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It was the 50th anniversary last week, which somehow crept up on me despite all the stuff over the last few months discussing it. Huh. A part of me is surprised it's the 50th already, another part thinks the sho should be older, but I think that's because Star Trek and Doctor Who are so tightly tied in my mind (my brain is a weird place) that I keep thinking "we already did this!" when it was Doctor Who we did three years ago.

My brain. So weird.

Anyway, in honour of the event, I rewatched "Where No Man Has Gone Before" on Thursday and "The Man Trap" yesterday. If this sounds like I might be starting a rewatch, I couldn't possibly comment...

Dad is visiting, so he and Mum were here to watch, too, which is was nice.

We all found it a little disconcerting to watch "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and have the Enterprise crew sort of there, but not quite right yet. No McKoy or Uhura. The uniforms from "The Cage". Spock still in the make-up from "The Cage", although now with the Vulcan logic being an important element to his character.

I surprised myself with how much I initially liked Gary Mitchell, and how intensely I disliked him by the end. But I think that's the point: power corrupts and twists people, even reasonably decent people like Mitchell. By comparison to a lot of modern sci-fi, it's slow and thoughtful, more interested in the moral dilemma of Mitchell's power and the philosophical implications than the crash-bang-wallop fighting. It fascinates me that this was the less cerebral option that finally sold the show!

The costumes were a bit drab, and it was hard to see the difference between the command and engineering/security specialties, so I don't miss those shirts. I did appreciate that all the women got trousers, though, and I wish they'd kept that aesthetic with the brighter colours. My feelings about Elizabeth Dehner are mixed. Her character should have been great, with her background, but it was like the writers didn't quite know what to do with her. She only really showed her strength towards the end, when she fought back against Mitchell. I guess we got spoiled with Number One :-(

As someone on another board said, the new film Carol Marcus looked a lot like her, and Into Darkness might have been a more interesting film if they'd done something with that. Argh.

I enjoyed the more than I expected to, but it was still a relief to watch "The Man Trap" and get my familiar flavour of Star Trek back. It was interesting, to me, that the first "proper" episode focused so heavily on a character other than Kirk and Spock. You'd think they would have waited a couple more episodes before doing that, but nope. Bones got to feature heavily and have a lot of his backstory established, while we've still only really got Kirk and Spock sketched in. As Bones is my favourite, I'm a-okay with that decision :-) Shatner seemed more comfortable in the role here and Nimoy's Spock is finally starting to behave like the Spock I know, so it's all quite lovely.

My feelings about Uhura are mixed. Obviously I adore her, and I loved seeing her do things that aren't just communication--she helps Sulu coordinate the search!--but there is such a heavy focus on her being lead by the potential for love and lust. That made me a little uncomfortable, because although I love Uhura's poetic side, I don't love the image of her being so easily led by a pretty face. Does that make any sense?

I was highly entertained by the fact that Sulu is, apparently, a master of everything. Mathematics (in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"), botany, navigation and helm...Sulu, you are the best person on the ship, aren't you? :-D

I'd promised myself I wouldn't do a TOS rewatch until I finished TNG and DS9. My discipline is weakening...
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*blows dust off blog*

Ahem. Yes. I am terrible about updating. BUT. I figured it might be handy if I listed somewhere which panels I'm on at Nine Worlds THIS WEEKEND OMG HOW IS IT SO SOON. Don't believe the schedule - there's a small back-end issue with one of my panels, where I had to turn one down due to a clash but the listing still has me down on the turned down one. Woops!

So, if you want to see me be geeky, here's where you can find me:

Friday, 3.15pm: Writing Superheroes

Join Emma (signe_chan), Ollie, and I as we discuss writing superheroes in our fic. The ins and outs, the interesting aspects to explore, the way fic explores superpowers. However you define superheroes and superpowers, whether it's DC/Marvel or Buffy, this is the panel to be at.

