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Well, I came to work today.

It was a terrifying drive. We've still got a lot of ice pack on the roads from the storm early last week. My little car does not do well on that kind of terrain.

Plan today is to buy cat food and meds on the way home and then review my level of anxiety tomorrow morning. We're supposed to get a bit of snow down overnight, so there's a good chance that I'll conclude my anxiety needs a day off and work from home tomorrow. As long as I get the cat food and meds.

The technique to surviving this weather seems to be grabbing all the supplies on the days it's possible to get out and then just hunkering down and waiting it out until the next semi-not-terrible day.

Hard to believe that two weeks ago we had clear roads and no problems :-(

In less depressing news, tonight I have fic to post. And a big battle scene to choreograph in another fic, after spending last week writing everything except the big battle scene. There are several thousand words of filler that I'll probably chop out during revisions, all written as a procrastination method to avoiding writing the battle. I am so great at this :-D
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Papercuts, my NaNo novel, is still on track and I still don't hate it. Woot!

(Usually I have a stage in a project where I hate my words and swear blind it's the worst thing I've written. I'm still waiting for that moment to hit with this.)

The interesting part about doing it as a NaNo novel is that we're encouraged not to go back and edit, and definitely not to go back and delete stuff. After all, it's the total word count that matters, so removing parts is going to put us behind. That doesn't mean I can't go back and add things, which I had to do last night when I realised that I'd missed out a key bit of information that needed to be passed from one character to another in a scene. Oops.

But that same scene includes some fairly hefty and unnecessary exposition, because it got away from me, and I know a lot of it will be getting cut during revisions. Normally, I'd already have thrown it out (and possibly regretted it later). For NaNo, I'm just highlighting it and leaving myself a comment that it's a section I need to trim down.

Who knows, I may need that information later. So at least I haven't junked it. When I make big cuts in revisions, I'm usually pretty careful about saving the words somewhere else in case I need them or can reuse them somehow. One of my bad habits is being less careful with mid-novel-in-progress revisions, so maybe the NaNo process is going to help me with that.

At some point, I need to do a post about Scrivener, which I'm using to actually write the novel for the first time. I've been using it to organise projects for a while, but still writing in Word. This time I've done the whole thing in Scrivener and I'm starting to understand why so many people love it.

I had this vague idea that I'd have time to edit and post a couple of fics that I've been sitting on for a few weeks. Um, no, this ain't gonna happen. I think they may end up being my Christmas present fics at this rate! All my December words will be going to finish Papercuts and write my Yuletide fics, so maybe it's wise to save those fics for, er, even longer than planned and throw them up on Christmas Eve.

I can pretend that was totally the plan, right? It's not like they were actually intended to be published in October...
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It's autumn so it's getting to that seasonal time of year, when all the holiday exchanges and ficathons start opening up sign-ups and it gets tempting to SIGN UP FOR EVERYTHING OMG...

But I'm being sensible.

I'll sign up for [ profile] yuletide and that's it *puts on determined face*

This is not to say that I'm not over-committing myself. Let's face it, I'm still going to do that. I'm planning to do NaNo and write the library urban fantasy novel. So that'll eat up November quite nicely. And I'll attempt to get some kind of MCU fic written and posted as a Christmas treat, because that's the way I roll. Plus, I've got two Marvel Big Bang fics to finish editing and post before November, so that's going to keep me occupied.

But Yuletide will be my only seasonal exchange this year. You all heard me, right?

Today we're endlessly waiting for test data and twiddling thumbs. So I'm writing some of the AU prompts I got on Tumblr. And somehow the little ficlet I'm writing has turned into a meta discussion about masks and their wearers.


How do people write short? HOW?
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I'd just like to note that 29C in my bedroom at 11pm is just wrong on every possible level. Every. Level.

This week is definitely turning into an "I'll have my caffeine IV now, please" kind of week.

After yesterday, I'm now itching to have the Avengers DVDs in my sticky little hands. According to Amazon, my copy will arrive any time from September 28th onwards. I have a day off on September 28th. Canada Post, you will feel my wrath if I don't have an Avengers DVD in my hands on my day off!

I don't even care that my father will be visiting and giving me epic side-eye over the squee levels. He'll just have to live with his daughter being a crazy squeeing geek.

After all, by that time there will have been three days of squee all over teh Internet. My excitement levels will be off the scale.

We're not going to discuss how many times I've watched the gag reel. I honestly can't decide what my favourite part is yet, although Hill's monologue is making a strong bid for the lead.

