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Four years ago today, I snagged my father's luggage allowance (due to my huge luggage pile, OMG) and the two of us valiantly carried four huge suitcases, a heavy case carrying my archery gear plus a ton of hand-luggage through Gatwick, onto a plane and thence to Canada.

We arrived to Mum laughing at my luggage mountain and a big house that contained two beds, a sofa and a wobbly card table.

The house now contains a full selection of furniture, my entire book collection and probably far more stuff than would fit into four bags, one archery case and Ihalf a shipping crate so I think that I'll stay here.

It's been a mad, roller-coaster sort of four years but I can honestly say that I'd do it all again. Yes, even the snow that I had during my first winter.

Happy Fourth Emigraversary to meeeeee!

Mum and I are off for supper at a local high-end Italian joint. They have scallop carbonara. My emigraversary bacon and scallop treat tradition will be maintained :-D
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Knit night is just the best night of the week. I love my knitting group :-)

I think that I've figured out which forms I need for my police record (or at least, the Met Police figured it out and I'm trusting them) so I just need to fill out the form and photocopy some ID. It will be fast for me to take things with me to post from England than to post from here so this is the plan. My fingerprints were done today and hopefully I shall soon be cleared by the government to work on all that data....that I've been working on for the last three months. Heh.

The Redemption programme is up for the general public! Go and take a look! Be jealous!

This is going to be such a fun convention :-) I'm so excited. There are loads of things that I want to do, but I'm trying not to set my heart on anything until I've got my stewarding assignment. I do already know that one of my panels solves a debate about what I want to do. I was tempted towards the speed dating session (where better to meet the girl of my dreams?) but it's at the same time as Paul Cornell's talk so, unless I'm stewarding then, I know which option I'll be going for :-) Oddly, this year, the slash panels aren't the ones that really attract me. I'm definitely going to all the writing panels and workshops that I can, the book panels are definites, but I'm not so interested in the slash panels anymore.

Am I getting old?

I've been looking at the dates for [ profile] tardis_bigbang and I'm thinking that it's very unlikely that I'll be doing the femslash challenge this year. Unless it's part of a challenge, the stuff I've been writing has all been gen and that seems to be where my writing is going. I'm not sure what that means for my original writing. When Big Bang is over, I'm dusting off Sensible Man and re-reading it from the beginning. I refuse to let myself start over (that's how things end up half-finished, after all) but I need to see where it's going and whether part of the reason that I stalled is because the relationship doesn't work as the text. I suspect that it's better left in the subtext and, if I do that, I'll be better able to focus on the important parts.

I went through the Journey's End fix-it fic with a pen last night and I should have the edits done tomorrow, so I can send it off for beta. I'll try to remember to take my website log-ons with me while I'm gone so that I can post it if it's finished. I also went through the bits of Donna the Time Lord and the notes and was pleasantly surprised by it. The first couple of pages (background stuff that I wrote to get it done and will need re-writing and inserting into the correct points in the fic) isn't my best writing ever, but I like what I had so far of the actual story so now I just need to pick it up and put the other 95% of the story in. Easy, right?

What's my first deadline again?
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Oracle Reports is a thing of pure, unadulterated evil *sigh*

Apparently I need a certificate of some kind to say that I'm not a criminal in the UK for my security clearance for the semi-government job that I've been doing for three months. A little behind there. Anyone know anything about how I go about applying for such an item? I've googled and the only things that I can find are CRB checks (employer initiated, for people working with children) and a police national computer certificate that's only for emmigration purposes. In fact, the Met Police site specifically says that they do not do police vetting for employers. Presumably this does not include government security type vetting, but there is nothing to say how one goes about applying for that kind of certificate presumably because it's something that employers (i.e. government) usually apply for. Any ideas, oh wise (and international) f-list?

In other thoughts, I'm starting to get organised for the trip. I don't think I'll have to worry too much about my luggage allowance on the way out, but it's starting to look like I'll have a lot to bring back with me. Hmm. The good thing is that my carry-on luggage is more of a wheel-on this time and there is no way in heck that I'll be filling it. So it might be that all the yarn I buy can go in there. Alternatively, I'll put my leather coat in there and pack the yarn in the checked baggage.

