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I got home from the big trip on Monday. It was a BIG trip, so I will need to write up some notes from Worldcon etc. because it was amazing and I don't want to forget it.

Brief summary: wedding was amazing, Worldcon was fantastic, really liked Helsinki, the days with dad post-Helsinki were busy but lovely.

Pretty sure Helsinki/Worldcon wouldn't have been half so fun without roommate extraordinaire [personal profile] bookmonster :-D

Being back has been...interesting. The office managed not to collapse without me, despite the boss's worries and dire predictions. They didn't contact me while I was away (I suspect my coworkers sat on the boss whenever he suggested it) and nothing came in that couldn't wait for my return. Phew! I've been doing all the paperwork and prep for the release on Sunday of the project I've been working on since January. It's the first phase--lots of new code to replace all the COBOL we were running--and the second phase will happen in a month--deleting all the obsolete COBOL--if nothing falls down. I decided to leave the old COBOL in place for a few weeks in case we have to roll back, but if we get through a full month end batch cycle, it will go.

It's a bigger deal than I realised. So far, the director of my department has sent out an email to the whole of IT about it and I've had the manager of another department come over and congratulate me, and explain why freeing up some COBOL licences has huge benefits to his team. I'm a little gob-smacked that my little project is getting so much attention. There's talk of getting me to help some other teams do similar and of getting me to work on some projects to port stuff out of other old code-bases into something newer and better supported. Wow.

On the home front...

I love my mother. I really do. Remind me of this regularly, guys? It's only been four days and she's driving me up the wall. We'd been doing so well over the last two or three summers! But she came out later this year, so I had more time to get used to being on my own and doing my own thing and it's hard to adjust. It's probably all petty little things, but I'm not dealing well with her this year. Plus, there was an incident with my car and if it turns out she's wrong and the parking barrier didn't malfunction (the car park operator is trying to dig up CCTV), I'm going to need to have a talk with her about why she needs to pay for the damage she did and not me. I mean, I don't ask her to pay for any other maintenance or insurance, even though she uses it a lot when she's here! If she damages it through carelessness, I see no reason why I need to foot the bill. I'm waiting to see how her claim against the car park goes before we discuss that, though. We're getting the damage assessed this afternoon for the adjuster.

I'm ready for another holiday.
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Currently around my company there are projects happening to secure and lock down various systems, removing obsolete code etc etc.

Unfortunately, they've decided to describe this activity as "hardening" the systems.

So we're all smirking and giggling every time we have to meet to discuss a hardening project, or reference that someone is hardening something, or question whether something has been hardened yet.

(We haven't had the guts to ask "Is system X hard?". Yet.)

I'm sorry, my team is a bunch of children at heart. Even the boss :-D

I was a good girl and did my wording last night. I'm staggering towards the novel finish line, one day at a time. I'm almost done with the big boss battle, and after that, it's just the tidy-up and the happily ever after. Woo hoo!

Agents of SHIELD is back, which means Tuesdays have become a dilemma. Do I watch AoS or Holby? I could watch both, but realistically, I never have enough time to watch two hours of telly in one evening. Last week, Holby won, but I think AoS is going to be winning from now on. My twitter feed has far more AoS fans and it's hard to hide from spoilers until I watch on Wednesdays.

Cut for Holby spoilers )

I'm debating whether I go back to paid status here, as a gesture of support for DW providing a sanctuary for all the new LJ refugees and totally not because I want all my icons back DEFINITELY NOT THAT.
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It is Sunday. It's midday. I've been logged on waiting to start monitoring jobs and reports during a big processing job for four hours.

The upstream processes are all hideously delayed. There was a power cut due to a storm last night. Even though power and processing were restored within a couple of hours, the morning team couldn't access their floor because all the card readers are out. So it took them a long time to find some PCs they could physically access to log in.

The VPN was up before people found accessible PCs (which is why I've been online for so long).

