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*peers at Twitter notifications* Ah, I see a Big Name in publishing retweeted something. Goodbye, ability to see any other notifications :-)

You know how a few months ago I was all aflutter because I love my iPhone so much? I STILL LOVE IT. Having a cell phone? One that's capable of sending texts and making calls and stuff? So good. If I, to take a random example, want to ask a friend out to dinner tomorrow night, I can just text her! And have it arranged in a few minutes! It's wonderful!

Who knew having the ability to communicate reliably would be so brilliant? (All of you knew that, but let's pretend...)

Anyway, Holby City.

Cut for spoilers )
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Currently around my company there are projects happening to secure and lock down various systems, removing obsolete code etc etc.

Unfortunately, they've decided to describe this activity as "hardening" the systems.

So we're all smirking and giggling every time we have to meet to discuss a hardening project, or reference that someone is hardening something, or question whether something has been hardened yet.

(We haven't had the guts to ask "Is system X hard?". Yet.)

I'm sorry, my team is a bunch of children at heart. Even the boss :-D

I was a good girl and did my wording last night. I'm staggering towards the novel finish line, one day at a time. I'm almost done with the big boss battle, and after that, it's just the tidy-up and the happily ever after. Woo hoo!

Agents of SHIELD is back, which means Tuesdays have become a dilemma. Do I watch AoS or Holby? I could watch both, but realistically, I never have enough time to watch two hours of telly in one evening. Last week, Holby won, but I think AoS is going to be winning from now on. My twitter feed has far more AoS fans and it's hard to hide from spoilers until I watch on Wednesdays.

Cut for Holby spoilers )

I'm debating whether I go back to paid status here, as a gesture of support for DW providing a sanctuary for all the new LJ refugees and totally not because I want all my icons back DEFINITELY NOT THAT.
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It's April 10th and it hasn't snowed for almost a week and I am SO FREAKING DELIGHTED. The long nightmare is over!

I even wore my red spring coat for the last two days. Can you tell this has been a very long winter?

I got a reminder on my FB that five years ago, I had to shovel snow to go to church on Easter Sunday morning, so it's not the longest winter ever, but it's pretty close. And at least this year, there will be no pre-church snow shovelling according to the forecast (touch wood).

I foolishly remarked at work that I'll be making my own hot cross buns on Friday. I'm off Monday/Tuesday next week, but I sense I'll be making more hot cross buns on Tuesday to feed the hungry coworkers on Wednesday. That snack table we set up before Christmas? Still here. Still getting treats on at least a couple of times a week.

I'm getting close to finishing the novel I've been writing. It might be the best thing I've written--it might even be publishable--but now I've hit the stage where I'm making deals with myself to stay on track because the end is so close and I just want to write something (anything) else.

Actually, I want to write a Berena fic about Bernie going to find Serena and bring her home from her sabbatical. With exotic locations, comedy, and kissing. But I have to finish the novel. So my deal with myself is this: after I finish the novel, I can write the most self-indulgently fluffy Berena reunion fic ever, but the novel has to be finished first.

*puts on determined face*
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Yuletide assignments are out!

Catching many of us off-guard, because we're used to having a few days grace between sign-ups closing and assignments going out to polish our letters and catch our breath. Guess their algorithms are working really, really smoothly these days.

I'd been hoping for those couple of days to get my letter written. I was ill for a few days last week, so my sign-up was done on Sunday afternoon when I knew which fandoms I wanted but hadn't had time to properly write a letter yet. It was a near-thing actually getting that far, even though I nominated fandoms this year so I really, really wanted to take part.

(OMG, apparently I'm not the only person asking for and requesting Holby City! Woo hoo!)

So my letter had a placeholder until a few minutes ago. Oops. Hopefully my assignee didn't take one look last night and wander off in a huff, never to check back!

(For anyone interested, my letter is here.)

That whole illness thing was...not good, but at least I'm mostly better now. The timing couldn't have been worse, though. Work stuff, fic deadlines, Yuletide...of all the times I could be ill, why just then?

