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Posting this for posterity, mostly so that I can check back next winter to find out just how long this hell lasted. I'm hoping that next winter, I'll be checking back at this time and feeling happy that winter is already over.

It is the 29th of March and we had 30cm of snow this morning.

Yes indeedy. I shovelled. My plough guy helped. I shovelled some more.

And now I'm taking the horse pills to get my back to stop screaming at me.
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Honestly, I had no idea this much snow could exist. We had 30cm on Sunday--which translated into chest deep drifts covering most of my driveway--and now we've got another 50cm+ today. I'm not going to try to estimate how deep the drifts on my driveway are right now. Very deep is all I can say.

And drifts against both of my doors, which is going to make trying to get out to deal with this when it finally stops snowing...interesting.

Honestly tempted to say "Fuck it" and give up on even starting to shovel today. I might have to see if a cousin can get to me tomorrow and give me a hand with this. Something tells me I won't be seeing my plough guy any time soon...

There are rumours of another storm on Saturday. Starting to suspect spring is mythical.

I told my parents at the weekend that I'm moving out of the house into an apartment in three years. I figured that was enough time for them to get their shit together and either move over here or sell the house. Kind of wish I'd told them I'm moving next week...
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Me: I checked this thing out of the repository but it won't let me edit it. Is something wrong with the repository?
DBA: Have you tried checking it out to edit it?
Me: ...
Me: It's going to be one of those days, isn't it?

We're forecasted to have a huge snow storm on Sunday. The entire province is ready to cry. We're so far over our snow removal budget that it's become a joke and everyone is worn down by it. Hopefully this will be the last bad one of the season, but I'm not holding my breath.

I've booked a week off over Easter. I'm too worn down and need some recuperation time. My poor, abused back needs some recuperation time.

I'm also going to do Camp Nanowrimo this year, so that week off will give me a chance to get a solid bit of work done. I'm currently reading and making notes on Papercuts so that I can make the larger revisions it needs. I'm pretty sure that I've found the biggest plot issue and I know where to fix it, so that's good. It's a better book than I remember, but not yet good enough to go out on submission. My plan is to make the revisions by the end of the month and send it out to test readers, so I'll be itching for something new to play with in April.

At the moment, I'm pretty sure that I'll be plunging into the revised version of Zombie Circus. The one with the correct main character :-D I've got another novel in outlining stage that I'd like to tackle this year, but it needs more thinking before I start it.

I've also been working up some short stories with an eye to submit to magazines this year as well as querying agents. Even if all I get this year is rejections, I'm making 2015 the year that I throw myself at the publishing thing and see what happens.
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I think my city is now shell-shocked by the weather. Sunday featured snow, which transitioned to rain and caused mass flooding on a lot of roads (two feet deep in a lot of places) due to volume of rain and snow melt.

And then, in the middle of the afternoon, the temps dropped by ten degrees in an hour and we had a flash freeze, with all that water still on the ground.

The phrase "entombed in ice" has now been used to describe a city in real life. It's like something out of The Day After Tomorrow here.

Two days later, and most of the roads are still dangerous to drive on. I've throw my back out, because I spend two hours on Sunday, moving slushy wet snow before it could freeze. Cleared my entire driveway and looked like an icicle when I got in, because the freeze was starting as I finished. Moving that much heavy wet snow killed my back.

At least it gave me an excuse to work from home today. Hopefully we'll see some improvement in the roads - it's supposed to be -6C and very sunny today, so the salt should have a chance of doing something, anyway.

And then we get another storm on Thursday.

I'm sorry, this blog has become a constant thread of "MOAR SNOW OMG". But really, venting is the only thing keeping me marginally sane right now. At least I've got a lot of food in and don't need to leave the house for a while.
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Well, I came to work today.

It was a terrifying drive. We've still got a lot of ice pack on the roads from the storm early last week. My little car does not do well on that kind of terrain.

