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I couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't be counted as a spoiler by someone, so I'm going straight to the cut today.

I usually have issues with Mark Gatiss scripts. They frustrate me. It's not that they're terrible, it's just that there's usually something about them that either irritates me or falls apart on examination, and I get frustrated because I can see how good they *could* be and they just aren't.

I think this may be the first Gatiss episode that I unreservedly love. It had so much excellent stuff in it! So many fun moments, some sad moments, and it managed to veer away from doing any of the annoying Gatiss things. It's a good episode. Hooray!

  • I loved the Empress. She was fantastic. She looked great, she made sense, and she had a dignity that really fitted for her.

  • And most importantly, she didn't decide to go all out for death and destruction, one last hurrah for her people. She made the wise choice for the continuation of all her Ice Warriors and I approve of that.

  • I had a little happy giggle at Alpha Centauri :-)

  • I adored Bill here. Again. I will never not adore Bill, it's a thing now. I loved her attempt to connect to the Empress, woman to woman, and I loved that it worked sometimes but not every time. Gatiss seemed to figure out that the sisterhood of women isn't a thing that overrules everything else.

  • I felt for the colonel. He got an ending that felt very right for him, a chance for a new start in service to something greater than him, which is what he's always wanted. Maybe what he needed was to be able to see and understand the Empress he was serving. After all, Victoria is a stern painting in the corner (Pauline Collins as Victoria again! Yay!) and the Empress of Mars is a vibrant amazing creature who can crush him like a bug or grant him life. That's got to make dying in the service of his leader easier to contemplate.

  • And wow, Captain Catchlove hit every misogynistic, colonial bullshit stereotype possible. I was so happy to see him die. I like a villain I can properly loathe.

  • All those callouts to colonialism and racism were beautiful and I cheered at them all.

  • Nardole! Show, stop making me like him!

  • Now I'm really intrigued about what made the TARDIS go all wonky and return to Earth and then keep him there. Was it pre-programmed? Was there an invisible creature controlling it?

  • Is this part of a dastardly plan by Missy?

  • Why is it so very, very bad that Missy is out of the Vault?

  • I'm still undecided on the "is Missy really turning good" thing. Most of me thinks she's playing a long game, but part of me...

  • The way she asked the Doctor if he was all right makes me think she really actually cares. It wasn't done in a "he's my boyfriend" over the top evil way like she did in season eight. It was said in a genuine way. That was touching, but somehow, even more frightening than he's-my-boyfriend-Missy.

  • This whole Missy plot is going to end badly for everyone, isn't it?

  • Am I the only person who sort of kind of hopes that maybe Michelle Gomez is the next Doctor and there's going to be some kind of fantastical timey wimey shenanigans that leave us with a Michelle Gomez Doctor and a John Simm Master and OMG WOULDN'T THAT BE AMAZING.

  • But only if Bill and Nardole are still around. That...what would blow my mind.

  • In summation, I really liked this episode. Thank you, Mark Gatiss, for finally figuring out how to write a Doctor Who episode that I cannot find fault with.

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