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For the first time in ages, possibly months, I had time to do all my regular chores without skipping things or drafting in help from Mum. It was glorious. I never though I'd get excited about having time to clean my bathroom, until even getting laundry done required help from the mothership.

As much as I've loved my summer of family visiting me and going travelling, it's really taken a toll on my ability to get anything done.

The best part was that I had time to do my chores *and* spend a lovely afternoon on Saturday walking by the canal and drinking delicious hot chocolate. Our original plan was for that to be a Sunday activity, but we looked at the weather forecast on Friday evening and changed that plan. Good thing, too, because I had a migraine on Sunday night and slept through it for long enough to miss the window where my really good pills would work. So I had to take the less good ones, which resulted in the migraine taking ages to go and then me feeling hungover and miserable even after it went. Quality Sunday, that one :-(

Thanksgiving is coming up. This has been a bit problematic in the past, with my aunt being unwilling to commit to a plan until almost the day and other shenanigans. Not to mention, she is incapable of cooking anything even remotely resembling a "small" turkey, and always sends me home with a massive quantity of leftovers so I feel like I've been eating turkey forever by the time we get to Christmas and there's EVEN MOAR TURKEY OMG.

(I am not the biggest turkey fan. Sorry.)

Last year, due to my aunt's planning shenanigans and my dad's visit overlapping with T-day, we opted to do our own thing. We had a cashew roast instead of turkey, all the trimmings, and it was lovely. Best of all, when Christmas arrived, I actually enjoyed the turkey fest because I hadn't been turkeyed out already.

(It helped that my cousin guarded my leftovers plate and didn't let my aunt add half the turkey after I selected quantity I was happy to take home with me. She always tries to sneak a ton of extras onto me, even though she's been told many times not to. I did end up with half an apple pie and a quarter of a huge lemon meringue pie, but there's no escaping my aunt's inability to understand that it's not my thing at Christmas and I'd much rather eat Christmas pud and mince pies. If she can't supply two types of pie, she's failed in her Christmas hostess duties. Even though only me and one cousin can actually *eat* pie without being very ill. Diabetics and Coeliacs rah.)

In view of that, Mum and I made a radical suggestion: how about we not have turkey? And, you know, make a plan a number of days in advance instead of the day before?

So this year, we're having lamb and many trimmings. Mum and I are hosting, so we can selected the size of lamb joint and avoid my aunt's massive over-catering issues. It's all quite stress-free and lovely so far. Hopefully it will continue that way.

(She'll bring us a pumpkin pie and an apple pie, won't she? And two extra dishes of stuffing. And some sweet potatoes and a dish of mash. Just in case. She's done it before.)
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I know, it's Thursday, and I'm only just updating with weekend shenanigans. In my defense, Dad has been here and it's been hard finding the time to do much of anything. He went home late last night (so very late, I am so very tired from taking him to the airport) so now life should go back to my usual routine.

It's was the weekend of my bi-weekly Friday off, so we decided to take advantage of the time and go up to the north of the province to visit my cousin and spend the weekend at his cottage. It's beautiful up there. Isolated, spectacular, quiet. Although his cottage isn't exactly a rustic cabin - they've improved it so much over the years, and it's super-comfortable. I haven't seen my cousin for years (he's Mum's first cousin - we give up on calculating cousin-ship past that) so it was great to see him and Mum loved having the chance to catch up with him and his wife.

Dad even came out of his shell and talked a fair bit, which was a pleasant surprise!

We ate food, had a couple of lovely walks, read a bit, talked a great was relaxing and wonderful, and exactly what I needed after a few stressful work weeks.

Mum and I are hoping to find the time for another trip up there before she goes back to England, but it depends a lot on how busy we all get. Hopefully we'll do it.
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Things I need to do this weekend:

- Edit a short Peggy/Angie fic and send to beta
- Write some words on the demon!Clint fic and pretend not to see the short original story I accidentally started this week
- Read
- Sleep
- Sleep
- Sleep
- Catch up on telly box things
- Sleep

So, you know, it's a busy weekend I have planned there :-)

Sadly, I'm also supposed to work for a few hours on Sunday morning. Grr. That's going to interrupt the sleep schedule.

