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It's Friday and I am so relieved, because somehow it's been another week of paddling madly just to keep up.

I didn't even have time for a SHIELD post!

Tiny spoilers ahead: Cut for spoilers )

And I didn't have time for a proper Supergirl post either!

Tiny Supergirl spoilers: Cut for spoilers )

I started the edits on Huntress and I'm feeling more confident about it than I remember. Sure, it needs tidying up a fair bit and there's a soggy section in the middle that I have to fix, but structurally, it's not actually broken. It doesn't collapse the moment I poke at it even a tiny bit, and I'm quite proud of certain parts. I just need to fix the broken bits and then I can send it out to a couple of betas and see how many holes are left.

After I've done the post-beta clean-up, then I guess I have to decide what I'm doing with it. I'd still like to try for an agent, but it's an f/f fantasy romance, and one of the things I've noticed is that f/f romance of any kind is a tough sell to editors outside the small lesbian presses, which might be why so many authors go indie. So will my book get rejected by agents no matter what the writing is like, just because it's going to be hard to place?

Going indie has its appeal, for sure, but I don't know whether that's the wimp's way out. And going to the small lesbian presses also has appeal, except they're mainly US-based and they all seem to want me to edit into American-ised spelling and word usage before even sending an MS out, and UGH no.

So I'll do what I always do when I try to think about this stuff, and stick my head in the sand for now :-) The book isn't in any state to go anywhere yet, why am I thinking about this stuff already?

I booked my tickets for Helsinki this week, so it's official: I'm going to Worldcon 75 after my sister's wedding. I even looked at a map to figure out where Finland is and...look, I am bad at geography. I'd mentally put it somewhere near Denmark.

It's next to Russia.

Finland: it's further away than you think!
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Agents of SHIELD and Holby review posts are incoming, but first! STUFF.

I think that I have expressed my flail and frustration and every other emotion about the snap election on Twitter, so I won't bring it over here (today). Instead, today I has a sad because the woman who hired me over eight (nearly nine?) years ago is retiring today. She sponsored and championed me through my first couple of years at the company, she supported me through tough some tough stuff, and she's been a terrific teacher throughout my career here. Every time someone gives me kudos for my systems knowledge or planning skills, I just want to point to her and declare she did it. I just learned from her.

In a profession dominated by men, often hostile to women, I've been really grateful to have a woman like her around to be a role model. So I'm sad, but I'm also happy for her, because she's been looking forward to retiring and all the travelling she'll do, so how can I be sad for that?

In other news...

I took a couple of days off and let me tell you, I can rock a vacation like nobody!

On Tuesday, I spent the whole day filing taxes and sitting in passport offices and generally resenting all government bureaucracy. Woo hoo!

Monday was equally relaxing, in a different way. I finished writing the novel. That's right, The Hunter and the Monochrome Princess has got an ending (an epilogue, oh noes!) and I can now bask in the joy of having a complete manuscript for a few days. Or at least, let it stew in its finishedness for a week or two before I dive in and try to wrestle it into being a manuscript that doesn't look like I vomited words everywhere. Then I can let a couple of people read it (the first few chapters have been through crit group, but I need some people to look at it as a whole, rather than in little chunks) and do more edits. SO MUCH EDITS.

While sitting at the kitchen table, fighting the words, I also had food preparing. There was a loaf of bread. A pot of soup. A pot of lentil bolognese. My freezer has been partially restocked. And after I wrote the last words (and changed the last paragraph three times), I went for a loooooong walk.

See? Totally relaxing!

I need to get better at taking vacations.

My joy over Doctor Who was such that I wrote a short fic. It's back from beta so hopefully tonight or tomorrow I'll post it. I can't promise there will be a fic-per-episode, but it did feel good to write some fic after being in novel mode for so long. YAY FANFIC.

Tonight I have to pick up groceries and go to the library. It's a good thing I'm done novelling for a while, because holy holds, Batman! SO MANY HOLDS. And one of them is a seven day loan, but it's The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi and I don't think it'll be a hardship to dive into that one and consume it in a glorious burst of reading heaven.
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It's April 10th and it hasn't snowed for almost a week and I am SO FREAKING DELIGHTED. The long nightmare is over!

