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When I started watching cycling in 1989 (I was a really young cycling fan, OK?), there were a couple of British riders out there. Our best result ever at that point was a fourth in the Tour and British stages were rare and far between.

Today I watched British riders take first and second in the Tour along with six stages on the way. I watched Mark Cavendish (the first British jersey winner - green) take the Paris stage, his fourth Paris stage and his 23 career Tour stage. That puts him with more stages than any other sprinter in Tour history and more Paris wins than anyone.

Bradley Wiggins won the Tour, his team-mate took second and will go into next year's Tour as one of the favourites. Four out of our five-man Olympic team won stages in the Tour.

This is the kind of Tour that I never dreamed could be possible, even a few years ago.

I think that I can honestly say that this is the proudest I've ever been of British cyclists. Yes, this even surpasses last year (sorry Mark) because we had so many different Brits winning different things and there is a very real chance that I'll be watching British riders on the podium in Paris for years to come.

Go Team GB!
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Odd sort of day so far. I've spent most of the morning trying to convince myself that it's not Thursday, including the argument with Mum about why she had my car keys related to my conviction that it was Thursday. Too complicated to even go into.

Me and the time-space continuum, not working so well this week.

My confusion isn't helped by HR trying to make us time travel to reply to an email by July 13th.

And then the cancellation notice for the beach party that should have been last week (cancelled due to lack of interest) was finally issued. Thankfully most of us had heard by word of mouth a couple of weeks ago. Also, most of us weren't going anyway. Suspect that may have contributed to the cancellation...

I'm starting to see why I get so confused about what day it is.

Tomorrow (assuming it really will be Saturday) Mum and I are off to the tall ships festival on the waterfront. Expect us to return hot, sunburned and exhausted. Hopefully it will be fun as well :-D

The rest of the weekend will be largely devoted to Tour de France watching because Bradley Wiggins!! I am so freaking excited about having a British guy to cheer for in the GC :-D
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I'm still on a bit of a high from yesterday's Tour stage. OMG, Brad's in yellow! And he's got nearly two minutes on Evans! I'm trying very hard not to do the counting chickens thing, but there are only two ways for Wiggins not to win now:

1) Evans suddenly discovers climbing legs and goes into the final time trial with at least three minutes on Wiggins despite his team being not as good as Sky in the mountains and Wiggins being a rather decent climber
2) Wiggins has horrendous crash and has to abandon

Please, please don't let 2 happen. Or 1, really, although I think that 1 is unlikely :-D This is an awesome Tour!

Also, yesterday I typed what I think (hope) is the final sentence on the 5 Things fic. I even typed in the title, which I've had in my head all the way but it's been fun to see "Ridiculous glittery fic I blame Fahre" at the top of the page while I've been working :-D It's officially "Five Times Clint Had To Explain (And One Time He Didn't Need To)". I've got some edits that I want to do on Things 3 and 4 and it needs at least a week of rest before I dare to go through and work out other edits/revisions so it will be a while before it gets published, but the first draft is officially done. Phew!

And so I've now opened files titled "Marvel Big Bang Outline v1" and "MBB_Chap1_v1". So, you know, I've actually got started on this. Admittedly the chapter one file is still a blank page and I'm still fleshing out the outline, but that's about where I thought that I'd be today. I've got until early September to have a first draft of this, right?

My fic ideas log is starting to acquire some distinctly cracky ideas including at least two short things for the Damage Limitation series. Expect those to start appearing when I get stuck on the Big Bang and moan loudly about writing being haaaaaard. There may also be an AU idea that I swear will never see the light of day and a sequel to 5 Explanations that Fahre threw at me despite not having read 5 Explanations *shakes tiny fist*

It's been so long since I had the ideas to really write. Even though most of what my brain is sending me is either crack or just plain ridiculous, I'm thoroughly enjoying the feeling of having ideas and inspiration and motivation again.