Last night, I got curious and watched the pilot for The 100, which I hadn't bothered with last year because it sounded so totally ridiculous. Except people keep Tweeting about how good it is, and I needed to find out how wrong I'd been.


It's a good thing it's all on Netflix, that's all I'm saying. My attempts to catch up on tell box things might end up getting derailed by binge watching all of it.

(Someone please explain how I got sucked back into Holby viewing, please? I'd gone cold turkey for a year and then I watched one episode and now I'm so off the wagon it's not funny.)

(Someone make me feel better about buying sushi for supper tonight. I cannot think of a single thing I want to eat tonight that's not sushi, even though I'm supposed to be on a takeout freeze for January.)

(Someone take away the parenthesis keys on my keyboard.)
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The weekend was largely spent veging out, for once. I spent Saturday morning taking down the last of the Christmas decs and stashing them under the stairs, did a bit of writing...and then huddled up with a book for the rest of the day. It was lovely, even if my reading material was about the history of cholera.

I needed something slightly brainless on Sunday morning, due to recovering from a migraine, so I dragged out a puzzle and put on some podcasts. It's been ages since I last faffed around with a puzzle, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. This might be my project for a while, but I'm already trying to work out when I'll next have a couple of hours free to continue working on.

*sigh* I have a feeling that I'm going to be buying more puzzles. I do have a bit of a softness for the Thomas Kincaid designs.

My brain returned enough yesterday to finish the cholera book, so that's all good. And even though I only actually wrote new words on Saturday, I did make a ton of notes on a potential new novel idea. I've got a broad outline of what I want it to do, some characters, and a list of stuff I'd need to research in order to write it, anyway. I've made all the notes and firmly put it into the idea queue so it can ferment a bit.

There's a blog in my head post on DS9 season 3 and why it's an important turning point for the show, but that's best written on another day. When I have enough brain for it.

Instead, I'll leave you with a new essay by Foz Meadows on fanfiction, which I thought was fascinating and thought provoking and worthy of much discussion.
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Over the last two weeks my stress levels have reached the kind of levels where I'm either going to end up sick or fall over in a heap of crying. Last night I bowed out of knit night early because I was so tired. I had a browse in the bookshop we meet in and *the books scared me* because of all the words. That's how overwhelmed I am. So this weekend my plan is to do everything I can to de-stress. Tomorrow is my day off and, touch wood, I'll actually *get* my day off. So I've got three days to get less stressed :-D

Plans tomorrow include:

- Hairdresser for colour and cut
- Sleeping in
- Quality time with my unread comics and stack of books from the library
- A long, long soak in the bath with some kind of bath melt that includes lavender
- Yummy pasta carbonara for supper

I'm terrible at staying the bath. No joke, I'm never able to do it unless I've got something to read or listen to. So I'm looking for recs!

Audiobooks! Podfic! Stuff that will make me laugh or sigh but absolutely no nightmares! What should I be listening to in the bath tomorrow? And in the car next week and so forth? (Don’t worry, the iPod sits well away from the bath and I listen to it on speakers).

Also, if anyone has favourite headphones they love then I'm looking to replace my iPod earbuds with something that isn't falling apart. They need to be small and compact (so I can throw them in my handbag easily) but comfortable. And if they've got noise cancelling dodads then that would be awesome. Tell me about your earphones, I need some guidance.

Saturday's plans currently include:

- Comic shop
- French patisserie (it's been months since I did that)
- More reading of library books and comics
- Watching Iron Man 1 & 2
- Ordering takeout for supper

I'm going to need to make some granola and visit the bank and buy light bulbs over the weekend, but those are tiny little things. Mostly this weekend will be about relaxing and trying to get myself back into the habit of sleeping at night.

Apart from anything else, if I'm this exhausted and stressed at the end of next week then Iron Man 3 after work on Friday may not go well. Exhausted me plus 3D glasses seems like a bad combo. I want to squee, not fall asleep midway through because I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open even for an awesome film.
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Cut for medical stuff )

Onto more cheerful things!

