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Oct. 16th, 2008 01:06 pm
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The job that I interviewed for last week has made me an offer. The salary is less than I'd hoped for and the holiday is the statutory minimum, but the benefits are good and they have a company pension.

They're emailing me the contract so that I can review it before saying yes.

It's a job that I really liked the sound of and would very much like to take. I'm just wondering about the salary. There is apparently no wiggle room *sigh* I've been looking around to find out what my net income is likely to be and all the calculators that I can find look rather high. Obviously I'd love that high calculation! But is it real?

And I have no really clear idea what my monthly bills are likely to be. I can estimate vaguely, but I won't know for sure until we've had the first power and water bills.

OTOH, it's a good job.

I'll have to talk to my parents. And send the contract to my father.

My big worry is that if I take this job and can't manage on the salary then I'll be in a bind. Except I do like the job. And it's a job that can lead me places. Hmmm.

And in two hours I have to take my driving test. Must find some way to relax and stop stressing about everything.
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I came out of the interview on Thursday feeling like it went OK, but knowing that usually the ones that feel like that are the ones that nothing comes from. It's the interview with a company I don't like or that feels terrible that actually results in something.

I like this company, the job sounds great and they didn't get scared by my salary expectations. Obviously I am destined to failure.

Except that I will I was out on Friday (signing up with a couple of temp agencies in the city) they called and left a message asking for my references. And backed it up with an email so that I have somewhere to send them.


The closing deadline for the job is Friday so they probably won't have anything concrete for me until then, but this sounds oddly like they might actually be really interested in me. It's a holiday tomorrow (Happy Thanksgiving!) but I'm emailing them today so they'll have the stuff waiting for them on Tuesday morning.

Many fingers crossed would be good.

Today I am locked in the computer room because we've given the kittens their monthly flea stuff and they have to be separated for a couple of hours so they don't lick each other. Annie is thus curled up on my lap while Kate persecutes keeps my mum and aunt company upstairs.

On Friday I might have bought a book on sock knitting. Um, [ profile] historyterry, I followed the pattern but your socks look rather long. They have growing room :-)

Tomorrow I will download Merlin and have a mini-Merlin marathon because I haven't had time to watch last week's episode yet. Ah, Internet, I love thee.
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I have an interview! For a job that I might actually stand some hope of being able to know things about. It will be at 1.30pm on Thursday so crossed fingers would be good.

In other news, Annie has discovered the tumble-dryer. It is a warm and new place.

Kate has discovered that the cupboard where I keep my cereal has little cereal-morsels hidden in it. We'll never keep her out of it.

They're both squashed on my lap right now having a nap. Um, they fitted much better two weeks ago. Damn, they've grown fast!


Oct. 6th, 2008 11:33 am
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So I'm nearly done with my [ profile] dw_femslash fic (I should make it just under the wire). Hitting the word count has not been the problem. *Stopping*, that is proving to be the problem. What is it about ficathons this year that is making be break the 2,500 word mark when I hadn't managed that for eighteen months before?

In other news, I had a day out at Mahone Bay which was fabulous. There were books and yarn and amazing chocolate espresso cookies and then we went to my favourite steak place in the evening for supper. It turns out that a watched job board never produces jobs: while I was taking a day off, several jobs got posted that I could apply for! So today has been a bit more productive on that side than it has been.

Merlin has just finished downloading but I really need to finish the fic and then go out to the store. I'll definitely be back for my regular chat with [ profile] historyterry unless the sky falls in. I'm starting to feel much more confident about driving on my own and, at the weekend, I finally seemed to get the hang of four-way stops. Go me!

Note to self: book driving lessons after lunch to make sure of stuff for driving test. Also, book driving test.

Now it's back to the fic with some sustaining tea. Why is my throat sore?
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Well, first of all I am fairly confident that I didn't get the job but it was good experience. Not least because the guy asked me 'what is normalisation and how is it achieved' and I went totally blank. So I now know that in addition to revising all those typical interview questions, I need to go back to basics and revised my relational theory to be better prepared for the next one. So that's cool.

The work does sound really interesting and I liked the company. In the highly unlikely event that they did offer it, I'd seriously consider saying yes. However, they are looking for someone with C# and ASP.Net who can hit the ground running and those are two skills that I don't have.

It was really good experience, though, so I'm glad that I went. Back to the drawing board then!

On the kitten front...I have already been approved as an adopter by the SPCA. They're now going to get into contact with the foster mother of the two that I spotted on their website to arrange a meeting. And if those two have been adopted, they've got lots of others for me to choose from. I'm approved as an adoptive mother!