Chapter 7 of Marvel Big Bang was finished yesterday. I'm not actually in love with certain parts and there are a couple of sections that really need re-writing, but I've got the words on the page, I'm happy with the plot and it's the execution of certain sections that I don't love.

Today I'm taking the day off from MBB. The Avengers will spend a day tormenting their PR managers and possibly making at least one of them cry. For funs!

And tonight I will be working on the edits for That Tie Fic while GBBO is 'acquired'. I'm trying to decide how important it is to get specific about Hydra and AIM outfits for certain sections...

You know you're losing it a little when you're editing a fic for Hydra/AIM continuity in a movie-verse that hasn't even mentioned AIM yet.
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Today I am working from home due to the complexity of trying to manage mother's bible camp needs (she's snacks and drinks lady), my work schedule, my Humira schedule and our plans to see Bourne Legacy tonight.

Just...don't ask. Ugh.

Unfortunately that means I'm working at home. Without my lovely air conditioned office building. Ugh. Just ugh. And the team is back building a house across the street which today involves a lot of drilling and a lot of nail guns. Joy.

At least the cinema will be cool and blessed with air-con :-D

On Friday I have to take Kate AKA Miss Stinky Butt to the vet. She needs to be checked over to see whether the stinky butt (actually, stinky poo) problems have a source or whether she's just being really stinky for no good reason. Poor baby. I'd feel more sorry for her and the vet thing if she wasn't being randomly stinky a couple of times a day. Yurch. As painful as I suspect getting medicine into her will be (and as painful for my bank account as it will be) I'm almost hoping there's a curable parasite in there.

The joy of being a cat mum. They cost money, are forever demanding attention and sometimes they stink your entire rec room out.

Then they wander over with their favourite toy in their mouth looking utterly adorable and you forgive them everything because d'aaaaw.

Yesterday I had my most productive writing day in years. Over 3,000 words split between two fics.

Unfortunately none of those words were on the [ profile] marvel_bang. Oops?
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Yesterday it was horridly hot and muggy when I got home so I made the (at the time) sensible decision not to hop on the exercise bike because I was fairly sure that I'd expire.

Today my back is locked up and bitchy so tonight, despite the heat, I shall have to bike for a while. Ugh.

My Annie-cat is determined to induce heat exhaustion in both of us by insisting on cuddles and extensive draping every time I sit down. I tried to deny her but she gave me the pathetic look and the tiny 'mew' noises so I gave in. The poor thing is fluffy as heck and probably cooking in her coat, yet she insists on cuddles with her warm mommy so that we can both be even hotter and more disgusting.

What a silly cat. Kate is being sensible and "hell to the no" on the cuddle thing. She's normally my deeply stupid and silly cat, so this is an odd turn-about.

Remind me of how much I dislike this kind of heat when I'm complaining about snow and shoveling in January, OK?

I managed to finish chapter two of the Big Bang yesterday, add another scene to the insane AU and may have started a teeny fluffy fic that fits into the Damage Limitations-verse. The fluffy is because fluff requires no plot and thus is relaxation. It also does not need me to keep count of the Coulsons, Natashas and Clints in a scene or figure out how to differenciate which one I'm referencing.

Remind me after this, only one of each character in any given story. Never again with the alternate universe story-lines.


Jul. 13th, 2012 12:56 pm
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I think the reason that M and I get along so well as project partners on Project Doom can be ably demonstrated by this morning's meeting.

Half hour Project Doom catch-up and progress meeting. 10 minutes of Doom discussion. 20 minutes of mourning not being at SDCC, speculating about what big announcements and trailers we're missing and geeking out over the idea of a sonic screw driver universal remote control.

And this is why I will not be quitting Project Doom no matter how insane it gets.

Today is Friday. I'm wearing my Son of Coul t-shirt, I am in the process of getting highly caffienated and I've talked mother into supper at a restaurant that serves meat. It's going to be a good day if I have to kill everyone around me to make it happen.

I might be channeling Buffy a bit today :-D

Fic writing progress:

Marvel Big Bang: 500 new words yesterday so now at over 1,800 words
AU that I blame Fahre for completely: 300 new words yesterday for ~600 words total

And 5 Explanations got the big edit yesterday. I need to do another thorough check and then it will, in all likelihood, be hitting AO3 tomorrow. That thing is as much my fault as Fahre's She mostly egged me on and muttered appropriately inspiring words at times :-D
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I'm still on a bit of a high from yesterday's Tour stage. OMG, Brad's in yellow! And he's got nearly two minutes on Evans! I'm trying very hard not to do the counting chickens thing, but there are only two ways for Wiggins not to win now:

1) Evans suddenly discovers climbing legs and goes into the final time trial with at least three minutes on Wiggins despite his team being not as good as Sky in the mountains and Wiggins being a rather decent climber
2) Wiggins has horrendous crash and has to abandon

Please, please don't let 2 happen. Or 1, really, although I think that 1 is unlikely :-D This is an awesome Tour!