Hence, delays. And this was the month when we expected everything to run late due to the size of the job, so everything is compounding everything else.

This is so much fun.

At least I get to bank some time in lieu for this. I might be sitting at my PC with a book open in front of me, but my company acknowledges the inconvenience of having to be chained to my PC for hours on end even when I'm unable to actually do anything work-related. Yay company.

At this point, we're all just hoping it doesn't end up being a late night, because we all have to work tomorrow no matter what happens :-(
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I had a minor revelation this morning.

Last summer on the first hot day, I wore a skirt to work. A perfectly decent, just below the knees length skirt. A colleague (who shall henceforth be known as Obnoxious Ex-Colleague) made a comment about my legs that made me feel very uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

And that was it for me wearing skirts last year. I stuck strictly to long trousers no matter how hot it got.

It hadn't really occurred to me just how much his remarks had affected me until this morning when I was trying to decide what to wear. My hand went instinctively to the nice, safe long trousers that promised to asphyxiate me in the heat. Then I hesitated as I remembered that Obnoxious Ex-Colleague got fired just before Christmas (for his unwillingness to work, not his ability to be a nasty person).

And I pulled out a (long) skirt and came to work.

Now I kind of wish that I'd said something when HR was doing the fallout interviews from his firing, but it's a bit late. Thing is, I think the reason I didn't say anything at the time (or anything about other things he said) is because it's not exactly the first time I've had to deal with that crap in my professional life and I just shrugged it off as being something I have to live with because I'm a woman. We don't complain or make a fuss because we're conditioned not to and that attitude is allowing things like this to continue. So the next time someone makes a remark about my body that makes me uncomfortable like that, I need to remember it's not the price I should be paying for being female in the workplace. It's out of order and I need to say something.

Today I got into work in my skirt and the only comment I got was a coworker noticing I'd had my hair cut and coloured and complimenting me on how it looks. Which I'm more than OK with :-D
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Today I am having the fun of arguing about the existence or otherwise of a table with the DBAs.

Hint: it exists.

Hint 2: half my code would be broken if it didn't exist.

Conclusion: clearly someone here has gone blind and it ain't me.

The argument is because I need them to change some columns and apparently if they declare it non-existent, they won't do the change. Except, uh, it's there. I'm looking right at the data I just selected from it.


And people say my job doesn't require deep and meaningful thoughts on the wider issues at hand. I'm debating the nature of existence, guys! Totes deep and meaningful :-D

Cut for witterings about fanfic and writing in general )
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The problem with working from home due to snow is that I get to find out how many awful things my cats do during the day when I'm normally not here. Guys, please, is all that really necessary?

The other problem is that when a deployment to a higher-level test environment goes wrong due to DBAs being less than helpful there's no facility for me to walk over to their cubicle and express my displeasure in a calm, rational, controlled manner. Which leads to me venting on IM to my co-project guy and then on Twitter.

The last problem is that I think a lot about non-work stuff because I'm sitting here silently fuming at people I cannot physically glare at because they're in their homes 30km away.

Like today, when I've been thinking about what I write and why and what kinds of fanfic I read and why.

And why I sometimes feel like my gen Doctor Who adventure writing had more artistic merit than my slashy Avengers fic. Except I'm pretty sure my writing is better in my slashy Avengers fic but yet my confused little brain still feels like the Doctor Who stuff was Proper Writing and the Avengers stuff is less writerly.

It's possible that this is because the Avengers stuff comes easily and the Doctor Who stuff was like pulling teeth sometimes.

And then there's trying to work out why I read what I read, why I just skip over things, and thinky thoughts about why I feel odd reading slash for some fandoms and not for others.

See? Working from home generates too many thoughts and no answers at all.