I have got so much to catch up on this week *trudges off*
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Cut for spoilers )

One of the things I realised while I was on holiday is that I was pushing myself so hard to write lots every night that I was burning myself out. I never had time to do things like read, watch TV, and unwind. I'm trying to be kinder to myself and not push so hard. Yes, I want to write. Yes, I want to get a novel published eventually. No, I can't do that at the cost of my ability to think and enjoy life. It's time to be a bit more reasonable about how I use my time: as long as I'm writing regularly, does it matter if I'm writing 600 words or 1500? Probably not. But if I'm writing 600 words most nights and taking time to do other things, I can still finish books *and* have time for other things that keep my brain happy.
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[community profile] femslashex sign-ups are open and I'm having my usual flailing internal debate about what I want and why and so forth.

And also, my huge flailing ARGH over the fact that, in all likelihood, I'm the only person who even knows what Holby City is, which means I'm highly unlikely to get Bernie/Serena fic in either offer or request. Woe and so forth. I just...I need it. My show isn't giving it to me yet, despite Bernie's realisation that she's falling for Serena, and I need to read the slow burning fall as Serena has her revelation moment and they finally get together...

::sigh:: I'll request and offer, with no expectation of getting anything. And try to narrow my other choices down to something reasonable :😁

My other thought is...huh, my holiday didn't turn out to be as horrible for my credit card as I expected. That's quite nice. I was expecting to have a much bigger bill to pay. What a lovely surprise!
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Things I need to do this weekend:

- Edit a short Peggy/Angie fic and send to beta
- Write some words on the demon!Clint fic and pretend not to see the short original story I accidentally started this week
- Read
- Sleep
- Sleep
- Sleep
- Catch up on telly box things
- Sleep

So, you know, it's a busy weekend I have planned there :-)

Sadly, I'm also supposed to work for a few hours on Sunday morning. Grr. That's going to interrupt the sleep schedule.

Last night, I got curious and watched the pilot for The 100, which I hadn't bothered with last year because it sounded so totally ridiculous. Except people keep Tweeting about how good it is, and I needed to find out how wrong I'd been.


It's a good thing it's all on Netflix, that's all I'm saying. My attempts to catch up on tell box things might end up getting derailed by binge watching all of it.

(Someone please explain how I got sucked back into Holby viewing, please? I'd gone cold turkey for a year and then I watched one episode and now I'm so off the wagon it's not funny.)

(Someone make me feel better about buying sushi for supper tonight. I cannot think of a single thing I want to eat tonight that's not sushi, even though I'm supposed to be on a takeout freeze for January.)

(Someone take away the parenthesis keys on my keyboard.)
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So, last night at my knit group's Christmas dinner I was lamenting to [personal profile] bouldergirl that I had been so pleased with my Yuletide assignment this year and still I was procrastinating on it and hadn't written a word. It's quite embarrassing to realize just how bad I've been at finding time to write.

Then I got stuck waiting for jobs to run today, opened Notepad and wrote over 600 words. Go me! Hopefully I'll get a first draft finished this week and then I can think about a couple of Treats while I wait for betas and try to edit. Phew!

Yesterday the BBC launched the iPlayer app in Canada for iPads. What perfect timing! I've already downloaded it and subscribed. It's not everything that my UK friends get, but the content is worth the money and they add stuff regularly, apparently.

Best of all, one of the things they're really promoting is....Holby City! The app is two weeks behind, but that's fine because my 'source' has been rather lax lately and putting them up in monthly batches. So the next episode that goes up on the app will be new to me. I'll be interested to see how often Holby is updated...

Is it wrong that I sort of ship Dan and the lovely Steve? I hated the idea of Dan and Malik (I love arrogant Malik and a romance between them would require some OOC on Malik's behalf) but I think Steve may work for him and it could be a really lovely story.

Dan is going to break Chrissy's heart. I can tell. It's going to be an epically disasterous wedding over Christmas, right? I'm mean to be excited about this.

Also, I want to know what's going on with Frieda! And the kid! I think it's going to be a great story and I adore big Frieda stories.


