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Last night, I actually finished reading a book. Woo!

Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series?

It was a rest day on the Tour de France so I finally had some time to just sit and read. Much as I love my race, it really cuts into the time I have for other things.

That is why my Fringe watching has become rather stalled. Mum and I watched the second episode last night. Heh. Apparently Dad started watching it and Mum was quite enjoying it, but then he stopped recording and watching it and she has no clue how to operate his complex system of gadgets so she had to stop watching as well. So she's quite happy to join me in the great Fringe watch. I must say, I've enjoyed the first couple of episodes a lot and I'm glad that I've gone from the beginning rather than trying to guess where I left off, because I'd forgotten a lot of things. Mum is also very happy to get reminded of all the things she'd forgotten before we plough into new-to-us episodes. Sometimes, my Mum is the most awesome person in the world :-D

Over the weekend, I also managed to catch up on Holby (another Mum and me obsession), where certain characters (Dan Hamilton, I'm looking at you) have managed to become even more annoying and other characters (Malik, Eddy) are growing on me far more than I ever expected. Just, please, could you stop Sacha being so drippy? I adore him and I love his interactions with Eddy, but he needs to stop with the love-lorn puppy thing over Chrissy. Also, stop making Henrik so love-lorn puppy-ish over Sahira. She's awful and while his actor is doing a fabulous job with the character and story, I'd like to see more of the cold, ruthless brilliance that Henrik was so good for and less of the puppy-dog.

And finally, there was new Torchwood. Woo!

Cut for spoilers )
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I am still more than a little in shock, so I can only hope that what follows is coherent.

Massive, truly huge, stonking spoilers here. You have been warned )
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Reviewing both episodes at once because my reviewing appears to be a wee bit
behind again.

Warning: extensive spoilers behind the cut )
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Out of the cut, I can say that these were definitely squee-worthy episodes. Further details will be filled with spoilers :-)

Many spoilers here )
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[ profile] boji has written an excellent analysis of Random Shoes that articulates far better than I did why I loved the episode :-) Go to boji's post to read it.
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Got to watch the video of this one last night, so time for a bit of discussion.

I feel the need for lunch right now. Definitely having one of those mornings.
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There was no Internet yesterday, which was rather tragic and made for an even longer day than usual. But normal service has been resumed, so I can post about last night's Torchwood :-) I will do a Greeks Bearing Gifts post, but last night's was rather shiny so I've been distracted...

Lots of spoilers behind the cut )
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With the lack of Spooks on TV last night, I watched my video of Torchwood rather than waiting until Wednesday so I'm only a day behind the squee.

Extensive spoilers ahoy!

Cut to save sensitive eyes from spoilers )
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There will be spoilers under the cut, but I think it's fairly non-spoilerish to say that episode five (Small World) is really very excellent and nobody should give up on the show until they've seen as far as that one :-)

Many spoilers under here )
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Slightly more coherent thoughts this time.

Spoilers beware under the cut )

May I just say that I'm very pleased that BBC2 is airing it on Wednesdays? If everything goes wrong with videoing (or I can't justify staying up that late on a Sunday...) then there's another option :-) The BBC is very nice that way. Although airing the documentaries at a stupid time on a Sunday isn't so kind.

Now I need to make myself some Torchwood icons :-)


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