PS. Thanks to people pointing out that I’m doing the “not wanting to be a bother” thing I’ve called Awesome GI Guy and moved up my appointment. Sadly, he’s not got any appointments until August 2nd, but that’s still earlier than end of August and I can cope until then because I’ve definitely been worse. Ugh, stupid body.
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Watching the Tour de France requires nerves of steel. Yesterday's crash near the finish was bad. Looking at Cav's helmet as he peddled to the finish was worse. I keep imagining how badly it could have gone if he hadn't been wearing a helmet.

Those helmet rules they brought in a few years ago are saving lives *sigh*

My left wrist is now feeling sore even when I'm resting it. Also, it is raining. I'm not sure whether the two are connected but they're both making me cranky.

Today is my (least) favourite day in the software development cycle - release day! I was already hunting for chocolate by 9am. Somebody somewhere changed the version numbers in the bill of materials back to some old (incorrect) ones. As that document was used in the deploy to final testing and the correct versions are on the test box, the versions got changed on me in the month since final testing. Really, guys, when you add your stuff to the documents do you have to overwrite newer versions of the documents with your older, out of date ones?

One of the amusing things about writing is wondering what in heck people would think if they saw your Google search history. Oh, the things we end up hunting for. This week there is a strong chance that I appear to be planning to start a mutant virus outbreak in Disneyland, possibly using Jeremy Renner's goatee. Don't even go there.
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Cut for medical stuff )

< / moaning >

You know what I'd really like? A long vacation. I'm getting very tired out from all the medical stuff and I really just want to curl up somewhere and read for a very long time right now. Except it's not a good time to take my vacation and I can't really justify even a couple of days of sick time because I'm not actually sick-sick, just worn out and fed up. Eh, I'll get over it.

This week has been filled with meetings, stress and a lot of hurry up and wait stuff. Thankfully I've had some great Tour de France racing to watch in the evenings and today the race hits the Pyrenees, which is going to be amazing.
I'm most of the way through the back of my new shirt, so hopefully tonight I'll get that finished and can start the front, which has a nice little lace motif in places.

Also, I have ticked to Harry Potter. Saturday evening. It's going to be excellent!
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Dear British media,

There's this little chap, Mark by name, who has been doing really rather well in the Tour de France. Yesterday he won his fifth stage this year, the stage into Paris that is one of the most hotly contested stages in the most prestigious cycling race on the planet.

By fifth stage this year, I mean that he won 5 stages in the 2010 Tour. Bringing his total to 15 stages over three Tours. It's actually rather an amazing achievement. The great Eddy Merckx won 34 stages in his career; Cav could surpass that if he continues to win at his current rate. If he were from any European nation except Great Britain, he'd currently be the darling of the country with parades in his honour and every sporting award being handed to him on a golden platter. His face would be plastered over the front page of every newspaper after each stage win. He wouldn't be able to move for autograph hunters.

Sadly, he's British. So you ignored him in every paper and news website this morning. A few of you managed brief mentions of Contador winning the Tour, Brad Wiggins not winning the Tour and Armstrong retiring (again). Apparently one paper did manage to remember that Mark Cavendish (for it is he) didn't win the green jersey. Even the BBC Sport site focused more on Wiggins and Contador with Cav's achievements a mere side note in Brad's story.

Why is it, oh mighty media, that random footballers transferring to other European clubs merit more column inches than one of the most successful British athletes currently out there?

In other words, it's business as usual in British sporting journalism and why did I expect anything different this year? Still, well done Mark Cavendish! You're exactly as fast and brilliant as you think you are :-D
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I have got to get myself back into the habit of posting about things that aren't Unix scripting issues. Although the good news is that I now know much more about scripting than I used to and have a good idea of what I'm doing and what I need to learn. Yay?