My aunt has concluded that she'll take her computer down to the repair shop at the end of the road. This is not due to any failure on my part, more due to all the work that her house-mate is insisting they have done around the house resulting in the house (and her computer room in particular) being complete bedlam. There is nowhere for us to sit and work on the thing and the constant noise, banging and construction dust isn't helping. The repair shop do sound like they know what they're doing, though, so I don't feel too awful.

Someone reassure me that I'm right to advise my aunt not to run two anti-viruses at once? Apparently a friend advised her that it would be a good thing to do when the machine is sorted out (one is good, two must be better!) and I'm trying to talk her down from it.

And that is it. Today is going to be a quiet day. Or at least it will be when the piano tuner has finished playing!
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A day late (although it sounds like you'd have preferred the big day to be today), but...

Happy Birthday [ profile] hhertzof! Hope today brings lots of lovely things and is a big improvement on yesterday. Although it sounds like it ended well and I do like your new bunny :-)

I am not certain at all that I want the job that I'm interviewing for today. In fact, it's more a case of "talk me into it" than me feeling all desperate and dying for the job.

So why am I flailing and terrified of this interview? I've even done lots of prep including sitting down with a long list of possible interview questions and thinking up answers to them. Flail!

Seriously, the only thing that's making me feel not unhappy right now is the idea that I'll have some pampering at the salon afterwards, but even that isn't without it's problems because it's a new salon and they could totally muck up my hair.

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Today has been pretty productive:

- Got a monitor and set up my docking station so that I'm now working on a keyboard, mouse and monitor rather than the lappie gizmos when I'm at my desk. Much more comfortable and I can also plug in the graphical tablet to play with graphics later.

- Downloaded XAMPP to install so that I can make adjustments to Haven Reviews if necessary. Note to self: fix professional website in IE7.

- Took my application form into the SPCA and starting the process to adopt some kittens. Also found out that they need volunteer cat cuddlers so I might have found somewhere to go on slow afternoons when I need comfort :-)

- Bought cat carrier, litter tray and some bowls in preparation. Joined membership scheme at local pet store.

- Applied for jobs and made my resume searchable on the big job websites.

- Looked through Monster's list of potential interview questions. Mental note: revist questions tomorrow morning and make notes on possible answers.

When I write it all down, it sounds like I've been really busy except it doesn't feel like I've been busy. More like I've faffed around all day except I've achieved a ton of stuff. Tomorrows plans are:

- Prepare for job interview
- Go to job interview
- Get hair cut and coloured after job interview
- Eat Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae if in need of comfort after interview
- Apply for more jobs

It all sounds terribly grand and grown-up, but I don't feel it. However, I suspect that hormones are playing games on me and that's why I don't feel as good about today's activities as I should. Hmmm.

This evening I'll sit down with some knitting or possibly sew an arm onto my sister's cardigan. I tried The Fringe last week and I'm not sure about it. I might give it another go tonight if there is nothing else on but it didn't catch me quite the way I thought that it would.

Feel free to agree or try to change my mind, though :-)

ETA: Why am I crazy? It's the season premier of House tonight! The Fringe is on at 10pm if I'm still awake to watch it. Guess that will tell me whether I'm persevering with that one...


Sep. 15th, 2008 05:14 pm
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I have a job interview on Wednesday!

I'm not sure whether I'll take the job, but it's good practise and they might be able to talk me into it. The company provides call centre 'solutions' that aren't outsources to India, which is nice, and the job would be developing and maintaining the software that they provide for clients. There would be a nice mix of database work and web application work, so stuff that I'm familiar with and lovely new things to learn as well. It's even based locally - less than 30 minutes drive on a good day.

I'm reluctant to take the first thing that I get offered (mostly because I have apps in for jobs that I'm much more enthusiastic about) but odds are that I won't have to make that tough decision. It's going to be good practise and I'm glad that the rest of my good interview shirts arrived last week with the shipping.

I've done my good worky stuff today (did some work for the Quakers as well as more job apps) so I'm going to sit back with episode 2 of this year's Atlantis and knit a neckband on my sister's cardigan.

I really need to get myself a nice monitor.
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This week seems to have been busier than ever, although I'm not sure how much actual useful stuff I have achieved!

Monday was Labour Day so we drove up to Sugar Moon for pancakes, maple syrup and amazing maple baked beans. The time in the sugar camp and at the restaurant was lovely, but the drive was less so. This is mainly because I appear to be cursed with torrential rain whenever I am looking for an exit from the highway. I'm very proud of myself for driving all that way up the highway. Er, I asked Da to drive back while I recovered from the torrential rain experience :-)

The evening was spent constructing furniture and we now have a lot of the office set up. Just got a bit more furniture building to do tomorrow. Um, yay?

