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I cannot think of anything to say that's not spoilery, so I'm not going to try! Spoilers under the cut.

I just...they just...and then they...that was...OMG.

This was an approximate summary of my immediate reaction :-D

There was so much to unpack! And I'm definitely not going to do it all, so I'll just throw out a few big thoughts I had:

Aida/Ophelia is a teenager going through her first heartbreak, except she's a teenager with awesome powers and no emotional context for what she's feeling. The actor is brilliant, because she had me feeling so much sympathy for Aida, even during the murderous rage at the end. There were so many layers and nuances to the character! By the standards of being an old hand at being human, Aida's reactions were over the top and really creepy. But she's so new at this, everything is unfamiliar and overwhelming, so the way she behaved--from her assumption that Fitz would love her back all the way to her rage--are completely understandable and even logical.

Not to say she isn't terrifying, but I couldn't make myself hate her. She is confused and overwhelmed and lashing out because she has no stable base to work from. One moment she had no emotions, the next she had all of them, and she hadn't gone through a childhood of learning about them.

The actor playing Fitz is also incredible. It made those scenes of his grief and despair so affecting, because he just blew them out of the water.

When he was comparing himself to Ward, I was nodding along because it's the same thought I'd had weeks ago. Ward's psyche was formed by a controlling adult father-figure who twisted and shaped him at a vulnerable time. In the Framework, that damage was never done, but Fitz was the one who was twisted and shaped by a controlling adult father-figure. There are so many parallels, and Fitz saw them and it's part of what sickened him, not least because he finally understands how Ward became what he was.

This whole arc has been fascinating for the way it's broken down characters and made us reassess them, particularly the theme of free will and choice. It's not just Aida who had her ability to make choices removed: we also got to see what happens to humans who are "programmed" and have their free will constricted.

The interactions between Coulson and May were so great. They kept the episode from drowning in darkness :-)

Talbot is as much of an arsehole as ever, but he's an arsehole who thinks, so I reckon he'll figure out Coulson and co. aren't the bad guys.

I'm not sure how I feel about Ghostrider coming back, but as long as the resolution to the arc isn't "and then Ghostrider saved the day all by himself", I'm okay with it. I found his arc uninteresting, but I had been wondering what happened to him.

That final reveal with Yoyo tied to the bed...OMG. Seriously, talk about "she doesn't know what she's getting into". Hopefully it means we'll get Mack back, but I have no idea how she gets out of this.

How can they possible wrap this all up in one episode?

PS. I have a bit of a crush on Piper. Tell me I'm not alone?
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