*wanders off to play with a circus AU fic and look at Tumblr and say really bad words about DBAs preventing me doing any proper work because grr*
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Cut for long ramble about A-levels )

Due to my new working hours, today is my Friday :-D I love having alternate Fridays offf. I've got the house to myself tomorrow morning so there will be veging and bad telly and all the stuff mother disapproves of :-D And then I'll take Kate to the vet in the afternoon and buy groceries. I know, my plans are so exciting.

Last night we watched the first episode of the new Great British Bakeoff series. Now I want upside down cake. Nom.

We've got so much Holby to watch. I think that will be the plan tonight. I need my trashy medical soap!

There is a good chance that sometime next week I'll be posting new fic. I've got one part left to write on the fic that I wasn't going to write that is now 8k words damn it. Then there is resting it and editing it and flailing about it. So probably very late next week.

The Marvel Big Bang fic is progressing slowly but still progressing. Chapter six is nearly done and then there are only two rather-action packed chapters. This monster is definitely more than double the minimum word count.

Let's not discuss the other two fics that I have on the go. There is way too much in my head right now. At least it means that if I get stuck on one thing, I can write another thing? Um?
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Today is one of those "surviving by distraction" kind of days. It's my appointment with Awesome GI Guy this afternoon and I don't have a good feeling about the outcome, so I'm distracting myself with fannish stuff and being mean to the DBAs.

OK, the being mean to the DBAs bit is necessary (yet fun) for my project.

The fannish stuff though...

OMG, Doctor Who trailer! With all the things! And the other things! And did you see the thing on the thing? OMG!!

I'm hoping that wasn't too spoiler-tastic for those who are avoiding spoilers. Please feel free to spoil in comments :-D

My Tumblr dash is a happy squee-ful Doctor Who place today :-D

Also, my Hugo vote is in (some tough choices were made) and...

...I'm still battling my way through GRRM book 4 because I'm determined to finish it. Then I'm taking a break before tackling book 5. I have other stuff to read that will be way more fun.

Note to self: no matter how depressed you are by this evening, you must read Fables 16 so that it can go back to the library tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...

It's my first day off on the new work pattern arrangements. OK, so HR screwed us all up and have us all down with weird days off that aren't anything any of us signed up to, but we're all taking what it says in the paperwork as correct and not what they've programmed into our time tracker because the time tracker is nutso. Anyway, day off tomorrow and civic holiday on Monday. Ergo, I've got a four day weekend and I so totally need it :-D
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So last week there was a terribly boring meeting that we all had to attend. It's the six-monthly update from the director of our section of IT where he tells us about resourcing, budgets, audit compliance, department vision (for the day) and other stuff that's going on.

Most of us zoned out. I stayed with it through audit compliance and then spent forty-five minutes plotting fic in my head so that I'd at least have my eyes open and look kind of attentive.

I do remember hearing something about porting and portals and portlets. The porting stuff is irrelevant for at least a year and the portals/portlets was, we thought, completely irrelevant for all time because the web team never lets us play with that kind of cool stuff.

Except the business just decided that Project Doom needs a portal. As in, decided yesterday. And it's going to be M and I implementing it.

Guess I should have paid attention to that meeting after all...

My Annie-cat was, apparently, horribly lonely and unhappy last night. She told Mum and I about it all night, alternating which bedroom door she wailed outside of, and thus today is a Drink All The Coffee! kind of day.
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Ah, the joys of weather-induced migraines. And humidity induced asthma-breathlessness. I have had such a fun weekend. If this is what the next two months of summer are going to be like, I may actually lose my mind.


At least today I'm migraine-free.

One good piece of news: I should be starting my new hours next Monday. At last. It's only taken two and a half months to approve the paperwork for my department and we only had to threaten revolt at the meeting with the department director. Heh. So from next Monday I should be working 7.30am to 4.20am and having alternate Fridays off. So damn excited about that prospect.

I'm sort of hoping that the extra time off might moderate the migraines slightly. You never know!

