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Only brief notes today, because work fried my brain, but I had to note a couple of things.

Alternative facts! Hydra was founded by Nazis! This whole arc is a giant fuck you to the current real world and to Marvel's comics division, isn't it? AND I LOVE IT.

Also, I knew they were going to go for that "Phil Coulson, agent of SHIELD" moment, but it was still nice to see.

Grant Ward surprised me again, by not being an awful terrible traitor. AGAIN. I keep expecting him to do it, but nope. It's interesting, because I still loathe the version of Ward that we had in the main storyline and I don't want him back, but this version of Ward intrigues me and I might even be sad to see him go. He's the Ward-who-could-have been, the person Ward could have grown into if Garret hadn't arrived at the right moment to twist him into something else. I can't decide whether he's the result of Aida fixing Daisy's biggest regret, although I don't think so, or a natural outcome of all the other changes she made. Without Coulson there, and with Hydra already ascendent, Garret didn't need to find Ward and train him, so Hand got there instead and hey presto, surprisingly non-psycopathic Ward.

I even had a moment of being happy when they revealed the people storming the TV station weren't Hydra, so Ward won't have to die heroically (yet).

It makes me conflicted, actually, because I've been in the habit of disliking Ward for so long and now they're making me question that.

It's also interesting because Ward and Fitz are the two characters being shown who's change moment is from their childhood, and it's fundamentally changed their character. For the others, the moment that was changed was after they were an adult, after they'd become largely the person they were, so the differences were small and shallow. Mace became who he'd always wanted to be. Coulson became the history teacher he'd wanted to be, but he always wanted to be more. May made a terrible choice, but children have always been her weakness.

Scratch the surface of Coulson and May and their real personalities come through. Mace is almost unchanged from his real world version, except he has true powers and he's more confident in them.

Fitz and Ward were changed in fundamental ways at a point in their development when their characters could be radically changed, and we get these opposite characters.

I can't decide how much of that is Aida twisting things and how much is Aida following probability algorithms to their natural conclusion, but I do find it fascinating.

Which is what I say about every aspect of this arc each week. I find it fascinating and I'm sad we've only got a couple more episodes before the end of the season.

Okay, that wasn't actually brief after all :-)
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