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I know, it's been a very, very long time but I finally went in and put up a couple of reviews, validated a bunch more from [ profile] paranoidangel42 and have 22 new fanfic reviews up. Woo!

It's quite the mixed bag in terms of fandoms:

Harry Potter 2
Pushing Daisies 2
Star Trek XI 2
A Dog's Breakfast 1
Alice in Wonderland 1
Blackadder 1
Buffy 1
Buffy, Dead Like Me (cross-over) 1
Diane Duane - Young Wizards series 1
Discworld 1
Doctor Who 1
Doctor Who, Harry Potter (cross-over) 1
Keeping Up Appearances 1
Lord of the Rings 1
Stargate Atlantis 1
Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek XI (cross-over) 1
The Thick of It 1
Vorkosigan series 1

Enjoy them!

ETA: OK, it's only 21. I had to delete one because the fic (and the author) have been taken down from the Web. Darn.

ETA 2: Yes, the link would help, wouldn't it?
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* The Newsletter Index has been updated with a variety of newsletters. The status of a couple of House newsletters has also been updated.

* With Dreamwidth just taking off, if anyone has any DW newsletters they would like me to add then please fill out the feedback form so that I can include them. Thank you!

* There are 23 new reviews in a huge variety of fandoms and types. A lot of these are from last year's TARDIS Big Bang challenge and the recent Yuletide, so you can guess the amazing quality and a lot of them are lovely long, meaty fics. Have fun and remember to feed the authors if you like the fics as much as we did!

Doctor Who: 7
Discworld: 2
Torchwood: 2
Blakes 7: 1
Chalet School: 1
Chuck: 1
Doctor Who, NCIS (cross-over): 1
Drop the Dead Donkey: 1
Galaxy Quest: 1
Quantum Leap: 1
Scrubs: 1
Spooks: 1
The Avengers: 1
Torchwood, Dresden Files (cross-over): 1
Vorkosign series: 1

* I've got two Doctor Who fics in the process of being edited, so there will be new stuff soon. Also, I am participating in this year's TARDIS Big Bang so there will be another fic in a couple of months!

* After four months of horrendous negligence, at least there are some decent updates forthcoming.
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There are four new newsletters in the index, including ones for Star Trek and Merlin:

There are also nine new fic reviews, including the first few reviews from this year's Yuletide haul:

Merlin: 3
Ann Brashares - Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series: 2
Chalet School: 2
Bend It Like Beckham: 1
Diane Duane - Young Wizards series: 1

They're a mixture of gen, het and slash but not necessarily in the configurations you'd expect :-)
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Thing the first, the newsletter index on The Haven has been updated with several new newsletters for Superman, Iron Man, Tin Man and The Professionals.

Thing the second, the reviews at Haven Reviews have been updated! There are 9 new reviews in a mixture of gen, het and slash for:

Doctor Who: 4
Babylon 5: 1
Doctor Who, Chalet School (cross-over): 1
Harry Potter: 1
Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood (cross-over): 1

Go read and enjoy!
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It's a major milestone day for The Haven today. There are now 500 reviews up at Haven Reviews. Yup, 500 reviews of wonderful fic. You can take a look at the 3 new reviews (all Doctor Who) that took the site to that milestone here.

Celebration photo

With 500 review logo: 1240 x 1024 || 1024 x 768 || 800 x 600
Without logo: 1240 x 1024 || 1024 x 768 || 800 x 600
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- A new newsletter has been added to the Newsletter Index for the Saiyuki fandom.

- And last, but by no means least, there are 20 new fanfic reviews for you to enjoy at Haven Reviews. That's right, there are 20 lovely new fics that we are pointing you towards in a variety of fandoms from Doctor Who and Atlantis to Firefly and the Vorkosigan series.

- Those 20 reviews takes the arcive up to 497 reviews in total. Three more reviews and we'll make the even 500 review mark so I'll be looking for three great fics over the next couple of weeks and trying to think of ways to mark the occasion.