My local con announced yesterday that they've got Peter Davidson as a guest! *cue running around shrieking*

While Sylvester McCoy is my favourite Doctor (from Old Who) in terms of having the best stories, Peter Davidson is *my* Doctor because he was my first and that always stays special. So I'm rather over the moon and definitely planning on attending :-D

They've got a few interesting names including J. August Richards. On the one hand, I'd love to see him. On the other hand, I'm assuming he'll probably pull out as he's got a major role on the SHIELD TV show and when (I'm no longer going with 'if' here) ABC picks that up officially, I'd imagine he'll have filming commitments that will make jaunting up to Canada rather tricky.

I try very hard never to book for cons based on one single guest. Odds are always good that something will happen and that guest won't be there.

My local con is more of a big media con than I really like these days but they're making an effort not to have everything revolving around the big name guests, which I'm fully in support of. Knowing there are multiple programming tracks makes me much more likely to attend. I'd love it if there were some more fan-oriented tracks and maybe a literary track, but I can't have everything. And hey, at least there's a con here of some kind :-D

This weekend is going to be mostly about sleeping and maybe some napping. It's been an exhausting week and I'm running on fumes today. I've got a pizza in the freezer for supper tonight and I plan to completely veg out and catch up on some TV. The cats are going to appreciate this plan because they've started to act rather cuddle-deprived and mournful every time I get up and have to go somewhere. Poor petals.
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I really know how to do a day off *right*. So far today I have:

- Been to my new new GP (blood pressure fine, here's a new script, see you again in six months).
- Exercised to celebrate my good blood pressure.
- Folded laundry.

And the rest of this morning is going to be spent replying to AO3 comments. Do I know how to live or what?

This afternoon I plan to veg out on the couch with some writing, some fic, and a book that's due back at the library on Thursday. If I'm feeling really indulgent, I may start working on my Easter chocolate.

Actually, my afternoon plans are pretty much my idea of heaven so it's not all bad :-D And having a quiet day before another rough week at work will be great.

Tomorrow my entire department is going curling for the afternoon. I've already said that I won't be going on the ice (I don't think my boss wants to spend the afternoon in the ER with me while I get my knee/hip/shoulder/wrist/whatever else I can dislocate relocated so he's happy with this) so I'm going to be cheering on my co-workers and snacking on treats.

Apparently I have to yell "Harder!" or "Go hard!" or something along those lines. Right. Yes. Curling. Filled with innuendo-laced cheers, apparently.
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I had another of those weekends where it all got away from me somewhat. Saturday morning there was a ton of running around doing errands. This included getting Mum and I getting our library cards linked so that she can pick up books for me even if I've forgotten to give her my card.

This may seem pointless when she's going back to England in less that three weeks but we'll forget to do it until this point next year as well if we don't do it now. All this was inspired by her inability pick up Civil War: Avengers for me due to the card problem.

Yes, I'm reading all the Civil War books. Such a terrible idea but it did seem important. I've also got House of M stuff on order...

Anyway, we got home and by the time I'd finished eating lunch it was time for a migraine. Ugh. So my Saturday afternoon/evening consisted of curling up in my recliner with the cats, a book and the TV remote pretending that I wasn't really napping.

Sunday was my usual epic Skype session with all the friends and family in England. Before that, though, there was a long church service followed by an even longer meeting to discuss a Christmas tea and bake sale that I'm helping with in a couple of weeks.

By yesterday evening I was so done with people and being social and really wanted another day off today just to recover from everything. But I was good and I came to work :-(

Still, next weekend is a holiday and my Friday off so I get a four-day weekend. Score!
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The last week has sort of got away from me to a large degree. It feels like I've spent most of my time paddling madly, trying not to get swept away by other stuff.

My traditional three day monthly migraine didn't help with that sensation. Sadly, my vow to talk to a doctor about it didn't work out because I'm yet again between GPs, waiting for my new one to start. Argh.

This means that I haven't done the reading that I wanted to do and although I've been writing, most of it hasn't been on the things that I actually *need* to write. You know, like the femslash12 fic that is now on version three because I keep writing 2,000 words and hating all of them.

This time I'm trying a different POV character and I don't hate it quite so much. Words, how do you work?

The one thing that I did achieve that's of use was accompanying mum to the garden center on Saturday to choose bulbs for our flower bed. It's going to be gorgeous in the spring.