I even wore my red spring coat for the last two days. Can you tell this has been a very long winter?

I got a reminder on my FB that five years ago, I had to shovel snow to go to church on Easter Sunday morning, so it's not the longest winter ever, but it's pretty close. And at least this year, there will be no pre-church snow shovelling according to the forecast (touch wood).

I foolishly remarked at work that I'll be making my own hot cross buns on Friday. I'm off Monday/Tuesday next week, but I sense I'll be making more hot cross buns on Tuesday to feed the hungry coworkers on Wednesday. That snack table we set up before Christmas? Still here. Still getting treats on at least a couple of times a week.

I'm getting close to finishing the novel I've been writing. It might be the best thing I've written--it might even be publishable--but now I've hit the stage where I'm making deals with myself to stay on track because the end is so close and I just want to write something (anything) else.

Actually, I want to write a Berena fic about Bernie going to find Serena and bring her home from her sabbatical. With exotic locations, comedy, and kissing. But I have to finish the novel. So my deal with myself is this: after I finish the novel, I can write the most self-indulgently fluffy Berena reunion fic ever, but the novel has to be finished first.

*puts on determined face*
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My annual eye exam happened yesterday and the upshot is that I need new glasses. I mean, I'd sort of decided that I might *look* at some, but there was always the option to nope out of the whole thing and run away.

Except my prescription has changed, and it's definitely enough to make new glasses a necessity. I'd been trying to convince myself the blurring in my right eye was just my imagination and all the headaches I'd been having was just stress. Argh. Why is it only ever one eye that manages to have almost an entire diopter of change happen?

So, the possible glasses became definite glasses, and then we entered the hell of Choosing Frames (TM). Due to my prescription, I have to have fairly small lenses (or they become so thick the weight is unwearable) and all rimless/half rims are out. My head is very narrow, so I have to stick to the petite ranges. And my nose is incredibly narrow, so I have to have nose-pieces that can be adjusted to get the glasses to sit properly.

Which meant the chunky funky plastic frames everyone is wearing that look really cool...are impossible for me to have. DAMN IT. What's the use in having glasses if you can't wear fun cool glasses?

At least the petite range exists. I've regularly ended up wearing children's glasses in the past. My current glasses date from before my optician started getting petite frames. The were literally the only pair in the whole shop that fitted me (and didn't look like they belonged to a six year-old) and the arms have always been too long, because we reached the limit of how much the arms could be adjusted. So they constantly slip down my nose, which isn't exactly comfortable. And even if they're in the right position, the top is approximately level with my pupil, so I have a massive amount no-glasses space where I need to see. As they slip down all the time, I'm basically looking over them most of the time, so I end up holding my head uncomfortably and constantly pushing them up just to see through them.

I guess new glasses were inevitable, actually.

It's why I thought I was imagining the vision change, though. I've been readjusting and pushing these things up ever since I got them (6.5 years ago) so I assumed the blurring in one eye was just because I could never get my glasses to sit right.

Thank goodness for petite ranges, because this time, I got to pick from four frames after all the ones I really liked were eliminated due to lens side, lack of bridge pieces, and still being too damn big for my head. The pair I've gone for have a lot more pink than I'm happy with, but they fit me and the arms aren't worryingly fragile. I'll live with them.

It'll take two weeks for to make them. Thank you, awful eyes that require lenses made in Japan.

Now that I know I need them, I'm impatient. And noticing my daily headache more than normal!

This weekend will hopefully be the quiet kind where I get lots done. I have a fic to beta. I need to do a final polish on my femslashex fic. And I need to get my Marvel Bang fic done.

