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I know I said that I can't imagine time existing after my Big Deploy weekend, but I lied. Not that I can make plans or even consider the possibility that specific dates exist, but...

I am so very, very tired. And stressed. And TIRED. This weekend I've got a bunch of stuff that I need to get done, none of them relaxing things. Next weekend, I'm theoretically at my local convention (unless I have to work and then I'm working), which will hopefully be fun but will definitely be exhausting. Then it's Deploy Weekend. The 11th should be a holiday, but we're working it. And the Saturday. And the Sunday. And then we spend the following week putting out fires and possibly working part of the weekend due to another team's big Thing that my upgrade team may need to support.

So there's going to be this period of time where I have absolutely no time off and no rest and I've somehow got to write the last chapter of my Big Bang fic and get the whole thing edited for November 15th, so I've started fantasising about this:

Having an entire day, maybe two, where I have nothing I have to do. Where I am free to read or watch TV and do not need to think about working or writing. It sounds like heaven.

Hopefully all the time in lieu I'll be accruing will enable me to make that happen at some stage. For now, it's just a fantasy. I really, really want it to happen, though.
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I have reached the stage in my current work project where I cannot fathom the concept of a world existing after November 12th. I'm sure it will, but that idea seems impossible. Someone asked me about plans for my birthday and I just can't cope with that because it's after November 12th and that time does not exist yet.

November 11th is when everything hits the fan. At the moment, I know I'm working that day (it's a holiday here), working the 12th, and I may have to work the 13th if things don't go to plan. And let's face it, huge upgrades never go to plan, so I will honestly be shocked if I'm not working the 13th.

We're also anticipating there will be fires to put out all week afterwards and, quite possibly, over the following weekend when a big code release is due to happen on our newly upgraded data warehouse. So in that sense, I can acknowledge a world where things happen after November 12th. It's just that I can only envision work-related things and I can't even think about plans that don't involve work because argh.

This is why anyone who asks me about plans after the middle of November is likely to get either a blank look or a hysterical amount of laughter. Life might exist after that, but really cannot imagine it right now, and I definitely can't plan anything.
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In news that will shock nobody, last week was actually worse than the previous week. Still trying to process that one. There was a point on Thursday where I ended up begging someone to leave me alone for five minutes so I could eat a sandwich.

This point was 3.15pm on Thursday. I'd been given a last minute, two hour meeting over lunch and even though I got back to my desk at 2.15pm, nobody could seem to leave me alone long enough for me to stuff a sandwich in my gob.

And then I worked for what was supposed to be a couple of hours yesterday, and turned out to be a nine hour marathon. This week is going to be so long.

Please let it be an easier week.

The only positive to yesterday was that I got a lot of writing done during the gaps while nothing happened and we couldn't do anything.

My biggest writing day ever.

4.6k words.


Most of a chapter of Zombie Circus, plus finishing a short story I was writing as prep for my NaNo novel. The short story ended up a lot longer than planned* (it was 3.2k of those words) and it taught me a few things I didn't know before about two characters. So, that's a yay :-D

Tonight I'm going out with some local writing friends for some pre-NaNo plotting. I'm starting to think that I'm more of a plantser this year, rather than a pure pantser. I've done a lot of prep. Most of it in the form of short stories to figure out my characters and some background details. I know the beginning and end of my novel, but the middle will be an interesting discovery thing. Which is why I'm not completely pantsing, but not completely plotting, either.

All my local friends are strict plotters. Going to a plotting party with them will be interesting :-) It'll also make up for the fact that I can't make their kick-off party, which is on Sunday (when I'm busy) instead of Saturday (when I'm not busy). Argh. And here I thought that NaNo starting on a Saturday would let me get to the party!

So, that is the state of me on this bright and sunny Monday morning. Let's all hope for an easy week where I get to do interesting stuff like sleep and keep up with teevees, instead of the pattern of the last two weeks. Okay?

* I know, you're all so shocked that I ended up writing more than planned on something. Heh.
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Things I have learned today:

1) Our web app is ridiculously complicated to add a report to, it's incredibly fragile and the error logs it generates are so far beyond useless it's not even funny.

2) My desk rattles worryingly when I beat my head on it.

3) Chocolate granola is yum.