Tuesday was another out and about day, going to about ten different places to buy stuff that the house still needs. The good news it that we now have a DVD recorder, some stationary, various items for making cards (?) and a full set of chairs in the dining room.

A lot of Wednesday was sacrificed to the cause of going to customs and signing for my shipping. It will arrive on Monday and I am going to be so happy. My highway/torrential rain curse struck again, which was...exciting. The rest of Wednesday was lost to bundling up the cardboard from all the furniture so that it could be taken away by the garbage truck.

Mum and I are thinking of starting a business as flat-pack furniture builders and cardboard bundlers.

Da is going back to England today and, in the four weeks that he's been here, he's hardly done anything except build furniture, shop (for furniture) and do an awful lot of work for his companies in England. So he decided that he wanted to spend Thursday and Friday being a tourist.

Thursday we drove down to Mahone Bay for the day. Why have we never done that before? It's a beautiful town, picture postcard beautiful, and filled with lovely little shops that Mum and I have decided we need to make a return visit for. There is an absolutely fabulous yarn shop, Have A Yarn, that is possibly the biggest yarn shop we've ever seen. There is also a tea shop that sells the most amazing teas ever. We bought some rooibus and lemon that is gorgeous and Da fell in love with a rooibus and ginger tea. It's good to have a place that can feed our love of wonderful teas :-) There was also a cafe/book seller, The Biscuit Eater, that makes great sandwiches and sells lovely old books. I might have picked up an old, original Nancy Drew :-)

Yesterday (Friday) we decided to spend the day across the harbour. Da wanted to wander around and take photos and Mum and I thought he'd like the company. Sadly, our builder called just before we were due to leave with the news that the guy who is putting a new front door and storm door on was on his way. Um. So Mum decided to stay behind and supervise the guy and then pop out to buy some bungee cords so that we can strap down the bins and anything else fly-able on Sunday.

It was a great day out and I saw parts of the city that I've never really explored before. Sadly, my knee attempted to dislocate so I had to leave early :-( I got Mum to pick me up from the bus stop because, even though it's only a fifteen minute walk, I wasn't that sure about my knee holding up to it. Da stayed into the evening to get the good light and really enjoyed himself.

Today we are just doing bits and pieces while Da potters around and packs. His flight is at 11pm tonight. The weather yesterday was amazingly hot but it's cooler and wet today. We assured that the remnants of Hurricane Gustav will be passing over today. Tomorrow we're getting what's left of Hurricane Hanna, although the forecaster today says that it won't be as bad as originally predicted here because the storm has changed track and the eye won't be going over us any more. So just 30mm of rain and 65kph winds, heh.

I am now feeling very glad that I didn't agree to contracting with Tesco. The office still isn't really sorted, although I do finally have a desk rather than having to work from the sofa or my recliner. Monday is going to be hell with my shipping arriving, we'll still be sorting on Tuesday probably (my aunt is come over to help us with it all) so it's probably going to be Wednesday before I get a proper routine going and I *really* need to get some more work done on the job hunt thing. Two applications will definitely not result in a job any time soon.

Despite all of that, I am still really happy that I've done this.
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So, I have just applied for a job. My first job in Canada.

Despite all my plans, it is not a contract job. However, it is not a retail job so one of my criteria is met.

It's for one of the local universities as a 'technologist', for which read report writer working with cool toys.


It's highly unlikely to go anywhere. Still, it's one step on the great job hunting mountain.

There's another kind of interesting job that I'm thinking about. Maybe. But it's rather an academic role. Huh.
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I am dusting off my McKay icon in honour of the fact that I discovered last night a place in my TV thingy where I can catch up on all the Atlantis S5 that has been shown so far. This makes me so, so super happy because now I can join in the squee :-)

As it is raining like woah right now, I'm thinking of having an Atlantis afternoon if I can do enough job app stuff to feel justified in taking a couple of hours off.

Yesterday was both fun and productive. I spent the morning doing up my CV and then re-doing it because paper size is different here and my resume was three lines too long when done on Letter size paper *pout* Then I spent a while more setting up profiles on some of the job websites, although I haven't actually uploaded my resume yet. I'm kind of nervous because I hate that instant flood of agency calls for the first three days. The silence for weeks afterwards also rather sucks.

Late morning, I toddled up to Fisherman's Cove because they have a teeny tiny Job Search place up there. The lady in there was very nice, looked over my resume and pointed out where it could be improved and why the organisation of it might need changing to better suit Canadian employers. Very handy. She also showed me the location of a list of job websites and advised me that I should seriously look at government and university jobs as well, based on my experience. Huh. Never thought of doing that!