Tomorrow I'm off to the mall for groceries, a utensil jar and the new Zelda game for my Wii. Then, if I don't get distracted by gaming, I need to read some library books.
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Well, my meeting with the GI Guy went a bit better than expected. I'm not in remission, but it's not bad yet and he's happy to give non-steroid meds (a 5ASA one) a good go. Woo! So, more meds but not the nasty steroids. I'm going back in four weeks to review, sooner if I deteriorate, and we'll probably conclude that Humira will need long-term help. He isn't giving up on it yet, though, and is happy to call Humira plus a 5ASA med keeping me in remission a victory so we'll see how that goes. Phew!

I'm finding Perdito Street Station very good and compelling, but also somewhat endless. It does finish at some stage, right?

I have to say, after a month or so of being rather naff and dull Holby City has rather picked up again. Between Frieda being awesome, Dan being an idiot (in a more interesting way than he was with Malick), Jac being totally awesome and my continuing fear that cardio-thoracics may really go away, it's all got lots of stories that I'm invested in. Now I just need to find time for this week's episode and Spooks among all the rugby I'm watching.

Oh, yes, and Glee and Gray's Anatomy and CSI:NY. Telly box, you are so lovely.

At some stage, I also need to watch Xena, Sliders, and all the other new stuff on Netflix. And finish old Spooks, The Tudors, Leverage and all the other stuff I've been meaning to watch.

Damn, telly box, you are lovely but you have too many options. And there are all those books that I need to read, too! The new Mercedes Lackey Valdemar book is on its way to me (and Mum will be confiscating it until my vacation, per my instructions) and there is a 500 Kingdoms book due out next month and...

Jeez, how do people find time to be bored?
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Dear Holby City writers,

Please, can you just shove Dan under a bus now? He's boring, annoying and has no redeeming features. Did you know that last week's episode was the first one where he has correctly diagnosed and treated a patient? In the four months he's been on the show? As he's supposedly a consultant, this is a wee bit worrying and how has nobody noticed his total incompetence?

Also, please, for the love of god, return Frieda to us. She's been gone far too long and I really need to see how she reacts to Eddi (please let them be epically sarcastic and awesome together) and Lulu (oh, I can see the hatred already).

And where in heck has Elliot gone? Bring him back pronto! I cannot believe that he's been in meetings all this time.

And finally, Sahira really needs a personality trait other than "conflicted working mother". We get it, really. She gets too attached to her patients and cannot separate her home life from her work life. All children look like her beloved Indy. If you can't find another kind of patient of the week plot thread for her (we've done this one ten times now? Eleven?) then you may want to consider whether she's the kind of well-rounded character that the show needs.

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Last night, I actually finished reading a book. Woo!

Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series?

It was a rest day on the Tour de France so I finally had some time to just sit and read. Much as I love my race, it really cuts into the time I have for other things.

That is why my Fringe watching has become rather stalled. Mum and I watched the second episode last night. Heh. Apparently Dad started watching it and Mum was quite enjoying it, but then he stopped recording and watching it and she has no clue how to operate his complex system of gadgets so she had to stop watching as well. So she's quite happy to join me in the great Fringe watch. I must say, I've enjoyed the first couple of episodes a lot and I'm glad that I've gone from the beginning rather than trying to guess where I left off, because I'd forgotten a lot of things. Mum is also very happy to get reminded of all the things she'd forgotten before we plough into new-to-us episodes. Sometimes, my Mum is the most awesome person in the world :-D

Over the weekend, I also managed to catch up on Holby (another Mum and me obsession), where certain characters (Dan Hamilton, I'm looking at you) have managed to become even more annoying and other characters (Malik, Eddy) are growing on me far more than I ever expected. Just, please, could you stop Sacha being so drippy? I adore him and I love his interactions with Eddy, but he needs to stop with the love-lorn puppy thing over Chrissy. Also, stop making Henrik so love-lorn puppy-ish over Sahira. She's awful and while his actor is doing a fabulous job with the character and story, I'd like to see more of the cold, ruthless brilliance that Henrik was so good for and less of the puppy-dog.