It might also be nice to sleep and read and relax a bit, too :-) I got sucked into playing Forge of Empires on my iPad, which ate way too much reading time this week. Must stop playing games. They're not going to get anything useful done!
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When I signed up for Marvel Bang this year, I did it knowing that it will probably be my last one. I didn't know how busy this year would get (if I had, maybe I would have chosen differently), but I know I've got busy and unpredictable summers coming up in 2017 and 2018 that will make committing to a Big Bang difficult. I didn't want to just fade and fizzle and flake out on one, so I figured I'd do this one last Marvel Bang knowing it's my last and put everything into it.

This is the story I've been itching to write since I wrote Clockwork Murders in 2013. I still can't believe it's been three years since I wrote that! I wanted my last Marvel Bang to round out the story I started then, and I've enjoyed doing that.

But as I sat down yesterday to do some non-Bang writing work, I realised that this is probably going to be my last big MCU fic. I still enjoy the universe, enjoy reading stories, but my stories have all been told. All the big ideas I have right now are for original novels and I'm having to work really hard to keep myself motivated on this sequel.

Last night, I had to do some homework for the critique group I've joined and then I started working on my femslashex fic. The words flowed better for that than a lot of my Marvel Bang story has. It's a different fandom, different characters, and it felt fresh and fun. It's also something where I'll hit the minimum word count easily, and not having the pressure to make this fic novel-length has been really freeing.

I guess what's happening is that I'm reaching the end of my time of major contribution to a fandom. I've got the Bang to finish, two fics that have been waiting to be published for ages and I really, really will get them edited and published this year, and then...I don't know. I might write the occasional short MCU fic.

I might not.

I'll sign up for Yuletide, because that's always fun, and I'll see what happens next for me in fanfic. It's very likely that I'll be writing short things for different fandoms here and there until the next time a fandom catches my heart and pulls all the big stories out of me. The next fandom might not happen: I might be writing short fics here and there forever more. I don't know.

In the meantime, I'm really excited to get back to my current original WIP when Marvel Bang ends. And then I've got a huge list of ideas for original novels that I want to play with. That seems like a good indicator of where my passions lie right now.

Look at me, fandom butterfly preparing to flutter again!
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...I possibly lied. Or overestimated my ability to resist when my local writers got talking about it :-)

I just signed up again. But I'm doing the rebel thing this time. I've got a novelette to finish and then I'll be starting a new novel about gay magical spies defeating evil and falling in love. The novel will be tropetastic and m/m and I'm just letting my id go wild on it.

Looks like I'll be aiming to get 50k written across two projects in November. Wheee!
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For reasons that only my immune system can answer (and it doesn't talk to me much), my body has suddenly decided to cooperate with my meds. Of course, it decided to do that a week before I saw my new GP to ask for referrals. Good timing, eh?

I finally started to get a really good response to the Humira within 24 hours of each dose - back settling so much that I can bend at the waist and sit for whole half hours at a time, belly not hurting - and for a couple of doses, it actually lasted until a day or two before the next injection. The last two doses have stayed mostly effective all the way through.

It's Monday, I don't do Humira until tomorrow, and I can still bend at the waist, sit at my desk for long enough to get work done, and stand up for more than a few minutes without severe pain. I managed baking at the weekend. I got editing done at my desktop.

It's bloody marvelous.

My new GP seems pretty great. I got a good vibe from him - he understood what inflammatory axial (spinal, for us laymen) arthritis was like and he made IBD puns, so I think we'll get on well. The colonoscopy was deeply unpleasant and I'm unimpressed by my body's decision to resist the sedation until two hours after it was over, but it's done and I don't have much to worry about, apparently. Just have to wait for biopsy results, but GI Guy expects them to come back clear.

Now it's July, which means it's "try to write a huge long fic for Marvel Big Bang while keeping up with the Tour de France" season. With added novel editing. Yeah, this is going to be such a restful three weeks!
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As a retreat from the overwhelming winterness of the last couple of weeks (and because it's now on US Netflix), I've been working my way through S2 of Hawaii Five-0. I know that it's got problems, it's maybe not the highest quality telly ever...but it's got sunshine and sand and people who aren't wearing snow boots.

The ridiculous slashiness doesn't hurt, either.