I literally ended up beating my head on my desk late morning due to the total confusion over this damn web app. And the web team are actually the least helpful people to ask because they just tell us to look in the logs. That would be the logs filled with Java exceptions and 'report not found' errors. When we've definitely uploaded and re-uploaded the report multiple times and none of us are coding the Java section so those logs don't tell us anything we can actually do anything about. Theoretically we just update some tables with values (from a script the web team sent us) and everything in the app feeds off those, except for where it doesn't and the web team think we're all idiots BECAUSE WE DON'T USUALLY DO THIS PART OF THE DAMN PROJECT. Usually the *web team* do this but now that we're on full tilt to get the web app finished (don't get me started on how the web team were supposed to have done all this four weeks ago and they don't seem worried about missing deadlines) it's all hands on deck and none of us know what we're doing.


On the up side, our staff association fed us a healthy breakfast (they're no longer calling it an appreciation breakfast, probably because none of us feel appreciated if there's no bacon) and there was chocolate granola and blueberries which are tres nom :-D

Cut for fic and editing discussion )


May. 30th, 2013 10:14 pm
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And then my big code deployment day got cancelled and moved onto Canada Day weekend...

Cut for high level intense venting )

Excuse me while I beat my head against a wall for a while.
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Cut due to length and venting )

And people wonder why I'm getting really bad migraines lately?

This week is also proving to be packed with other stuff happening after work and I've looked at my calendar and I'm stuggling to work out when I'm going to buy groceries. If my appointments on Thursday don't overrun and I'm still capable of driving, there might be time to make a really fast raid on the local store.


I hope that's something I can finagle. Food would be nice to have over the weekend. It's not that I don't want to order pizza (although I'm *so* over the local pizza place that's not very good and is the only place that delivers) but I'll also need things like milk and some source of nutrients, like vegetables. So groceries seem important to figure out. Right now, the fact that I haven't actually got any time to eat food on Thursday is the least of my problems. I'll sacrifice my possibility of eating food on one day for the much more pressing issue of buying food for for several days.

It would be nice to think that I'll start to feel marginally less over-booked and rushed after this weekend, at least. As I've been totally incapable of planning past June 2nd, I think next week looks like a calm week outside work at least.
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How did it get to be May already? HOW?

We've now started the official countdown to the first major production deployment of a large chunk of Project Doom at the end of the month. It's going to be a huge complicated deployment of many new tables, table changes, and a couple of hundred objects for the ETL scripts and that's just my end of things. The team working on the source application have even more stuff to deploy and it's all happening over a weekend.

My co-lead on the project doesn't think we'll be needed that weekend because the DBAs and change management team should be able to handle it all. Excuse me while I laugh my ass off.

In other news...

Signups for [ profile] marvel_bang open today! Author signups are open for the next week, artist signups are open for a lot longer than that. If you write or art in any Marvel universe (films, comics, animation) then this is the Big Bang for you! :-D

Unsurpisingly I'm signing up to write Avengers. I've had this Edwardian slightly steampunkish AU fic outlined for a while and that's what I'm currently planning on doing. The idea of getting art based on this one makes me slightly giddy and happy, heh :-D

I really love the Big Bang ficathon concept. This will be my fourth time taking part in one and I've enjoyed the experience every time. Yes, even last year on my fourth round of betaing. It's a fun process to take part in and the fics that are produced for Big Bangs are usually pretty damn amazing.

So yes, I encourage anyone who thinks they can write over 10k of fic (MBB is a relatively low wordcount BB) or is a fanartist to go and sign up and join the madness.
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Every time I sit down to write a post, it ends up being a one thousand word essay on everything that's going wrong on Project Doom and why I'm incredibly stressed and exhausted. Entertaining for me, not of interest to anyone else.

The problem is that I can't think of anything to write about that isn't my incredibly stressful work or the fic that refuses to be written no matter how many times I glare at the page and rewrite most of it.

I mean, stuff's happened. The Thor 2 trailer came out yesterday and if my brain was less fried, I'd have some Opinions on it. Most of my opinions are about how little Darcy time we got and how terrible Loki's hair looks. I'm definitely swimming in the shallow end of everything right now.

Annie-cat has decided she needs to steal my new slippers to love them every time I'm silly enough to take them off and forget to put them in a cupboard. Which would be funnier if she didn't make them so soggy from grooming them.