A breakdown of the new reviews includes:

Doctor Who: 7
Stargate Atlantis: 4
Torchwood: 2
Buffy, Doctor Who (cross-over): 1
Doctor Who, Highlander (cross-over): 1
Farscape: 1
Firefly: 1
Harry Potter: 1
Stargate: 1
Vorkosigan series: 1
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There are two new reviews up at Haven Reviews. Both of them are slash, both of then are for mighty fine fics:

Doctor Who, Torchwood (cross-over): 1
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The Haven has been updated and the first update of the year is a bit of a bumper edition.

Firstly, a newsletter for Life on Mars fans has been added to the Fandom Newsletter Index. From there I have also gleaned that Ashes to Ashes should be starting in the first week in February. Yay!

Thanks to [ profile] paranoidangel42 fearlessly wading in and reading a ton of Yuletide fics, there are 19 new reviews up at Haven Reviews in a mixture of slash, gen and het:

Pushing Daisies: 4
Discworld: 3
Doctor Who: 3
Blakes 7: 1
Coupling: 1
Harry Potter: 1
Highlander, Holby City (cross-over): 1
Quantum Leap: 1
Spooks: 1
The Avengers: 1
Torchwood: 1
Vorkosigan series: 1

I'm predicting that this will be a great year for fic so read, enjoy and remember to send feedback to the authors of your favourites.
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Haven Reviews has been updated with four new reviews:

Doctor Who: 2
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 1
Stargate Atlantis: 1

I seem to have a review each in het, gen, f/f and m/m slash and they're all festive-themed. If you haven't had enough festive fic yet, I've got an index of more seasonal fic reviews to satisfy everyone's needs! If you're fed up with festive stuff, just browse the rest of the archive and hide with a good long fic :-)

There is also a new addition to the Newsletter Index for the Chuck fandom.

In two ticks, I will be posting my contribution to the festive fic. Have a wonderful holiday season, everyone, no matter what you will be celebrating.
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The Newsletter Index has a new weekly Sports Night site listed for fans of the show.

Haven Reviews has also been updated with 11 new reviews:

Doctor Who 3
Torchwood 3
Doctor Who, Torchwood (cross-over) 1
Firefly, Discworld (cross-over) 1
Malory Towers, Chalet School (cross-over) 1
Stargate, Stargate Atlantis (cross-over) 1
The Avengers 1

Quite a mixed bag, I think you'll agree!

This update takes Haven Reviews over the 400 fics reviewed mark for the first time. If I could work out how to use glittery text, this post would be very sparkly. Instead I just need to give a big woo! to all the reviewers who have contributed and the users who visit the site and read fics there - the site would be entirely pointless without you all.
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The fix to make sure that Haven Reviews will work in all versions of Firefox (and Opera, IE6 etc.) has now been put in place. Sorry again for not spotting this little problem.

If anyone experiences any problems over the next couple of days, please let me know (page location would be useful) so that I can check it out. I've tried to bug test it as thoroughly as possible, but it's impossible to predict what users might do to produce unexpected results!

While I was doing this fix, I also added a couple of tweaks. The main one was to discourage bots from spamming the review form and it doesn't seem to have caused any problems that I can spot.

The other one was a little addition for registered reviewers: when you click for a list of all your previous reviews it will now tell you if each review has been validated. If it has then you can read the review. If it hasn't then, instead of the blank review you used to get, you can now email me to query the review - useful if I haven't had time to validate things for a couple of weeks and you want to know when your review is going up. Hopefully that will be a useful little tweak :-)

I am now working on the update to the Newsletter Index. Busy day!
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So, I decided to develop pins and needles (only mildly! But enough to be annoying) yesterday and my back was rather painful this morning, so I gave up and called in sick. Saw the doctor this morning who doesn't think anything is seriously wrong with my back (um, buh?) but called me a couple of hours later to suggest that I got for blood-tests because the pins and needles is a little worrying. I'm hoping that it will clear up over the weekend, but I have the form and will go for the tests this afternoon. Honestly, if this doesn't start clearing up soon I'll start insisting on scans just to put my mind at rest!