Plan today is to buy cat food and meds on the way home and then review my level of anxiety tomorrow morning. We're supposed to get a bit of snow down overnight, so there's a good chance that I'll conclude my anxiety needs a day off and work from home tomorrow. As long as I get the cat food and meds.

The technique to surviving this weather seems to be grabbing all the supplies on the days it's possible to get out and then just hunkering down and waiting it out until the next semi-not-terrible day.

Hard to believe that two weeks ago we had clear roads and no problems :-(

In less depressing news, tonight I have fic to post. And a big battle scene to choreograph in another fic, after spending last week writing everything except the big battle scene. There are several thousand words of filler that I'll probably chop out during revisions, all written as a procrastination method to avoiding writing the battle. I am so great at this :-D
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We had more snow last night. Thankfully no ice on top of it, but it rained during the day and then it snowed, so there's a good layer of ice underneath all the fluffy snow.

And now the temps are down in the double minus numbers. I'm psyching myself up to go out and clear a path to my car and clear my car off before my plough guy comes. He's going to need to dig out the end of my drive before I can move my car, though. The snow has drifted badly.

Yet again, the entire city is a gridlocked mess due to the ice. And the city government is warning that they're running out of places to store the snow. Considering we had bare ground two weeks ago, this is impressive.

And another storm is coming in Monday/Tuesday. Argh.

But at least I have a few clear days before that, and I got groceries yesterday. The only issue was that I couldn't reach the vet yesterday, so I'm running low on cat food. Hopefully I can rectify that before we run out. If only they were open on weekends...

On the positive side, I did get out yesterday, and I've never been so happy to see my co-workers in my life. So I'm less cabin fever-y. And tonight there's rugby to watch, which always makes me happy. Plus, after this next storm, the long term forecast looks clear for at least a week. Maybe the city will be able to get the roads safe to drive on.
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In case anyone is wondering, I did finally get out of my house. Yesterday.

It involved a kind neighbour checking on me (because he hadn't seen any sign of me on Tuesday when everyone else was out clearing stuff) and bringing his axe to chop away enough ice to get my door open.

Yup, an axe.

And then he helped me chop away enough ice to get my car off the driveway so my plough guy could use his blade to get me a smooth driveable surface. This also involved an axe, multiple shovels, a box of kitty litter, and eventually a second neighbour to help push.

Just...I have never known a winter with this much ice. Nobody else in my office has, either. They were plotting to send a work party out to help me if my neighbours hadn't gathered around yesterday.

(Neighbour who checked on me felt guilty for not checking earlier. D'aw. I suspect he'll be checking on me a lot now. But as he freed me from my house, that's fine. I'll bake his family a big batch of cookies when the weather is less awful.)

Today I made the, frankly terrifying, drive to work. The temps have gone up and it's raining. At least for now. In the evening it's supposed to change to snow and then the temps will drop to -15C, so I'll probably be iced in again by morning. But at least I got to go out for a day. I'm hoping to get to the grocery store on the way home, so if I get stuck for another couple of days, I'll at least have food in.

Spring will happen one day, right?

If only it was just snow. It's the ice that's killing us right now.
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Last night's storm actually managed to be worse than the blizzard last week. I slept through a lot of it due to a really bad migraine, but from what I saw on Twitter, it was bad.

It hit a couple of hours before rush hour, so it took a lot of people hours to get home because they were trying to drive through the worst of it. The ploughs got stuck in traffic. Buses got stuck on hills. Nightmare.

And the storm ended with a lot of ice pellets and freezing rain sometime in the middle of the night, just to make sure that digging out today is impossible. A lot of the city is still shut down. The roads are largely impassable. Some of the highways are starting to get driveable (it's late morning), but most of the side streets are under three inches of ice and impossible to navigate. The city plough has been past on my street, but nobody has gone anywhere. We've got thick walls of ice churned up by the plough blocking us in our driveways, and even the people who have managed to chip those down aren't going anywhere because the street is so bad and we'd have to slide down a hill to go anywhere.

A hill with an ocean at the bottom.