I've been thinking about conventions. To wit, the Redemption 2011 prices go up in September and I think that it's time to stop being in denial and just buy myself a ticket. I'm going, I was crazy to think about pretending that I wasn't. It's my favourite con on the calendar. If I plan to arrive in England on the Thursday and travel straight up to Cov then I could spend a few days with my family afterwards and still have three vacation days left for other things that year. And in June that year, it will be a new vacation year and I'll finally be up to three weeks vacation. Woo.

Also, it's Worldcon in a couple of weeks and I can't go. Boo :-( This made me think about cons for next year, though. Hal-Con is in my own little home town in October 2010, so I'll definitely be going to that. But if I don't go to something in the first half of next year, then I'll have been con-less for eighteen months. I really miss geeky fannish gatherings, there isn't a space like it anywhere else.

Are there any cons that folks would recommend happening say March-June next year? Preferably something reachable in one flight from Nova Scotia. I love the relaxed, fannish gatherings like Redemption far more than the big media cons. I have a feeling that [ profile] muskratjamboree is only every two years, isn't it? And that would mean it happens in a Redemption year :-( But really, some recs for cons that people love over here would be awesome.

In other news, the Tour de France was awesome. I cannot express enough how much I loved it. The racing, particularly in the final week, was great. There wasn't even a sniff of a drugs problem. Contador absolutely deserved to win. Best of all, there were Brits in the race doing fantastically. Mark Cavendish was amazing and, with 6 wins in one race, rather deserves the title of fasted man on two wheels. Bradley Wiggins was the revelation of the race and he's made me very excited about the future of Brits in the Tour. Next year he'll be going in as a viable favourite - how cool is that?

In knitting news, I finished some stripey socks in merino and may never want to knit socks from anything else every again. Oh, so gorgeous. My lacey sweater continues apace: I finished the front last night and got some ribbing done on a sleeve today. I am actually slightly worried about how quickly it's knitting up, but it's fun.

I also cast on for a shawl this week. It's going to be a warm, snuggly shawl from DK weight yarn rather than a lacey thing, suitable for cool autumn days and overly enthusiastic AC at the office. I'm using Malabrigo Silky Merino and it's possibly the most amazing thing I've ever knitted. I've never knitted with yarn this soft, it isn't even remotely splitty and the fabric feels smooshy and gorgeous. The shawl is very simple, alternating bands of stocking and garter stitch whenever I feel like a change, so it shows off the sheen and the slight variations in kettle-dye beautifully. It's 50% silk and the reviews say that it grows a lot with blocking, so wouldn't be good in a sweater, but in this kind of snuggly shawl it's just amazing. I'm in love.

It's so gorgeous that I keep reaching into my desk drawer to feel my shawl. Oh, dear, you're not going to part me from this shawl when it's finished.
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The sun is shining and the sky is blue for the first time in over three weeks. And suddenly my funk is gone - I'm feeling cheerful and hopeful even though my back is still quite painful.


I'd never considered myself to have seasonally-affected moods before. Turns out that I do, though. Damn.

In other news, Best Friend in America flies in tonight for a visit! Woo! I am rather ridiculously excited about this. It's so good to have the weather behaving this weekend so that I can show her my new home at its best. Right now, I'm considering having a road trip along the coast on Saturday and mooching around the city on Sunday. If I can arrange it with work, I'm going to leave early tomorrow so that we can go for a walk on the beach and then have supper at my local seafood place.

It's going to be so much fun :-)

The Tour continues to be thoroughly enthralling. Someone yesterday commented that this is the most exciting Tour since, er, 2005 (Lance's last) and that it seems like Armstrong's presence has livened up the peloton a lot. While I don't want to attribute the recent problems in cycling to Armstrong's retirement, I have to admit that this Tour has already had more drama than the previous ones and none of it has been related to drug busts. No, I don't think that it's entirely down to Armstrong being there but I am willing to admit that it's a factor in the level of excitement in this year's race. Cavendish would be the other factor :-)

Problem is, I don't really know how we combat that. All the riders that have got me really excited over the last few years have been arrested at some stage in the race for failing dope controls. On the one hand, the sport is catching the cheats. OTOH, it's been getting hard to continue being thrilled and excited about riders when you're just waiting for them to get busted. I'm really hoping that the new, young riders that are starting to come through will reverse that trend.