I'm taking both the cameras, although I think I'll only take the little camera to the con. I need to buy myself a small, zipped thing to put essential knitting supplies into (scissors, pins, cable needles, crochet hook etc) so that I can just chuck my sock into a small bag at the con. It will also stop me losing things out of my big project bag.

I definitely need to spend some time at the weekend burning DVDs for my father. And tonight I need to spend some time photocopying a few things for people. Somewhere in there I need to edit a fic and email it to a beta. And I need to do a proper, full back-up of the lappie onto my new big hard-drive. Why is it that there is always so much to do when prepping to go anywhere?

I also need to buy train tickets for the con. How early does anyone in the know think that I can arrive on the Thursday and have some hope of checking in and dropping off baggage?

One rather excellent thing that I've discovered is that there are no Six Nations matches that weekend. I think it might be the first time I've gone to a con without having an important rugby match on the same weekend. Hooray! Even better, the following weekend is a match weekend so I'll be able to watch lots of lovely rugby with my family. Solo rugby watching isn't quite so fun as it sounds.

Don't suppose any of my new knitting friends could be persuaded to watch rugby with me? I'll explain the rules! Except the offside rule, obviously, because that's even less obvious that the offside for football. And I am still struggling a bit with one or two of the new rules that completely ruin any changes of a good driving ruck. Or possibly maul. The one where they stay on their feet, anyway. Watch me be a rugby know-it-all!
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As of today, it is now six months since I moved to Canada. I can't believe how fast the time has flown! There have been ups and downs and the winter has not been easy, but overall it's been wonderful and I'm absolutely certain that I made the right choice to do this. It's been a huge learning experience in more ways than I could ever have imagined.

Things I have learned:
Cut for length )

I'm sure that I could keep going for hours on that. So much of what I've done and learned is stuff that I didn't even think about when I came here. It makes me quite excited about the next six months. The good thing is that the weather is going to start getting better as spring starts approaching (the long-term forecast has no snow for two weeks, which I'm sure is wrong!) so there are a ton of things that I plan to do:

- Get out on some trips at the weekends, exploring more of the area outside the city.
- Learn to barbeque really well and creatively.
- Experiment more with my cooking and do more baking.
- Go paddling regularly.
- BBQ at least once a week when the weather is warmer.
- Buy a table and chairs for the deck.
- Sit out on the deck on summer evenings. A glass of wine is totally allowed.
- Have people around for dinner.
- Organise picnics at the beach.
- Remember that I can be at the beach in fifteen minutes so there is no need to swelter at home if I don't want to.
- Wash my car regularly!
- Eat more salads and get out walking regularly.
- Or use the treadmill, if it's nasty outside.
- Walk to the mailbox in the evening when the weather is good rather than stopping there in the car.
- Get the shed door sorted out so that it can be easily opened and closed for storage of deck furniture.
- Get aunt to show me how to repair broken screens.
- Drink coffee on the deck in the mornings.
- Organise a party for my one year emmigraversary.

Yeah, a lot of this is stuff that will need to wait until the weather is much better, but it's good to have goals and plans :-) I'm really looking forward to the next six months!
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I went to a baby shower on Sunday. It was my first one. Surprised myself by having a good time, despite having to give the expectant mother an IOU note because I'd only been given a week's notice and that isn't time to knit something. Thankfully most of the other knitters at the party were in the same position :-) I have the pattern, I shall be scouting the yarn, and I have until February.

In other news, the kittens had their check-up and jabs on Saturday and I really need to get some new photos of them up. Annie is now officially bigger than Kate: 3 lb 15 compared to Kate's 3 lb 12. The vet is very pleased with them, they're growing at a healthy weight and they both look great. They have to go back for their rabies vaccine on Saturday and then they need no further jabs until next year. Although they do have a small operation booked for January...

Today at work was better than last week. I got things to do (although there was a bit of time manual reading while my supervisor found a change request for me to look at this afternoon) and the folks that I invited myself to sit with last week invited me to a tea break this morning and invited me to lunch. I'm feeling like I might actually make some friends there.