Also, yesterday I typed what I think (hope) is the final sentence on the 5 Things fic. I even typed in the title, which I've had in my head all the way but it's been fun to see "Ridiculous glittery fic I blame Fahre" at the top of the page while I've been working :-D It's officially "Five Times Clint Had To Explain (And One Time He Didn't Need To)". I've got some edits that I want to do on Things 3 and 4 and it needs at least a week of rest before I dare to go through and work out other edits/revisions so it will be a while before it gets published, but the first draft is officially done. Phew!

And so I've now opened files titled "Marvel Big Bang Outline v1" and "MBB_Chap1_v1". So, you know, I've actually got started on this. Admittedly the chapter one file is still a blank page and I'm still fleshing out the outline, but that's about where I thought that I'd be today. I've got until early September to have a first draft of this, right?

My fic ideas log is starting to acquire some distinctly cracky ideas including at least two short things for the Damage Limitation series. Expect those to start appearing when I get stuck on the Big Bang and moan loudly about writing being haaaaaard. There may also be an AU idea that I swear will never see the light of day and a sequel to 5 Explanations that Fahre threw at me despite not having read 5 Explanations *shakes tiny fist*

It's been so long since I had the ideas to really write. Even though most of what my brain is sending me is either crack or just plain ridiculous, I'm thoroughly enjoying the feeling of having ideas and inspiration and motivation again.

PS. Thanks to people pointing out that I’m doing the “not wanting to be a bother” thing I’ve called Awesome GI Guy and moved up my appointment. Sadly, he’s not got any appointments until August 2nd, but that’s still earlier than end of August and I can cope until then because I’ve definitely been worse. Ugh, stupid body.
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Ok, you can come after me with pointy stakes. The 5 Things fic did not get finished :-(

I did write notes on how to fix the sections of 3 and 4 that I wasn't happy with, finally figured out the word that wouldn't appear for a line in thing 5 ("uncannily", if you're wondering what the word was and want to look for it whenit's published) and got three sentences of Thing 5+1 written. Not bad given that I had around twenty minutes of writing time all weekend.

I have watched an awful lot of sport, though, and I'm nearly finished the book that is due at the library exceedingly soon.

It's just the writing that didn't happen. Oops.
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Lazy weekend plans were mostly successful, although yet again the curse of my brain meant that my nine hours of sleep on Saturday night caused a lovely headache on Sunday.

My body is ridiculous sometimes.

Today my body is not doing the headache thing. It's doing the nausea and dizziness thing instead. I'm vaguely offended by this because it's rather inconvenient. Thankfully Mum needed to borrow the car today so she drove me to work and thus I don't have to 'fess up that I'm feeling like crap.

I don't even have anyone to yell at today. Nobody is willing to telling me why my stuff on the dev box is broken ("We're still looking!") and apparently I have to yell at the right people not just yell at everyone even though that guarantees that the guilty party will get included somewhere.


Yeah, this is why I'm not a people manager :-D

In lieu of yelling at people, I'm making Power Point presentations. Sadly, they're deeply boring and I'm not allowed to insert anything fun into them, nope not even a cute cat gif.

One thing that I did manage over the weekend (in addition to finishing two books, two volumes of Fables and setting up a Blu Ray player, go me) was reorganising a few things on AO3. My addiction to the "Mark for later" button was getting out of hand so I went through the many pages and got all the stuff that I've read and loved bookmarked instead. It tamed the history pages a wee bit and made my bookmarks look that bit more Avengers obssessed. Oops.

I'm hoping to have Thing 2 of the 5+1 Things fic that I'm writing nearly finished today. All the Things have been outlined (in so far as I have vaguely descriptive titles for them) and so this fic wins the award for mostly completely outlined thing that I have ever written in my life. Go fic!

Today is my father's birthday. There will be Skyping with him later so that Mum and I can observe him opening his presents in an completely non-creepy way. I'm almost entirely certain that I can remember what I gave him. Possibly. It was weeks ago. It could be a fun surprise for all of us.
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Today I am working from home. For once, it's a planned thing and everything. It's so that I can have the washing machine running while I work and to make it easier to get the cats over to their vacation home (my aunt's house) as early as possible. Then I can Clean All The Things! because my mother will be returning with me from England. This house needs major de-fluffying.