In other news, I bound off a sock last night and it actually fits :-) This is particularly exciting because it's the first pair that really do that - fit, I mean.

I've gone down a needle size to 2.25mm, which has produced a denser, firmer fabric. I'm a pretty loose knitter at 2.5mm needles were not working well with the very fine sock yarns that I like. I also re-measured my feet and discovered that I'd been working to the wrong measurements for all these months. Those two factors combined have produced a sock that fits beautifully and feels really great. Yay me! I shall cast on the second one in the pair tonight and probably work on it while I wait at the airport.

My lacy sweater is proceeding well. In fact, it's proceeding much faster than I'd anticipated (all those hours of Tour watching are a help) and, after a week, I'm already most of the way up the back. It's entirely possible that I'll finish it by the end of the month. Weird feeling.

In cat news, I have finally figured out where Annie goes when she disappears in my office. My wireless router sits on a shelf, hidden by the hutches over the desks. Annie has discovered that she can lie on the shelf with her head and front paws pillowed on the lovely, warm router and take a really comfy nap. Silly kiten. I am onto her now!

See? I must be feeling better because I just babbled extensively. Heh.
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My father hasn't watched yesterday's stage yet, so I have nobody to express my glee to. Woe.

Cut for race spoilers )

I love July :-)
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It's that time of year again, so most of this weekend has been spent with the Tour de France. Woot! After the disappointment of trying to find decent tennis coverage, it's a relief to find that I get rather excellent Tour coverage complete with my favourite commentators.

In fact, I got rather more coverage than my parents yesterday - the coverage started with the first guy out of the start house while my parents came in with around 40 riders yet to depart. Heh.

Cut for race spoilers )
I think that the next three weeks are going to be fantastic :-)
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Today I am feeling much better and I have plans to go into London for supper with my sister, yarn trawling in John Lewis (yay!) and possibly a quick stop in the British Library so that I can say that I've been. I have also spent the morning bagging up a huge stack of magazines for the tip. Go me!

So, weekend.

Friday night was my work leaving do and it was great fun. I'm not normally one for going to lots of work dos, but as this one was in my honour I couldn't quite escape! I did end up a few minutes late because I was trying desperately to finish the handover - oops. Still, the do was brilliant fun. We had a few drinks in the pub so that those who couldn't get to the meal afterwards could pop along and then 20 of us toddled off to Old Orleans for food and more drinks. It was just the right thing and I got a bit of a surprise when Da Boss announced that the company was paying. Thank you so much, Da Boss, that was a really lovely surprise :-)

Needless to say, we all got silly and happy and had a fab time and I realised just how much I'll miss them all.

I listened to Pottercasts on the way home and reflected on the irony of the FM transmitter I bought to play my iPod through my car radio only starting to work properly two weeks before I leave. Bah.

Saturday morning involved a very early start so that I could catch a train up to York. The train journey was lovely and relaxing and I met [ profile] historyterry only five minutes late. We drank coffee in the station coffee shop and then wandered into the heat of outdoors (oh god, the heat!) to walk into the city centre. We split up at the Minster, T to find us a suitable lunching venue and me to explore the Minster. That turned out to be a great choice because I enjoyed spending the time quietly exploring, taking photos and having the freedom to sit and think a while as well. I've always found my faith to be a quiet, private thing and I think that I would have felt awkward having company for that trip.

Hundreds of photos of stained glass will be posted tomorrow.

T found us a real ale pub to eat in and I was starving by the time I met him for lunch so it worked out perfectly. After lunch, we wandered through the Shambles and found a vegan tapas bar that I must remember for future visits. There was also fudge, lots of it, and we got to watch them make the most fabulous chocolate orange fudge ever.