And finally, there was new Torchwood. Woo!

Cut for spoilers )
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Had a lovely quiet weekend and even had an unplanned nap on Saturday afternoon. Drat Kate and her kitty-sleepy-vibes!

So far, I'm getting very tired and starting to get some low-level cramps, but that's about the extent of things (other than the blood-loss). My aim is to get through this without time off. We'll have to see how viable that plan is, though, and I concede that I can't push myself too far. I see Awesome GI Guy on Wednesday and I'll talk to him about what dosage of prednisone I should do, and for how long, if I feel that things are getting too awful.

I'm frustrated with my body now. Why can't it just behave and cooperate with the meds?

That aside...

I'm reading a very long Harry fic on my Kindle. Very long. Nicely plotty. I want to re-read all the Harry books now and I'm getting a wee bit excited about the movie next month. And to add to that fun, there is now the prospect that I'll finally be able to have Harry on my Kindle in the next few months. Never again will I have to figure out how in hell to hold up Order of the Phoenix because that thing is just too big for comfortable reading!

Not that I'll be getting rid of my paper copies. Nu-uh. I just want to have the added convenience of ebooks for travel and bedtime reading, while still having the lovely book-ish-ness of my paper copies to curl up with at times. It's possible that I'm obsessed....

On Saturday, I finally got round to watching last week's Holby.

Cut for length and excessive Olly appearances )
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Today it is not raining. It's not supposed to rain tomorrow, either. Saturday is going to be utterly miserable and rather akin to the second flood, but two days without rain sounds fabulous to me. I've never been so happy to see a dry, grey, cloudy day.

Last night, I decided that I'd got wet too many times already so I did not venture out to get soaked going to yoga. I did a good yoga practice at home and then made myself supper and spend the evening lounging on the sofa with cats, House of Cards and Holby City.

House of Cards is rather brilliant.

Cut for Holby spoilers )

I am trying to work out a menu for next week that will be mother-inclusive and not overly taxing. Also, trying to think of a meal to do on Sunday when we get home from the airport. She would prefer something light and tasty, I'm thinking that it needs to be something quick, easy and not dependent on what time we get home. Theoretically her flight gets in a little after three, but apparently flights are being badly delayed due to the Air Canada strike. Right now, I'm thinking along the lines of something that I can have the ingredients around for but where the ingredients won't go bad after a day if I decide to pick up sushi instead.

Oh, the complications of meal planning!
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Why do people not know the difference between reply and reply to all? It's going to be a long day at this rate...

We had a lovely weekend, warm and sunny, so now we're back to days on end of rain, wind, and more rain. My trousers got soaked walking from the car to the office. I hate spending the day in wet trousers. This will be the theme of the week, I can tell. It's bad enough out there that my office-mates have cancelled their lunchtime soccer session. Ugh.

Also, last night I got woken up by a nasty migraine. Ugh. Thank goodness I import Migraleve. It took a few minutes to kick in, with an ice-pick trying to drill through my right eye the entire time, but then I got knocked out until morning. Phew.

However, now I get to sit in wet trousers all day with a migraine hangover. One of my colleagues brought a big box of TimBits in because she thought the weather might be getting us down. Several of us proposed marriage to her.

Anyway, in more cheerful news...

I appear to be getting the hang of pastry. I made a quiche yesterday and managed not to re-commit any of the previous mistakes on the pastry: it was light and flaky (not over-handled, correct softness) and it tastes good (remembered the salt). Om nom. Now I have quiche for lunch this week, so it's score all round.

I had a bit of pastry left over and I hate waste, so I used it to make three mince pies as I had some filling mixture in the fridge. Nom.

Now that my pastry is getting better, I need to work on my scone technique. I will master these things! I will! I cannot consider myself a decent cook until I can do them!

Cut for X-Men First Class spoilers )

Er, I may possibly be contemplating a few X-Men collection thingys. Amazon is surprisingly obliging in that direction. Oh, Amazon, your ease of ordering is my downfall. Curse you!

