Apr. 10th, 2017

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It's April 10th and it hasn't snowed for almost a week and I am SO FREAKING DELIGHTED. The long nightmare is over!

I even wore my red spring coat for the last two days. Can you tell this has been a very long winter?

I got a reminder on my FB that five years ago, I had to shovel snow to go to church on Easter Sunday morning, so it's not the longest winter ever, but it's pretty close. And at least this year, there will be no pre-church snow shovelling according to the forecast (touch wood).

I foolishly remarked at work that I'll be making my own hot cross buns on Friday. I'm off Monday/Tuesday next week, but I sense I'll be making more hot cross buns on Tuesday to feed the hungry coworkers on Wednesday. That snack table we set up before Christmas? Still here. Still getting treats on at least a couple of times a week.

I'm getting close to finishing the novel I've been writing. It might be the best thing I've written--it might even be publishable--but now I've hit the stage where I'm making deals with myself to stay on track because the end is so close and I just want to write something (anything) else.

Actually, I want to write a Berena fic about Bernie going to find Serena and bring her home from her sabbatical. With exotic locations, comedy, and kissing. But I have to finish the novel. So my deal with myself is this: after I finish the novel, I can write the most self-indulgently fluffy Berena reunion fic ever, but the novel has to be finished first.

*puts on determined face*


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