OK, yes, I brought some home with me :-)

Then it was onto the train for a trip home that turned out to be an epic trip thanks to faulty trains, cancelled trains and other shenanigans. There was a lovely moment, though, when the chaps across the aisle called out and handed me the Guardian supplement for the day: Mazzmatazz's Rebel Knitters Guide! I'd taken the wool for my sister's blanket with me and it proved to be a talking pointed on the train in the nicest way possible.

Having arrived home rather late, I still had to get up early the next day for the club championships at my archery club. I'd been planning to compete for months so I had no intention of letting a silly thing like complete exhaustion stop me!

It turned out to be a blazingly hot day and, despite being outside for eight hours, I only have the tiniest bit of sunburn on one arm to show for it. Phew! Mostly I'm just looking a little more tanned than usual.

It was an all day shoot, six dozen arrows before lunch and another six dozen after. I was shooting a Bristol III which was six dozen arrows at 50 yards, four dozen at 40 yards and two dozen at 30 yards. For some reason competitions bring out my best work so I ended up shooting a personal best. Yay! As icing on the cake, I also got a medal for 2nd place in the handicap adjusted score category so I felt really pleased with my performance. Unlike the last time I competed, all that physio and hiking has paid off because I didn't ache at all afterwards.

When I finally trailed home from the champs, my sister and father had cooked a lovely vege sausage and mash dinner so we ate that while watching the final three stages of the Tour de France. Despite a couple of drug-related upsets, this has been a great Tour and I'm so glad that I got to see the end. I had a feeling that the yellow jersey would bring out something special in Sastre, so it was great to see him retain the jersey through the time trial (what the hell happened to Evans out there, anyway?) and pull it on in Paris. A great end to a fabulous weekend.

Photos from Wales and York will be up tomorrow and now I must grab some lunch before I dash for my train.
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Right now, I am feeling very angry towards the cyclists who are managing to ruin what had been, until this weekend, an absolutely excellent Tour. We had fabulous racing, lots of excitement and a sense of a fresh start.


The up side that I'm taking away from this is that it's showing that the testing is working: cyclists can't just get away with things anymore. So there is some encouragement.

But why the hell does a cyclist like Vino have to do that? And why couldn't Rasmussen - whom I've really enjoyed watching over the last couple of years - tell the truth? His negative tests count for something, but not enough particularly in the current climbing. Damn.

As much as I really like Contador and would love to see him as a Tour winner one day, this isn't the way that I was hoping he would do it. If he does win, then it will be an empty victory in a way and that's the last thing I wanted for a great prospect like him.

</ rant mode >

I have been listening to the new B7 audio in the car this morning and it is rather shiny and spiffy :-)

I have had a job dumped in my lap that is considerably less spiffy :-(

The data warehouse guy is threatening to pinch me and make me work in IT. Heh.

I want to write fic, but I have a college assignment that I have to finish by Saturday morning :-(

However, I am going to see Sound of Music on Saturday, which makes me very happy and then I can spend Sunday reading fic.
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Possible minor spoilers for Deathly Hallows under here. Be prepared for others providing spoilers in comments )

Today is monumentally boring. I really want to be at home finishing a French assignment so that I don't have to do it at the weekend or even just reading fic. Instead I am bored :-(

And coming down with a serious case of meeting-itis.

Is it time to go home yet?

I don't have the words to talk about the Tour de France and Vino. Yet. I shall probably recover my ranting abilities later.
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Tour babble on stages 8 and 9 cut for the incurious )

My oral exam for the OU this year is supposed to be on a Monday evening, 30 miles away. To do it, I'd need a day off work in order to be in fit state to actually sit the exam and probably a day off afterwards to recover from driving that distance late at night and probably not getting home before 11pm. So I filled in the forms last night to register as disabled for the OU and apply for a telephone alternative.