There have lots of pretty pictures of Doctor Who and Star Trek and Iron Man, all of which are making me very happy when I'm awake long enough to look at them on Tumblr.

It's just that I don't have the spare processing capability to do more than say "yay" at them.

The phrase "Fire bad, tree pretty" has never been more applicable to my life.
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Star Trek tickets have gone on sale at my local cinema! WOO HOO! :-D

Tonight's to do list:

1) Book Iron Man 3 ticket for Friday opening weekend
2) Book Star Trek ticket for Friday opening weekend

I'll also need to check with my movie buddy on when she wants to see these things. I know she won't be able to get there on opening night, but as I'll want a repeat visit to both of these we'll hopefully be able to book a joint outing a week or two after opening night for both.

I wonder whether I should just take a sleeping bag and spend May living in the cinema, as that's what my schedule currently looks like?

Today's fun times happiness involves a business analyst who is being remarkably stubborn in not understanding a) the difference between Excel and PDF and b) why I can't make the Excel version of something look exactly like the PDF. Specifically, why are the pie charts slightly different?


Dude, if you are completely in love with Oracle's 3D pie charts in the pretty PDFs then why in hell are you wanting me to build Excel outputs for these damn reports?

My project co-leader is on vacation and I'm getting regular pestering about whether or not we're going to hit our deadlines. Plus this Excel/PDF crap. Plus a lack of understanding on why I can't just skip systest and pass code on for a quick acceptance validation. Plus a bunch of other crap. And those deadlines are starting to look awfully close. I mean, I'm still confident that everything will be built in time but the panicking and flailing from the BA isn't helping my stress levels.

Gee, I wonder why I'm turning into a massive insomniac this week?
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Ways I know that it's winter in Canada: my cubicle pod has a big pile of snow boots in the middle.

It's a wee bit nippy today. Apparently we're getting a high of -11C (with whindchill of minus 20) so I was out there scraping ice off my car in temps that made my entire face hurt. Ouch.

Today, however, is balmy compared to tomorrow. Daytime high of -14C. Windchill high of minus 27. I don't even want to think about how cold it will be when I leave the house. Note to self: handknit socks tomorrow. My toes are still defrosting despite two pairs of regular socks and my snow boots.

My decision to switch to cords instead of dress pants for my winter work attire has been completely justified.

Today is already shaping up to be a day of epic frustration. I'm deploying Project Doom Phase IV to our acceptance environment. It took us three days to get it onto the systest box in December due to issues with what the DBAs were doing. We started yesterday morning and so far, 5% of the objects have been deployed. I'm thinking that our three days of hell from the last deploy may actually be good compared to the deploy we're attempting now...


On the up side, tonight is knit night so I get to spend some quality time with incredibly sugary coffee drinks, the baby blanket I'm working on and my awesome knitter crew so today won't be completely awful. It's just that I may *really* need the sugar and caffeine hit by the time I get there.
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Cut for back pain stuff )

This is going to be a working from home day. Or it will be when I can finally get into the VPN, which is currently not working for me. At all. I'd planned to start early as I'm up and awake so that I can finish early if my back gets too much later. Except I can't log on and the help desk helpfully doesn't open for another hour.

In fact, it doesn't open until half an hour after my usual start time. I've sent emails to my boss and colleague about what's happened and will just see where I get to. Maybe the boss will credit me with the fact that I tried to start early and got locked out? It's been happening to everyone over the last month or so and I haven't used the VPN since November, so I'm irritated but not completely shocked.

This day is sucking so badly and it's barely 7am.
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This week, I thankfully only had to work two days because my schedule ended up with me taking my regular alternate Friday tomorrow. We began Project Doom: Phase V and there was a point yesterday when I got deeply suspicious because the data looked surprisingly good. Sensible. Hopeful.

It's fine, we found all the ways in which it's not going to work *headdesk*

In completely shocking news, the team building the source app and the business analysts GAVE US COMPLETELY FALSE INFORMATION ABOUT A KEY TABLE. Imagine my surprise. That's never happened before on this project.

And now I don't need to look at it for three days, which is about how long it's going to take for me to stop randomly venting about how stupid it all is.

And so I came home, checked my oil tank (because I haven't had any delivered for two months and it's cold) and called the oil company to find out when they plan to deliver next. I persuaded them that it would be cheaper to come out tomorrow than let me run dry over the weekend and have to send out a delivery tanker plus a guy to bleed the lines and restart the furnace.