And that has led to me digging into the H50 fic that I'd downloaded and hadn't read, and discovering the most delightful high school AU/canon divergence fic that made me happy in ways I'd forgotten about.

But most of my bookmarking and rec sources are, like, three years out of date for this show. So, if anyone has recs for H50 fic (yeah, yeah, Steve/Danny all the way) they want to throw my way, new or old, you should do that. Particularly if it's over 10k, because this is a fandom where my preference is for long fics I can sink my teeth into.

The Writing Bit

For the first time in ten days, I dug into my writing files this week. I picked up the Papercuts reading and revision note making process, which is almost done. The last chapters are so much easier than the early ones.

I also picked up the file for the Zombie Circus rewrite and started making more notes, because a group of us are doing Camp Nano next month, and I'm more than ready to get my teeth into writing another novel. It's evolved a lot from my original "this would work so much better with Eve as the MC" notes, and I think that I like what I'm doing. It's a little darker, a little more steampunky, and I'm getting excited to see what else develops when I start writing it.

And also, it's going to be interesting to write an MC with the moral ambiguities that Eve has. She's such a departure from Polly (MC of Papercuts) and I think it'll be a lot of fun digging into that.
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Things I need to do this weekend:

- Edit a short Peggy/Angie fic and send to beta
- Write some words on the demon!Clint fic and pretend not to see the short original story I accidentally started this week
- Read
- Sleep
- Sleep
- Sleep
- Catch up on telly box things
- Sleep

So, you know, it's a busy weekend I have planned there :-)

Sadly, I'm also supposed to work for a few hours on Sunday morning. Grr. That's going to interrupt the sleep schedule.

Last night, I got curious and watched the pilot for The 100, which I hadn't bothered with last year because it sounded so totally ridiculous. Except people keep Tweeting about how good it is, and I needed to find out how wrong I'd been.


It's a good thing it's all on Netflix, that's all I'm saying. My attempts to catch up on tell box things might end up getting derailed by binge watching all of it.

(Someone please explain how I got sucked back into Holby viewing, please? I'd gone cold turkey for a year and then I watched one episode and now I'm so off the wagon it's not funny.)

(Someone make me feel better about buying sushi for supper tonight. I cannot think of a single thing I want to eat tonight that's not sushi, even though I'm supposed to be on a takeout freeze for January.)

(Someone take away the parenthesis keys on my keyboard.)
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Ganked from [personal profile] sineala last year, and repeated due to cool questions :-).

Writing meme below the cut )


Oct. 13th, 2014 11:43 am
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I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year! And this time, I'm writing an original novel. It's the urban fantasy story I've been talking about for ages - libraries, shape-shifting lesbian dragons, finding families, and weird magic. So, totally unlike most of my fanfic.

If anyone else is NaNo-ing, I'd love a few more writing buddies: I'm selenay936 over there and I'm aiming at the full 50k this time.

(I did the full 50k last year, but I'd started out only aiming at maybe 30k. Maybe if I aim for the full 50, I'll end up with more?)

And having vowed to do that, I should probably get on with finishing up a bunch of projects before November 1st...
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Tomorrow I have a date with a dental surgeon, to remove a wisdom tooth that I've been told has to come out before it will causes an abscess. They're frankly amazed I don't have one yet :-(

The threat of abscess is, I suspect, the only reason my surgeon is willing to touch it. He went paler and paler as we discussed my medical history and looked at x-rays during the consult in July. Poor guy.

The other ones should probably come out some day, but given my history and the x-rays, he really only wants to touch the one that's a timebomb waiting to happen. I suspect that one is getting treated now because he's terrified about trying to treat it with an infection in place.

So, that's going to be a thing. Tomorrow. Mum is my designated responsible adult, entrusted with driving me there and back and ensuring that I don't do anything ridiculous while the sedative is still in my bloodstream. I think she plans to tie me to a chair and leave me there, because my history of doing ridiculous stuff while heavily medicated is...well, only funny in hindsight.

Wish me luck?