And nobody wants to get trapped away from home if they can't get back up the hill.

It's a moot point for me, because both of my screen doors have snow and ice piled against them so I can't get out of the house. I'm still waiting for my plough guy to get up here and chop me free, although I'm starting to feel doubtful about when that will happen. Even his truck may struggle with all that ice on the road.

Good thing I've got plenty of food in the house. I may be here for a day or two.
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It's Groundhog Day here. The whole province is waiting on a groundhog to emerge from its hole and, hopefully, see it's shadow so we can pretend winter is nearly over.


It's like winter saved up all the horribleness for weeks and weeks, and is now trying to dump all of it on us in what remains of winter. I'd really like to just curl up and hibernate until spring.

There's another storm heading in this afternoon. I was feeling just cruddy enough this morning that I didn't feel guilty about deciding to work from home, because being caught in a snowstorm driving home while feeling like crap is not my thing.

Apparently this storm will bring snow and rain, and the temps will immediate plunge to arctic levels so tomorrow's commute will probably be hell because nothing will get cleared before the temps drop. Apparently today's commute around my office isn't much fun because everything is still ice rink-like after the weekend's ridiculous weather combo of rain immediately followed by double digit minus number temps.

So, groundhog, please tell us winter will soon be over. I know we had a really mild start to the winter, but now we're getting slammed every two days and I need to buy groceries at some stage soon.
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The storm has started:

We had clear streets an hour ago. Apparently the worst won't hit for another two or three hours. The winds are already freaking the cats out.

I'm working from home, because my office has not yet had the sense to give up and close down. A fair number of people can't work from home, which means a fair number of people are currently driving through the mess to get to work and will possibly end up stranded. Gah.

Hopefully at least some of them heeded the "if you don't feel safe driving, don't come to work, we'll still pay you" email from yesterday. I suspect some won't, because the office is open so clearly they must be there.

I'm hunkering down. My power is just starting to flicker slightly. Hopefully the office will shut before my power goes out.

(Although really, I'd prefer it if my power didn't go out at all.)

I've got food. I've got blankets. My devices are all charged. I filled a thermos with hot water so I can make coffee. I'm as ready as I can be.

Hello, winter.

ETA: My office closed five minutes after I wrote this. We've all been given permission to log off and enjoy our snow day. I'm relieved because now I can turn off my computer, just in case the power goes out. My UPS is playing up and I haven't had time to install its new battery yet.
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So, everyone who has been hearing about that huge storm that's going to wallop the eastern seaboard with snow today and tomorrow?

Yeah, it's not stopping at the Canadian border, despite international news reports that always forget about Canada. We're predicted to get at least a foot, with ice pellets and rain at the end, just to make the mess really hard to clear up. Yay us!

I'm buying in the storm chips. Recharging all the devices. Totally working from home tomorrow.

Hoping we get a snow day, so I can watch movies and eat my storm chips.

Hoping my power doesn't go out.

It's going to be fun!

I'm still mildly shocked this is my first big storm of the season. Most of January is already gone. Please can all winters be like this?
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Today I am highly unimpressed by the surprise snow storm currently still raging outside my office window. This was not in the forecast! It didn't start until I was part way to work, which is why I'm staring at it from my office window and wincing at the notices from the RCMP about staying off the road due to whiteout conditions.


I'm hoping it's cleared off by the time I need to leave tonight. I've got various things I need to do on the way home from work, including picking up food at the vet's, and then I need to pack up the cats and take them to my aunt's. It's already looking like I'll be very late getting back from doing all that, I don't need snow making it worse.

Worse yet, I don't need snow forcing me to do it tomorrow. I need to be ready to leave for the airport at 8pm and me just getting back at 7pm, still needing to cook supper, check in on line, and finish packing will make Sel a very unhappy person.

Dear winter: You are really pushing the limits of my patience now.