Tomorrow I had planned to see Spiderman. Except the only 2D showing this week is at 12 noon and 3D induces migraines in me which are hell to the no right now and thus it's looking unlikely that I'll be seeing Spiderman any time soon. Unfortunately my weekend is already thoroughly booked so I can't do a midday showing then. Hopefully it will still be showing when I have a free weekend otherwise it's looking like I won't see Spiderman until it hits DVD.

And this is why I try to see things very soon after they're released. Except I had to wait until mother was ready because she kept making sad puppy eyes at me whenever I suggested that I could go on my own. Drat. I'm going to be much more resistant to the puppy eyes for future film releases.
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Lazy weekend plans were mostly successful, although yet again the curse of my brain meant that my nine hours of sleep on Saturday night caused a lovely headache on Sunday.

My body is ridiculous sometimes.

Today my body is not doing the headache thing. It's doing the nausea and dizziness thing instead. I'm vaguely offended by this because it's rather inconvenient. Thankfully Mum needed to borrow the car today so she drove me to work and thus I don't have to 'fess up that I'm feeling like crap.

I don't even have anyone to yell at today. Nobody is willing to telling me why my stuff on the dev box is broken ("We're still looking!") and apparently I have to yell at the right people not just yell at everyone even though that guarantees that the guilty party will get included somewhere.


Yeah, this is why I'm not a people manager :-D

In lieu of yelling at people, I'm making Power Point presentations. Sadly, they're deeply boring and I'm not allowed to insert anything fun into them, nope not even a cute cat gif.

One thing that I did manage over the weekend (in addition to finishing two books, two volumes of Fables and setting up a Blu Ray player, go me) was reorganising a few things on AO3. My addiction to the "Mark for later" button was getting out of hand so I went through the many pages and got all the stuff that I've read and loved bookmarked instead. It tamed the history pages a wee bit and made my bookmarks look that bit more Avengers obssessed. Oops.

I'm hoping to have Thing 2 of the 5+1 Things fic that I'm writing nearly finished today. All the Things have been outlined (in so far as I have vaguely descriptive titles for them) and so this fic wins the award for mostly completely outlined thing that I have ever written in my life. Go fic!

Today is my father's birthday. There will be Skyping with him later so that Mum and I can observe him opening his presents in an completely non-creepy way. I'm almost entirely certain that I can remember what I gave him. Possibly. It was weeks ago. It could be a fun surprise for all of us.
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Things that have cheered me up today:

1) I pre-ordered the newest Mercedes Lackey Valdemar book
2) A girl on one of my knitting forums finally got her lung transplant over the weekend
3) The thread supporting her now has a big Hawkeye gif at the top to watch over her
4) Between the work that AO3 have done and me getting RSS feeds of my favourite tags working so that I can link directly to fics, AO3 is usable again
5) My Amazon order for the Blue Ray player plus a bunch of DVDs has shipped so it should be with me early next week

Things that are making me unhappy today:

1) After four weeks of comments on my weight (too low), my appearance (too skinny), and my appetite (too small), Mum decided that the portion of shepherd's pie that I felt comfortable with last night was too much even though she didn't want any more so my portion wasn’t shorting her and it was finishing up a half spoonful that would have been too small for left-overs. WTF Mum?
2) I have to change the shade of blue on my new reports, after going with that colour for two months
3) A colleague went on holiday and nobody can find four of the files we were supposed to be promoting for him and although I was elected vacation-cover consultant for his project, he didn't tell me anything about those four files. ETA: he failed to mention that the four files needed to be created but apparently they do WTEF?
4) Mum apparently gets indigestion from meat and is urging a meat-free diet for us, despite my dietary issues and need for lots of iron and her idea of a sensible menu plan includes many, many omelettes

Things that I am undecided about:
1) Apparently my brain wants to write a 5+1 things Avengers fic and it is filled with crack. There is glitter. And strippers. And attempt to explain the aforementioned. And that's just Thing 1. Eep. I'm blaming Fahre even though she hasn't actually weighed on it yet.