Cut for Holby spoilers for last week )
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Cut for further Holby thoughts )

Someone, shoot me if I show signs of getting even more Holby obsessed than I already am?

The lovely [ profile] gmul sent me the first season of Better Off Ted. I'd planned to watch it when I needed something fun and light while I was recovering, but have not actually allowed myself much veging with TV time that hasn't been to specifically watch particular things. It felt like giving in. Now that summer is here, the teevee box is empty and my back is being a PITA, I've started watching it as my light, fun time-filler when I need something to fill a gap. It's very funny and quite lovely.

Last night, I also put on an episode of All Creatures Great and Small on Netflix. I'm definitely keeping the subscription now that I've found many things to watch. Anyway, it's odd watching ACGS (but fun! Lots of fun!) because Peter Davidson is so incredibly young and many of his mannerisms in this are the same ones that he used for the Doctor. So they're Davidson mannerisms and vocal tones rather than character-specific ones. Anyway, when he sounds particularly Doctor-ish and I've got my eyes on my knitting, I half-expect to look up and find him dressed as an Edwardian cricketer. It's very strange.

Also, did you know that because they had no FX-cows, when you see James, Siegfried or Tristan with their arms up cows bums, they did in fact have to learn how to stick there arms up cows bums? Now that I know this, I watch those scenes with much more sympathy. And sometimes more giggling at the surprised expressions on the cow's face. Last night's cow looked particularly shocked.

Also, can someone tell me whether they changed the actress playing Helen? Because that's definitely not Lynda Bellingham playing her and I could have sworn that Lynda Bellingham played her when I watched.

In other Netflix news, Judi Dench is absolutely brilliant in As Time Goes By and I may have a tiny crush. I refuse to believe that they started making that twenty years ago. I cannot be that old.
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Spoilers abound, but I'm putting them all behind cuts just in case. No, I didn't watch three episodes of Doctor Who and one of Holby over the weekend. I've just been a wee bit behind in my reviews and chatter.

Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People )

Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War )

Having dwelt on the good science fiction, we now move onto the crack that is Holby City.

Spoilers for the most recent episode of Holby City )

Apparently Rosie Marcel, who plays Jac, has Becet's (was bed-bound with it for two years) and the female form of haemophilia. Plus she was treated for stage 2/3 cervical cancer a couple of years ago without taking any time off filming Holby. Jac is one of my favourite characters already, a worth successor to Connie, but this makes me respect her actress a great deal as well.

I also learned recently that Amy Brenneman has ulcerative colitis. She was written a 'break' in Private Practise so that she could have a colectomy and be fitted with an ostomy bag. It's giving me a bit of hope for what might happen if I need to do the same - you really cannot tell that she's wearing a bag and she's skinnier than I am.

Why do we feel so much more respect for people once we know they've had to battle some kind of major health thing to get where they are? Hmm.
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Poll #6668 Am I appreciated?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Which of these, if offered at a staff appreciation breakfast, would make you feel truly appreciated?

View Answers

Healthy stuff: fruit cups, low fat yoghurt, wholemeal bagels with fat free cream cheese
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Pancakes, syrup, sausages
2 (33.3%)

Bacon AND pancakes, syrup, sausages
4 (66.7%)

Try to guess which option my company has gone for? I do not feel appreciated by this.

In other stuff...

Oh, Holby City writers, why did you do that?

Cut for spoilers for last week's episode )

It appears that yet again someone said something stupid on the internet - and possibly in print? - about epic fantasy (the entire fantasy genre, apparently) being "boys fiction" and completely unappealing to girls. She's probably regretting that about now, as thousands of women have spent the last few days writing about why they love fantasy, what they love, and pointing out that a large number of female authors would be shocked to discover they've based their career on writing "boy's fiction".


Nobody is surprised that I read epic fantasy, right? I mean, "Game of Thrones" isn't my cup of tea, but that's a personal taste thing. I don't have to love *every* fantasy epic out there. I've even heard rumours of fantasy fans who don't like Lord of the Rings.