It's the first time I've actually filled out any form to register as disabled for something so official. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. One some levels, I still feel like a fraud for calling myself disabled. And I also feel like I'm consigning myself to something that I'm not sure I'm ready for.

I will probably have to get a note from my GP to prove that I have chronic back pain. Not exactly looking forward to that because I haven't really discussed with him how any of this is affecting my life - I mostly just look pathetic and ask for painkilles and referrals :-)

It feels like a fairly major step even though I've not really done anything *sigh*

In other, silly news...

Today we all arrived to find catalogues on our desks for the clearance sale on the company's mail order service. Oddly enough, the paper recycling bins are now filled with catalogues for the clearance sale on the company's mail order service :-) Very useful piece of propaganda, that one.

Combined with last week's genius idea to send us all a CD containing a year's worth of TV adverts, through the post to our homes, I feel that I've suddenly identified some areas where the company could save money and help the environment! That CD very quickly made its way to the bin.

I mean, why would I want to watch a year's worth of very bad TV adverts?
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TdF stuff cut for the incurious )

One of the few good things about working at the head office of a major retailer is the presence of suppliers promoting their products. This usually results in samples for staff two or three times a month. Last week, it was a chocolate pudding company promoting some (utterly scrummy) new chocolate brownies. Those are the samples I love.

Today chocolate.

On walking to the canteen, I was confronted by the man-sized company mascot. Today we were promoting bigger packs of a well-known brand of loo roll.

I have to say, the guy in a labrador puppy outfit was a little startling if you weren't expecting him.

There needs to be a rule that all Friday samples must be chocolate based.
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Cut for the incurious )

I was completely exhausted last night, so I had an early night. I did manage to spend some time starting to re-organise a few things on The Haven for the Doctor Who fic, though. And I also booked tickets to see Harry Potter on Saturday :-) So kind of a productive evening even though I was mostly asleep! Tonight I must study *nods*
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Cut for the incurious and those who haven't seen it yet )

Today I am mostly doing data integrity work and investigating random things. Yay me. For reasons best understood by them, my parents are off in London tonight. So I am fending for myself. I view of total exhaustion and lots of back pain, I have decided against cooking tonight and shall indulge in Chinese take-out from the place just down the road.

I'm *so* lazy :-)
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First, the important stuff.

Cut in case anyone on my f-list hasn't seen yesterday's stage yet )

Miraculously, my work actually got covered while I was out yesterday and it's not been too bad coming back. A few minor queries and extra jobs asked for, but nothing too big and most importantly my work actually got done. Yay! I was fully expecting to have to cram all of yesterday's work into today while also trying to get today's reports out. I now have high hopes of leaving at a sensible time so that I can watch my Tour coverage, eat something and have a nice, quiet night in.

I've just jinxed it, haven't I?
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I am exhausted, achey but very happy. We had a fabulous day at the Prologue yesterday and you can see some of the photos here: Flickr photos

Sadly, due to total exhaustion and the length of time it took us to get out of London yesterday (Transport for London really needs to be shot for taking out two thirds of the trains going in my direction, particularly as those were also the trains that were servicing Wembley Stadium) none of us were in any fit state to get up and drive anywhere this morning. So we watched the whole of Stage 1 on TV instead :-)

But the Prologue was fabulous. We went up to London early and managed to get ourselves a fantastic vantage point. We were on the green and leafy, park side of South Carriage Drive. I've heard that people had trouble getting over there - all I can say is that it paid to arrive well before 11am because we had no problems finding a crossing point. One of the big reasons that I wanted to be there early for the Prologue was because I knew that the riders would be doing their warm-ups around the course. It's always a great chance to get photos. If you're just there for the spectacle then there probably isn't much to see at stage starts or the lead-up to time-trials. If you've been following the sport for a long time then it's a chance to see your heroes riding a little slower so that you can actually identify them.