Just to keep me on my toes, today is also post-Humira day and I have no side-effects. Nothing. Not even a hint of nausea. The last two doses have been rotten. Today, when there is no chance that someone eating toast might accidentally cause me to vomit, I am feeling absolutely fine.

Oh, body, you are so contrary.

As I drove home last night I was thinking about Sum of Parts. Bambera has decided to be in the fic and I was thinking about how I keep writing her and this will be my third fic with her and...

Hang on, when I wrote Treaty of Llangol did I do anything that interfered with canon? It's set while Rory is 'gone' and I'm pretty sure that I didn't actually tamper with canon at all. Hmm.

I need to re-read Treaty to make sure, but I'm fairly certain that Sum of Parts could actually be a sort-of follow-up. Or at least, make use of the same Bambera. Huh. That would even make a couple of things work better. I'm only 1,700 words in and it will only require changes in a few lines so...

Sum of Parts is turning out to be a lot of fun to write. Let's hope the momentum continues, shall we?

And now I shall remove one load of washing from the machine and chuck another one in while I wait for someone to tell me why the data in their tables is insane.
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Today I have worked a little bit on Sensible Man and worked a lot on the Atlantis Christmas fic that I've been toying with. In fact, it's finished. So all I have to do now is re-read it later in the week and edit it, and then it will be ready for posting next weekend.

I also have two Christmas fics read and recced so the seasonal update can happen. If I can find even more seasonal fics, that would be excellent.

The great thing about writing Christmas fic is that I now feel much more festive than I did. I'm starting to get excited about the whole Christmas thing now. I just hope that the next week doesn't knock all the festive excitement out of me!

I am so glad that this is my last Christmas in my current job :-)

I am now just waiting for Best Friend in America to contact me. She flew in yesterday and will hopefully be coming to stay tomorrow, except she hasn't actually called to confirm that she'll be here. Wah! It will get sorted, though, I'm sure. And she's going to be my excuse for why I have to leave work on time for the next two days. I'm damned if my job will interfere with me seeing a friend that I only get to see once a year!

And now I must go and watch Atlantis and then Cranford. Heh.
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So apparently the best laid plans get derailed by characters and it is now time to subtitle Sensible Man as The Big Gay Fairytale Novel. Still, I got lots of writing done, which is the important part.

Not much writing has been done on the possibly humorous Teyla/Weir fic and I really need to re-watch The Gift before I start working on the next Crossing the Line fic. That's the slightly less cheerful news.

However, writing of any kind, particularly the kind where I get caught up for a long time and the words just flow, is a really good sign.

I didn't go out for any kind of walk because it's been raining all day, and damp!Sel usually ends up being superachey!Sel by the end of the day. As it is, my body clock is hugely confused by the clocks going back today so I'm probably going to have a weird week. Hopefully it won't be such a stressful week, though!

Also, the Internet is being evil to me so I need to bug Da again about changing our ISP to anyone other than BT. Yay.
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I am not entirely happy today. And I shall relate the reasons forthwith:

Cut for whininess )

All I can say is that it was a good thing I didn't need my walking stick yesterday because I would have been totally stuffed. I am not amused by this parking thing. Maybe it's time to ask the doc about a blue badge?

In other thoughts, I did not write any Mage Murders last night. Instead I picked up a story beginning that I found at the weekend, A Sensible Man, and wrote a bit of that. Because it's a fun, fluffy story :-)
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I am already more than half way through Black Powder War, which is excellent and I'm going to be very impatient waiting for the next Temeraire book.

Um, I may also have got a few chapters into Persuasion. Er.

Books are just not safe around me! You know what I'd love? A week where I could just forget all about responsibilities, jobs and even writing and just read solidly. That would be a heavenly holiday. Anyone want to reassure me that I'm not crazy to have two three books on the go by reciting your current reading list?

However, the short holiday that I did get was lovely. I read a lot over the weekend, I got far more writing done than I ever imagined I would and I rested a bit. The writing, though, I'm very pleased with because Mage Murders is starting to feel like a novel. Hopefully a novel that will get finished.

