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Here there be spoilers! (For those reading on RSS.)

OMG, that ending! I did not expect them to kill Mace. Not at all. They'd been building him up into so much awesome, and then that happened.

At the same time, I knew they had to eventually kill someone to demonstrate that if you die in the Framework, you die in RL. So it had to happen, and with that in mind, Mace was the most logical one. You couldn't kill any of the core cast. You couldn't kill newer arrivals like Mack. It had to be Mace.

But as I wasn't expecting it, I sat there in shock for a moment, hoping it wasn't true. And then hoping they'd been wrong and dying in the Framework wasn't death in the RL world. Showing his body and the flat heartbeat was important. I did find Aida's reaction interesting--she looked surprised to me. Shocked. I wonder whether the version of her that's inside the Framework has become independent from the version of her that's in the Aida body? And what will that imply?

Does that mean Madame Hydra is manipulating the Framework in a way that physical!Aida didn't expect?

I'd figured that Fitz's changes were due to his father, but it's good to have that confirmed. And it makes sense of why he's the one who is the most different--the regrets everyone else had were character-forming to a degree, but they were more recent. They were choices they'd made as adults. Fitz's regret is his father and that, I think, goes back to childhood. If you extrapolate out with his father's influence staying with him then you could get this twisted, terrible version of him.

He's going to need so much therapy. SO MUCH.

It's really hard to trust Ward, and at the same time, I keep wanting to trust Ward because he's being nice. He's being the Ward we knew in the first episodes. He's a good guy! Except he's going to turn around and screw them, because he's Ward and yet he's also a construct and possibly a version built from someone else's memories and...

Ward is confusing, okay?

I'm still loving this storyline, even though it's tearing me apart a little. It figures that it would be children that made May start to wake up a little, and I'm looking forward to seeing May and Daisy tear everything down because they're an awesome team. I'm loving Jemma, because I always do.

And Trip! OMG TRIP! I've missed him.

Really, is there a way to take back the people from the Framework who are dead in RL? I'd be down with that.

I think what I like is all the great chewy thinky stuff in this story. The Framework is awful, Hydra ruling is terrible...but it's giving me so many thoughts about reality and self-determination and choices, which is basically catnip for me in a narrative sense.
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