This week

Apr. 28th, 2017 12:01 pm
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This has been a weird sort of week, one where I feel like I haven't really accomplished much and I definitely haven't kept up with anyone and the time has disappeared somewhere, but somehow I haven't slept and I'm exhausted. Blergh.

And probably as a result of the not-sleeping, my neck went into spasm yesterday so I feel even more awful. Go me!

If I actually think about it, I haven't been lazy. I went for long walks after work on Monday and Tuesday, I wrote a bit of fic, I made good progress in my Hugo reading pile, I hit one of my milestones on the cobol replacement project I'm on at work...I did stuff! I achieved stuff! I just feel all out of sorts right now and the whole not sleeping thing is making it worse.

My Fitbit even totted up how much sleep I haven't had this week and gave me a little lecture on how hard it is to recover from that kind of sleep debt. Thanks, Fitbit. You're a pal.

Cut for wibbling about photography )

And that's been my week. I need to make bread tomorrow, but I might treat myself to pizza tomorrow evening. Cooking feels way too much like work right now.

Photo post

Nov. 11th, 2008 05:01 pm
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Well, there are no actual photos here, but there are clickable links to things.

After many requests, I have new photos Kate and Annie! I shall be trying to update this set regularly with new photos:

I also have the photos from my trip to Mahone Bay last month. There was a scarecrow festival and it was great fun:

We actually went for yarn and tea, but the scarecrows were a great bonus.

Lastly, this is me at Halloween:

Blame my aunt for it.

Things I did today:
Cleaned the bathroom
Did laundry
Sorted out photos
Spoke to parents

Things I did not do today:


However, I have fish defrosted and I have potatoes and that means fish pie shall soon be mine! Nom :-)

New toy!

Jul. 9th, 2008 09:10 pm
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I have the best new toy ever. Well, until I get my next new toy :-)

I have a Canon Powershot A470 which is dinky and gorgeous and takes beautiful photos, so perfect for recording my moving adventures, my Snowdon adventures and lots of other adventures, too.

I's absolutely fabulous.

Also a 2GB SD card, because at £7 I couldn't resist. When I think about how much 127MB cost a few years ago...

I am such a dorky geek.

*runs around flailing madly*
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A couple of weeks ago, I went walking in our local woods with the parents because the rhododendrons were out and we (er, I) like to use them in photography. Tomorrow is Da's birthday and rather than buying a tacky card with crappy, over-sentimental poems and no design sense, I've taken to making cards for people from photographs that I've taken. They generally look better and it's a way to be a little more thoughtful for them.

I used one of the photos from the rhodos walk and I'm actually rather pleased with it. The photo, that is. The card has added typography to make it seasonally appropriate. You should be able to click the image below to see a bigger version of the photo :-)

My accidental camera purchase has turned out to be a fantastic investment.

Doctor Who starts in twenty minutes and I still have written my reviews of The Impossible Planet or The Satan Pit. Bad Sel :-)


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