'll be interested to see what the company's offices are like tomorrow - whether I get the good vibe or the 'get me out of here' vibe. The work that I'd be doing sounds really interesting and at least they won't be questioning my technical competance if they do pull me in for interview. So I'm hopeful about this one. Just gotta find the company offices...

No word back on the bad interview. Um.

I've been completely buried in PHP/MySQL and am starting to get a feel for how I can implement the reviews database. It's all very exciting and absorbing. The wonderful [ profile] terrylbirch is asking me questions about Under Green Hills that are very useful and we may need another geography session soon. Of course, first I need to get Jak and Denil to stop with the angsting and start with the plotty stuff. Getting the feeling that the first editing stage may involve much cutting and growling at unco-operative characters.


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