So this morning's plan will be to revise my resume again and do a bit more lurking on job websites. I hate job hunting with a fiery passion.

The fun part of yesterday was the afternoon. Da and I went down to Rainbow Haven, our local beach, and spent the afternoon paddling and walking and playing. It was great fun :-) The weather was grey and overcast, refreshingly cool rather than brrr cold and it blew out the cobwebs beautifully. Plus there was actual paddling in the ocean. Yay!

Then the evening involved yummy shrimps for supper, consumption of cider and the most amazing sunset imaginable watched from our deck.

Crazy week

Jun. 9th, 2006 10:55 pm
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It's been another of those icky crazy weeks. I'm very much wishing that I had the time to slow down a little - at the moment I seem to spend a couple of hours a day on the job hunt (betweeen phoning people, emailing and applying...) which leaves me with very little time for other things. Such as that important French college work.

I plan to do a fair amount of that tomorrow.

I have an idea for my next Teyla/Weir story that I've been wanting to write for months. I need a little help and I'm sure that my lovely friendslist will be able to help 'cos you're all so smart and adorable.

::flutters eyelashes becomingly::

If I'm creating a low-ranking soldier or airperson (preferably female) for Atlantis, what would her rank be? She'll be in the Air Force, but for the purposes of the story I'm not sure whether she'll need to be an officer or not. So, some guidance on the lowest ranks of both would be helpful.

Also, some guidance on who her superior/supervisor type person would be for either option would really help. Not having even the faintest idea of ranks in anyone's army, beyond Colonels being higher than Majors and Generals outranking most everyone, I could use a little help here. Pretty please?


Apr. 9th, 2006 07:32 pm
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So I've been working on my CV today. A friend sent me hers to peruse and it's tres pretty. Mine will never be as good :-( Think it's looking better than it was, but will need to find energy to look at it again before uploading it to a couple of job sites and starting the hunt. Bleh. Hate finding jobs.

But new Doctor Who starts next weekend! And the trailers are very, very spiffy and exciting! I'm bouncing already!

And so I must exit, to watch Doctor Who night like the true geek that I am *g*
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I'm back to starting the new job this Monday. Just when I'd got used to the idea of having a week out and getting some things done. This does work out better for me financially, but getting some projects finished before starting also sounded good.

Oh, well.

I've got all the new paperwork signed, ready to go into the post tomorrow, and I'll be going shopping on Saturday for some new clothes for work. I'll see if the agency can find out when my first paycheck will be so that I can get some financial planning in place. Apart from anything else, I need to know how much money I have to put by for petrol so that I don't run dry and penniless three days before getting paid. I'm hoping that the first payday is before SG-10 so that I have some actually money stuff to play with there.

But my first full paycheck is going to be a thing of beauty. Getting a decent salary will definitely take some weight off my shoulders. I can start doing fun things and being bouncey and happy about fandom stuff again. Woo!

In other news, I'm ridiculously tired for no good reason and have been for nearly two weeks. I can only assume that the FMS has decided to make my body punish me for some reason. Bleh. Going to archery anyway because I'll probably be too knackered next week to even attempt it.

A result

Oct. 6th, 2005 06:23 pm
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They've offered me the job. I've got the weekend to decide, read through the contract etc. but I'm fairly sure that I'll take it.

I just plan to quit if they ever suggest that I work in the office that I interviewed in today. Not only is the office complex soul-destroying, it's also much further than it looked on the map and it's virtually impossible to find anything in the town. Good thing that I left incredibly early - I spent fourty-five minutes finding the office and afterwards another thirty minutes finding the motorway again. Bleh! Definitely don't want to do this drive every day.

I planned to go to archery tonight. Except I'm feeling so wiped from the drive that I may just give in and flump in front of the TV instead. Going to archery means getting in my car again and I'm not sure that I've got the energy.
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The agency just sent me a map so that I could confirm which building I'm supposed to be going to tomorrow after sending me to the wrong one on Friday.

It was at this point that I noticed the interview was in a town fifteen miles from the first interview.


Checked with the agency who had completely failed to notice this detail until I pointed it out. Guh! They checked and the role will be based in the offices I saw at the original interview, so that's fine. And at least now I know that I need to leave earlier than I'd originally planned due to the extra distance.

Somehow, I have a feeling that turning up in the wrong town tomorrow for this interview might have scuppered my chances even if I did try to blame the agency.

I'm feeling happier and more rational about this job, particularly as I've had no response from the agency that contacted me yesterday. Not even a note to say that they're putting me forward for the job. So if the company offers me the job tomorrow I won't be turning it down on the off-chance that something else might turn up. I'm being sensible.