Merlin continues to be silly and fun and I adore it to itty bitty pieces. Heee. Mum and Da are promising to bring me Little Dorrit at Christmas which saves me some downloading. I've also started to get a little bad and bring my supper down to the rec room so that I can watch DVDs while eating. Bad Sel. I've managed to persuade the cats that they can't sit on me or eat my food at this time so I regard that as a bit of a victory. I'm also getting really determined about training them not to attack or eat my knitting because I enjoy my knitting time.

I certainly feel much better about all of this than I did a week ago. Last week was certainly my low wobble week and hopefully from now everything will just get better and easier to deal with.
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After being frozen and depressed about seemingly another day of pointless nothingness, I'm feeling a bit better this evening.

My supervisor finally handed over the bit of the manual on Oracle Warehouse Builder that tells me a little about how to do things in it rather than just advertising the features. Yay. She 'forgot'. I have this feeling about her...

It was definitely more of a process thing than a "here's how that thing works and why and what it does", but at least it's a start and I was able to start putting that information into practise to work out how to make the small change request that was assigned to me. I need to see someone else tomorrow to find out how to test it (and every 'expert' in the building keeps telling me that they don't really know how to use it and are you sure that full outer joins really exist in relational databases?) but at least I got to do something, it might be useful and I got to learn something and put it into practise.

Surely there must be some better documentation on Oracle Warehouse Builder than this 'manual' (pah!) and odd queries dotted around cyberspace. Anyone?

I also got to have lunch and a chat with a couple of other programmers that I think I'm going to like. Er, L is from China and C is from India. I fail at making friends with the natives. We were swapping 'OMG, how different is Canada?' stories and I was getting recs for actual decent Chinese and Indian restaurants. I knew they were hiding out there somewhere. I also got a rec for a store that does a fair bit of importing groceries from around the world. I have to take the kittens to the vet this weekend, but possibly next weekend I might spend the afternoon in the city investigating. There are a few odds and ends food-wise that I'd like to find sources for. Can you believe that nobody seems to have heard of double cream here? Eeep! Hopefully this place might at least be able to recommend a source even if they don't stock it. I refuse to accept that whipping cream is the thickest cream I will be able to buy here. And someone here must stock Yorkshire Tea...

Anyway, the upshot is that I was feeling much happier when I got home. I listened to Chris Evans while I made supper, watched the first episode of Archer's Goon while I ate and then spent the evening cuddling with my kittens in my armchair. I'm still feeling better now and I'm actually going to try sleeping without my knock-out tea tonight.

It's amazing how much it can get you down to be miserable and lonely at work. I think that previously I've been able to vent to Mum about it over supper each night and she's usually found a way to cheer me up. Now I've got to learn how to cope with this kind of thing without her input and it's been harder than I'd imagined. I have the sense that this will be the week that I'll look back on as my wobble week, the first time when I've asked myself whether this was the right decision, and feel proud of myself for getting through. My work is going to be interesting when people finally get around to training me and I can communicate with people at work if I try!
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Mum has been gone for a bit over a week and I'm now starting to notice the odd things that I miss about England. It's weird because a lot of them aren't things that I thought I'd miss.

Radio 2 - particularly Chris Evans while I'm driving home.

The Today show on Radio 4.

The Independent newspaper.

BBC dramas.

Private Eye.

I've found a way around most of those. I've finally got RealPlayer to work so that I can now use Listen Again on the BBC website. I'll be able to listen to the Today show while I eat brekkie (or at least a bit of it) and listen to Chris Evans when I get home from work.

I've found sources for BBC dramas (yes, that includes Holby City because I am a complete addict).

I've signed up for the BBC News email so that I can get some news every day that reports on things happening outside Nova Scotia. I'm struggling to even find national news for Canada, never mind world news!

The Indy has an on-line version and, if I can ever get it not to error, I'll sign up for their e-newsletter. I may also get Mum and Da to pop a copy in the post to me at odd times.

I can subscribe to Private Eye ( and I may treat myself as a birthday pressie.

