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In less than a week(!!!) I'm catching a flight to London for the beginning of the Epic Wedding and Convention Tour TM, so I feel like it's time to note dates and maybe plan any meet-ups that might be possible. Thus, itinerary!

1 August - Flight to London leaves at just before midnight. Hopefully.
2 August - Flight arrives in London.
2 to 3 August - At parent's house, wedding prep.
6 August - Fly to Helsinki.
7 to 8 August - Sightseeing in Helsinki.
9 to 13 August - Worldcon in Helsinki.
14 August - Fly back to London.
16 August - Day trip to Cardiff for Doctor Who exhibition.
17 to 20 August - Pottering around my parents house/home town.
21 August - Fly back to Canada.

I'm currently noodling around a trip into London for books and cake-eating on August 18 (Friday). If anyone is free to meet up for lunch/cake/drinks/supper, let me know and we'll arrange it :-) I usually hit up Foyles for a few hours because I'm a nerd, so I'll be pretty centralish.

And anyone going to Helsinki Worldcon should raise their hands so we can figure out meeting for coffee or panels or whatever.

This trip is going to be EPIC.
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It's Friday and I am so relieved, because somehow it's been another week of paddling madly just to keep up.

I didn't even have time for a SHIELD post!

Tiny spoilers ahead: Cut for spoilers )

And I didn't have time for a proper Supergirl post either!

Tiny Supergirl spoilers: Cut for spoilers )

I started the edits on Huntress and I'm feeling more confident about it than I remember. Sure, it needs tidying up a fair bit and there's a soggy section in the middle that I have to fix, but structurally, it's not actually broken. It doesn't collapse the moment I poke at it even a tiny bit, and I'm quite proud of certain parts. I just need to fix the broken bits and then I can send it out to a couple of betas and see how many holes are left.

After I've done the post-beta clean-up, then I guess I have to decide what I'm doing with it. I'd still like to try for an agent, but it's an f/f fantasy romance, and one of the things I've noticed is that f/f romance of any kind is a tough sell to editors outside the small lesbian presses, which might be why so many authors go indie. So will my book get rejected by agents no matter what the writing is like, just because it's going to be hard to place?

Going indie has its appeal, for sure, but I don't know whether that's the wimp's way out. And going to the small lesbian presses also has appeal, except they're mainly US-based and they all seem to want me to edit into American-ised spelling and word usage before even sending an MS out, and UGH no.

So I'll do what I always do when I try to think about this stuff, and stick my head in the sand for now :-) The book isn't in any state to go anywhere yet, why am I thinking about this stuff already?

I booked my tickets for Helsinki this week, so it's official: I'm going to Worldcon 75 after my sister's wedding. I even looked at a map to figure out where Finland is and...look, I am bad at geography. I'd mentally put it somewhere near Denmark.

It's next to Russia.

Finland: it's further away than you think!
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As anyone following me on Twitter or Tumblr would have noticed, last month I went to England for my first Worldcon: Loncon3. And then I failed to write about it UNTIL NOW.

This is mostly because it was huge and overwhelming and awesome, and it's taken me this long to digest it and get homesick for it. I got to fulfill a long-term dream and actually watch the Hugos live. I met Seanan McGuire. I found out that Connie Willis and George RR Martin and utterly hilarious if you put them on a panel together.

Plus, I got to visit with lots of old friends and hopefully make some new ones.

I suppose this should really be put in something approaching chronological order, shouldn't it?

Cut for length )

In conclusion, I had a brilliant time. Excellent. Would do again. It was my first time working on operations, and I loved every minute of it. Even the hectic ones. I'd definitely do that again...which is good, because I've already been volunteered onto the team for Nine Worlds. Heh.

I can't speak to other peoples' experience of Loncon, but for me, it was excellent. I expected something fustier and filled with intolerant old dinosaurs, even though we'd been trying not to do that, and what I found was bright, fun, vibrant, and filled with great people and new ideas. A large part of this, I suspect, is because of how I chose to do the con.

Most of the panels I went to were not the kind that attracted that old dinosaur element: diversity, representation, urban fantasy, transformational works. I had a big group of friends there, and I met some new people. All of them are lovely. It felt like a world away from the Eastercon I attended a few years ago. I'd love to do another Worldcon, but only if it's like that. Sasquan doesn't sound like my kind of Worldcon. I might see if Dublin 2019 happens, and whether I can swing doing that one.

It probably helped that I didn't do it coming off Nine Worlds, which is a very, very different kind of con. I didn't have 9W to compare to and, for me, Loncon3 was one of the best cons I've been to. My opinion on some things might change after seeing 9W next year, but we'll see.

The other factor that might have helped, was being on the ops team and seeing the staff side of things for months beforehand. I knew how much work we'd put into the code of conduct and the team supporting it. I knew how many knots we'd tied ourselves in trying to make the con safe and welcoming to everyone. And I think we largely succeeded, which makes me feel incredibly proud to have been a part of it.

In short, roll on a Worldcon run by the next horrible, liberal, diversity-conscious, BLOODY FANTASTIC team to stick their necks out and try to take it on. Helsinki 2017. Dublin 2019. Let's make those happen.
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Hello Internet! Why yes, it has been forever since I last updated this thing.

Cut for babble amount life milestones )

Anyway, everything is so different now and I couldn't be happier.

The last few weeks have been quiet due to a lot of reading and watching stuff. I've got so much to say about it all so I shall try to get something up on here about it over the weekend.

Suffice to say, since the beginning of 2012 I have read 10 books, watched a season and a bit of Deep Space 9, watched season 2 of Buffy, watched half a season of Castle and assorted other bits and bobs. It's been so much fun!

And in the most important bit of news yet, I'm now a supporting member of Worldcon 2012 and a Friend of Worldcon 2014. It looks like I'm going to Worldcon in 2014 :-D Let the countdown and insane bouncing begin!

ETA: Correct the years, I'm a supporting member of this year's Worldcon :-D


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