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For various reasons (mostly related to Space channel being useless), I've only had time to see this week's episode once, this morning, over breakfast. Usually I watch during broadcast and then rewatch in the morning sans adverts thanks to iTunes, but Space didn't air it until 4am last night, so GRRR.

(This is what you get for trying to use legit means to watch TV shows instead of 'acquiring' them.)

ANYWAY. That means this will be a brief bullet-point review rather than a full thing because if I don't do it now, I'll never do it and I'm TIRED today.

But non-spoilery reaction outside the cut was "yaaaaay" and also "OOOH CREEPY" :-)

Spoilery stuff was:

  • I expected this to be scarier than it was, but it was creepy and that's a different thing. The knocking,
    the creaking...probably that wouldn't have been as creepy if I hadn't been watching it in the middle of a major rainstorm with my house creaking due to the wind, I'll admit.

  • David Suchet really made for the creepy factor in this episode.

  • I adored Paul's reaction to Bill telling him she prefers girls. That whole "Yes, I never had a chance!"
    delight was perfect and I love the way they've been handling Bill's sexuality, acknowledging it regularly without making her entire story be about it.

  • Everyone lived! Well, everyone except the morally dubious (because they weren't totally bad) guys. I was trying to figure out how Bill could ever get past losing all her housemates in one night, and then she didn't and that made me delighted.

  • I do feel the need to write an episode tage fic, though, because there are things left unresolved. Things like, what about their stuff? Did they leave it there, and if so, how do they replace it all because there's no way their insurance would. Did Bill take her photos of her mum with her, and does that mean she's lost them? Her housemates now know Bill and the Doctor have some connection to weird stuff - are they could to just forget it, or is that going to come up again?


  • Until this episode, I'd been sure it couldn't be Missy. But then the piano-player got so delighted at a story about children being eaten and the Doctor clearly knows and cares about the person in the Vault, and I can't think who else it could be.

  • Which now makes me really, really need to know why this person is in the Vault, and why the Doctor is guarding it, and why he feels like a prisoner, too. And why does Nardole disapprove of the Doctor's friendship with the Vault resident? Is it something deeper than just "being friends with your prisoner is a bad idea"?

  • I don't think I loved this episode quite as much as I loved Thin Ice, but frankly, I still liked it much better than Smile and it creeped me out, so it worked.

  • I <3 Bill. She's so great, and I loved the new glimpses into her we got here. Can we keep her forever?

Next week's episode appears to be about zombies. not a good thing for me. Zombies freak me out so much. Argh.
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