When I was planning the move, I assumed that there would be other things that I'd miss: my old house, my library, the little local shops, places and people that have been around since I was a baby. I have the odd pang for those things, but nothing major and it's been much easier to adjust without those. Finding that I miss the news sources and the BBC is a bit of a surprise. Thankfully most of it can be worked around in some way and I'm very glad that I did this now rather than ten years ago when none of this Internet-based stuff was available.

Today I went up to the mall for a haircut and to buy a couple of bits for work (new coat, couple of new tops). I start on Monday and I'm very excited. October seems to have rushed by with me barely noticing. It's my birthday in four weeks - how did that happen?
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New front porch
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My father asked me to take some photos around the house now that it's starting to acquire furniture and pictures and shipping so that he could see the changes. As someone else asked me for photos of the house as well, I thought that I'd share them here.

You can see the full set here:

I might have got a little closet obsessive :-)
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My shippers just left after delivering and unpacking my stuff. Hooray!!

The books haven't been unpacked yet, but we need to build some bookcases to put them on and they were also in the shipping. There is stuff all over the place so we're going to be spending the next few days finding places to put things.

It feels so good to have stuff again. I have an actual chest of drawers to put my clothes in!
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This week seems to have been busier than ever, although I'm not sure how much actual useful stuff I have achieved!

Monday was Labour Day so we drove up to Sugar Moon for pancakes, maple syrup and amazing maple baked beans. The time in the sugar camp and at the restaurant was lovely, but the drive was less so. This is mainly because I appear to be cursed with torrential rain whenever I am looking for an exit from the highway. I'm very proud of myself for driving all that way up the highway. Er, I asked Da to drive back while I recovered from the torrential rain experience :-)

The evening was spent constructing furniture and we now have a lot of the office set up. Just got a bit more furniture building to do tomorrow. Um, yay?

Tuesday was another out and about day, going to about ten different places to buy stuff that the house still needs. The good news it that we now have a DVD recorder, some stationary, various items for making cards (?) and a full set of chairs in the dining room.

A lot of Wednesday was sacrificed to the cause of going to customs and signing for my shipping. It will arrive on Monday and I am going to be so happy. My highway/torrential rain curse struck again, which was...exciting. The rest of Wednesday was lost to bundling up the cardboard from all the furniture so that it could be taken away by the garbage truck.

Mum and I are thinking of starting a business as flat-pack furniture builders and cardboard bundlers.

Da is going back to England today and, in the four weeks that he's been here, he's hardly done anything except build furniture, shop (for furniture) and do an awful lot of work for his companies in England. So he decided that he wanted to spend Thursday and Friday being a tourist.

Thursday we drove down to Mahone Bay for the day. Why have we never done that before? It's a beautiful town, picture postcard beautiful, and filled with lovely little shops that Mum and I have decided we need to make a return visit for. There is an absolutely fabulous yarn shop, Have A Yarn, that is possibly the biggest yarn shop we've ever seen. There is also a tea shop that sells the most amazing teas ever. We bought some rooibus and lemon that is gorgeous and Da fell in love with a rooibus and ginger tea. It's good to have a place that can feed our love of wonderful teas :-) There was also a cafe/book seller, The Biscuit Eater, that makes great sandwiches and sells lovely old books. I might have picked up an old, original Nancy Drew :-)

Yesterday (Friday) we decided to spend the day across the harbour. Da wanted to wander around and take photos and Mum and I thought he'd like the company. Sadly, our builder called just before we were due to leave with the news that the guy who is putting a new front door and storm door on was on his way. Um. So Mum decided to stay behind and supervise the guy and then pop out to buy some bungee cords so that we can strap down the bins and anything else fly-able on Sunday.

It was a great day out and I saw parts of the city that I've never really explored before. Sadly, my knee attempted to dislocate so I had to leave early :-( I got Mum to pick me up from the bus stop because, even though it's only a fifteen minute walk, I wasn't that sure about my knee holding up to it. Da stayed into the evening to get the good light and really enjoyed himself.

