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I think the house misses Mum and is throwing a hissy fit over her leaving. On Saturday:

1) A piece of lining from under the eaves started to depart from the house
2) The thermostat in the living room quarter of the house packed up.

I've got someone coming out to look at the heating today (phew!) but I'm struggling to find anyone who can help me with the eaves issue. It just needs a guy with a long ladder, a hammer and some nails but do you think anyone will come out for a ten minute job like that? I've tried a couple of church contacts who have failed to show up when promised so it looks like I'm ringing round the church and neighbours again tonight.

Just to make this even better, I dislocated a rib again on Saturday and I discovered both of the above issues just as I was planning to veg out with muscle relaxants and the TV. Double argh.

The rib has relocated and is feeling much better. It's not fun being unable to breathe without extreme pain. Tonight I may even try the 'sleeping without muscle relaxants' thing.

Please let this be it for house problems this winter?
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So, tomorrow I finally have my appointment with the rheumatologist. There three potential outcomes from this, listed in the order I feel represent the probability they will happen:

1) The guy will say nothing is wrong, I'm hypermobile and should expect increasing pain, stiffness and inflammation in my joints due to that.
2) The guy will confirm Awesome GI Guy's suspicion that I have ankylosing spondylitis.
3) The guy will confirm that I have some other form of inflammatory arthritis.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up about a useful diagnosis and treatment plan. Annoyingly, my back has been behaving relatively well for the last couple of days (so it's not been stupidly awful, just s bit achy and stiff) and it's my hip that's been the bigger problem. Ah, well, all I can do is hope something useful comes out of this.

I know one definite outcome: total exhaustion. Ugh.


Dec. 19th, 2010 06:28 pm
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It took me an hour (due to editing twice, once for a forgotten shout out to my beta in notes and once due to not formatting some italics) but I have posted my [ profile] yuletide fic.

This is mainly because the archive will be insane tomorrow (worse than today, if that's believable) and I don't want to panic about not being able to post before the deadline. It's editable so if my beta comes back with big red scrawls over the second draft that I sent, I can still correct and amend, but at least it's there and I feel fairly happy with it.

Also, if the physio kills me tomorrow it's also there.

I have got physio for 8am. As physio at 8am on Friday was a disaster due to me being incredibly stiff and immovable, I'm thinking that tomorrow may also be a Bit Of An Issue.

Note to self: book physio for afternoons in future when the morning stiffness has decreased and you're 'just' suffering from too much sitting down.

Today my back woke me up at 4am (after not going to sleep until after midnight) to inform me that we were done with lying down now. I was stubborn and stayed in bed, propped into semi-less-uncomfortable positions with pillows. It wasn't a good morning and I am so incredibly tired right now.
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Cut for back whinging )

In other news...

I went to a carol concert last night. It was at the local Anglican church in aid of the local foodbank and I really enjoyed it. There were lots of lovely old traditional carols (although I may never get the hang of the different tunes that a couple of them use) and quite a few modern Christmas songs. Good fun and my voice was a little hoarse afterwards. It's starting to feel rather seasonal.

The cats have decided that the tree is much less interesting now that it's not covered in a sheet. They only bother it when I'm in the room with the tree and not paying attention to them. Crazy animals. As it's an attention thing, I've taken to putting whichever of them commits persistant tree infractions (usually Kate) into the craft room for a time-out. That seems to work a little better than shouting and water spraying, probably because it's counter-productive for what they want!

It's the team Christmas lunch tomorrow, cleverly timed so that we can go home whenever we finished :-) As we did last year, we're hitting a local Greek restaurant and I'm totally committed to getting my paws on some deep-fried zucchini for my appetizer. That stuff is like heaven on a plate. A calorie-laden, artery-clogging heaven, but still heaven on a plate. Om nom nom.

My department likes eating. We prefer all our social events to have an element of food. This week there has been a pot luck and tomorrow's meal. Next week there is another pot luck and my Monday afternoon status meeting will be at the local really awesome coffee shop. I can't imagine why I enjoy working here :-)
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My back is following the familiar old pattern: not feeling too bad in the morning, which fools me into thinking it will be fine so I toddle off to work, getting worse through the day until I'm close to crippled in the evening. Argh. It's hard to decide to call in sick when you're feeling fairly OK first thing and the bad point doesn't start to hit until mid-morning.