Theoretically they top up my oil automatically. They appear to be massively miscalculating how much oil I use and I'm very frugal with my heal so I don't know what they're doing *sigh* Hopefully what I've got will last until tomorrow's delivery.

In other news, I appear to be writing a circus AU. IDEK. trope_bingo is already inspiring way too many fic ideas.
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It's the last day of my working year and I couldn't be happier :-D We're going out for Thai food at lunch, just my little team, which is going to be lovely. One colleague is still trying to persuade us to go to the Chinese place because the portions there are massive.

His entire rating system for restaurants is portion based. The lunch specials at the Thai place are too much for me to finish so they're not exactly tiny, but this guy won't be happy unless they're about double that size. Ugh. He's being overruled eleven to one so it looks like we're all on the same page for once :-D

I suspect my lunch will be a large plate of tofu pad thai because I'm really craving that. It's going to be gorgeous.

Cut for work stuff )

Argh, stop being depressing. Time to start looking forward!

I'm really looking forward to Saturday, which will be my first day of the "sleep lots, do very little" vacation plan. IT'S GOING TO BE SO GOOD.

Tomorrow is my busy rush around day but I fully intend to treat myself to comics and French pastries as well. Because I'm worth it :-D

And tomorrow or Saturday I need sushi. I have a gift voucher for my favourite sushi place burning a hole in my pocket (er, from the beginning of the year...) and I'm treating myself.

This has nothing to do with an envelope that appears to be from that place arriving in my mail box yesterday. Nothing at all. It's voucher shaped :-D My pile of boxes and parcels is getting rather tall. Christmas morning is going be so much fun. Mostly for the cats - they're going to have so many boxes and ribbons to play with!
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You know that moment in films where someone is cheerfully working away at a problem and then suddenly looks very puzzled and says something along the lines of "Wait? What? No, that's...that makes no sense. That is actually crazy. No, stop it, go away. You are making no sense."

I like to imagine all that was said in the tone of voice Tony Stark uses with Dummy.

OK, got that image in your head?

That has been me for a large portion of this week.

Complete with incredulous expression and futile threats against non-sentient entities.

Except unfortunately I'm not Tony Stark so my motto right now is "I'm not being paid enough for this shit".

And the motto for Project Doom should be "WTF? How did you even do that?"

Only 21 days until my twelve day Christmas break. I can do this...right?
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Normally I love to watch election coverage, even when the election concerned ends up going in the wrong direction for me. All the analysis and excitement just makes me feeling so connected and excited about the entire process.

Why yes, I am one of those voting evangelists.

Last night, after such a weird and subdued day at work, I was just too drained to even consider it. Instead I made myself finish the first draft of my C/C exchange fic and then I curled up with some books and a large cup of tea for the evening.

I was completely thrilled to wake up this morning and check my news feeds, emails and Twitter over breakfast. With the race being so tight, I'd assumed that we'd still be waiting on results through most of today. Instead I got to read the excitement as state after state called for Obama and eventually Romney conceded and it was just wonderful.

Now if Canada can just wise up and throw out Harper next time...

The atmosphere at work has been much happier today. I think it's the combination of time to reflect and most of us celebrating the Obama win. We're back to being a chatty, gossipy group and hopefully over the next few weeks the overall effect of yesterday's events will be to make our team an even closer one.

Tonight I'm going out with my knitters for highly calorific coffee drinks and treats. I really need that after the last day or so.
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I have had around five hours of sleep due to a humidity-induced headache so today is all about the caffiene and the hiding from people who expect intelligence from me.

The hiding isn't going well. Co-worker M wants us to spend two hours in a conference room trying to make a report for Project Doom work. His naivety in thinking that anything Project Doom-related can be fixed in two hours would be even more adorable if I'd had more than five hours of sleep.

Why yes, I am deeply cynical about all things Project Doom-related. We just found out that the part of Project Doom that our part is reliant on is three months behind so I may actually still be working on this in August next year.

August next year.

Just...yeah, I don't know.

I have tickets for the Bourne Legacy tomorrow evening. It was a pre-emptive strike because Mother wants to go (and will be all puppy eyes sad at me if I go on my own) and was starting to talk about maybe waiting a week or two until the rush had died down.

