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...I have discovered online clothes shopping.

I need something to wear to my sister's wedding(s) (two days, two outfits) in five weeks (!!!) and I've been putting off going out on the hunt because I loathe clothes shopping and usually get horribly intimidated by the shops and the racks and the people, and end up running away with nothing to show for the attempt.

It's a thing. Going with people doesn't help--I end up feeling like the ugliest creature alive and picking the dullest outfit possible in a size too big, because it gets me out of there and nobody has to look at me any more. Then I indulge in a pity party because I hate what I bought but I can't take it back because omg no the shops are scary. Urgh.

So my sis suggested I try shopping online, which I'd never thought of before because how can you figure out what will fit from photos? (Hint: there are size charts. I'd forgotten that.) And she sent some links and I did some browsing, it's so much easier to pick something when I can see it on a model so I know how it will fit and fall.

The shirt that arrived yesterday was something I probably would never have picked out off a rack, because it looks pretty shapeless on a hanger, but I loved the way it looked on the model so I ordered it. (In my size and a size up, obviously, because I am still convinced I'm bigger than I am and the size up is definitely too big if I'm being honest so it's the one I'll return, not the one that fits.) It's possibly the cutest shirt I've ever owned and everyone I've shown it to says it looks good on me and that feels good.

Plus, I'd never have even tried it in a shop? But shopping from home gave me the confidence to give it a go.

So I guess online shopping is going to be a thing now. I've got another shirt arriving soon and hopefully by the end of this, I'll have outfits for both of the wedding days. Plus, I might actually start updating my wardrobe a bit and feel less frumpy by not wearing ancient clothes that are too big for me!
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