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I'm going straight behind a spoiler cut today because OMG.

I really need to rewatch this later today, because I was tired last night and I probably didn't catch everything, but here are the main points for me:

  • MISSY!!!

  • Okay, so Missy had been top of my list for who was inside the Vault, but it was a nice bit of misdirection to make us think she was in this episode in the present day in the previews, so I'd spent the last week assuming it wasn't Missy in the Vault after all. And then it was! But what we saw is how she ended up in the Vault and how the Doctor ended up making his promise.

  • And then I started having all these feelings for them both, because in the years the Doctor has been guarding the Vault, Missy has become the one person he can talk to and confess his darkest secrets to. I have so many feelings about this. SO MANY.

  • I thought I'd be annoyed if Missy was in the Vault because it's too obvious, but the way they've done it has made me quite okay with it. Possibly this is because they've revealed it now rather than waiting until episode 12, so it's suddenly become more interesting than a "what's in the box" mystery for weeks and weeks.

  • Did I squee enough about Missy yet? Because MISSY!!!

  • And Nardole! Understanding why Nardole is with the Doctor--River sent him!--suddenly makes so much about their interactions make sense. Curse you, show, you're making me like Nardole.

  • I loved that quote from River's book. Loved it so much.

  • And Missy knows about River and she understood from one look what had happened and how deep the Doctor's grief is. She didn't even poke at it or try to torture him with it. This is one of the reasons I find Missy such a beautifully fascinating character--she has so many layers. This incarnation of the Master is, for me, the best because of all those layers and feelings and the sense of incredible history and connection with the Doctor.

  • I was promised an episode about a dangerous book in the Vatican, which was basically plot catnip for me, so the fact that they delivered this automatically made this a good episode for me. The whole thing where the Veritas was the truth that they were actually a holographic simulation? Yeah, that got me. I loved it. Anything about reality and the nature of it is my thing.

  • After that reveal, I was trying to figure out how far back it had started, but it didn't occur to me until we saw it that it went back to the Doctor in the Vault. Or that we were watching a recording.

  • Watching Bill realise and then pixelate out of existance was horrible. Really, really upsetting, and I don't even know why.

  • No, wait, I do know. It's because when that was happening, I was afraid that everything we'd seen so far in the season was part of the projection and I was afraid that the Bill I loved had never existed.

  • Yeah, that was an upsetting idea.

  • Also, Bill was on a date. And it never happened. But I did love the Doctor telling her that the girl wasn't out of her leauge. Aw, Doctor.

  • I adored the wide-angle shot of the heresy library. It gave me so many ideas for rewriting the magical library novel.

  • Next week is going to be really fucking terrifying, isn't it?

  • But yay them for keeping the Doctor's blindness going!

  • I love my show so very very much.

The only slight problem with the episode is that I genuinely cannot write a Bill story for it, because it's holographic Bill and my brain isn't coping with that. I'll post my post-Oxygen fic later today and take a break from it this week, unless inspiration unexpectedly hits. It could happen. I didn't think there would be a post-Oxygen fic, and then this one poured out in forty-five minutes on Monday, and when I edited it this morning, it still made sense (despite a tiny Jossing of one bit that I refuse to edit out For Reasons). So you never know.
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