I shall leave you with this WIP meme, found on [personal profile] settiai's journal. Post a sentence from some of your WIPs, with no context:

Excerpts under the cut )

Wow, I have a lot of WIPs. Of those, seven are in various stages of being edited. I really need to get some editing finished.
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I'm three four days into Camp NaNo and I'm actually on track to meet (or exceed) my goal of getting the first 30k of Zombie Circus written. Woot! It's already starting to feel real and flow nicely and it feels *good* writing it, which is something I've learned is a good sign from writing fanfic.

One of the fun things has been picking out names. I've heard a lot of authors discussing the importance of getting the names right, and it's never been something that I worried about before.

All of my previous unfinished original novels have been on the high fantasy side. (This may explain a lot about why they're unfinished *sigh*). When it comes to names for that kind of world, I've tended to just make up something that sounds good and go with that. Real world names are hard to do in that kind of setting because they don't feel real.

When I'm writing fanfic, most of the names are already chosen. I'll name the ocassional OC, but they're generally pretty minor so I just pick something out of the air and move on.

Zombie Circus is gaslamp fantasy - steampunk with a bit of magic. That makes it, more or less, alternative history. So I can use real world names, and suddenly picking the right ones feels really important. The right name can be a good short-cut to tell the reader a character's nationality and hint at their social class. That gives clues about appearance and accent and so on before any description is given. Until I began naming my characters for this story, I really hadn't noticed how many assumptions we make about a person based on a name.

(Although I should have, after I spent ages at a previous workplace looking for a Chinese woman called Soo Lin...only to find out that I'd actually been looking for an English woman called Sue Lynn. Oops.)

Anyway, point is, I'm finally starting to understand why authors choose character names so carefully. It's weirdly intimidating.
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*blows dust off the furniture*

Hello! Yes, I aten't dead. Again.

But I have been finding it increasingly difficult to put together anything approaching an actual blog post. One with words and thoughts and so on. It's much easier to chatter on Twitter and reblog stuff on Tumblr and my brain has been on a "do the easier things" setting for most of the winter. There's a lot of reasons for my absence and lack of braining, including (but not limited to):

WINTER - This has been the worst winter since my first one in Canada. So, so cold. So much snow. Constant, unrelenting snow and ice and shovelling and falling over. I've been feeling quite low a lot of the time, with occasional forays into irrational dread when another snow storm is forecast. If we can please not have another winter like this for a few years, that would be great.

If spring could start to show up, that would also be great. It was -15C this morning, before windchill was added. There's another big snow storm predicted for later this week. IT'S FRICKING MARCH.

So yes, winter. My brain got eaten by winter. And also...

Writing - Cut for lengthy stuff about writing )

My current plan is to mostly take April off from fanfic and concentrate on an original story. It's something that's been rattling around my brain for a while and I'm reaching the "must write this" stage now. This week I've been writing a short story connected to it, just to get it out of my head, and I'm itching to get to the main piece. I don't know whether it will go anywhere beyond the hard drive of my computer, but I want to try and I'm planning to use Camp NaNoWriMo as the motivation for it. AFter all, the regular NaNo got me mostly through writing a fanfic novel. Hopefully it's baby cousin can keep me on track for something original. At least for the first month, anyway.

(I'm not calling it a novel, in case it gets intimidated and runs away from me before I finish it. Set the bar low and all that.)

If people see me chattering about Zombie Circus, that's what I'm doing. There are no actual zombies in the circus. My working titles only make sense to me :-D
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Ganked from [personal profile] sineala because I haven't done one of these in years, mostly because it's been a long time since I wrote more than one or two things in a year.

Writing meme below the cut )
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I'm starting to count the days until my Christmas break. Due to my compressed work schedule and the plethora of federal and company holidays, I've managed to get a Christmas break that runs from 20th December to January 5th while only using five vacation days. In other words, I'm off work for nearly two and a half weeks over Christmas.

*flail arms*

So, I'm now counting the days until December 19th when I skip out of the office singing silly carols and relishing the idea of not returning for a very long time.