Riders started appearing for warm-ups shortly after we arrived. We were still setting up camp (almost literally - we had stools, snacks and drinks) when the Astana boys came out to play. I'm sure Vino was lurking somewhere in the groups we saw riding around :-) Our chosen spot was lovely and shady, and just before the corner onto Exhibition Drive. The people actually on the corner had obviously been there for hours when we arrived!

The publicity caravan came by around 1pm, complete with dancers in feathers, Aquarel's very oddly shaped vehicles and plenty of people trying to decapitate spectators with badly aimed goodies. The Haribo sweets did taste good, though :-)

The riders continued their warm-ups until a little before three and then the time-trial started. Mum remarked afterwards that at 3pm she had looked at her watch and thought "How am I going to stay interested in three hours of this?" and then suddenly it was 5.50pm and the last riders were starting to come through. It's amazing just how exciting and absorbing it can be to watch 189 riders trying to beat the clock. The time passes without you even noticing.

I shouted myself horse of those three hours and took a ton of photos, some of which aren't too blurry :-) I clapped and shouted for everyone, but my heroes (Zabel, Vino, McEwan, Millar, Wiggins, Hushovd, Leipheimer, Hincapie, Voigt et al) got me cheering so loudly that I now have rather a sore throat ;-)

After Oscar Pereiro had come through, we packed up the food and stools and wandered off to the nearby big screen to find out who won. Fabien Cancellara had been doing an absolutely storming ride as he came past us so it's no surprise that he won. Brilliant.

After that, we had to get home. This was much harder than we thought it would be. Our first hurdle was that all the nearby Tube stations were closed. Da had planned for us to walk down to South Kensington, which we did, only to find the barriers up. We ended up walking to Kensington High Street, but the diversion added about a mile and a half to our walk and we were all feeling distinctly exhausted by the time we got there. The Tube wasn't particularly crowded and my walking stick scored Mum and I seats each time.

Then we got to Marylebone and tried to get a train. Erm. There are two possible train lines we can use, but they'd closed one for track improvements. Not a good weekend to do so - between the Tour, Live Earth, Wimbledon and a Justin Timberlake concert, there were five times the usual number of people trying to leave and they only had a third of the number of trains. The trains they did have were short little things. We were rather sardine-like when we finally got on a train. When we got to Wembley station, there were a few people coming out of the concert early and they'd apparently already missed two trains that were too packed to let them on. They swore rather a lot at us when we couldn't squash up enough to allow them on.

I do feel a little sorry for them, though. I'm wondering whether some of them just got stuck there because I can't imagine the train situation improved at all later. Transport for London definitely has some explaining to do about that one.

Despite setting out a little after 6pm, we didn't get home until nearly 10pm and we were too exhausted to get out to the stage today (which would have involved getting up at around 3am).

So we watched it on TV. Spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet )

This is going to be such a good Tour :-)
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This has been a crazy busy week, but it's finally over and I now have a three day weekend.

What am I doing with it?

Why, going to watch the Tour de France, of course!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I shall be somewhere in Hyde Park, probably on Carriage Drive (or whatever that bit is called) near a large screen. I'm undecided about whether I'm cheering Wiggins or Millar, but shall probably opt for both.

On Sunday, I plan to be on the very small climb just outside Tonbridge doing another cheering job. They'll be going so fast that I'll probably have time for "Allez!" and nothing more.

My main guy this year is Vinokourov. Despite being picked as the favourite (um?), I feel that I'm probably not going to see him win because my Vino has some crazy race tactics. But he's fun to watch, and that's the important part.

I am a little concerned about Valverde being tipped after Vino. He hasn't actually stayed on his bike long enough to finish, yet. Brilliant when he's riding, but slightly Zulle like in his tendency to skupper himself with falls. Oh, well.

I doubt I'll see any of you out there, but if you spot a girl with short red hair, a walking stick, a small portable stool and two concerned parents, that's probably me :-) Come and say hi!


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