This week I need to do the following:

1) Read Plain Kate so it can go back to the library
2) Read the latest volume of The Unwritten for the same reason
3) Finish the femslash12 fic
4) Start the C/C exchange fic
5) Edit and post Courting for Dummies #4 (aiming to post tomorrow!)
6) Catch up on TV such as Merlin, Holby and Downton
7) Buy new pillows, pillow cases and a towel
8) Get my hair cut

So, you know, that's a nice short to do list...
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My writing group is having a NaNo plotting/planning session tonight rather than our usual word wars thing. As I'm not NaNo-ing due to November being insane, I'm using the time to do other stuff. If I haven't achieved the following by the end of the evening, feel free to yell and poke me with pointy sticks:

- Sign up for [community profile] femslash12
- Nominate for [ profile] yuletide
- Edit chapter 3 of Marvel Big Bang
- Edit first scene of chapter 4 of Marvel Big Bang (minimum)

It's not a terribly scary list, right? I can get all that done in two hours. Um.

I had a great day on our trip down the coast on Friday. We had a scallop feast for lunch and accidentally visited my favourite yarn shop. In my defence, my favourite yarn shop has moved to a new place (er, one door down from its old place) and we needed to check out the new layout and stock and stuff. It was a totally legit visit. We'll ignore the bit where I swore that I didn't need more yarn and wasn't going there, OK?

Then I had a terrible migraine in the early hours of Saturday morning. Ugh. The worst of it was over by the time I got up, I thought, so I took my achy head out for comic shopping and lunch with the parents and then curled up with DVDs for the afternoon/evening.

Yes, I did watch my Avengers Blu Ray. And the gag reel. Heeee! :-D

And then the migraine returned during the evening, was horrible through the night and was still there yesterday. So I spent the day resting in my recliner, finally dozing off while we watched the Ryder Cup in the afternoon. By the time I woke up (in time to watch Once Upon a Time, phew!) it was over and I feel perfectly fine now.

Thanks, migraine, for that lovely disruption to all my plans. Ugh.
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According to Amazon, my Avengers DVD will be arriving tomorrow.


That's a whole day earlier than I though I'd get it. Wonder whether I can persuade the parents to have a movie night tomorrow...

My mother has arranged the weekend for me already. It's my day off on Friday so we're going for a long drive down the coast. The parents are bribing me with lunch. And on Saturday we're heading over to the city. I'm hoping that I can persuade them to leave me in the comic shop while they buy very important...stuff...from the outdoor gear shop. I may have blanked a little when Mum was explaining the stuff...

Sunday is always packed with church and family stuff and Skyping with people in England. I'm feeling pretty cruddy and tired today so there's a high chance that at some stage I'll collapse into a sniffly heap of ickness due to the over-booking.

Cut for book delay venting )

I've got to finish at least two more books this months. Tonight shall be dedicated to finishing City of Bones and possibly starting Batwoman: Elegy.
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Cut for hair and clothing chatter )

This weekend was going to involve a big trip down the coast. Thanks to the massive rain storm that is supposed to continue until Sunday, it will now mainly involve hiding indoors. We may venture out for lunch at the local amazing cafe and I horrified Dad by gleefully declaring that this is an awesome plan because I can have breakfast for lunch (French toast, maple syrup, BACON) because we're adults and we're allowed to do that stuff.

Apparently Dad hadn't noticed previously that adults can eat breakfast for dinner and cake for breakfast. It's like I opened an entirely new world to him.

Anyway, other than that my plans involve making soup (which I will have all the ingredients for this time, damn it) and getting started on the Marvel Big Bang edits. I'm hoping to have chapters 1 and 2 done by the end of the weekend.

Final draft is due one month from today. I can do this!
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First and most importantly: a call for information!

I've checked wikipedia and the Marvel wiki, but I want to be sure that I'm not missing some random mention that everyone except for me knows about.

Is there an established birth date for Clint Barton?

I need to know For Reasons (yes, ficcing reason, OK I admit it).

This thought prompted by working out a timeline for the Damage Limitation series. There is a timeline. With several more fics plotted. My crackerific series that started with a dubious one shot has an *arc*. What the hell, guys?