Friday, 5pm: WILD SPECULATION: Star Trek

Round-table speculation about the movies and the forthcoming TV series. The wilder the idea, the better!

Saturday, 11.45am: History of Femslash

Llyn, Cleo, Roz Kaveny and I will be talking about femslash and its history, discussing where it began, where we all began in it, and how it has changed over the years. Whether you're new to femslash or an old hand, this is a panel for you! Wanna know what the first written femslash pairing probably was? Or what in heck a Xena Uber was? (And why so much lesbian fiction from the early 2000s looks suspiciously Xena-like?) Audience participation is encouraged and we'll be trying to put together an actual timeline on a large piece of paper during the panel.

Sunday, 9am: Why we love femslash

Despite the early hour, this is a celebration panel! Why do we love femslash? What are the tropes and stories we adore? Come and spend 45 minutes squeeing with Llyn, Cleo, and I about the joys of f/f romance in our favourite shows, books, and movies. There's only one rule: the phrase "femslash is better than dudeslash because..." is outlawed :-D
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The whole snow/ice/winter thing has become such a huge source of anxiety and depression for me that I'm trying a new technique for dealing with it: acknowledging its existence but otherwise ignoring it. My Twitter feed of local news has been moved to a place I can't easily see it (apart from local travel news, which is important), I'm only allowing myself two daily checks on the forecast, and I'm trying to focus on other things.

Fun things.

We had a good, clear day on Saturday, so I made a last minute decision to Do Something Fun, and took myself to a lunchtime show at the cinema. JUPITER ASCENDING OMG.

It's not a good movie, okay? Objectively and critically, it is not good. But I freaking loved it. Entertaining as hell, utterly bonkers, and the cast had clearly gone "Welp, it's insane and we want to have fun so *jazz hands*, which worked. And best of all, it left so many huge plot threads unresolved that there should be a shitton of fanfic coming out of it. Hell, there probably already is.

(If anyone has any JA recs, send them over this way. Please *flutters eyelashes*)

Guys, in terms of cheering myself the hell up, this movie *worked* on so many levels. Hells yes, I shall be preordering the DVD.

I've been working my way through The 100, but this weekend I took a break. Largely because I feel that something as intense and crushing as that show doesn't work well with my intense and crushing weather anxiety.

So instead, I resumed my ST:TNG rewatch. I got up to Skin of Evil on Sunday. Now, I haven't seen this episode since it first aired when I was a kid. spoilers )

Of course, in true ST:TNG style, that plot point didn't get acknowledged in the next episode. Oh, show.

One thing that I'm taking away from the rewatch is that my memories of the first season being incredibly uneven are totally true. Some episodes are quite good. Others are terrible. Thank goodness it wasn't being made now, it wouldn't have survived to season two.

And we wouldn't have got all those episodes that are actually genuinely brilliant :-D
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Star Trek tickets have gone on sale at my local cinema! WOO HOO! :-D

Tonight's to do list:

1) Book Iron Man 3 ticket for Friday opening weekend
2) Book Star Trek ticket for Friday opening weekend

I'll also need to check with my movie buddy on when she wants to see these things. I know she won't be able to get there on opening night, but as I'll want a repeat visit to both of these we'll hopefully be able to book a joint outing a week or two after opening night for both.

I wonder whether I should just take a sleeping bag and spend May living in the cinema, as that's what my schedule currently looks like?

Today's fun times happiness involves a business analyst who is being remarkably stubborn in not understanding a) the difference between Excel and PDF and b) why I can't make the Excel version of something look exactly like the PDF. Specifically, why are the pie charts slightly different?


Dude, if you are completely in love with Oracle's 3D pie charts in the pretty PDFs then why in hell are you wanting me to build Excel outputs for these damn reports?