The only good thing is that I'm familiar with this and know how to manage it. NSAIDs, heat pads (to relax the muscles that tense up from the pain of the inflammation), TENS machine, plenty of movement and definitely not just doing nothing. I am going to be lazy in the kitchen for the next few days, planning meals that require minimal tending so that I don't end up half-crippled by the time I'm ready to eat. Long periods of standing tend to aggravate my back just as badly as long periods of sitting.

I'll give this treatment plan a week and then, if it's not getting better by early next week, I shall take myself to the doctor to get checked out. Hopefully they'll be amenable to an X-ray (to confirm that the inflammation around my spine is back), more NSAIDs (I run out of celebrex in two weeks) and a referral back to a rheumy seeing as this is usually put down to the EDS. I'll do physio if they insist, but past experience has shown that physios generally don't know what to do with me and end up giving me the same core stability exercises that the previous three physios have given me. They're more used to dealing with people whose problems are routed in poor posture and inflexibility. Me being hypermobile rather defeats them because my range of movement, even when I'm in this state and stiffer than normal, is better than a normal person's ROM.

Getting checked by the docs is mainly to confirm that this isn't something new and different and also have a supply of NSAIDs. I've been on this merry-go-round for long enough to realize that it's unlikely anyone will figure out why I keep getting inflammation around my spine.

Well, we'll see how it goes. At least I know more about what's happening this time. And I can educate my doctors. Um. Yeah. No, still struggling with the silver lining to this.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I've got a four hour meeting to attend. It's in a convention suite at a hotel down the street from my office, which means that it's going to be four hours on exceedingly uncomfortable chairs in an overly air-conditioned room with terrible sandwiches for lunch. On a good day, that kind of thing makes my back unhappy. We have this meeting every six months and I was nearly crippled after the last one.

Right now?

I'm pretty sure that I won't get through it. So I've already warned the boss that I'll be either working from home or calling in sick tomorrow to escape it, depending on how bad I feel by this evening. A day at home is probably what I need anyway and it would be more productive than attending the meeting and being off for the rest of the week. So I'll see how I feel and make a judgement call tomorrow morning on whether I work from home or just give in and spend the day knitting, watching TV and taking lots of gentle walks around the garden.
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Cut for back pain and major storm whining )

In less depressing news...

The sweater that I have been working on since late September is finished. Woo! It would have been finished sooner, except I went through several bouts of barely touching the needles for days on end. I've been going through periods of feeling exhausted and ick and sometimes, I don't even have the energy for knitting. The horrors.

It's a design that I fell in love with last year when I saw someone else's version (in a denim blue) and I decided to do my own in deep, chocolate brown. I wanted a sweater that would be super comfortable but smart enough to wear to work or out shopping. As most fashion stores are still obssessed with using fibres that I can't wear in everything (OMG, enough with the angora, alpaca and lambswool!), it became rather important to finish because I just don't have many warm sweaters that don't drive me insane with itching.

It's turned out beautifully. I was a little concerned about whether it would fit (I vacilated between thinking it was too small and too big), but the fit is perfect. Loose enough to wear a t-shirt under, tight enough not to make me look fat or feel frumpy. I love the style, adore the sleeves and the yarn (Rowan Handknit Cotton) feels gorgeous. There will be photos!

My preference is to knit sweaters in pieces and seam, although I won't reject a pattern completely if it's seamless. The seams give structure to a sweater, enabling it to retain its shape better with time and wear. The down side to that is that you don't know whether it will fit until the seaming is done and you can try it. Most seamless sweaters can be tried as you go, to make sure that everything is working properly. That means there is always that fear lurking in your mind about whether this is the sweater where, despite having gauge and doube-checking all the instructions, it's all going to go wrong and the thing either won't go over your shoulders or ends up looking like a tent.

This obviously wasn't that sweater. It's bound to happen to me one day, but I've escaped that fate again.

I finished the sweater last night, did the ritual adding it to my shelves for regular wear (love that moment)...and immediately cast on for something new.