I also made the discovery this morning that I'd accidentally used the name of a minor Marvel character as an OC in a fic *headdesk* I've added a note to the fic and vowed to check every bloody database completely before I name any other OCs. Oh, Marvel, so many minor characters!

Cut for weekend babble )

The other adventure over the weekend was hitting the Avengers at the cinema. For viewing number four :-D Every bit as awesome as I remember and I noticed a few things that I hadn't spotted before. Most importantly, I noticed that Natasha's Widow's Sting gets used against a Chitauri during one the big battle sequence and I nearly squeed out loud.

My Natasha fangirling, see me go.

I actually endured 3D for this showing. I figured that as I already had a horrid headache, it couldn't make things too much worse and I was right about that. The 3D wasn't as distracting as I thought it would be (and I concede, I spotted a few things that I hadn't noticed in 2D showings due to the different perspective) but I still prefer my films in 2D.

Mostly due to the discomfort of the glasses and my general feeling that 3D doesn't add enough to the experience to warrant it being as popular as it is.
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Things that I accomplished over the weekend:

1) Finished the first draft of Marvel Big Bang, two weeks before first draft deadline
2) Made cheese muffins
3) Got through two difficult scenes of That AU (the one fandom will kill me for)
4) ...?

Things my Annie-cat accomplished over the weekend:

1) Snored so loudly she could be heard not just in another room, but on another floor of the house entirely
2) Gave a chair the head-butt of love so firmly that she bounced
3) Huffed my lemon valerian tea (mum left the box out, argh) until she was so high that she couldn't stop rolling around and rubbing on everything for hours in a way that was even more lewd and embarrassing than last week's shower cap incident
4) Wrapped the elastic 'tail' to her favourite toy around herself so many times she couldn't free herself and dragged it around behind her, glaring at it sometimes, for more than an hour before I took pity and removed it

I'm just going to leave that there because really, what I can I say about Annie that won't make her sound worse?


Aug. 24th, 2012 01:43 pm
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Yesterday my mother caught my Annie-cat in a compromising position with my shower cap.

Even she admitted that the cat was making love to the cap. OMG, mother!

Actually, the biggest oddness about it was that Mum hadn't caught Annie with my shower cap on previous visits. That cat is frankly embarassing if she gets her little paws on my shower cap.

Kate has now taken to sitting in a particular spot in the kitchen at medicine time, waiting for her 'treat'. And shouting if I'm late. Tonight there is no more medicine. She's in for a big disappointment.

There are days when I am deeply concerned about my cats and my relationship with my cats.

It is Friday and this is an utterly brilliant thing because I'm so incredibly tired that I might fall over soon. I'm just hoping that I can get eight hours of sleep tonight so that I feel a bit less ick.

Tomorrow my main job of the day is to make a batch of savoury muffins. Then I'll probably spend some time writing and get some reading done. I'd really like to get Marvel Big Bang finished this weekend and get a certain chunk of the AU I'm writing done.

See, I have goals. Muffins and fic. These seem like good goals :-D


Aug. 10th, 2012 01:39 pm
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Happy Friday!

I really needed Friday to arrive this week. Or more importantly, I need tomorrow so that I can sleeeeeeeep and then spend a day buried in Redshirts.

How did four days turn into such a long week anyway?

I had an amazing dinner with Mum last night. The scallop carbonara was one of the best pastas I've ever had. Om nom. It's definitely a treat sort of place so I won't be going there often but it was totally worth it.

I finished [ profile] scifigrl42's fic "The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation" last night and now I have all the bot feels. I'm so glad that I waited until it was finished before reading it, though, because I cannot imagine the trauma of waiting for new chapters. That is one fine fic.

We shall not discuss how many in-progress fics I have right now. Or how many ideas have been noted down in my two-part ideas log just in case I need inspiration. I blame Fahre.

At least the Marvel Big Bang is progressing well. Chapter five of eight is done so only three to go. I suspect this may top out at around 20k words, double the minimum, so that's pretty sweet.

I should probably write a bit tomorrow. Maybe. Before I hide in my book. Hmm.
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Good things about my weekend: finally seeing Spiderman.

Bad things about my weekend: Woken up at 7am due to construction across the street, the men's cycling road race, yesterday evening's migraine.

