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Non-spoiler reaction: Not quite as good as last week's, but still a lot of fun. Two thumbs up! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Spoilers abound )
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A History in Kisses (1025 words) by [ profile] Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bill Potts/Heather, Bill Potts/Original Characters
Characters: Bill Potts
Additional Tags: Character Study, Kissing

Summary: Bill concluded, based on empirical evidence, that kissing boys was not going to be her thing.
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Non-spoilery reaction: OMG SQUEEEE!

Also, I adore Bill :-)

And now, the spoilery version

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At last, that glorious day of days is here and it's time for some new Doctor Who! I have been doing chores this morning and I am sitting down to write, but after I've got the words down (and a nice walk outside in the sunshine done), I plan to have a mini Doctor Who marathon.

Just because it's been so long.

I can't decide what to watch, though. Should I rewatch the last few episodes of season 9? (Probably.)

The Christmas special? (Er, maybe not.)

Some favourites from earlier new Who? (But which ones?)

An old favourite serial? (Which, let's face it, will be Battlefield because it's my favourite old Who serial and I'll never get tired of watching it.)

Anyone else doing a wee preparatory marathon? What are you watching?
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I need to write a proper post about them, but for now I'll just say "Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! I loved them! Why is Saturday so far away?"

Feel free to get real spoilery in comments :-)
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take his hand and run (1765 words) by Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ashildr | Lady Me & Clara Oswin Oswald
Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Ashildr | Lady Me, Bill (Doctor Who)
Additional Tags: Moving On, Companion search, Female Friendship, Developing Friendships

Summary: "He's not good at being alone."
They're ready for their own adventures, but Clara and Me have one final task to complete. After all, who knows what the Doctor needs better than the people who have seen him through the good times and the worst times?
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Ten years ago today, my dad and I sat down in front of the telly box with our hearts pounding and our palms sweating, waiting for something.

(I think Mum and my sister were probably there, because it was Easter Saturday, but Dad and I are the hard core Who fans and I have no clear memory of how Mum and sis felt at that point. Probably bemused by us.)

We were nervous. Ever so slightly terrified. Still half in disbelief that it was really happening. We'd been fooled so many times before with rumours of returns, with the movie that never went anywhere. Ever since we'd seen the announcement, we'd half expected it to get torn away from us while someone laughed hysterically at the idea that we'd actually trusted it would happen.

And lurking constantly was that other worry: what if it...wasn't good? What if our love for Doctor Who was tarnished by a terrible reboot? What if we had one awful series and it died forever, never to be brought back again?

Dad has been watching since the first episode. I've been watching since I was old enough to hold my head towards a TV. We're those fans, the ones who have consumed as much Doctor Who as possible and can spend hours debating Gallifreyan history and arguing over who is the best companion (Donna and Ace jointly, obvs, all other opinions are Wrong no matter what my dad says).

So that day was a huge one for us. We waited for Graham Norton's programme to end. We held our breaths. We exchanged nervous glances as the scene in Hendricks opened.

And then the Doctor said "Run!" and we let out a relieved sigh. The opening theme played and it was orchestral instead of electronic, but we loved it anyway. We watched until the final "boom" at the end of the closing credits played and we immediately discussed it all over supper.

(Mum learned very fast that supper had to be timed around Doctor Who. It was okay, she turned into almost as much of a fan as us.)

I wrote my first squeeing review and crossed my fingers that the ratings would be good.

Season one went on. Christopher Eccleston's departure was announced, immediately followed by David Tennat's appointment. Dad and I squeed because this meant season two was going to happen. A Dalek made us cry. A little boy asking for his mummy made us jump out of ours skins. A young woman saying goodbye to the father who had died when she was a baby made us cry again. An episode that seemed to be simply a parody about reality TV turned into something much bigger and darker with a massive Dalek fleet and a speech by the Doctor that made my heart pound.

The final episode of season one aired on June 18th. That's my dad's birthday. During the week before, my mum called me to ask whether 6.30pm would be okay to book a table at our favourite restaurant for his birthday.

"Um, can you make it 7.30pm? It's the last Doctor Who," I said.

A sigh down the phoneline. "That's exactly what your father said when I asked him earlier."

The table was booked for 7.30pm.