Les Miserables on Thursday was absolutely amazing: I'd forgotten just how good it is live. The voices were fantastic, Valjean and Javert were well matched, and the music was as good as it always is. Definitely retains its title as my favourite musical :-)

Now, sadly, it's Monday and I'm back at work again *sigh* However, it's Easter in a couple of weeks which means that I'll get a couple of short weeks then. And it's now only five days until new Doctor Who :-) Da and I are planning a trip into London on Saturday to visit bookshops, but we'll be making darned sure that we're back well before 7pm.

Is there even any point in mentioning that the data warehouse has fallen over and my reports aren't running? As usual?
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Ow, my hands hurt. Seems there is a limit to how much I can type in one day, and typing up 4,000 words of Mage Murders is approximately where it hits. Still, I'm pleased with the work that I'm getting done here :-)

Today I acquired books using a bit of the large stash of vouchers and cash that has accumulated over the last two birthdays and Christmases. So I now have some Sherlock Holmes short stories, a copy of Jane Austen's Persuasion with funky chick-lit style cover that I couldn't resist and, best of all, The Black Powder War by Naomi Novik. I'm a happy, booky Sel today :-) I must remember to LibraryThing them tomorrow.
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Today I have a day off. Tomorrow I also have a day off. This is a very good thing :-)

I've already begun the day productively. I slept in a little (9am!) and had a nice, leisurely breakfast. I wrote a letter, packed it up with the policy documents for the medical insurance I don't want to renew now that I'm on the company policy and tottered down to the Post Office to send them off.

I am now writing :-) Best of all, I'm working on the original novel, Mage Murders, and it's actually going well which makes me very happy indeed.

Tonight I'm going into London with the parents to see Les Miserables, which is going to be much fun. I like holidays :-)
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Today, on trying to debug something that a colleague wrote, we found a variable called flux_capacitor. Heh.

We may need to talk about appropriate naming conventions so that people actually know what everything is doing in programs. Although flux_capacitor was at least entertaining :-)

Yesterday was as disasterous as predicted and I was forced to consume rather good chocolate to get through the afternoon. Although I wasn't too late home. Today is not much better, but I have hopes of getting out at a sensible time tonight because it's Holby City and Life on Mars night tonight :-)

However, I do have two birthday cards to make tonight that I forgot about yesterday. Drat.

I have a completed [ profile] femslash07 fic thanks to some work last night. With a week until posting, that gives me time to set it aside for a couple of days and then return to edit it with fresh eyes (and hopefully fresh ideas for passages that I know need work). So yay, I have written this week :-)

And now I must do useful worky things. Which are boring. Woo me.
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I had a lovely weekend :-) Spent Friday night watching Walk the Line with mum (and a glass of wine...) and then had a thoroughly brilliant and relaxing Saturday afternoon with [ profile] historyterry, watching movies (Wilby Wonderful is a good movie) and eating popcorn.

Sunday was spent out on a walk with the parents and then doing some writing and some studying. The writing was flowing really well for once and it was an effort to tear myself away to get the studying part of the day done. That might be why I didn't quite get as much done as planned, although at least I did some and I'm not going to be behind next weekend. Having words flow like that doens't seem to have happened very often lately, so I'm pleased with the work I did. It got me to a stage where I'm writing something that's very clear in my mind so it shouldn't be too difficult to get back there tonight.

The weekend was finished up with another glass of wine while watching ER, so I had double my usual weekend wine intake :-)

Of course, this means that Monday is turning into a complete disaster :-( Overnight updates on the data warehouse haven't finished yet (yes, it's 9.30am) which means that my jobs aren't running properly and I'm looking at a thoroughly frustrating day. Yay me.

I think it's time to find a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate. Not like I'm going to get much else done this morning!
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This weekend I have been mostly studying. This is a good thing because I have now caught up and got slightly ahead of where I should be, meaning that I won't have to kill myself next weekend to get firmly ahead before Redemption. I am now feeling much calmer about college work.

I have also had a very good phone call with [ profile] historyterry :-) And caught up on correspondence with my aunt in Canada at last.

This highly productive weekend will be topped by watching the BAFTAs later on, although I'll be recording the second half to avoid another week of OMG so tired at work-ness.

This weekend I have not achieved any writing :-( Possibly because I haven't been feeling in that place mentally for the last few days. However, I intend to make sure that writing happens this week because I have the following projects on my radar (in order of what must be finished most urgently):

1. The [ profile] femslash07 fic(s)
2. Crossing the Line part 2
3. Mage Murders
4. The Atlantis Serpent-style AU that I Am Not Writing No Siree.
5. Under Green Hills, the Serpent sequel, which is languishing in writer's block.

Wow, that's a scary list.


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