And lured by the prospect of a decent salary after years as a student and then a poorly-paid temp. Money! Things! Affording Christmas! Paying for my MOT! Buying new clothes!

Such a material girl :-)

I am now going to put the final finishing touches on the review database software before starting the mammoth task of transfering all the old reviews into it. Ah, I know how to enjoy myself :-)
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Finally got the second interview set up, but have ended up with a dilemma.

An agency called today about a job that sounds absolutely great, just what I wanted, do I want to apply? Of course I said yes. But I've also been honest and asked how long the recruitment process is likely to take - i.e. will I know within a few days whether they want me for an interview and how soon would they be interviewing? On the one hand, this job is much closer to what I really want to do and I'd be daft to not take the chance.

On the other hand, the other job isn't really what I want to do but I'm at second interview stage and I don't want to turn it down and then find that the other job doesn't pan out. Financially, I can't afford to spend many months more temping and I have this nagging worry that companies won't hire me if I'm out of work for much longer.

On the other hand, I could temp full-time on a perfectly good salary and therefore be able to hold out longer for the good job to come along.

On a fourth hand, what if this is the last time I get an application even to the interview stage? Are employers going to start looking at my CV, see that I graduated five months ago and start asking why I'm still not employed?

On a fifth hand...

You can see whether my worries are going, here *sigh*
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How hard can it possibly be to set up one silly little interview?

So far, the agency has called me four times today about this second interview thing. The last two times were from someone other than my usual guy, who had obviously never received the message about me saying yes to Thursday and therefore was making an urgent call to see whether she could slot me in tomorrow or possibly Thursday. As the agency guy hadn't even mentioned tomorrow when he first called and I'd spoken to him to say yes to Thursday, I felt that this was getting silly.

Upshot is that...I still don't know. They're gonna call me tomorrow.

And why would I agree to an interview at 10am tomorrow when it's already 6.15pm today and I would have to literally leave my workplace in the lurch because I'd be on the motorway at the time when I needed to call and let them know what was going on? Particularly when this agency knows that I'm working and trying not to wind up with a bad reputation for swanning off at the drop of a hat?


It's definitely Monday today.

In good news, I've got the XHTML version of one of the art website mock-ups finished. Go me :-)
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Found the right place for today's interview (well, apart from being sent to the wrong building by the agency, but that doesn't seem to have reflected badly) and it all went really well. So well, in fact, that the company has already called the agency to inquire about my availabilty for a second interview. Yay! The agency is being incredibly confident (the words 'shoe-in' were mentioned), but I'm being more cautious. Still, this is a really good sign and the closest I've been to getting a job for ages.

Unlike the last time I got called back for a second interview, I actually want to take the opportunity *g* It's not what I pictured myself doing - it's a data analysis job rather than a pure programming job. But it's something that my experience is better suited to and I actually think that it sounds interesting. I'll be using my technical skills, my numerical and analytical understand and even doing a bit of writing and presentation stuff. So, you know, different but still cool. And the company seems like a good one to work for. Keeping my fingers crossed right now.

Now I can enjoy the last couple of days of my break without that hanging over me. I might even get some serious writing done. Woo!
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I've actually acheived a surprising amount today. I've paid my car tax. I did all the research for tomorrow's interview, including finding maps and routes which prove that it's easier to find than I thought it would be. If anyone sees a purple Nissan Micra bombing around Liverpool with a worried and confused-looking driver, though, you'll know that was wishful thinking *g*

I've also roughed up another design for the art trust website and then got thoroughly stumped for a third. So I picked up The Zen of CSS Design and had a bit of a flick through, landing on a discussion of colours and textures as well as just looking at the pretty pictures. It got me thinking a little and the result is a partial design that looks nothing like the other two - the first two designs are shockingly similar despite surface changes in colour and typography. I want to make sure that there are several different designs to look at rather than three designs that look almost identical.

I'm happy about this design and will be even happier when it's actually finished - which should be tomorrow, if I get back from my interview with enough sanity, or Saturday. Then I just have to turn these beautiful PaintShop Pro files into functional XHTML and show them to the client. Not much to ask, really *g*

I also managed to work on the current Teyla/Elizabeth fic a little (read, 50 words) and did a little bit of work on Under Green Hills. All of this and I still have the evening to fill. Go me. Now I must prepare a nourishing repast to equip me for an evening of archery, which will hopefully be the perfect destress to ensure a good night's sleep.

Oh, and iron my good suit trousers and a smart shirt. Mustn't forget that.


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