No, mother, that is how we nearly didn't see Spiderman and only finally saw it the week before it left our theatre. Just no, mother. We now have tickets. Thus, we are going.

It appears that I'm incapable of writing anything serious now. Thus much of last week's writing time was devoted to crack fic of the most cracky form. Uh oh :-D
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Boss walks up behind me: Oh Jeez, that's a nasty looking piece of code
Me: Yes, yes it is.
Boss: Really complicated.
Me: Totally.
Boss: Very long.
Me: Yes, and if the group who requested this report had not wanted it to be flexible to the point of ridiculousness, broken down by quarters and by almost any other bit of data possible and with as little potential for replication as possible between the reports then it might be shorter.
Boss: Oh.
Me: I have tried to make sure that as many pieces are possible are reusable between all the 25 different reports that I need to build through the clever use of common functions.
Boss: Ah.
Me: And I've accounted for the damn leap years.
Boss: That's a real nice looking piece of code. Very easy and reusable. Good work.

At least my boss acknowledges that I'm doing my best with the frankly silly requirements that Project Doom must fulfil.
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You know that moment when your mother concludes that Twitter is obviously evil and probably responsible for everything bad including the heat death of the universe?

Yeah, that.

So, good thing she doesn't know that I have a Twitter account! May she never discover that Tumblr exists...

Yesterday was a hilarious day of epic fails and you really need to know the geography of the area around my office to know why my team spent half an hour glued to the window, watching the amazing driving skills of a visitor to our building. Trust me, it was epic. And also terrifying.

We also had epic DBA fails (really? You deleted that...why?) and M deployed his raging alien emoticon in our chat at one stage just to emphasise the fails. Oh, the joys of our day.

So far, today is looking less faily. I usually take this as a sign that the shoe-dropping moment later is going to be terrible. I've learned to be a cynical pessimist so that I'm pleasantly surprised when things actually pan out properly.


Jul. 25th, 2012 01:32 pm
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It is so much fun trying to make Oracle Reports do incredibly complex layouts that it isn't actually built to support. Today I...really don't love my job much.

*glares at Report Builder*

Also, the humidity has gone up so I can't breathe and I'm very tired and cranky due to a loud thunderstorm last night.

Tonight may need to be a veg out with something mindless on the TV and ignore everything else night.
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Note to self: it's Wednesday, dammit, keep remembering that.

Note to self 2: sleep is a good thing, try it some day.

Cut for work stuff )

Also, apparently I cannot type or proof-read my documents. Every change request that I've sent in this week has been initially rejected because I make tiny typos. Yesterday I had two periods in a file name. Today I have typed in incorrect file extensions. I'm thoroughly annoyed wih myself.

Next week there will be a five day break between sporting events. My evenings will be oddly empty. Maybe I'll actually do some reading or something. I have got quite the reading list of stuff that I need to finish by the end of the month, after all. I really need to get further with GRRM and there are a couple of novelette's to finish as well.

Shockingly, I have less that ten graphic novels out from the library and the to read stack on my coffee table looks downright reasonable. Until you realise that five of them are due at the library next week. Um, oops?

I can safely say that I'm thoroughly enjoying the first volume of the newer Avengers series by Brian Michael Bendis (as differenciated from all the other multitudes of Avengers lines including New Avengers, which I'm also enjoying from Comixology) and I'm looking forward to the Hawkeye stuff that's next on my pile.

Mum (my library mule) says that I have to restrain myself from putting Buffy Season 8 on hold until the to be read stack is down to only one or two books. She may have a point.

So next Friday, I'll put All The Buffy! on hold :-D

And on August 1st, I'm going through my back-log on Comixology and reading all of those because I will be done with Hugo reading and allowed to read Other Books and Stuff Not Due At The Library.

I'll also be hiding in some Mercedes Lackey and some Scalzi for a few days plus all the lovely treats waiting on my Kindle, such as Huntress by Malinda Lo.

So. Much. Reading. Yay :-D

Note to self 3: remember that you're on a writing deadline and need to actually write even when the Hugo and library reading catch-up are over and you're drowning yourself in fluff and fun.

ETA: I found out last night that Mum has been reading some of the stuff that I get from the library, like the occasional volume of Fables (she likes Bigby a lot) and one of the X-Men books. My poor mother, turning into a nerd by osmosis :-D


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