She did give me some new, even stronger, painkillers. Because of course masking the pain is much more important than finding a root cause for it.

If I'm not able to get into work on Monday, Da Boss is going to try to rig some things up so that I can do some work from home so that at least they won't have to declare me sick too much.

So what am I doing today? Fixing a bug in Haven Reviews that didn't become apparent until search bots starting crawling the place. At least I've got it set up to email me with details of errors so that I had the information available to fix it quickly :-) Still, it's interesting to note how quickly it has started to be crawled since it went live.

I need amusement. I may not be able to sit up for very long, but damnit I'm going to find good fics to read while I can sit up :-)
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First, the big announcement. After months of slogging away at designing, building and then transfering the reviews, Haven Reviews is finally transformed into its new, database driven self.

There are even some new reviews up, including Blakes 7, Atlantis and Harry Potter fics. These are part of my drive to make a dent in the backlogged reviews - I've put up 14 new reviews and have around 55 left to put up. I'll be spacing these out in batches over the next few weeks along with whatever new stuff comes in.

But the important bit is that Haven Reviews is back in business :-)

Feel free to cross-post this around iffen you please.

Day 5 of my holiday was lovely. I actually managed to construct edible pancakes (my first ever attempt!) which we consumed with maple syrup for a lovely breakfast. This afternoon was a trip to the home for retired horses because my aunt loves horses and I have a soft spot for Shetland ponies. It was great fun :-) Although the horses seemed to like me rather too much and kept slobbering on me. But there was one old, black gelding who was very docile and just wanted me to scratch his nose. I might have fallen a little bit in love with Max. He had beautiful brown eyes.

A girly afternoon of videos (with my lying flat on my back - apparently I've been too active for my back to tolerate today) followed so we had a lovely relaxing day. I managed the final fiddling on the reviews site, so I even feel as though I've been productive. Darn, why do I have to return to the worky thing?
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Well, lazy weekend for me, that is.

Things wot I acheived this weekend:

1. Watched Battlestar Galactica mini-series at last. It rocked like a rocky thing.

2. Watched four episodes of Press Gang. Which likewise rocks.

3. Read lots of f-list stuff.

4. Watched cheesy movie and ate pizza with [ profile] terrylbirch. Another rocky thing.

5. Input half the 'Other fandoms' reviews in the new review database. I believe that there are only around 30 reviews left to input. Er, not counting the 66 new reviews sitting in my inbox for adding. Erp.

6. Finished a Teyla/Weir fic. Need to re-read and possibly edit tomorrow, but feeling pretty happy with it and confident that it will be appearing at some stage next week.

7. Felt icky. Resulting in much sleep.

8. Didn't do much French. Oops.

Anyone noticing a distinct lack of actual worky stuff there? It was all fun or fandom stuff and I feel as though I've been dreadfully lazy, even though that list should be convincing myself otherwise. But I'm feeling rather relaxed and ready to tackle another week at work. With Peg One at the end of the week as my treat to look forward to :-)
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So it turns out that IT at work are idiots and that's why everything has been broken for the past two days. Something about not noticing that a network switch had broken...

Got the reports out at the last minute today and awarded myself with leaving ten minutes early (well, I was in fifteen minutes early) so now I have extra time at home. Oh, what to do with it...

I'm loading reviews into the database. Go me.

I have conceived of a terribly smart plan. I need to check on [ profile] terrylbirch's house tomorrow and I have a craving for Chinese food. She has a (very good) takeout just round the corner from her house. Math has been done and I can look forward to good Chinese roast duck tomorrow night.

::wanders into happy daydream::
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My now former co-workers are too lovely for words. Rather than letting me sneak quietly out of the door, they did a big presentation thing where they gave me far too many gifts and, the best bit, a card signed by everyone. I went bright red and babbled my thanks because it was really far more than I expected.