Yeah, so the film was the highlight and otherwise the weekend sucked *sigh*

Hopefully this weekend will be better. Due to the way my new hours work out and a federal holiday, I have a four day weekend coming up :-D In fact, due to a coincidence of dates I'll be working four day weeks for the next three weeks. Woo!

Now, if the guys building the house across the street can get rained off on my days off, it will be perfect :-D

No writing happened over the weekend, but I did get some ideas and make some changes to the Marvel Big Bang outline. There are no longer any sections that say "something interesting happens here" and one of the things that was concerning me (the fact that Natasha is just sort of lurking around with nothing to do for large chunks of the story) got resolved with the changes. I'm feeling pretty happy with that. I'm also starting to suspect that this fic is going to be looooooong.

And I need to have the first draft ready by early September. I can do it. Right?
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Ok, you can come after me with pointy stakes. The 5 Things fic did not get finished :-(

I did write notes on how to fix the sections of 3 and 4 that I wasn't happy with, finally figured out the word that wouldn't appear for a line in thing 5 ("uncannily", if you're wondering what the word was and want to look for it whenit's published) and got three sentences of Thing 5+1 written. Not bad given that I had around twenty minutes of writing time all weekend.

I have watched an awful lot of sport, though, and I'm nearly finished the book that is due at the library exceedingly soon.

It's just the writing that didn't happen. Oops.
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I was all psyched up to have a brilliant day because any day that starts with the radio playing one of your favourite (sappy) songs is automatically brilliant and it's Friday and...

...and then I came to work.

It appears that this was my major mistake of the day. Why do we bother to do all this requirements gathering and use case malarkey if we're going to be given TOTALLY THE WRONG INFORMATION every single bloody time?


And my manager keeps trying to help us this week. For the love of god, will someone give that man something to do so that he doesn't interfere with our work? Surely someone has some urgent resourcing charts that he can play with? He'll love using all the pretty colours that Excel can hold, I promise.

Er, yes, I do tend to feel that my manager is best left in a quiet corner with some glitter pens and construction paper rather than trying to 'help' us. Although he does occasionally get us good chocolate when we're looking particularly desperate. It's the reason we like him.

Still, I've got a weekend lined up filled with cycling and tennis. There are good books to read. And if I haven't finished 5 Things by Sunday evening, feel free to yell at me and wave pointy stakes, OK?

So when 3.30pm rolls around (no, my new hours *still* haven't been approved although all the other departments are on their new hours grump grump grump manager) I'm out of here and my day will improve drastically. Maybe I'll even talk Mum into pizza for supper.

ETA: Day got better - my local con announced Gail Simone as a guest. OMG. With Brandon Sanderson, John Rhys Davies, and Nicholas Briggs already announced, it’s something I’m definitely going to need to go to.
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Summer has arrived! I'm wearing capris to work for the first time this year and people are kindly not making the "OMG, you have legs!" remakrs this year. Apparently summer will last until Thursday and then we'll be back to icky cold wet. Oh, well, summer for a week is always good.

My weekend was restful and lovely. Lots of cycling, plenty of sleep, a bit of cooking and lots of books and fanfic. The final part of [ profile] scifigrl47's fic Four (Or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark was posted on Friday so I spent a happy weekend with that on my Kindle. Yay for good fic :-D

I've also got very close to finishing Deadline by Mira Grant and completed the Death of Captain America series so that can go back to the library on Friday.

There was about two hours on Saturday when I seriously wondered whether I was going to have to bite the bullet and call Awesome GI Guy this week, but everything has settled out now and I feel fine.

Except for the part where I weighed myself yesterday and apparently the two pounds that I gained on vacation have gone away and taken a pound with them. Oops? I'm back down to my lowest ever weight. Damn.

Other than that, it was a lovely weekend. I even finally got some of Thing 4 written. I'm planning to go back over and re-write it today, but I'm feeling unstuck thanks to taking a few days out to write insane crack fic.

The crack fic is being edited and should be on AO3 later this week :-D

And now it's Tuesday, I just had a call from Mum to tell me that the transformer outside our house has blown up and taken our power out with it and everyone in the office is highly grumpy. My manager wants all our holiday time for the next year booked and we still haven't had our new hours signed off. Welcome to another week in my life. How long is it until the weekend?


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