I'm cautiously thinking that the undecided thing is probably a happy thing because writing it will make me happy. It's been a mixed day. At least I'm not a simmering puddle of rage today. Although my anger-fueled work-out was amazing yesterday. I finally get those film/TV montages you get with angry working out being carthatic and great.
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In less that twelve hours, I will be on a plane to England. Squee!

I'm sort of packed. There's stuff in my case and I've got some odds and ends to add to it (toiletries, medication, that kind od thing) but I'm sure that I'll find I've forgotten something. Definitely not socks, though. I've got lots of socks.

My hand luggage is a small stack of stuff on top of the case that I will sort out when I get home. I'm slightly concerned because, despite having an iPod, iPad and Kindle, my collection of chargers seems smaller than normal.

I'm working today, which is good because it prevents me unpacking and repacking my case a billion times.

Cut for small rant on anti-gay marriage crap )

Cut for discussions of work stuff and the hilarious idea that I'm a morning person )

Plan for tonight is to get home and hit the exercise bike for 45 minutes then have a quick shower and finish packing everything. I've got some stuff out for supper that just needs popping in the oven and some veggies nuking so hopefully that will all be done and cleared away well before my ride to the airport arrives.

Due to panic and craziness, I'm getting to the airport nearly three hours before my flight even though I will have checked in online the moment I get home. Hopefully that means I'll be there before the bar closes so that I can get a glass of wine. I'm currently experiencing a phase that I call Total Insomniac Who Only Sleeps Four Hours A Night so I doubt that I'll sleep on the plane, but I'm sort of hoping that the wine might help me doze a wee bit.

Oh god, this day is so long.

Ways to tell the Avengers thing is getting out of control: despite the trashing it got in the comic reviews, you have the first two issues of the Black Widow prequel on your iPad (thank you Comixology) and got overly excited at the prospect of a Hawkeye comic starting in August.
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Today I am working from home. For once, it's a planned thing and everything. It's so that I can have the washing machine running while I work and to make it easier to get the cats over to their vacation home (my aunt's house) as early as possible. Then I can Clean All The Things! because my mother will be returning with me from England. This house needs major de-fluffying.

Just to keep me on my toes, today is also post-Humira day and I have no side-effects. Nothing. Not even a hint of nausea. The last two doses have been rotten. Today, when there is no chance that someone eating toast might accidentally cause me to vomit, I am feeling absolutely fine.

Oh, body, you are so contrary.

As I drove home last night I was thinking about Sum of Parts. Bambera has decided to be in the fic and I was thinking about how I keep writing her and this will be my third fic with her and...

Hang on, when I wrote Treaty of Llangol did I do anything that interfered with canon? It's set while Rory is 'gone' and I'm pretty sure that I didn't actually tamper with canon at all. Hmm.

I need to re-read Treaty to make sure, but I'm fairly certain that Sum of Parts could actually be a sort-of follow-up. Or at least, make use of the same Bambera. Huh. That would even make a couple of things work better. I'm only 1,700 words in and it will only require changes in a few lines so...

Sum of Parts is turning out to be a lot of fun to write. Let's hope the momentum continues, shall we?

And now I shall remove one load of washing from the machine and chuck another one in while I wait for someone to tell me why the data in their tables is insane.
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Thing the 1st
You know, when an office computer upgrade changes the entire damn process for logging into the work VPN the helpful thing is to send a memo about it.

From the tone of the IT helpdesk guy's voice, he agrees with me.

Please note: I do read my memos. OK, sometimes I get bored halfway through sentences and just skip bits, but I do at least skim them. There was no memo.

Thing the 2nd
UPS has, for once, decided not to fake my signature on a parcel so I'm working from home and hoping they turn up with my package at some stage today. They're going to get here at 4.30pm, aren't they?