My project co-leader is on vacation and I'm getting regular pestering about whether or not we're going to hit our deadlines. Plus this Excel/PDF crap. Plus a lack of understanding on why I can't just skip systest and pass code on for a quick acceptance validation. Plus a bunch of other crap. And those deadlines are starting to look awfully close. I mean, I'm still confident that everything will be built in time but the panicking and flailing from the BA isn't helping my stress levels.

Gee, I wonder why I'm turning into a massive insomniac this week?
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A colleague returned from Florida yesterday with a mountain of M&Ms. As he's my project partner and fellow geek, I keep finding excuses to wander over to his desk for a chat so that I can snag a handful of chocolate. Damn, I'm going to have eaten so many M&Ms this week :-D

Last night's wrist splint experiment was a mixed result thing. On the positive side, it was slightly stiff when I took the splint off this morning (from not being allowed to flex or extend for several hours, rigid splint is rigid) but that quickly wore off and it's not feeling as sore or crunchy as it did yesterday. Plus it didn't hurt through the night from being twisted into funny positions.

On the negative side, I didn't sleep well because I'm not used to having the splint there.

I'm giving it a couple of weeks before I decide whether I can stand to sleep with it or not.

One unexpected bonus did appear. I put the splint on when I got into bed (to get used to it) and then read for a while. When I reached out to put my heavy book on the bedside table, it took me a couple of minutes to realise what the strange absence was.

Reaching out with my heaving book didn't hurt!

Usually the weight of the book pulls my wrist into an ouchy nerve-trappy crunch position. The splint supported it so that didn't happen. It felt so odd not to have a moment of ouch. Heh.

I am getting so close to the end of season two of DS9, I can almost taste the quality improvement that came with season three. Tonight is Humira night so maybe I'll spend the evening ploughing through a couple more DS9 episodes :-D
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I had this great plan that I was going to do my Christmas shopping (on Amazon) when I got home. And also that I was going to read massive chunks of my current library book.

I spent a couple of hours relaxing on the couch. Then I heated soup for supper and watched Angel as part of my Buffy re-watch. Now I'm writing this up before I head back to the couch. I may get really active later and sit up in my recliner with the TV remote.

I did accomplish something: I read some of my library book. It's not that I hate the book, but I don't love the book either. It's a very 'meh' book. It's a YA urban sci-fi type thing, which should be great fun except the characters are rather 2D and the storyline is nothing that I haven't seen before, usually better. I usually enjoy this author's grown-up books, but it looks her YA stuff isn't my thing.

I've reached the "I'll finish it or die trying stage". Woe is me.

When I get too bored with the book, I keep switching to fanfic because it's so much more fun.

I'm not sure whether this is a reaction to the book or a reaction my current level of brain-dribbling exhaustion, but I'm going through a bit of a re-boot Star Trek fic thing. I have fics on the go on my iPad and on my Kindle. And as all the good, long stories are K/S, I'm reading rather a lot of K/S reboot slash. For some reason, my brain cannot handle TOS K/S, but I'm quite happy with reboot. Hmm.

It helps that in with some quite excellent plotty fics, there are also some rather cracktastic fics and I'm loving those as well. Oh, fandom, my love for you is eternal.

If anyone has good recs for reboot K/S stuff (if it's on AO3, even better) I wouldn't say no...
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I know, it's been a very, very long time but I finally went in and put up a couple of reviews, validated a bunch more from [ profile] paranoidangel42 and have 22 new fanfic reviews up. Woo!

It's quite the mixed bag in terms of fandoms:

Harry Potter 2
Pushing Daisies 2
Star Trek XI 2
A Dog's Breakfast 1
Alice in Wonderland 1
Blackadder 1
Buffy 1
Buffy, Dead Like Me (cross-over) 1
Diane Duane - Young Wizards series 1
Discworld 1
Doctor Who 1
Doctor Who, Harry Potter (cross-over) 1
Keeping Up Appearances 1
Lord of the Rings 1
Stargate Atlantis 1
Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek XI (cross-over) 1
The Thick of It 1
Vorkosigan series 1

Enjoy them!