The whole family sat down to watch "The Parting of Ways". Dad and I had practised extreme spoiler avoidance all week. We knew nothing. Not one thing. We hadn't watched the trailers. We'd turned off the radio if they mentioned Doctor Who. I stayed away from every community and mailing list. It was a little easier in 2005, with social media not such a huge part of our lives, but it still wasn't easy. We knew that, at some stage in the future, the Doctor would regenerate, but we'd assumed it was going to happen in the Christmas special (a Christmas special!!) or maybe at the beginning of the next series.

We watched the Doctor rescue Rose. We watched Captain Jack heroically lead the resistance, kissing the Doctor and Rose on the lips (to my utter delight - m/m kiss on my telly box!) as he left. We watched Rose absorb the time vortex and scatter Bad Wolf.

And then...

"Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I."

It happened. The regeneration. We got a glimpse of Ten and then the credits closed, and all four of us (Dad, Mum, sis home for the birthday, me) stared at the screen in open-mouthed shock for a good two minutes at least.

Of course, then we had to hurry to walk down the road to the restaurant for that important table booking. But all the way there, we talked about the episode. About the season. About that regeneration. Even my sister, who had never been a Doctor Who fan before but today owns all the box-sets and makes sure she's watched every new episode before the weekly family Skype. We couldn't stop talking about it.

If you'd told me then that ten years later, I'd still have Doctor Who on my telly box and we'd be on Doctor number twelve (or thirteen, or fourteen, depending on how you number them), I probably wouldn't have believed you. I would have wanted to believe, but it would have seemed too incredible.

But here we are, ten years later, and Doctor Who is still going. We've got Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman filming as I type, getting ready for a new series that will probably start some time in August.

I'm one of those Doctor Who fans who will never stop watching, no matter what happens. So are the rest of my family. We may dislike some episodes (Dad's rant after the space dragon episode last year was amazing) but we're still here, flying away with the Doctor in the TARDIS. It's a show that keeps evolving and changing, so if we're not entirely happy right now, we know that we just have to wait a year or two and something new will happen that we might like better. The important thing is that we have it. We have the Doctor in our lives and on our screens again.

So, Happy Birthday, Doctor Who! My wonderful show that has just turned fifty and now gets to turn ten, which seems completely appropriate for a show about a Time Lord. May you have many, many, many more confusing birthdays.
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First day of the December talking meme, and this was suggested by [personal profile] selenak. That's a pretty broad topic, so I'm taking my chance to express my love for these characters.

I always say that while the Fifth Doctor is my Doctor, in the sense that he's the first one I grew up with, the Seventh is my best Doctor because he's the one who makes me think difficult things. He's the Doctor, so I always knew that he'd do something right in the end, but I never knew what that right thing would be. He always had a bigger picture in mind, something that had to be done but didn't leave much room to be comfortable and predictable. I've never been able to express why I love him so, why I trusted him, when I knew that the fate of one tiny bit of humanity--my tiny bit--wasn't his priority. But I did and I always will.

Ace is, hands down, my favourite Old Who companion. Donna Noble had to work pretty damn hard to become joint all time favourite companion, let me tell you.

Ace was what I wanted to be. She takes charge, she blows shit up, she beats up Daleks with a baseball bat, but she wasn't a hard terrible character. She was flawed and vulnerable, which made her feel real to me.

Ghostlight breaks my heart every time because of Ace.

The Curse of Fenric is, I think, the episode that showcases both the best and the worst of what those two characters were together. It's brilliant and horrible, and one of the best Seventh Doctor stories they did. It's not my favourite--that would be Battlefield--but it's what I always think of when I try to imagine what season 27 would have been like if the show hadn't been cancelled. In my head, it would have been a mixture of Battlefield's glorious rompiness and Fenric's horrible, terrible grand schemes, with Ace finally reaching her destiny as a Time Lady at the end.

(Shut up, it would totally have been that. I believe.)

Ace and the Seventh Doctor, together, are amazing. There's a moment in Silver Nemesis where the Doctor asks Ace if she disobeyed his instructions and brought some Nitro-9. She confesses that she did, and he beams and tells her to blow up the Cybership. For me, that's what was always at the heart of their relationship. It wasn't just that the Doctor would (after terrifying me that he might not) do his best for Ace, try to teach her about all her amazing potential and save her from the bad things. It was that he trusted her to have his back, too. To pull him out of the fire when he needed it, and to have the explosives on hand when he needed them. Their story is one of the few times in Old Who where we got to see a long-term, growing relationship between the Doctor and his companion, and it was wonderful. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't always pretty, but it was wonderful to watch.