Not that I don't enjoy my job, I do, but it's been a long time since I had a break that didn't involve travelling or dealing with parents and parental expectations of what a 'vacation' is. Often both. My mother's idea of a good vacation usually involves getting lots of DIY jobs done around the house and travelling places to get administrative stuff done or shop for curtains. If I take a staycation when she's here, there's usually no chance that I'll get time to sit around reading books and fic or writing for hours on end or marathoning entire TV series.

Take a wild guess at what I've got planned for Christmas :-D

So, yes, countdown to vacation is started. Nine days to go!

I'm feeling ambivalent about my preparedness for Christmas. On the one hand, I've got the turkey (stuffed turkey breast, actually) ordered at the butcher's and the Christmas pud is in the freezer. On the other hand, I got as far as mixing up pastry and mincemeat but haven't actually made and frozen the mince pies yet. Nor have I ordered the Christmas presents.

I got three quarters of my Christmas shopping done tonight. Tomorrow I make mince pies and finish the shopping. When those things are done, I'll feel much happier about the entire thing.

Shockingly, my Yuletide fic may be the only thing I feel relatively calm about. I finished it last night leaving me with well over a week for editing, beta-ing, and re-editing. I'm even feeling fairly happy with it. Huh.

And I still have two weeks to get the big crackfic C/C fic edited for Christmas Eve posting :-D
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I actually made it to 50k during NaNoWriMo :-D This was completely unexpected because I'd started the month just hoping to get to 30k, which would have been a bit of a record for me. I think my previous highest month was 27k, when I wrote Dreams and Circus Crowds in the course of one month.

41k of that was finishing the crackfic wingfic AU. The other 9k was split between a couple of shorter fics (one of those still needs editing and posting) and the first scenes for a couple of fics. So not 50k on one story, which means I was a NaNo rebel, but still 50k of fiction in the space of one month. Suddenly, aiming for a monthly average of 30k and actually writing a novel or two looks much more achievable!

I'm aiming to get the crackfic wingfic AU edited, beta'd, and re-edited by December 23rd or 24th, so it'll be my Christmas-time fic offering. It's unlikely that I'll actually do a Christmas themed fic this year, but 65k of fluff and angst and self-indulgent Clint/Coulson romance works for some people, right?

The only other deadline I have this month is Yuletide so I'm feeling much more relaxed than I was this time last year. Hopefully I can get my first draft done this week, which will give me two weeks for beta-ing and editing. I've started it finally, so my Yuletide panic levels are already subsiding from where they were on Sunday.

I'm making notes and writing down ideas for some new projects, which I'm looking forward to. Tentative schedule for Stuff To Write next year is:

1. Agents of Shield Big Bang (high school AU, 15k minimum)
2. Zombie Circus (original novel - steampunk, there are no zombies)
3. Actor AU (C/C AU novel, potentially my Marvel Big Bang fic so 10k minimum)
4. Original novel loosely based on Clockwork Murders

I've got some shorter (sub-10k) fics that I want to play with before starting those/inbetween writing those and I could veer off into some completely different things, but those are the four projects I'm feeling really excited about writing and I'm already doing research for.

Oh god, next year could end up being even more productive than this year was!
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So, uh, there haven't been many posts here lately *watches tumbleweed roll by*

Like, for the last month. No posts here. Oops?

This is partially (largely) because it's much easier to merrily post silly comments and reblog gifs on Tumblr than it is to actually construct a text post for a journal. I'm actively contributing to the fannish exodus from LJ/DW, it turns out.

This is also because every time I sit down to write a post, my mind goes blank on what to write about. I mean, my daily life doesn't seem that thrilling to record. Most of my fannish reaction squee for Agents of Shield and Thor 2 has been conducted via Twitter and some massive (truely, MASSIVE) email threads with other fannish people. Sometimes it's on Tumblr, but that's not really a good lengthy text discussion forum.

Which is my way of saying, sorry for the lack of anything approaching an update. I aten't dead.

And the next few weeks may also be light on the updating because I'm NaNo-ing. Rebelling and not actually writing a novel (working on a couple of fanfic pieces instead) and only vaguely hoping for 50k while expecting to be closer to 30k, but still. NaNoWriMo. I am frantically writing every evening and then collapsing into a puddle in front of the TV when my brain turns off.