At least I'm feeling semi-organised about my packing. It's not done, but I've got a lot of it figured out and sitting by the suitcase. Unfortunately that's as far as I can get for now because there are things I need tonight and tomorrow that I can't stick in the case yet. But I'm getting closer to being done and ready.

Argh, travelling in winter. It sucks so much.
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This weekend featured my absolute favourite weather combo ever: snow followed by freezing rain followed by some more snow. IT WAS AWESOME.

I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible, just for clarity.

After all, who doesn't like looking out on a Monday morning to see a foot high ridge of slush from the city plough that is now frozen harder than a rock at the base of their drive? Unsurprisingly, I worked from home yesterday. My plough guy managed to get my driveway somewhat accessible by mid-morning and chipped the ice off my storm door so I could open it. When I could finally leave the car, I got to enjoy scraping frozen rain off my car so I'd be able to drive it today. Man, winter just gets funner every day.

Today I'm at work. This included a mildly terrifying drive down my ice-rink of a street followed by the even more exciting drive down the hill from my street. My little hill ends in a T-junction onto the shore road. If you think that means there's ocean at the bottom of my little hill?

There is.

Hence me being somewhat excessively careful on days like this because if I lose control going down the hill, I don't end up in someone's yard. I end up in the ocean. Fun times!

The good part about this morning was that my car hadn't frozen onto the driveway. Yes, this has happened. No, it's never fun.

Tonight is going to be even more fun. I have to go *up* the little hill and then try to turn onto my street, which will involve turning an uphill corner that is coated in two inches of solid ice. Ha! That's going to be so much fun!

Once again I repeat my winter mantra: Thank fuck for snow tires.

And my other winter mantra: WHEN WILL THIS HELL BE OVER OMG.
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I'm looking at the week's weather forecast and making sad faces. So much snow. It looks like I'll be working from home tomorrow and possibly at the end of the week as well. I'll have to make sure I get groceries in before the storm at the end of the week.

It also looks like the weather is going to prevent me hitting the cinema at the weekend. Woecakes. I'm not writing it off completely, but I'll wait on buying any tickets for anything until the morning of, when I should know how driveable the roads are.

On the up side, my back has decided to behave entirely unlike my back and *get better*. It's so weird. A really good kind of weird. Usually when my back goes like it did last week, it settles in for at least a year of constant pain and ughness that takes over my life and wrecks any fun plans I might make.

In an unusual turn of events, I feel really good right now. I haven't taken any strong painkillers since Friday and my back is feeling the best yet today. Tonight I plan to try some light exercise on my bike to see how that goes but right now I'm declaring a miracle and enjoying this.

I'd been worrying a little about how I was going to handle the flights to England next month if my back was doing its thing, but it looks like now it won't be an issue :-D

OMG, my England trip is starting to look a little insane. Redemption will be so busy (I'm so freaking excited already despite my schedule, please drag me to the bar and ply me with Diet Coke if I look too frazzled) and my diary post-con already includes two theatre trips and a big family party. Plus I intend to find time for a day of books and fancy cakes in London.

One of my colleagues remarked that I don't seem to know how to do 'relaxing vacations'. I suspect he's right :-D
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Yesterday we were supposed to get a snowpocalypse.

I left work at lunch to spend the afternoon working from home. It's a good thing that I did because the snow and winds were just picking up as I left and by the time everyone was trying to come home, it was a nightmare out there.

Thing is, the worst of it died down much earlier than expected and it was rain-snow mix stuff at my place from around 5pm. It still made a mess, but nothing like as bad as expected.

I still lost power for the evening, though. Unfortunately before I'd cooked the pizza that was going to be my special treat last night and it was pretty late when the power came back. Damn you, NSP!

*shakes tiny fist*

This morning things are slippery and horrid outside. My driveway has been cleared a bit (not by my) but not well and the snow is coming down sufficiently to make me nervous.

I have also been banned from snow shovelling. As my back kept me awake most of the night, I'm not going to argue with that. Hopefully I can get my cousin out later today to do something about my drive. If he's not around, I'll see which friend can lend me their husband.