(In my head canon, Ace and the Doctor traveled together until she'd learned enough to travel through time and save the world on her own. And then she set out on her time-travelling motorbike and picked up the threads he couldn't juggle, and they sometimes met and worked together when a problem was too big for just one of them. Or just because they wanted to and missed each other. And, because it's my head canon, Donna didn't lose herself in Journey's End: she's out there with Ace, saving the world and travelling through time, and sometimes they work with this little chap who plays the spoons when he should be running away.)

If I could only have one Doctor-and-companion for the rest of time, it would be Seven and Ace.
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For the first time since my wisdom tooth extraction, I actually feel pretty good. My face doesn't hurt, I can eat reasonably well, I spent the whole weekend sleeping so I'm not totally exhausted...I feel almost normal. Fingers crossed, this will last all week!

Or at least, through today, because we're having a team pizza lunch and I need to be in top condition to enjoy it. Heh.

My weekend was pretty much sleep, sleep, recover from sleep-induced headache, sleep some more. With a lot of catching up on Strictly. And, obviously, watching Doctor Who, which was thoroughly weird and strange and I loved it.

(I might be biased, but I'm really loving season eight. I know it doesn't suit everyone, but I think there's been some great stuff this year. Then again, Doctor Who is something I can rarely look at with a critical eye until a couple of years after an episode first aired, so it could just be the DW joy speaking *shrug*)

I'd summarise last week's teevees, but I haven't seen Once Upon a Time yet or NCIS:NOLA, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow for that. It's just so lovely to have stuff on my telly box. My poor Netflix subscription hasn't been touched for ten days.

Clearly, they know that having actual teevees might be an issue. Otherwise they wouldn't have told me that S2 of Ripper Street and three more Midsomer Murders series are up. I promise, Netflix, I'll be back soon.

I was also going to do another topic post, because I've got some good ones burning a hole in my planning sheet,'s Monday. Thinking is overrated on a Monday. You can have a thoughtful post later in the week.

Instead, I'll let anyone who might be interested know about my Marvel Big Bang posting dates:

25th October
Winter Soldier's Redemption: a 40k Steve/Bucky steampunk AU fic.

10th November
A Thousand Miles and Poles Apart: a 45k Clint/Coulson actor AU fic.

I can't believe how much I wrote for MBB this year. It was a 10k minimum. Clearly, my brain knows nothing about minimums.


Aug. 4th, 2013 04:21 pm
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I have to admit, this was the one name where I was going โ€œnah, it wonโ€™t be him" for the last few days. How wrong I am!

Cut for actual naming of the actor spoilers )
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If only we could have a Gaiman script every year!

Cut for spoilers )
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Quick thoughts because I'm exhausted, but I needed to jot things down.

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My cable station is playing silly buggers again - setting up new episodes as repeats on the program guide so my PVR doesn't record them - so I missed the first couple of minutes of this :-( Grrr. It didn't feel like I missed anything vital, which is a relief, but it's still frustrating.

Anyway. That's enough with being irritable. On to the episode squee!

Cut for spoilers )
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I need to put 'finding a Clara and the Doctor icon' on this week's to do list.

Spoilers! Cut for spoilers )
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I'm not kidding, I really need a Clara-and-the-Doctor icon :-D Anyway, here there be spoilers!

Cut for spoilers )

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I'm not kidding, I really need a Clara-and-the-Doctor icon :-D Anyway, here there be spoilers!

Cut for spoilers )
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I need to find a Clara and the Doctor icon. Just sayin'.

Due to a problem with my cable providers electronic guide last night, I didn't get to watch this live. Woe. So I watched it online over breakfast instead :-D This may need to be a new tradition - DW rewatch over Sunday breakfast. Heh.

Thusly, this is my brief immediate reaction spoiler-filled post written three minutes after the episode finished.
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Entire non-spoiler thoughts: Squee!

Spoilery thoughts: Spoilers below the cut )


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