I'm making a cardigan. It's stripey. In Rowan Cashsoft DK. I haven't met a Cashsoft that I didn't love. That family may be my favourite yarns ever. The deep magenta that I bought in the John Lewis sale will be paired with a deep grey, with the pink dominant, and somehow the magenta doesn't look quite as shocking!pink as I remembered it. In fact, I'm rather liking it...

Oh, ow

Nov. 20th, 2010 03:52 pm
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Somehow, I sprained my knee in the night. I'm pretty sure it didn't dislocate (I normally notice that), but it is taking great objection to bearing weight, bending and straightening, stairs and hills.


It's much more comfortable if I used my cane and I'm smart enough to know that these things don't heal if I abuse them. Double argh.

I had errands to run today. Many errands. When I'm having to use my cane, several things are firmly pointed out to me:

1) The world is designed for people with two free hands
2) Being a cripple makes you invisible
3) Stores filled with people because it's six weeks to Christmas are not possible to negotiate if you're a cripple

By the time I got home, I hated most of humanity. But! I had fresh fruit and veg, some yummy sausages, some outdoor Christmas lights, a tree for my aunt and a present for a friend's baby. I was also able to deposit some money in the bank and I have no officially saved up for an iPod Touch. That I am still debating. Oh, silly indecisive brain. I want one and I've saved for it, but what if I need that money later?

Shortly, I am going out with my aunt to eat Thai food and then watch the new Harry Potter. Obviously I am not excited about this at all because that would be just childish.


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Week four of my intro to yoga course and I'm loving it more each week. It's hard work (sweaty, needing to breathe a bit harder type of hard) but also very relaxing and I come out of the class feeling great. I'm already starting to notice that I've got a tiny bit more strength in some areas (particularly my arms and shoulders) and it seems that my core strength wasn't as bad as I've always thought.

Seems like the exercises that the physios gave did some good, at least :-D

It helps that my teacher is really great, encouraging us all and making the class fun. I'm a bit sad that she doesn't teach the next class level, although she's the studio owner so I'm sure that everyone who works there will be up to her standards of being awesome.

Cut for length )

For anyone else with hypermobility thinking about yoga, I can say that what I've been doing (vinyasa yoga, a subset of hatha) is great for core and joint stability. It's not about stretching and turning into a pretzel, although I am enjoying getting the hamstrings loosened up a bit. This is about building strength and relaxing at the same time. Talk to the teacher before you start - if you explain hypermobility and what that means, they should be able to help you adapt poses to reduce the stress on your unstable joints. If the teacher runs screaming into the night? That studio wasn't going to be right for you, time to contact another one :-D

And if you get lucky enough to have a teacher with joint hypermobility (natural, not trained), you'll be in good hands.
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This morning I started out tired, grouchy and achy. I seriously contemplated just staying in bed for a while, but forced myself up and out.

You can imagine how impressed I was to discover that parking barriers have been added to my work car park and the design is so good that everyone has to get out of their cars to swipe their cards. Gah! I cannot get my car close enough to have any hope of reaching it, nor can anyone else, and I can already tell that this is going to be miserable in the rain or, even better, in the winter with snow and ice everywhere. The traffic jams at busy times will be awesome.

I swear to god, I shall deliberatly fall and dislocate something if the barriers haven't been changed by winter, just to prove what a stupid idea the design is.

Anyway, I was so pissed off that I sent a note to the director of corporate affairs who had the misfortune to have sent an email about our beautiful new parking barriers last night. Nothing will come of it, but I have to try...

Yesterday I got a headset for my phone. The OT has gone a little overboard in sending me equipment - I get perhaps two phone calls a week. Yes, I do tuck the phone between shoulder and ear so that I can type and talk, but for one or two calls a week? Anyway, I'm quite excited and just waiting for someone to phone me so that I can use it. Come on phone, ring!

Today another new piece of equipment arrived. It was a little less successful. The basic idea is genius: a wrist rest that incorporates a roller bar and buttons to act as a mouse. Genius! My arms need never twist in awkward directions to get to my mouse again! Er, except that I can't have both it and my keyboard on my keyboard tray at once. It's going to go back and they'll get me a trackball instead. I need something because my keyboard tray does not make mouse usage easy, but as brilliant as this contraption is (and it really is brilliant, I must say) it's not quite practical with the keyboard tray that the OT requested.