I'm very much hoping to be cleared out and have good roads tonight so that I can get to knit nigh, but if I'm not then an evening with pizza and DVDs wouldn't be bad either.

This winter is going to involve a lot of me going nowhere if I'm banned from snow shovelling for long. Argh.
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I am going to be so happy when today is over. It's been a re-run of Friday, which was such a major nightmare that I abandoned my healthy supper plans and ordered pizza, hid under a quilt and spent the evening watched Grey's Anatomy. I was half-afraid that the oven would blow up if I attempted to use it.

Today is definitely a potato wedges level day of badness. It would be a pizza-level day of badness, if I didn't have some yummy salmon with teriaki sauce in my fridge from the lovely boutique grocery store. So, I shall be uncouth and have potato wedges with my salmon.

If this week continues like this then I will be the size of a house by the end and nobody will get a look-in at the food for the knitters' Christmas party at the weekend. All the bacon-wrapped scallops and yummy wings will be mine and I will kill anyone who tries to take them away.

To my UK f-listys

It sounds like you're in for another bad winter :-( So sorry. I shall try not to revel too much in my current above-zero temps and the warm rain promised for the end of the week. This is not natural. Although every day that I don't shovel is a happy day.

In the meantime, may I suggest:

1) Carry a box of non-clumping cat litter in your car. It functions like grit and can get you out of that "argh too slippery" stuck in a ditch/carpark/driveway moment.

2) Also carry a shovel. Your driveway is not the only place where you might need to dig yourself out.

3) Wear a coat. I know you're just going from the house to the car to the office car park, but if you break down or get stuck you'll want that coat.

3a) Gloves, scarf and hat should be with you for the same reason.

4) If you don't think the roads are safe and you have the option to work from home, do it. I have learned not to be proud on this.

5) When digging out your car, take care to make sure you put your snow banks in a location where you can manoeuvre the car and turn it without the nose hitting the bank because moving a snow bank sucks.

6) There is no such thing as "owning too many snow shovels". I have three sitting in my front porch (different types for different things) plus one that lives in my car boot from November to May. I also have a stiff broom in the porch for the days when it's light, powdery snow that can be swept away.

7) If you can get hold of rock salt, keep your steps, path and driveway salted. It's much less painful than slipping over.

8) Whether your favourite snow activity is playing in the snow or watching it from the sofa with a hot cup of tea, make the time to do it otherwise you'll hate snow in two days.

I have to admit, while I don't enjoy snow much (so much work!), it doesn't terrify me as much as it did two years ago. The survival tips folks here gave me for getting through a winter with my sanity intact helped and I've learned that being prepared with all the right gear is one of the most important things.

The other reason it doesn't fill me with abject horror (just mild horror) is that I am able to work from home on the days when there is just no way that I'm safe to drive or there's too much for me to shovel and I need to wait for my plough guy. I know that a lot of people can't work from home, but anyone who can doesn't need to be a brave soldier. There is nothing wrong with saying, "The roads are neither gritted, ploughed or salted. Hell no, I'm not coming in."
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So, yesterday Mum and I made our Arctic trek down to the shops half a mile away for milk. It took us a long time because the sidewalks were so dreadful.

We got home and were discussing the fact that we'd need to do some shopping before Christmas. Dad asked whether we *really* had to and we started listing all the things we'd run out of. As a lot of them were things that Dad likes to eat, he concluded that we needed to go shopping RIGHT NOW OMG. Before the roads freeze, or something.

Mum and I had planned to go today, but as he was actually volunteering to drive somewhere we decided to take advantage.

Um. Scariest. Drive. Ever.

There was a car ahead of us where the occupants were obviously taking pictures. They would stop every now and again to take photos. They stopped just around corners so that we could not see they were stopped until we were almost on them (not the kind of roads you want to do emergency stops on). They stopped at the top of a small rise so that we had to stop on the rise. Our wheels spun for a moment as we attempted to pull away. Yikes.