I don't go into places expecting to make any kind of big impact. I just want to do the best that I can at the tasks that I'm given and I've been so surprised by all the praise and thanks that I've had in this temp job. I didn't get this much fuss made of my leaving when I went back to university - and I'd been with that company for three and a half years! Even though it wasn't something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life, this temp job has probably been the best job that I've had. Even if this life of a data analyst doesn't work out, at least I know that I'm a damned good secretary/administrator. They've even said that I can ask for a reference if I ever need it and we've all exchanged email addresses and phone numbers so that we can keep in contact. I'm going to miss them all :-(

So it's been rather an emotional day.

Getting home to the message that my employer before university has no record of my three years of service (!) kinda proved that maybe I wasn't working for the greatest company back then and the housing association is the kind of employer I should be aspiring towards.

To calm down and get over the slight urge towards weepiness, I sat down and did some more review transfering. Did 21 reviews...which took me from the middle of the A Stargate titles to the end of C. Buffy had 58 fanfic reviews, but Stargate already as 27 and I'm only up to C. Ouch. The impressive bit is how many of the fics that I reviewed still stand out in my mind - I can remember most of them quite clearly, down to where I was reading them and how I felt about them. Not all of these are fics that I would rec now, but my reading tastes have changed over the past four years. I won't delete any of them because I never rec fics that I didn't think were worth it at the time, even though the kinds of fics that I look for now are quite different.

On the other hand, there are a number that I still re-read today. I stumbled over a Sam/Janet fic by Blaze that I recced in the early days and re-read only a couple of weeks ago - enjoying it just as much now as then.
selenay: (Captain Jack fan) the worst moments. Damn you, CSS floats. My client's gallery was going to look so gorgeous until you stuck your oars in.

It still does look lovely...unless I increase the text size. Then it all goes icky. Can I really get away with an accessible website with a gallery that breaks when you change the text size? Or is it back to the drawing board for this one? Damn me for trying to do liquid layouts.

In other news, 59 fic reviews loaded and counting...and I've still not finished the Buffy section. But nearly.

And I know that Buffy is one of the smaller sections. Eep!
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It's Sunday, but I seem to have been busy anyway. I've added another 23 reviews to the new archive - that's 45 reviews in total and I haven't even finished going through the Buffy reviews. Some of those are very old reviews, over four years, and I'm amazed by how many of the archives are still around. The archives listed for a number of fics have disappeared, but I've managed to track down all bar one fic. I had made the decision to only transfer reviews for fics that could still be located somewhere and anticipated losing 20-30 reviews, but it looks like I'll probably only lose a couple.

Guess it goes to show that you can never really take back a fic after publication - it will always persist somewhere.

I've also finished the bulk work on the mocks for the client and I've even cleaned up a few of the photos that will be needed in the gallery. I should have the completed mocks ready for the client by the end of the week and everything should be in place to put together when I get their response. Shouldn't be too difficult to complete despite the new job. Yay!

I am now going to watch a very silly detective show before bed. 'Cos I'm going cross-eyed from review transfers.


Oct. 8th, 2005 07:30 pm
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Um, how is it possible that I've only uploaded 22 fic reviews to the review database? Admittedly several of those fics required extra work i.e. finding the fics because their old archive have moved or disappeared, but only to have done 22?


But am nearly finished with the design mocks for the art website client. So that's a score. And I had a very pleasant lunch with T. And my hair looks pretty and red again, which is always yay-worthy.

Maybe I need chocolate and West Wing DVDs...
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If anyone tries to get into the beta version of the new Haven Reviews (i.e. my small group of beta testers), it will no longer work for you. Sorry! It's been moved and re-passworded so that I can reset all the tables and start putting in the real reviews before going live. The lovely beta testers have done a sterling job of finding all the errors, typos, crashes and other assorted problems so that I could make sure everything works perfectly (or as near to perfectly as possible) when it goes live and every reported bug has been fixed and re-tested.

And now begins the job of transfering over 300 current reviews plus nearly 30 new reviews into the database before I let it loose on the general public. Wish me luck! I may be some time...

...especially if I get distracted by re-reading the pretty fics :-)


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