Still, it's quite nice that her recommendations are being followed up. Wonder when my new chair will get here?
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First of all, the Spock thoughts. Obviously spoilers will abound )

Now that is over, time for kittens! Annie came up with a new trick this morning. We were having our morning cuddle where she clings on like a baby and I try to anticpate where she's going to move her head so that I don't spill coffee all over her when she tried something new. She squirmed up to drape herself over my shoulder (nothing new there) and then reared up to cuddle the top of my head!

It was like having a car window cat plastered to my face.

Stupid thing? She did it twice. And I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell her off. My girls know how to entertain me :-)

In other, less funny news, my back is achey and grouchy. Oddly, this is harder to deal with than full-on crying and screaming from pain stuff. It's achey and its going down through my hips and legs to make them achey, my knees are all unhappy and it's such a dull, niggly pain that it's driving me insane. Even stretching out isn't helping for more than a couple of minutes. Grrrrr.

I'm gonna need the extra painkillers to sleep tonight because it's just going to annoy me and keep me awake for hours and hours otherwise.

But there is a good thing - long weekend! Woo! And I'm having a day trip tomorrow. Plus sort of considering maybe a sneaking off to a return trip to Star Trek on Monday. Maybe. Unless my plans get interferred with. Er, wait, how often do my weekends go according to actual plan?
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The good news is that my aunt is moved, almost all her belongings are in her new apartment and nothing got broken in transit. When I left, most of her stuff was piled in approximately the rooms it will stay in and most of the furniture was in peices, but she had a bed, a chair and a kitchen table with chairs so she's sorted. Plus her telephone, TV and Internet were all hooked up without problems on Saturday so communications are a go.

It's going to take her a while to get everything sorted out, unpacked, constructed and set up. She's got a fair bit of sorting through and chucking out still to do because her ex-housemate ensured that she didn't have time to do any packing last week. This is also the reason why some of her stuff is still at the house. Sadly, that means the ex-housemate will be getting her to do 'little jobs' (hmm) for her every time my aunt goes over to pick things up. Damn.

Still, considering how hard the ex-housemate was working to ensure that the move didn't happen and how determined she was that most of our time would be spent rearranging her stuff in the space my aunt has vacated, it wasn't too bad.

The bad news is that I spent a lot of the weeekend working remotely when I wasn't moving my aunt. This is because our big month end jobs ran over the weekend, I was the contact for it and everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. My boss told me that it went pretty smoothly, she thought. Um, hello?

The biggest frustration of the weekend happened around 6am Sunday morning. I was totally shattered when I finally crawled home Saturday night (9.30pm) but still had to sit up doing some work stuff for an hour. After that, I made some cocoa to relax myself a bit before trying to sleep and took some painkillers.

Apparently I got too relaxed. I vaguely remember something painful happening to my knee, but at 6am I woke up with a cat crying outside the door and a dead foot. My knee dislocated while I was sleeping. Thankfully I was still so dopey and relaxed that it went back easily and I drifted off to sleep again, ignoring the cat. She was probably wondering why I was still asleep, OMG, it's 6am! I managed to sleep until my alarm went off at 8am and did some more work from my bed before going off for the final round of moving stuff. And then I did another hour of work when I got home. Bleh. My knee actually feels pretty OK now, just stiff if I sit too long, but the disturbed night and the necessity to get up and work when I'd planned to sleep in a bit did not make me happy particularly as it was due to someone else's mistake.

Now I'm at work in my office, feeling exceedingly tired with a monster headache. Unfortunately I have some work-ish stuff to do when I get home, but I plan on getting that out of the way and then having an early night.

I'm very pissed off that right now I've had three dislocations and one sprain and it's only the beginning of May. Last year, I managed one dislocation and no sprains all year. WTF?
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Saw my GP today about my stupid shoulder. She thinks that I dislocated the scapula both times (I was right!) and is sending me for an X-ray to see whether there is anything going on there. We'll see where we go from there - she wanted to investigate properly before referring me anywhere to get a clear picture of what's happening first. The X-ray will get sent on to Dr. O the rheumy as well to keep her in the loop.

I'm starting to feel better about Dr. M.

