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I still can't find a journal style that combines all the things I want (fun look, easy to read, comment threading easily obvious), which is why I keep changing it. But I will find one eventually! (If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to throw them at me.) The one I'm using as of this moment is the closest I've got yet.

It's probably around a year now until I finally move out of this gigantic house, throw the keys at my mother as my moving truck rounds the corner, and move into an apartment.


I will be helping Mum to sell this house, even though I plan to move out before it actually sells. I will also be helping her to pack her stuff and move it into another apartment and hoo boy next summer will involve so much packing and moving, I'm tired just thinking about it. But that's not the point. With a year to go, I'm already starting to anticipate things that need doing. So I'm doing occasional clear-downs of junk and sorting through cupboards and drawers. Eight and a half years is a long time to build up crap!

Most importantly, I'm doing some financial reviews because the rent on an apartment will be a bit higher than the rent I've been paying on this house. Not crazy higher, but enough to make the amount available to dump into savings lower, so I'm making sure there aren't any costs I'm paying that I don't need.

So far, I've reviewed and cut down on my comics spending. I never had time to keep up with them, so I've cut my pull list down to Hawkeye, Ms Marvel, and Saga, because they're the things I *am* keeping up with.

I dumped the data plan for my iPad, because I have a cell phone with a data plan now so I don't need it. I cancelled a streaming box I wasn't using from my cable company.

I'm currently on hold with my long distance provider to cancel it, because my cell plan has all the calling I need on that side and I'm only holding onto the plan for when Mum visits and makes, like, one call to PEI. Honestly, paying a significant number of dollars a month and then spending another dollar each time Mum wants to call out of the city is ridiculous, so it's going. If she needs to make calls when she's here, she's got a cell phone, there's Skype, we can figure something out. (ETA: And apparently this wasn't in my budgeting spreadsheet, so although it's a saving, it hasn't changed the spreadsheet. D'oh! But at least now it's not an *unplanned* expense each month, so that's good, right?)

My cable provider just (yesterday) introduced a feature where I can drop some channels I don't use and replace them with ones I do, without extra charges. So I'm no longer paying extra for BBC World News, plus I have BBC Canada and BBC Earth, in exchange for three kids channels I'll never look at.

It's all little bitty things, $5 here and $10 there, but it mounts up!

Later today, hopefully, there will be fic posting. Watch this space.

(Now, do I try another journal style?)
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