Thing the 3rd
Today's Leveson inquiry day is providing a mental disconnect of epic proportions. It's *Andy* Coulson on the stand. Not Agent Coulson. Yeesh.

Thing the 4th
I'd like it noted that today, for possibly the last time, Project Doom hit a deadline on time. Two days early, in fact. This is unlikely to happen again. We're savouring the moment.
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I have finally finished Twilight. I think that I can honestly say that this is going to the top of my "most hated books ever" list. So that dedicated Twilight lovers don't need to see my comments, I'm putting the review under the cut.

Cut for scathing review of horrid book )

Now I need to find something to be my non-Kindle book that will take the vague feeling of ick out of my brain. Any suggestions from this lot? My current unread book pile.

It would be nice to get Mount TBR down to under 130 books before I go away. I know that a lot of books are going to come back from England with me.

I've been checking my local cinema and Avengers tickets are now available to order. Squee! However, I need to call the theatre. The only tickets available are 3D (no, thank you, don't need the headache that will give me) or "Empire Extra Experience". As this extra thing is a possibility for both 2D and 3D (cinema doesn't specify) I need to call the theatre and ask. If the extra thing is also 3D, there is a distinct possibility that I might not be able to go. Watch me gnash my teeth and roar with rage if this is the case.

There's a possibility that I'm going to need to make a big decision in the coming weeks. My department is introducing some more flexible work options including the option to work a condensed week - an extra fifty minutes each day and get every second Friday or Monday off. Part of me thinks this would be excellent - yay days off! - another part of me isn't sure whether I can manage the earlier start time it entails. Hopefully we'll be getting an HR presentation on all the options next week with actual details about how it will work out (we've all got questions about vacations, public holidays etc.) and that will help me to decide. One of the other options would be a dedicated work from home day each week and it's another tempting one, particularly when Mum and I share the car during her extended visits.
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There is an iPad in my house! Eeeee!


I've been very restrained and merely stroked the boxes a bit before handing them over to Mum for safe-keeping until my birthday. So. Damn. Excited!

Also, I have booked two days of unpaid vacation over Christmas. Work is encouraging us to take a day or two of unpaid time in December if we can afford it to help them meet the financial targets. Apparently it's not that we're losing money, it's that we're not making as much as the board set as our target.


I'm taking two unpaid days and getting ten days off thanks to the joy of statutory holiday. Woooooo! I really need that break :-)

Project Doom has been re-estimated. If we get two additional programmers and everyone sticks to their milestones (Doom is dependent on other teams finishing their bits), we project to finish in July 2013. As we're not going to get the programmers and it's unlikely that the other teams will hit their milestones, it's probably more likely to be sometime in 2014. Yay guaranteed employment for three years?

Also, there is memeage thanks to [personal profile] netgirl_y2k! I got a wee bit wordy...

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself

1. Being Quite Technologically Proficient )

2. An Inexplicable Fondness for the England Rugby Team )

3. Smashing Taste in Books )

4. Unfortunate Weather )

5. Doctor Who )

I did it!

Oct. 4th, 2011 07:30 pm
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New computer has been ordered, estimated delivery on 17th October. This is while my parents are on vacation, but I've set up the family computer with all the VPN stuff so that I can work from home on the delivery date. So, it should be here pretty soon and Dell gave me some nice savings so it's a fairly decent system. Phew!

I'll be relieved to have my own, working computer. Migration should be fairly smooth as all the data got backed up onto external drives when it first started to go wonky and I haven't actually stored anything on it since that. I figure that I can migrate all that stuff and then see what I'm missing, if anything, and try to get the lappie to behave long enough to get any missing things. There shouldn't be much, to be honest.

Dad arrived today for his visit. His flight took a different route to avoid the storm heading here and hence was longer than normal. He's exhausted. This did not stop him popping onto the laptop he's not supposed to have brought to do some work. Which he had promised that he wouldn't do.