The pain on breathing had her concerned due so she listened to my chest and then needed reassurance that my heart is fine and the last echo proved it despite my murmur. She concurs with me that the pain is coming from muscle damage due to the dislocations.

The nice part was that she remembered that I have EDS and felt that investigations were still definitely needed. Also she respected that I know what I'm talking about when I say the pain was pretty darned bad. Er, I forgot to get anything for the pain but then I do feel weird about about asking for 'just in case' meds. She even asked me what I normally do for dislocations and trusted me that this was not a regular shoulder dislocation. Hooray!

So, overall it was a positive visit and I'll be going over to the hospital shortly to queue for my X-ray. Then we'll see what we want to do. It's possible that I'll be getting an early appointment with Dr. O although Dr. M was also discussing getting me an assessment with sports medicine to see whether there's anything they can do to strengthen that shoulder. Bridges to cross later and all that.

Hey, ho, it's off to the hospital for me. My first X-ray of the year - I made it all the way to April this time!

Sleep now?

Apr. 7th, 2009 08:50 am
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Cut for whining )

I picked up a copy of the season opener for Lewis and watched it last night. It's really quite good, isn't it? Why did no one tell me that it's quite good?

Also, House was rather awesome :-)

Note to self: substituting a fair bit of the cheddar for stilton in cauliflower cheese is a very good idea. Nom. However, about half the quantity of cauliflower cheese would have been better. How did it multiply? I'm sure I used the same quantities of everything that I normally do, and yet I had about double the normal amount. It was quite excellent but, er, rather more filling than it should have been and I'm not sure how good re-heated cauliflower cheese would have been.

Also, please to be remembering that preparing food with sore shoulder is not easy.

Tonight's veggie curry has been replaced with beef stroganoff because I had some in the freezer and thus it simply requires reheating, a spoonful of sour cream added and some noodles cooked. Yes, lazy, but I'm not feeling like spending time cooking today :-)
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Whatever has gone wrong with my shoulder obviously needs looking at by a doctor, I admit it. The dratted thing went out again yesterday morning at around 10.45am (I know because that's when I left for church and it went from fine to ouch in the space of ten seconds) and it's still very painful today. I'm managing it better this time - mobilisation and heat packs - so it's not yet reached crippling stage, but it's bloody painful and I definitely cannot drive now.


I'm also tired because there was no comfortable position to sleep in last night and therefore I haven't had much sleep. As soon as the office opens, I'm calling to get an appointment with my doctor. I'll work out how to get there when I have an appointment. She'll probably tell me to see my specialist, but at least I'll know whether it's worth bothering the specialist then and she might be able to give me something to take the edge off and get some sleep when it goes out.

Hey, ho, live is always interesting with hypermobility!

The weekend was productive and fun, despite not getting to see my aunt on Saturday. The stuffed mushrooms need some experimentation to get them right, but I have a mushroom left over so I think that will be Wednesday's supper :-) I think a bit less cooking time and a bit more stilton might be the way to go. Adding a bit of sour cream to the juices that cook out an drizzling that over the mushrooms is definitely a fine plan. Recipe will be posted when I've got it right :-)

I got 2,000 words done on my Tardis Big Bang fic, which makes me very happy, and there was also some rather excellent weekend TV.

Cut for spoilers, primarily Robin Hood )
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I believe that I have identified the source of all that pain I had Thursday evening/Friday.

Sometime during Wednesday night I dislocated my left shoulder blade, trapping a nerve and straining the muscles and tendons in the area.

How did I know this? Well, on Friday afternoon I was trying to stretch and mobilise the shoulder so that I didn't have cramped, spasming muscles to add to the problem and there was this moment where the shoulder blade made a nasty klunk-crunch sound and some of the pain started to ease off.

Yeah, I was walking around with a dislocation for thirty-six hours. No wonder it was so painful! And, um, it isn't the first time that I've dislocated things in my sleep.

Anyway, there is still some pain under and around the shoulder blade when move in certain ways or when I don't move and things stiffen up (I suspect the nerve is bruised and things were strained by being out of place for so long), but I'm much more comfortable than I was and I even managed to get out and about a bit yesterday, although I couldn't get my winter tires changed because I couldn't lift my all-seasons into the car. That has been re-scheduled for two weeks time.

