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Apr. 28th, 2017 12:01 pm
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This has been a weird sort of week, one where I feel like I haven't really accomplished much and I definitely haven't kept up with anyone and the time has disappeared somewhere, but somehow I haven't slept and I'm exhausted. Blergh.

And probably as a result of the not-sleeping, my neck went into spasm yesterday so I feel even more awful. Go me!

If I actually think about it, I haven't been lazy. I went for long walks after work on Monday and Tuesday, I wrote a bit of fic, I made good progress in my Hugo reading pile, I hit one of my milestones on the cobol replacement project I'm on at work...I did stuff! I achieved stuff! I just feel all out of sorts right now and the whole not sleeping thing is making it worse.

My Fitbit even totted up how much sleep I haven't had this week and gave me a little lecture on how hard it is to recover from that kind of sleep debt. Thanks, Fitbit. You're a pal.

In my on-going attempt to make better use of the resources I have (part of my decluttering and budgeting pre-move project), I've been going through my photos and getting them organised. I back up all my photos from my iDevices to Dropbox automagically, but they all get dumped in one folder and I haven't gone through it since I set that up. That's...quite a while ago. Like, five years. So I've been going through and getting those moved into folders so I can more easily find stuff. It's kind of incredible how many photos I've taken.

There I was, thinking I'd been bad at taking photos since I stopped taking cameras around with me and switched to relying on iPods/iPhone. Heh. Anyway, I've got everything up to the end of 2015 organised. I'll get to the rest another day. Then I need to back that lot up to a physical hard-drive, too, just in case. All the old photos from my cameras have the double back-ups, but I've been lazy. That's why it all got so disorganised, too.

I've also been going through the photos on my iDevices. They're also backed up to the iCloud (yes, I believe in multiple redundancies on the backups) and I have sorted some of them into albums, but not consistently. Fixing that will take a while, but at least now I can find certain things more easily. I'm also making myself delete photos I really don't need sitting there. They're on my Dropbox - why clog up my iDevices?

My dad has really got back into photography, now he has a DSLR, and he has been learning how to develop raw images using software on his computer. He's getting some amazing shots! It's reminded me that I used to really enjoy photography. I'm not good, I don't have the kind of eye my Uncle M has, but I'm not terrible. And my iPhone can actually take better photos than either of my old cameras (how sad is it that my "new" camera is now ten years old?), so maybe I should learn how to do that better?

Hence, reading tutorials on how to use the phone better and how to compose shots better. Learning how to capture raw images sometimes (the latest phones can do that!) so I can do the kind of editing/development my dad is having fun with.

Learning how to use photo editing software, which I haven't touched, nearly ten years.

Maybe by the summer, I'll be able to take some decent photos of my sister's wedding?

And I'll be able to join in the photography discussions when I get together with Dad and Uncle M :-)

And that's been my week. I need to make bread tomorrow, but I might treat myself to pizza tomorrow evening. Cooking feels way too much like work right now.
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