ETA: OK, it's only 21. I had to delete one because the fic (and the author) have been taken down from the Web. Darn.

ETA 2: Yes, the link would help, wouldn't it?
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Have you wondered what it would be like if Bartlett was the Federation President? And Toby was a Vulcan? And CJ was as awesome as only CJ can be?

I still want to be CJ when I grow up.

Then read This Is What's Next and Mr Kirk of Iowan by [ profile] chaletian right now, this minute, and I promise you'll enjoy it. The voices are right *there* - particularly CJ - it's totally West Wing yet also totally Star Trek (the rebooted version).

I am working through the TARDIS Big Bang fics. So far, I've loved the Clyde piece to itty bits. Yes, I glomped straight onto the Clyde piece this year. There is very little Donna fic :-( I'm halfway through another and a bit meh about finishing it. The opening paragraphs were filled with awesome and intrigue, but that promise hasn't been fulfilled. Plus there is there are androids, the Master, Daleks and Cybermen and it feels like rather an excess of villains with no purpose. I keep feeling like I should recognise the two 'companion' characters, but there is nothing in the notes about this being a cross-over. They do give off faint Mary Sue whiffs, but that could just be oversensitivity. Lastly, the beta missed more typing errors than I really feel comfortable with for a ficathon like Big Bang.

Hmm, having read through my big list of dissatisfactions, perhaps this is a sign that it's time to give up and move onto the next fic?

In other news, I am in a weird sort of funk right now. I woke up feeling this way on Friday, so I suspect hormones, but it hasn't dissipated as expected over the weekend. Thus I am still feeling odd. This has taken the the form of not being happy (although not having the urge to cry all the time, thank god) quite a lot, wanting to hide under my bed covers and taking random naps every time I sit down for a few minutes. I slept through quite a lot of Wimbledon coverage this weekend while being smothered by kittens. Also I was headachey and nauseous on Saturday, which I assumed was due to the large glass of wine I consumed Friday evening, but continued with added fever yesterday and even I can't have a two-day hangover from one (large) glass of wine.

Today I am just headachey, sleepy and unhappy with ocassional stomach cramps. Perhaps it is lifting? My hip hurts like heck but increasing my anti-inflammatories has finally got my back under control again, so that's progress.

Think I'll sign off and do some actual work. Or read fic until actual work turns up, because I finished what I was working on considerably earlier than expected. Huh.
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[ profile] loneraven has written a gem of a Star Trek fic: A Formal Dance in the Bowling Alley.

It's gen, has great voices and captures the feel of Star Trek XI perfectly.
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First of all, the Spock thoughts. Obviously spoilers will abound )

Now that is over, time for kittens! Annie came up with a new trick this morning. We were having our morning cuddle where she clings on like a baby and I try to anticpate where she's going to move her head so that I don't spill coffee all over her when she tried something new. She squirmed up to drape herself over my shoulder (nothing new there) and then reared up to cuddle the top of my head!

It was like having a car window cat plastered to my face.

Stupid thing? She did it twice. And I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell her off. My girls know how to entertain me :-)

In other, less funny news, my back is achey and grouchy. Oddly, this is harder to deal with than full-on crying and screaming from pain stuff. It's achey and its going down through my hips and legs to make them achey, my knees are all unhappy and it's such a dull, niggly pain that it's driving me insane. Even stretching out isn't helping for more than a couple of minutes. Grrrrr.

I'm gonna need the extra painkillers to sleep tonight because it's just going to annoy me and keep me awake for hours and hours otherwise.

But there is a good thing - long weekend! Woo! And I'm having a day trip tomorrow. Plus sort of considering maybe a sneaking off to a return trip to Star Trek on Monday. Maybe. Unless my plans get interferred with. Er, wait, how often do my weekends go according to actual plan?
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This morning the sea was completely motionless when I left. So still it looked like glass, even out near the rocks by my mailbox where there are usually at least small waves. It was rather eerie.