Scarily, I'm also doing research for some other projects. I've got a rough outline for an original novel. And I'd like to pull apart my steampunk AU, extract all the bits that I think can be extracted, and rewrite it as an original novel. So I'm doing a lot of research into Edwardian England and related subjects in preparation for attempting one (or perhaps two) original novels next year. Both are Edwardian steampunk, so the research is good for both :-D

And thus, it may be that my updates here continue to be sporadic. Possibly there might be wailing when I start writing one of the novels. I may hold a party when my mother finally departs for England.

I may try to write something appropriate to the Doctor Who anniversary. But then again, I may be too busy watching the Doctor Who marathon (all day, commercial free, DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS OVER HERE?) and anniversary special and rolling around in the beautiful wonder they're giving me as a birthday present.

And also, actual birthday presents. I'm treating myself to a new iPod Touch.

So, you know, don't actually *count* on there being a Doctor Who post. But assume I'm squeeing if there isn't one :-D
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I'm having to make a small change to my writing set-up, which is kind of a pain but may not be as bad as I'd been thinking yesterday.
Cut for length and discussion of word processing apps )

I'll grab the Quickoffice replacement app for working with the Google Docs that I do still use and Pages will now be my main writing/word processing app, with DropBox remaining as my connection to my desktop. It's probably going to take me a couple of days to get used to using a different app, but on first view it looks like it's going to be much easier to sync it all together than I'd feared.

I've also finally got round to setting my iPad back to using British English spellings again :-D That must have got changed when I updated to iOS6 and, uh, it's taken me a year to put it back...

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Ugh. I've spent half the morning feel utterly icky (shivery, cold, sniffly, sore throat) and wondering why the hell I'm so tired and gross feeling.

Then I remembered that yesterday was Humira day and therefore I'm probably having a bad post-Humira day. Mostly I feel fine the day after I take it, but there are some weeks where the day after is fairly miserable. Fingers crossed this is the problem and I'm not getting an infection.

The joys of taking immuno-modulators. You never know whether you're feeling icky because of actual infection-type illness or your meds. Blergh. Hopefully I'll feel fine by this evening because I'm supposed to be going out for Thai food with my aunt to celebrate her birthday.

I'm now well into the process of editing my Marvel Big Bang fic. Or at least, I've read through and made dozens of notes on the first few chapters and now I've hit the part where I got into my writing stride so the remaining chapters shouldn't be as messy. Oddly, it's chapter two that needs the most work and some actual wholesale rewrites. I've also discovered there's a scene missing that I was sure I remembered writing (maybe I just wrote it in my head?) and I used some information from it in a later chapter but IT'S NOT IN THE MANUSCRIPT. So now I have to work out where I can slot that scene in or, if I can't, where I can slot in that information without inserting a random infodump. This is probably the downside to my writing habits, where I start writing and keep going until I hit the "Ooh, *that's* what I'm doing" stage and suddenly everything takes off and pulls me along with it. On the other hand, at least this habit still nets me completed fics even if the clean-up work in editing can be a bitch.

On the very positive side, my fic got an art claim within a couple of hours of claims opening so I feel much more relaxed about that side of things :-D Last year mine was one of the last and I got worried nobody would want it. Apparently this year I mastered the art of writing an enticing summary. Woot!

I'm incredibly tempted to put my name down for [Unknown site tag] because it's such an awesome ficathon, but that would probably lead to deadline burn out if I also want to do Yuletide. I've got bingos to write for and I'll probably be working up a gift fic or two for Christmas, so adding in the femslash ficathon would just be overkill. I'm remembering November and December last year and kind of shuddering. So many deadlines. So much flailing.

So I'll pass this year and preserve my sanity. After all, I've got ladies_bingo to write for, which should spur me into some femslash, plus some Darcy/Natasha plot bunnies biting my ankles and I have a horrible feeling I might possibly be looking for Darcy/Sif fics as well after Thor 2 :-D


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