The majority of my female friends love fantasy fiction. There are few of the fantasy sub-genres that I don't love, although the vampire/werewolf stuff usually doesn't interest me unless it's got something else to go with it. See Gail Carriger for a good example :-)

One day, someone is going to actually think before they write about how women don't like science fiction and fantasy and they won't hit 'send'. Hopefully that day won't come too soon, though, because it's so much fun to read all the meta that those daft articles inspire :-)
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I am not hard to please. If you write something in either of my three requested fandoms, I shall probably be over the moon. The only things that I really don't enjoy are tragic endings, deaths of favourite characters and the squicky things like rape.

My big love is stories with plot and drama that also have some nice character development. I understand that not everyone likes writing meaty stories like that, though, so a nice fluffy vignette would make me equally happy. A writer who is writing what they enjoy tends to produce better stuff that a writer forcing themselves to write way outside their normal parameters.

If you want some better, more specific guidelines, here you go:

Holby City, Nina's Heavenly Delights, Bend It Like Beckham )

Wow, I really got rambly on Holby there. Can you tell that I'm lamenting the severe lack of Holby City fic?
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I remembered to set my clocks back today! Go me!

For the last couple of weeks, I've been struggling to get up in the mornings and feeling hideously exhausted when I do finally emerge. It's what always happens when we're nearing the end of BST/DST and I'm hopeful that I will now be back to normal in the mornings.

It would be nice not to run around like a headless chicken every morning.

Tonight I have salmon with garlic butter, topped with proscuitto. It was at the fish counter at my lovely boutique grocery and I couldn't resist trying it.

I have three episodes of Sarah Jane that I really need to review, plus I need to discuss the latest Holby City for the 0.001% of readers who are actually interested. But I'll do that tomorrow.

Tonight I'm going to catch up on Spooks. I'm terribly behind. TV addict? Me?

I can stop any time. Honestly.
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So, official decision made: I shall be posting to Dreamwidth, cross-posting everything to LJ and allowing comments on either (or both). Every now and again, I will port comments from LJ over to DW to merge the conversations. Let's see how that goes!

All of this came about after a question from a fellow knitter on Ravelry about an LJ alternative with no ads. I cheerfully said "Dreamwidth!" and sent an invite (several other knitters have followed her over, too) and then asked myself, yet again, why I haven't shifted my LJ over. After all, it's something that I meant to do back when the site launched and I set up a free journal. Really, it was mostly laziness and that was the kick in the butt that got me moving :-)

Last night, I was so tired (argh, post-bad-headache-that-might-have-been-a-migraine) that I couldn't even cope with last week's Glee. I ended up watching a recorded episode of NCIS. It's possibly second only to Grey's Anatomy for sheer insane brain candy. Speaking of which, I should do a Grey's marathon on Friday to catch up.

Tonight I am doing a Holby two-episode-marathon so that I stay caught up with Mum :-) I know, it's total crack and completely insane and I should not have quite the Frieda obsession that I appear to be developing (I need my Frieda/Penny interaction in every episode or I get very sad) but I can't stop. I suspect that I'll even be requesting it on [ profile] yuletide this year, despite the knowledge that nobody else ever requests Holby and thus I am bound for disappointment. Again.

Dear Holby City writers,

Please put Frieda and Penny in the same scene at least once in every episode. The occasional all Frieda'n'Penny all the time episode wouldn't go amiss either. Also, never, ever write out Connie, Jaq or Sasha. That would make me super sad. Olly can go any time now. As can Fay. In fact, if those two could be hit by a bus that would be a great Christmas present.

Your Tragic Fan

In slightly classier news, I am six chapters into The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins and thoroughly enjoying it. Way more readable than Turn of the Screw (maybe my sister isn't the best person to ask for classics recs) and completely compelling. I'm very glad that I have The Woman in White to read when I'm done. After that, would it be silly to re-read The Dark Is Rising just because it's set at Christmas and I want to feel Christmassy? Maybe I should hold off to December...


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