It was pretty, but not the weather for that kind of stuff. The store was packed and we saw a couple of people collecting deliveries that the store had obviously managed to pack but couldn't get anywhere. Mum decided that she was glad that she hadn't tried for a delivery! We got everything in record time, packed up the car and then proceeded home. Slightly less scary (due to lack of photographers) but still not an experience to be repeated regularly.

We spent the rest of the evening at home, recovering while watching trashy TV and drinking tea. Today has largely been about relaxation as well. A cafe has opened in what used to be one of the banks in my village so Mum and I decided to walk up there this morning to buy a paper at the newsagent (I've missed The Independent and Private Eye) and get some coffee at the cafe. Then we started working on Christmas lunch: the stuffing is ready and the spiced ham just finished baking. Yummy.

Now I think that I'll curl up with knitting and Spooks for the evening. It's Christmas Eve tomorrow!

And I crazy to be looking at Yuletide Madness to see whether anything inspires me?

Snowed in!

Dec. 22nd, 2009 03:45 am
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I'm going right off snow right now.

Today was my big trip up north to visit [ profile] historyterry. I've been looking forward to it ever since I decided to come to England for Christmas. I'd treated myself to a First Class return (it wasn't that much of a splurge, only an extra 15 quid, but it was going to be lovely) and we had plans for exploring and eating and generally making merry.

Then it snowed.

As I recounted yesterday, it snowed rather more than expected. I was watching the local news last night and apparently my little corner of the county was the worst hit. Yay? The town lies in a valley so the only way to get in or out is over some very big, steep hills. My village is on top of one of those hills. Our bus last night made it up the hill, just about, but it looks like it was one of the last. All the roads out of town were impassable by 5pm and they had to set up emergency shelters for all the people stranded.

Undeterred, I still planned to go up to Manchester. Dad and I made plans for me to catch a nice, early train. We decided to set out with more than enough time for even the worst roads. I got up bright and early, pressie for Terry packed and my knitting sorted.

Dad checked the trains and discovered that the train we were aiming for had been cancelled. Never fear! We were ready so blisteringly early that we could hop out and be there for the earlier train.


Six inches. No shovels (apart from a garden spade). A dustpan. A broom. Three adults.

Yes, we really have been reduced to using a dustpan to dig out.

Despite all that and our best attempts, we could not get enough of the big drift behind the car carved away to allow us out. At one point, Dad and I were in the car with the wheels spinning, half way into the road and unable to get forwards or backwards. Getting six miles down the road to the train station? Not happening.

My train to Manchester is probably running. I just can't get to it. And it's a non-refundable ticket.

I'm feeling pretty disappointed and upset right now :-(

At least I'm not stranded in London?

Mum and Dad are out there right now trying to get some of the worst of it cleared. They sent me in because there are simply not enough implements for three people to be clearing. We really need snow shovels! We're starting to run low on a lot of things food-wise and Mum is hoping to be able to get to a store later. Dad and I just laughed at that idea. She's starting to worry that Christmas lunch might be a bit lacking in the, er, lunch department.

I think the best we'll manage to today is a trek up to the petrol station to buy some milk. I can't believe that we've had over a foot of snow in less than a week!
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First thing to note: I have posted my Yuletide fic! I have not defaulted! Phew. Loving the AO3 posting interface - it's so nice to use :-)

Anyway, back to other stuff.

Before the snowpocalypse, Mum and I made plans to have our traditional Christmas shopping trip to Oxford. We booked tickets on the National Express coach and thought happily of dreaming spires, Blackwells and pretty streets where we could finish off the odds and ends of our shopping.

Then the snow hit and we started to feel a tad concerned.

This morning we got up bright and early so that we could get a bus that would get us to town insanely early for our coach to Oxford. We bundled up (thank goodness I brought my snow boots), grabbed the walking poles and tramped down to the bus stop to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Forty minutes later, a bus finally arrived. We were just a bit cold.