I'm reminded yet again why I love being a part of fandom. Right now, it's in full-on explosion. I haven't seen fandom like this since the week between Stolen Earth and Journey's End last year and this time it's not about Doctor Who. There is so much happy chatter and sharing of resources and discussion of Star Trek. People that I didn't know were Star Trek fans are discussing the movie and the original series, the parallels and the differences, giving recs for novelisations generally being fans. There are new communities popping up all over the place. It's so much fun! Fandom only does this kind of explosion once or twice a year and I'm having so much fun.

It will die down in a few days as people settle into the new grooves and decide where in the Trek world they want to reside. I'm holding off on joining any communities (apart from [ profile] trek_news) until I've seen which comms will actually have sustained interesting content :-)

Of course, fandom will have Explosion 2 for 2009 when the Harry Potter movie comes out and that will also be amazing fun :-)

One of the fun things is the reaction of the knitting community. When crafters and fandom collide, the reaction is great. People are already working out patterns for knitting Scotty's hat and Spock's sweater (from the early Vulcan scenes) and I'm sure the costumers out there are working out patterns and fabric resources for uniforms. I've never been in the crafting world for this kind of thing before - it's fun!

In less fun news, I am currently working on something where I need to trace the source of a column in a table and work out why certain values are loaded. For the fourth time, I have declared that I don't understand what I thought that I understood and gone back to the drawing board. This code is a nightmare!

But to cheer me up, Annie loves me soooo much that she wouldn't let go from her morning cuddle so that I could go to work. She wraps her front legs around my neck and holds on like a baby. It's utterly adorable and would have been even more adorable if she hadn't needed two time-outs in the craft room for bad behaviour this morning :-D
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Cutting this to avoid spoiling the folks who haven't seen it yet )

In non spoiler-ish thoughts, [ profile] marthawells has been discussing Star Trek novelisations and I'm contemplating a trip to my second hand bookstore to see whether I can pick up any of the recommended tomes. I'm thinking the Diane Duane novels and Uhura's Song will be top of my "ooh, I hope they have that" list.
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Just got back from Star Trek. I haven't quite come down from the high.


Perhaps a review will help me to calm enough for sleep?

My plan for the afternoon worked and I got to the cinema at 6.30pm after a leisurely coffee and supper. Yum. I'm very glad that I arrived when I did: there were odd single seats dotted around the middle/back of the theatre but very few. The front rows and the pit were pretty much empty, but I really didn't want to sit down there. I found myself a pretty good seat about halfway back and felt terribly smug every time a group climbed up and down looking for seats, complaining about the cinema selling seats to a performance that was full. After a while, the audience just started pointing everyone to the front immediately to stop the whining!

There was a small cheer when the film started and it became immediately obvious that everyone in there was on the same page. Laughter in all the right places, silence where needed and, best of all, cheering and clapping with the final credits. Everyone in there had a fantastic time and I'm so glad that I decided to go tonight rather than waiting: it was the fans in there, the ones who wanted to buy into the film and love it, and later on it won't be quite such a fannish experience. All the people who recommended the digital presentation: totally worth it :-D

The film itself was great. It was absolutely born out of the original series, with enough references for the me to feel like it's "my" Star Trek film yet at the same time I think it would be accessible to people unfamiliar with the original series. I even spotted the Enterprise reference!

The actors were all great in their parts: Zachary Quinn and Karl Urban deserve particular praise. I think those two had studied the original series because their voices and delivery as Spoke and Bones were just perfect. Thankfully the actor playing Kirk hadn't studied at the School of Shatner, for which I am eternally thankful!

There's not much more that I can say without giving away big spoilers, but I will say that this Trek fan gives it ten out of ten and a solid recommendation for anyone - Trekkie or not - to see it.