Today we are just doing bits and pieces while Da potters around and packs. His flight is at 11pm tonight. The weather yesterday was amazingly hot but it's cooler and wet today. We assured that the remnants of Hurricane Gustav will be passing over today. Tomorrow we're getting what's left of Hurricane Hanna, although the forecaster today says that it won't be as bad as originally predicted here because the storm has changed track and the eye won't be going over us any more. So just 30mm of rain and 65kph winds, heh.

I am now feeling very glad that I didn't agree to contracting with Tesco. The office still isn't really sorted, although I do finally have a desk rather than having to work from the sofa or my recliner. Monday is going to be hell with my shipping arriving, we'll still be sorting on Tuesday probably (my aunt is come over to help us with it all) so it's probably going to be Wednesday before I get a proper routine going and I *really* need to get some more work done on the job hunt thing. Two applications will definitely not result in a job any time soon.

Despite all of that, I am still really happy that I've done this.
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1. We had a thunderstorm today. Make that a Huge Ass Thunderstorm. Our local radio station gave us a two minute warning, just long enough to get our builder's tools into the house rather than leaving the electric saw hooked up to the electricity out in the nasty electrical storm.

2. We have desks in the office. Yay!

2a. (OK, I lied this could be interpreted as a third thing). Does anyone have any recs for a DVD recorder with hard drive? Maybe that could get the EPG from our digi-cable box? I am clueless! Without clue!

2b. (OK, make that 4 things). Tomorrow I am going to a sugar camp where I will eat pancakes and maple syrup until I burst.

And now I must eat salmon and drink cider. Yay.
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The luggage!
Originally uploaded by ArcheryGirl
I've been updating my Flickr with the photos from my first couple of weeks in Canada. The little camera that I bought for Snowdon has been living in my messenger bag so I managed to catch some good moments.

You can see the rest of the photos here:
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The sun has gone down
Originally uploaded by ArcheryGirl
There have been a ton of amazing sunsets here since I arrived so I put a few of them up on Flickr. All of these have been taken from the deck.

You can see the rest of the sunsets here:
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Last week was busy, but in many ways it was more successful than week 1. I certainly feel like I've got closer to being settled and part of everything now.

We went out early in the week to choose some furniture for the downstairs rec room. I knew that I wanted a recliner for myself and a three-seater sofa that was suitable for lying on, but I wasn't sure what Da would want. In the end, after trying lots of different things, he settled on a recliner that's a little different from mine but they both look great with the sofa. I half-expected to have to wait for several weeks to get the stuff delivered (that's the system in the UK usually).

It was delivered on Friday. We now have comfy seating to relax and watch TV on in the evenings. Da has discovered that his recliner is wonderful for taking naps on :-)

Also on Friday, I called my insurance company to apologise and explain that my useless ex-insurance company in the UK still hadn't sorted out the letter. They claim that it is in transit to my sister. Yeah, right. Thankfully the insurance company did some calling around and found that they could get me the good price on my policy with a promise to send the letter ASAP so I was able to go over to their offices and sign the paperwork. This meant that I was able to pick up the car on Friday afternoon and it's been great to have my own, non-rental car all weekend. I've been driving! I've even been on the highway!

Today I went down to Access Nova Scotia and registered my car (I'd been driving on a temporary plate) so I now have my own licence plate and permit. Hooray! The only thing left is to do the tests and get my driver's licence, but I have a couple of months to do that and now that I'm driving, my odds of getting that done have increased a lot.

My new computer is slowly getting set up with all the software that I need and the wireless network is wonderful. There is no desk in the office for me yet and Da keeps knocking the little table that I'd been using, making me fear for the safety of my beautiful lappie. So I'm writing this from my recliner in the rec room until my desk turns up. Hopefully that will be any day now.

We have had beautiful weather over the last week - until today, when it was foggy and yuck until around half an hour ago! On Saturday I went out shopping with Ma (and my car!) and we spotted a BBQ while we were in Kent for some towel rails. Um, we bought it. This was the shopping trip where I discovered just how brilliant the carrying capacity of my new car is :-)

We put together the BBQ on Saturday with some help (my aunt worked for her supper!) and decided to take advantage of the good weather yesterday. Mum and I picked up some peaches and cream corn, frankfurters (meatless for Da) and sauerkraut after church and after a day of quiet reading and craft work, we fired up the grill.