The bus took another half hour to get to town and we were feeling concerned that our coach would have already gone. No fear! The guy trying to repair the NE coach going in the other direction (to Standstead) assured us that the Oxford bus hadn't arrive yet and he'd been there since 8am with a frozen bus. Er, not that reassuring really.

The doors for the bus station had frozen open and it actually managed to be colder there than up in the village. Thankfully our coach arrive half an hour later, just as we were debating how long it was practical to wait bearing in mind that our coach home would be leaving at 2.15pm. It took the entire trip before we regained feeling in our toes.

The contrast between home and Oxford was amazing. No snow! Warmer! My big job was finding a present for my father. Someone at his work had gone onto his Amazon wishlist, seen what he wanted and then bought the presents elsewhere. Note to people: never do this. Seriously. They bought the only two things on his wishlist and I now have to send my original presents back because they're duplicates.

Thus I needed to find something. Anything. Something that he might like. He had no ideas. HMV in Oxford has a very good DVD section, though, and I've picked up two things that I'm 99% certain he'll love. Phew!

People, be very good about how you use peoples' wishlists. Buying elsewhere really screws things up for other purchasers.

Anyway, Mum and I did a few other bits and bobs and had some lunch. I took some pictures, spent a few minutes in Blackwells (not long enough, but several days wouldn't be long enough) and generally soaked up the Oxford-ish atmosphere before we headed off to find our coach home. It was only a couple of minutes late so we were quite pleased.

I dozed off for a few minutes on the coach. When I went to sleep, we were driving through rolling green countryside. When I woke up, we were back in a winter wonderland and it was foggy. Then the snow started as we drove through one of the outlying villages. As we approached the bus station, the driver got a call on his speaker phone advising him to change his route because the next town was completely snowed in.

Er. Yeah.

England in the snow isn't the easiest place to get around. It was hard enough finding a bus this morning, we were a little concerned this evening. Several buses came down to town going in the wrong direction. Buses going to our village proved to be thin on the ground. Eventually one appeared and we joined the masses trying to get onto it. Thankfully everyone squashed on - someone told us that three previous buses simply never appeared and that was why this one was so packed. Between all the people and all their shopping, it was tight but we did it. And at least it was warm.

The snow got worse as we went. Mum and I were both really pleased when the bus finally got to the top of the big, steep hill outside town: if it broke down, at least it would only be two miles of relative flat to walk home! Not that we wanted to walk home through the snow that was now coming down pretty thick, but we wanted to walk up that hill in it even less!

Thankfully the bus made it to the village and we wished everyone a happy Christmas (and good luck!) as we got out. Our walking poles were very much needed because a couple of inches had already settled on top of the old snow. It was so nice to get home. Dad had been calling our mobiles because he was worried and he kindly made us cups of tea...while we put the paper stuff out for the recycling collection tomorrow. We're both a little unsure of whether they'll find it under the snow...

Theoretically I'm going up to Manchester tomorrow. I'll have to call the inquiries line tomorrow morning to find out whether the train is running and see what lines are open between here and London. This travelling concept is proving interesting.

I think that I'll spend the evening working on a cowl and watching TV in my nice warm house.
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Well, only another inch or snow and it was the light powdery stuff that fell. Nothing is expected tomorrow so my shopping trip to Oxford may now happen. That's good because I have to buy my Dad another present - someone at his workplace bought things from his Amazon wishlist but not at Amazon! So I've duplicated, damn. He's got no ideas (grrr) so it's time to get creative.

The roads are pretty nasty in places. Sadly, they're particularly bad up near my church and the church is too far to walk. So Mum and I aren't going to our carol concert, instead we're going to the church up the road for a "Hogroast and Carols", whatever that is. Sounds kind of weird. But we want carols, damnit, even if I seem to be getting my cold back so my throat is kinda scratchy. It'll be fine when it's limbered up a bit with a good, rousing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful".

I am so glad that I brought my snow boots with me. They're definitely needed.

I'm doing a Flickr photoset of my trip and you can see the first few pictures here.

A taster:



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