And now let the spoilers commence )

When is the next Star Trek movie? Now? Now?
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My local yarn store started its birthday sale yesterday - 40% off everything. They have some gorgeous stuff including some cashmere that I've had my eye on for a while. I was so disappointed when I realised that I'd probably not get there until Saturday, the last day of the sale when all the good stuff would be gone and I'd probably not find anything I wanted.

So I arranged with my boss to work through lunch today and leave early. I should get there an hour before closing. Yay!

I've got two projects in mind that I'd really like to find some yarn for if there is anything suitable. I've taken down yardages and suggested needle sizes. I've also decided that I'm allowed one skein of sock yarn if there is something there that really, really grabs me. Because I've got the yarn for six pairs sitting in my stash and there are a limit to the number of feet I have. Also, a limit to the people that I will knit socks for because I love my handknit socks and just want to keep them all shouting "mine mine mine!" at the top of my voice.


Then it is knit night tonight. So today is going to be a fun, yarny day.

Tomorrow it is Star Trek. Current itinerary is:

4pm - finish work and go to Second Cup for either hot chocolate or caramel latte, depending on how much relaxation is needed.

5pm - drive down to restaurants near cinema place and park for the evening. Decide where to eat, but leaning towards Boston Pizza right now.

6.30pm - saunter over to the cinema, pick up my pre-ordered ticket and review the status of the queue outside the door to the screen.

7pm - be sitting in theatre, watching trailers :-)

10pm - get home and squee loudly at Internet.

My week started out so crap, but it's looking up. My boss is even awarding me time and a half overtime for the weekend that can be banked and taken in lieu later. Think I'll take an afternoon off when Mum is visiting to do something fun. As I'm on call again over the first weekend in August, I might get to bank more overtime had have an entire day to play with!
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I have tickets to see Star Trek :-) Friday, 7pm, seeing the digital presentation. I have plans to treat myself to either pizza or ribs before the show.

And now I'm trying to work out how I can get to the sale at my local yarn shop tomorrow. If I wait until Saturday, all the good stuff will be gone!
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I have a dilemma. Star Trek is showing at 6.30pm or 9.50pm at my local cinema. Or there is 7pm, but that's a digital projection. Two questions:

1. What the heck does this digital projection thing do? Is it better than normal? Is this the showing everyone would recommend?

2. If I don't go to that one, is 6.30 or 9.50 the better option? Earlier doesn't give me a huge amount of time to go home, get food and get back to the cinema. Later might result in accidental sleeping. Third option is earlier showing and grab some food at a restaurant near the theatre, which I'm leaning towards heavily.

Ack, decisions! Plus, I've only once been to a cinema on my own so this is all new territory for me. But I'm doing it for Star Trek. There is no one I know who will watch it with me (without me driving 45 minutes through rush hour traffic, anyway) and going on my own guarantees that I'll actually see it.

And, er, leaves me room to go for a repeat viewing later if it's good enough :-)

OMG, need to book tickets tonight! Make decision!

I'm going to see Star Trek!

In more boring news...

The knuckle joint of my little finger is aching. I suspect that this is muscle ache due to the angle that I must hold it in at this desk to type. My new keyboard tray and other OT-prescribed gadgets cannot arrive soon enough.

However, the new monitors have arrived. Yay! I've got a 22" widescreen monitor. It is blindingly bright and I haven't yet figured out how to adjust it to a reasonable comfort level. It's also washing out a lot of colours so I don't think it's just me! Or possibly this is how things are supposed to look and it's been so long since I had a correctly calibrated monitor that I've forgotten what it looks like. Suspect that it's the monitor because Ravelry doens't normally look that washed out at home.

The monster headache that I've had since Friday is still here, so that's definitely not monitor-induced. I think that's tiredness induced. I very nearly didn't get up for work this morning. Ick.
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In two hours and fifteen minutes I am out of here for Christmas. I love a company that gives us Christmas Eve off :-)

Theoretically, I am working on something here. I'm modifying and testing a mapping on the data warehouse.