Somehow I ended up head chef, putting together the food and doing the grilling. It was really good fun :-) There was a brief moment when some juice from the corn went a little flamey, but once I was reassured that it was fine and the BBQ wasn't about to explode I was great. I even managed to cook everything without burning it!

Overall, the house is starting to feel more complete and I am starting to feel more connected both to the people around me and to the wider world. Being without easy access to TV, Internet or radio for a few days was more unnerving that I thought it would be and I'm so glad that phase is over. I need to get some driving lessons so that I can take my test and start getting my CV out places now. The big jobs are mostly all done and it's just getting bits and pieces that we don't know we'll need until we need it. The new deck is on, the driveway is being done this week and most of the big building work will then be over.

It's starting to feel like a home here. I'm so lucky to have the chance to do this.
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I'm getting my new computer set up and I don't have the original .exe install file for the FTP program that I used to use (AceFTP Pro) to update my websites. I've done some Googling and AceFTP Pro hasn't been updated for several years, so I'm not sure how well it would work on Vista.

Does anyone have a rec for a good (preferably cheap or free) program for FTP-ing?

And if anyone has a rec for a good website editor (I'm a hand-coder) that would also be great. I've been using HTMLPad on my old machine, but I'm open to other suggestions if anyone knows a program that they love to bits.

I've just spent the evening watching the Olympic closing ceremony while copying the data from my old machine to my new machine. At least that rather boring task had the distractions of amazing fireworks, beautifully choreographed dances and gymnastics, and the rather embarrassing Boris Johnson attempting to wave a flag and somewhat failing.

Despite all the questions over China's ethics, there is no way that London will match - never mind beat! - the opening and closing ceremonies.

Right, time for bed and a proper update tomorrow. Important stuff: got the car and I've been driving this weekend :-)
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I just talked to my sister through Skype :-) The best thing was that we were able to see each other through our webcams. I hadn't realised just how good that technology is now! It was so great to see her.

Lots of stuff has happened over the last few days, but the big thing today was that I finally got to pick up my car. I even got to drive it part of the way home - the part with the less scary roads! It felt weird at first, but I got the hang of it fairly quickly and I love my pretty car :-)

Tonight is going to be pretty relaxed and I have a feeling that there may be a nice bottle of wine involved. Life here is pretty good right now.
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I am sitting in one of the new glider-rockers that was delivered this morning with my laptop. I.e. upstairs on the other side of the house from the router. And I have Internets! I am a mobile, Internet browsing girl. Woot!

It's so cool :-)

Despite a few issues when setting up my virus scanning (sorted now, thankfully) everything is running smoothly. I can watch the guys constructing the deck from here and dream of being able to post from the deck tomorrow, looking out over the ocean.

The weather is gorgeous today, bright and sunny and not too warm thanks to a strong breeze from the ocean. It's one of those days where living next to the ocean really pays off because the views are so amazing. The sea is bright, bright blue and the sky is brilliant. When I walked down to the mailbox I could smell the ocean because the box is about ten feet from the waves at high tide. The odd low points from last week are forgotten. This move was worth every hassle and headache just for days like today.
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My computer is here! I have fought McAfee and won, I have Firefox installed and I have a computer!!

*clings to computer like woah*

I am such a happy girl. She's so pretty. I have a built in SD card so tomorrow I shall start putting my piccies on Flickr. Mostly I'm just stroking her and whispering loving things to her.

*hugs computer tightly*
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Yesterday was as lazy and relaxed as I'd hoped for. I went to church with Mum at the little baptist church down the road in the morning. Everyone was really friendly - the geniune sort of friendliness - without being pushy and signing me up for three committees and the choir before I'd sat down. They are starting up a walking club and I put my name down - the people seem lovely and it would be a good chance to meet new people and keep up my walking.