I gave in and signed off about half an hour after making my LJ post on Friday because it had got too painful. In retrospect, it was probably stupid to try to work that day. I am comforting myself with the knowledge that even if I'd gone to the doctor there wasn't much should could have done other than send me to a physio for manipulation or possibly tell me to see my specialist. And as I reset everything Friday afternoon, it would have been a wasted trip :-)

Today has been a beautiful day. I actually went out without my big winter coat and took a walk on the boardwalk after church, because it was so beautiful and I love the smell of the sea. It makes up for a sucky Friday and almost makes up for missing my knitting group on Thursday. It's going to rain for the next couple of days, but it's not snow and that continues to make me happy :-)
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So yesterday I felt achy and ick when I got up, my back was grumbling and I wasn't happy.

The slight twinging in my upper back, just under the left shoulder blade, didn't seem that important.

Things seemed to settle as the day went on and I got cocky enough to think that I'd make it to my knitting group. Then I got into the car to drive home and realised that those twinges were actually a bit more painful than that, particularly when I tried to turn my head. But I was still going out to knit.

I sat down and worked out my shopping list and next week's menu plan, sort of vaguely thinking that my back was starting to hurt a bit, and then set about making supper.

As an aside, I've worked out why my carbonara was not good the last time I made it. I forgot the salt and pepper, my parmesan wasn't fresh enough and there wasn't enough of it. Fixed all of that last night and made a gorgeous carbonara.

Anyway, the twinges got worse as I pottered around cooking and continued getting worse while I was eating. It was a struggle to lift the kettle and I barely managed to get the pasta drained into a colander without an accident. By the time I'd cleared the dishes away I could barely stand up straight, so I thought I'd take a ten minute lie-down before going to knitting and it would be all better.

OK, I admit that I was stupid.

When I tried to sit up again, it took me twenty minutes. At that stage I called my aunt to alert her that I may need to go to the doctor's tomorrow and I'd definitely need a lift. My aunt is lovely and came straight over with Flexeril to dose me up and help me out. She fed the cats and cleaned their tray (because I was definitely not getting that done), made me a hot water bottle and generally sorted me out a bit.

The heat helped a bit, but I don't think the Flexeril was very helpful. I still took a second dose before trying to go to sleep. It took me a long time to get myself into bed and I didn't sleep well, oddly enough!

This morning it hadn't resolved itself. I think that it's just a trapped nerve, but my doctor doesn't have any appointments available and I don't think it's enough of an emergency to warrant going to a walk-in clinic. It's definitely not an ER visit thing. I called work first thing to let them know there was a problem, but by the time I got myself up, showered and dressed I figured that I was upright enough to do some work from home. I was only an hour and a half late starting, after all.

My boss is trying to tell me that I need to stop working and look after my back. It's just a trapped nerve! I'll see how I go. I'm fairly sure that it's my shoulder blade that has shifted and trapped something so hopefully it will shift back fairly soon and release. It usually does when I do this to my neck.

Now, if I could just learn to breathe without moving my rib cage or anything other part of my upper torso that would be fabulous.
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My body has been so well behaved these last few months that I'd almost forgotten what it could do.


My back isn't actually excruciating yet, but I can feel pressure, inflammation and discomfort there. It's not pleasant and it's promising to get worse. Put together with pain in hips and knees, and the pain that's just starting to run up and down my legs probably from the inflammation flare-up in the back, and today is going to be miserable.

And it's only 6.30am. Anyone want to shoot me now?


Feb. 5th, 2009 08:39 am
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I actually managed to leave the house and come into work today. Hooray!

Yesterday turned into a bit of a nightmare, but at least I eventually got myself free. My aunt called the Lion's Club and they contacted one of their members who does local shovelling. He came out and got rid of the snow bank from the plough, levelled it all off so that I'd at least be able to get the car out if I could get it freed up. He couldn't do the rest of the drive with his plough because the car was in the way. Darn. Learning for next time: get car into driveable state before guy turns up so that I can move it off the drive when he's shifted the plough pile and he can plough out the whole drive.

Anyway, he did try to clear some of the snow but his shovel was making no impact at all. So I paid him and he left, promising that he'd be happy to come and plough me out whenever I needed it. At least I now know that there is someone here who comes out when he says that he will!