It's about what I expected, to be honest. At least he's got his laptop so I can use the family computer when I need to?

I'm now at around 24 hours before I need to start my release if it's going to happen this week and still no word about whether it's going ahead. However, I am staying zen and calm about this so that I don't risk another migraine. I'm also coming around to the idea that I might be able to delegate supervising it if the release needs to go while I'm on vacation.

Look at me, being all mature and stuff.

Guess I'd better go and make nice with the old man, huh? Or at least, keep him company while he naps in his recliner and pretends that he's working :-)
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Dear Mum,

Saturday is, sadly, going to be miserable weather and so our daytrip to the city (with yummy lunch) is going to be postponed. After all, it's not much fun having a long wander when you're soaked.

When I suggested tea and books as an alternative plan, I meant that we should have a nice, quiet, relaxing day at home after our usual Saturday chores. You know, a fun plan that makes up a bit for the lack of yummy lunch and city visiting.

That does not mean that I want to spend my day sorting through my wardrobe, de-frosting the freezer and re-painting the trim on half the doors in the house. Somehow, this does not equal a nice relaxing day. And it is certainly not fun. It sounds like rather a lot of work, in fact.


Dear body,

Why can you not just do what you're supposed to? I am so over the blood loss thing now. Just respond to the damn steroids already, won't you?

No love,

In other news, the Tour de France is proving both terrifying and totally thrilling. I approve.

Also, as a result of a meeting yesterday that I emerged from shell-shocked and horrified, there is now chocolate (a Wispa) in my desk drawer as an emergency remedy for future meetings on Project Doom. It was indeed rather like being confronted by Dementors. Except I can't produce a Patronus to protect myself, which I'm starting to think would be a handy trick *shudders*

ETA: Um, OK, so apparently my selfless devotion to the work insanity is paying off. Despite everything that's happened over the last six months, I was given a promotion and payrise today. You have no idea how pleased this makes me :-D
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This weekend I have A Plan. It's a good plan.

There will be getting up early to buy groceries so that I have time for chores and exercise before lunch. Then there will be an hour or two of quiet book time before the main event: the cinema for X-Men: First Class. I've heard a lot of good things about it, I love X-Men movies and this is one that Mum definitely won't want to see so I want to go before she arrives (eleven days! Eep!).

If my back isn't screaming by the time I get out of the cinema, then I'm taking myself out to supper. Either I'll go to one of the places near the cinema or to my favourite sushi place, depending on what I feel like at the time.

Just in case my back is being a bitch, I'm getting in a frozen pizza so that there's the option of going home and sticking that in the oven. There is also the phone and the local pizza place if even sticking a pizza in the oven is too much like painful work.

Why yes, I do need to plan these things. Not only do I not do spontaneous well, I've got a back that doesn't like me sitting for long so a cinema trip needs to be well-planned with a post-cinema recovery plan in place. I'm going to need to be really well-planned for Harry next month. There is no way that I'm missing that!

Cut for work-related stuff )

Today I made a silly mistake and forgot to take anything for my mid-morning snack. I finished my little bags of Cadbury Animals biscuits and planned to either take a packet of custard creams (love them so much it's insane) or some little bags of Cadbury Fingers. But I forgot. Our vending machine is filled with a combination of crisps that I don't like and chocolatey peanutty treats that are banned in our nut-free office. No, the logic of that escapes me, too. Anyway, vending machine was unhelpful for supplying a mid-morning snack and there were no baked goods hovering in the office today. Of all the days to not have baked goods in the office...

I was in the middle of cursing myself and feeling all self-pitying when I spotted the box of Ritz crackers on my desk. I love Ritz crackers and these are my emergency-snack-needs box, so I totally nommed a bunch with my morning cup of tea. Not quite the same as tasty biscuits, but at least I haven't ended up eating my lunch stupidly early.

Note to self: bring noms to work tomorrow! And replenish the emergency snacks drawer!


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