I suspect that I'll be alternating that one with Safe Harbour (the LGBT church over the harbour) once I'm more settled. It's certainly somewhere that I felt comfortable. The service was informal without being happy-clappy or unstructured, so it's just my level. I'll have to see what Safe Harbour is like.

Most of the afternoon was spent reading, knitting and generally relaxing. I walked down to the mailbox to post some letters just before supper and, post-supper, we sat in the rec room to watch some Olympics. I finally caught five minutes of gymnastics! I saw the final floor exercise by the winner of gold in the girls floor category. She really was amazing and I could see why she'd been given the gold.

Today has been busy busy. Mum and I got up early and got the trim painting done in my room. The carpet went down at the end of last week but our painter hadn't got around to painting the skirting boards or door trim. As he's a very messy painter, we didn't trust him to do it so we got out the tools and did the job ourselves. I've now got sheers up at the windows (still need to make some curtains) and we've even put the bed in. The bed is on a temporary frame until my real one arrives, but it's great to get it up and made up (complete with beautiful quilt!) so that it looks like a real bedroom. Mum and I also put up the Cheval mirror. We're productive when we try to be :-)

This afternoon we went to the store, planning to make a quick stop to look at furniture for the big rec room on our way.

Readers, I bought some.

On Friday, a new (three seater) sofa, coffee table and two recliners will be arriving. By Friday evening we shall be sitting in comfort to watch TV so we'll be able to relax properly in the evening.

The other good piece of news is that the lumber for the new deck will arrive on Wednesday and we won't have to carry it into the back yard ourselves, as was the original plan. With any luck, we should have a new deck by mid-next week.

Today was much more successful than some days have been. The second insurance company has faxed their letter to my new insurers so that just leaves the pain in the butt insurance company. Grrr. I'm praying that will come soon but not expecting much because they take so long to get their finger out and actually do anything.

No word yet on when our new computers will arrive. The estimated delivery date is still showing as tomorrow on the Dell website, but they are also not showing as having been dispatched so it's anyone's guess as to where they are! I really want my computer because my dad's laptop refuses to let Skype work and is rather temperamental at best. Silly thing.

Still, everything is looking brighter today and the big bulk of furniture shopping is now over. That means I can turn my attention to the job hunting and I'll feel much more relaxed once that has been started. I can't believe that I've only been here for a little over a week!
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Friday was fairly unremarkable except for one teeny little thing.

It's called a big power cut.

I was finishing up some bits on the computer on Friday when suddenly everything went dark. The computer is a lappie and the modem had just (two hours before) been set up on a UPS so that was fine, but the lights and fans just died.

Checking with a neighbour (I met a neighbour! Except he's just sold his house...) proved that it wasn't just us but then we had a new problem. It was supper time. We had a gas ring to cook on, but nothing to stand it on and, even more importantly, we had no flashlights. Nope, not a flashlight or a candle was to be found in our house.

Good thing the stores are open untl 8pm!

As we were going out to the store anyway, we decided to eat out and set up the gas ring another day. It was a good plan, we decided. We very nearly ordered in but as we set out for the store, we realised that it wouldn't have been a good idea. Everything was in darkness (including traffic lights) for miles. The first working traffic light was at the entry to the highway. As the hardware store is on the first exit from the highway, we were just grateful that there was some power there. Flashlights and table were bought and then we went onto a sushi place for supper, which was excellent. The quality was top notch and the range was as good as my favourite place across the harbour. Definitely a place to return to.

The power was back by the time we got home, which was actually a huge relief. It turned out to be a fun power cut, though, because we got a nice supper and everyone had a chance to relax and enjoy themselves for a few hours.

Yesterday we did a lot more sorting, bought the new quilt for my bed and my parents bought a security system for the house. I think they're worried about me being here on my own. Awww. We had my aunt over for some supper and so that she and mum could go to Canadian Tire and drool over power tools. That was a heap of fun and my aunt treated us to a chocolate cheesecakse for dessert. Da had a 'vegan' (heh) blueberry turnover as my thank you for carrying all my extra luggage. He really went above and beyond for it.

Today we are having a lazy day and hopefully tomorrow we'll finish up the work in my room. I really want to move into my own bedroom now :-)


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