I was still left with a bit of an issue on the rest of the drive way so my aunt advised me to absolutley load the area down with salt and let it sit for a few hours. I salted the path and the area around the car really well (I'm pretty much out of salt now - must stop at the store on the way home) and went inside to get on with some work. I did attempt to get someone else out to have a go at the drive, but he never turned up :-( Grrr.

Late afternoon, I went outside and chipped my way into the car. It started beautifully and I spent nearly an hour with it idling and me trying to chip off as much ice as I could so that it was safe to drive. Then I grabbed my shovel and cleared as much of my path as I could and as much of the area around the car as I could. I'm not massively happy with it, but at least now it's safer than it was and I plan to load the area down with salt when I get some tonight.

It wasn't a fun day and it took me over an hour in the bath, an extra dose of my anti-inflammatories and a good dose of co-codamol to calm my back down enough to sleep, but at least it's over, I'm free and I now have a reliable plough guy in my contact list.

Just to add insult to injury (er, literally), despite falling over yesterday a couple of times I did not sprain or dislocate anything. And so I tripped on nothing this morning and subluxed my ankle. I tripped on nothing! I sat on the floor and cried for a while, then I grabbed my cane and hobbled into work.

Despite everything, I feel better about all of this than I did yesterday and I'm looking forward to going out to knitting tonight. After all, winter will end eventually and I now have a plough guy who will be helping me out of these messes in the future. Remind me of this when I start complaining about the heat in the summer, please?

Sea mist

Jan. 16th, 2009 07:59 am
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This morning was incredibly cold. We're talking so cold that I coughed every time I took a breath outside, that cold. I seem to be handling the cold better than the snow, though.

That's not the point of the story.

It's going to be a clear day and I'd forgotten just how beautiful the day can be when it's crisp and cold. Then I got to the end of my road, looked down towards the ocean and saw the thick layer of sea mist out there. It was amazing, this cloud of white mist that drifted and shifted only a few feet over the sea. I wish that I'd had my camera and a few minutes to photograph it.


In other news, my back is playing up :-( I didn't do anything special to it last night, I had a comfortable seat at knit night and yet by the time I went to bed it was throbbing and hurting. If my rheumy X-rayed me right now, I'm sure that a ton of inflammation would show up, it was that kind of pain. Unfortunately, that meant I didn't really drop off to sleep until 2am and my alarm goes off at 5.45am. Yeah, I feel good.

I did get the heating set a bit better last night. I left it a degree higher in the main house than I usually did and pushed the dial up a little in my room, so I wasn't frozen when I woke up and it wasn't completely unpleasant when I got out of bed. Heating will resume normal status when the weather warms up a bit, but I was so glad this morning that I'd done that.

And now I shall go and take some painkillers and get on with my work.
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Dear Doctor M,

I'm sure you're a lovely person, really, and I can tell that you are probably a competant doctor. However, we need to talk about your records and filing.

You see, I gave you all the paperwork from my previous doctor which included my medication list complete with quantities. You even said that you'd log the stuff, don't worry it's here, I'll check on what the nearest Canadian equivalent is, and that was a really helpful thing to provide.

Why, then, did it take me five minutes to explain what I was on when I wanted a refill today? You had your computer in front of you. And why do you not have any idea of what is in the Pill I take, when I gave you the paperwork with that information on in November?

In fact, it was easier to get a script for celebrex out of you than get the Pill. I'll try to call and give you the ingredients list from the packet when I get home so that you can write a script for me to pick up tomorrow, but I know that you don't answer the phone after 4.45pm so it might be pointless. Still, I'll play along and tomorrow I'll get irritated if I can't get this sorted out.

No love,

Apparently I also have bacteria in my urine, but I'm asymptomatic so she just wants to keep an eye on it. I'm trying to work out whether this decision is a good thing or not, but as I disagree with the overprescription of broad-spectrum antibiotics I'm happy to go with it..

And I've just realised that she forgot to give me the requisition for another test in a month, which she said that she would. Grrr. Hopefully I can pick that up with my script tomorrow.

Just to make it all much happier, she also did not tick the box to allow me refills on the celebrex so I'll have to go back and repeat all of this in three months anyway. There is a reason that I hate seeing doctors.


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