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Last night, I actually finished reading a book. Woo!

Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series?

It was a rest day on the Tour de France so I finally had some time to just sit and read. Much as I love my race, it really cuts into the time I have for other things.

That is why my Fringe watching has become rather stalled. Mum and I watched the second episode last night. Heh. Apparently Dad started watching it and Mum was quite enjoying it, but then he stopped recording and watching it and she has no clue how to operate his complex system of gadgets so she had to stop watching as well. So she's quite happy to join me in the great Fringe watch. I must say, I've enjoyed the first couple of episodes a lot and I'm glad that I've gone from the beginning rather than trying to guess where I left off, because I'd forgotten a lot of things. Mum is also very happy to get reminded of all the things she'd forgotten before we plough into new-to-us episodes. Sometimes, my Mum is the most awesome person in the world :-D

Over the weekend, I also managed to catch up on Holby (another Mum and me obsession), where certain characters (Dan Hamilton, I'm looking at you) have managed to become even more annoying and other characters (Malik, Eddy) are growing on me far more than I ever expected. Just, please, could you stop Sacha being so drippy? I adore him and I love his interactions with Eddy, but he needs to stop with the love-lorn puppy thing over Chrissy. Also, stop making Henrik so love-lorn puppy-ish over Sahira. She's awful and while his actor is doing a fabulous job with the character and story, I'd like to see more of the cold, ruthless brilliance that Henrik was so good for and less of the puppy-dog.

And finally, there was new Torchwood. Woo!

Cut for spoilers )
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I am still more than a little in shock, so I can only hope that what follows is coherent.

Massive, truly huge, stonking spoilers here. You have been warned )
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A few of you may have noticed that so far this year I have written exactly two short fics so far. Leaving aside the small matter of how many long fics I used to write in a year, the thing that I have been thinking about is that both of those fics are Doctor Who fics based around Donna.

Why have I been thinking about this? Because Donna seems to be my break-in character for Doctor Who.

I have got the beginnings of several Ace fics littered around my hard-drive. Try as I might, none of them seem to call me even though I really want to write fic for my favourite character and a much under-used Doctor. In classic Who, the only character that I've actually finished a fic for was Brigadier Bambera. Not anyone's first choice, I think, although she was great to write for. In new Who, I have vaguely considered writing fic for both Rose and Martha, but never got further than vaguely thinking about it. I love both characters to bits, yet they just don't speak to me.

This brings me to Donna, who should be the hardest of the new companions to write for because she's loud, brash, shouty, obnoxious and pushy. She's so easy to caricature that she should be incredibly hard to get right and intimidating for writers. And yet she's the character that I've written two fics for with another half finished and a couple more germinating in my brain.

I'm calling her my break-in character because she's the character that I finally found to write in DW.

It doesn't seem to be the character that I most identify with or that I share the background to and that holds true for every fandom. Buffy was my character in Buffy, it was Daniel in Stargate and Elizabeth in Atlantis. It's not necessarily the most popular because half of fandom seemed to hate Elizabeth and a lot of fandom still isn't sure about Donna. It's not a character that I feel needs redeeming or the prettiest or the most fun-loving or the funniest.

I guess the thing with all those characters is that they're the ones that I want to explore and that I have something to say about. Perhaps that's why I spend a couple of years writing for a fandom and then largely move on because I have nothing left to say. Fannish butterflies like me is an essay best left for another day. These are the characters that catch me up and that I can actually feel when I'm writing, who I don't have to struggle to create words for. I like exploring the sides to these characters that are hinted at on the screen but never explored hugely and I enjoy working out how they think.

Perhaps it's easiest to say that these are the characters that speak to me, except it's not a literal voices in my head thing! Just...they are the characters where the stories write themselves to a degree rather than the ones where I have beginnings littered around that never go anywhere without a monumental struggle.

I haven't found my Torchwood character yet. I assumed that it would be Tosh - computer whizz! - and it isn't. Except lately I've been getting the vague ideas for a Captain John Hart story and I'm not sure that I'm ready to write a sociopathic murder addict even if his story is starting to write itself in my head when I get quiet moments.