Er, in reality I'm occassionally looking at my mapping and running test scripts, while also working on the Donna Fix-it Fic (probably won't happen before New Year, but I plan to get it done early January come what may) and browsing LJ. Merlin is turning out to be a shiny, sparkly, cracky fandom apparently and as addictive as the show. Damn them. I may also be looking at the Yuletide Treats list and feeling relieved that none of the things up spark my interest. Yet. I cannot write a fic in 24 hours. Seriously. Don't let me think that I can. I would be insane. Really, really, really.

Also, I apparently need to watch Star Trek: Phase II. Particularly now that I have an Internet connection that can cope with downloading things.

Oh, god, will this day never end so that I can do my shopping and finally see my sister? I want Christmas to start, damn it!

Still here

Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:47 am
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I lost power yesterday just after lunch, but thankfully just after we established that my sister's plane had indeed landed in Moncton. Phew! She spent the night safe and warm in my cousin's house being spoiled rotten and then another cousin is driving down here for Christmas and has found her a seat in his van. So hopefully she'll be here by the afternoon and her nightmare, fifty hour trip will be over.

The bad news is that her luggage didn't get on the plane :-( Apparently the airline has it, knows where it is, and will be trying to reunite her with it ASAP. For now, though, she needs to buy some necessities and we both need to purchase token gifts for the parents because the real gifts were in her suitcase. Da's comment this morning was that he slept much better last night than he has since he arrived because it feels like things are finally going our way.

The window held, although it was leaking heat like a seive which wasn't good once the power had gone. Around mid-afternoon the winds started to die down a bit, enough that my parents could get out of the house without being blown over, so they went to the hardware store to pick up some wood to secure the window better. They also went to the store to pick up some groceries including some hot chicken for supper. Yay! Miracle of miracles, just as we'd served up supper for Mum and I and were trying to work out what to do with Da's cold tofu, the power came back. Hooray! It flickered a lot over the next couple of hours and then steadied. It's amazing how much better one feels with hot food and hot tea inside and some actual lights.

The window has now been boarded on the inside so we're not worried about flying glass if the inner pane gives way. Hopefully today we'll be able to get out and secure it from the outside so that nothing can smash the inner pane. Boarding the window also insulated it better, which we decided was a good thing just in case the power went out again.

The glass that we picked up looks incredibly thin and we suspect that the window wasn't quite as well-constructed as it should have been. Damn contractor who built the house. Our roof was not the one loosing shingles - it was my neighbour. We replaced our roof in the spring when we discovered that it was very poorly constructed. His house was built by the same contractor and he obviously didn't replace the roof. Now we're feeling very grateful for spending the money on a new roof because our neighbour is going to have a nighmare getting that fixed. Plus he's trying to sell the house!

The adrenaline ran out not long after the power came back and we all kind of flumped. Once we'd got the window boarded and some of the mess cleared up, we decided that we needed a truely daft, escapist movie to unwind with. Cue Star Trek IV! Damn, that move is fun and it reminded me yet again why Bones is my favourite original Trek character :-)

I'm at work today and the good news is that the office was in fact closed all day yesterday rather than just until noon so I haven't lost a day of pay. Apparently the power was out most of the day here. There has been 'discussion' over the late announcement of the closure on the emergency line - nothing was said about my office until well after most people had started to battle their way in. The window was the only reason that I didn't come in first thing and a lot of people then had difficulty getting home again due to the storm. Methinks that the decision will be made a bit earlier next time!

To sum up, my sister is going to get here in a few hours, the window is semi-secure, my cousin will be on a flight here this afternoon, we have power and I've still got enough time to do the last bits of shopping that I need. Christmas is starting to look more hopeful than it was twenty-four hours ago :-)
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Between the trailer and the accompanying article, I think that I have finally started to get excited about this. Squee!

I'd still like a 200 years post-TNG series (because I think that's the best way for the franchise to go forwards), but this movie looks rather special.


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