So, does anyone else experience this or am I just crazy?
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Potential contender for Wins teh Internets today:

Go, laugh, brighten up your day.

In other thoughts, every now and again I think the people in this family might be turning into grown adults. Then my mother's voice filters up to my bedroom, singing Abba's "Thank you for the music" at full volume and my faith in the world is restored :-)
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Reviewing both episodes at once because my reviewing appears to be a wee bit
behind again.

Warning: extensive spoilers behind the cut )
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Cut for musing on the reasoning behind choosing ship/slash pairings with specific reference to fanfic tastes )

In shallower thoughts...

Less than twelve hours now until episode 2 of Torchwood. Yay!

I have been watching The Hand of Fear (Classic Doctor Who) and I have one very important question: who thought that wardrobe would be good for Sarah Jane?? Loving the adventure so far (one and a half episodes in) and Elizabeth Sladen is doing a great job with it, but she's fighting a costume that makes her look around ten years old or possibly auditioning for clown school. Why?

This morning I thought of something that I wanted to say that would cause my f-list to explode. Now I cannot remember it. Woe.

I haven't seen any LJ commentary yet on Heath Ledger, but I can imagine what I will find. For some reason, hearing that news on the radio this morning felt like a big shock. He's not an actor that I thought about much except for "yup, very good" when watching him in films yet there is a little part of me that can't quite express itself except to say shocked.
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The Haven has been updated and the first update of the year is a bit of a bumper edition.

Firstly, a newsletter for Life on Mars fans has been added to the Fandom Newsletter Index. From there I have also gleaned that Ashes to Ashes should be starting in the first week in February. Yay!

Thanks to [ profile] paranoidangel42 fearlessly wading in and reading a ton of Yuletide fics, there are 19 new reviews up at Haven Reviews in a mixture of slash, gen and het:

Pushing Daisies: 4
Discworld: 3
Doctor Who: 3
Blakes 7: 1
Coupling: 1
Harry Potter: 1
Highlander, Holby City (cross-over): 1
Quantum Leap: 1
Spooks: 1
The Avengers: 1
Torchwood: 1
Vorkosigan series: 1

I'm predicting that this will be a great year for fic so read, enjoy and remember to send feedback to the authors of your favourites.
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In around 70 minutes the Torchwood fandom will erupted into squees at frequencies that would kill bats. I shall re-emerge from my hypersound proof booth some time tomorrow, possibly with a review or maybe with just a note to say that I've gone to archery instead :-)

While I wait for the start, I feel the need to write Donna fic (DW Donna, not WW Donna or Holby Donna) but I shall resist. Maybe.
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I have a fairly impressive headache. While I will admit that smacking my head on my desk while attempting to retrieve a bottle of water didn't help, I don't think this is the root cause of the headache because I had one before colliding with the desk.


It seems oddly unfair after getting suckered with a migraine already this week.

I shall be going downstairs for a meeting in a few minutes so I may grab a cup of peppermint tea. And maybe some chocolate :-)

[ profile] crack_van I love you, because you have sensed my distress and included Torchwood as a recced fandom this month :-)

Holby City you are fabulous crack and I love you. Particularly now that Connie is back in all her bitchy fabulousness.

And now I must away to the trenches for another hour. Hoorah! Yes, the hoorah was sarcastic :-)
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Not a huge amount of spoilers, but don't click through if you wish to remain pure and unsullied for Wednesday.

Cut for spoilers )
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Tiny, tiny, teensy spoilers but I'm putting them under a cut just in case )

Replacement assignment went in the post this morning. Bleh.

Also, all of my energy evaporated suddenly at 11am with the entire day still to go. I dozed off in the canteen over lunch and really struggled to keep my eyes open this afternoon. Not good when trying to drive home. This evening I've been doing useful things for as long as I can (validating reviews and doing a smidge of college work) and I shall probably go in search of a chair to doze in now. I've run out of post-supper energy. It's like now that I've had my big hospital trip, got my diagnosis, my body has decided that I no longer have to work as hard to be healthy and normal so it's going to totally run out on me. Damn.


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