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I enjoy looking after the website that I run for the Quakers. I'm proud of the work I do on it, I earn a little bit of extra cash in my English bank account and it keeps my skills in practise.

The thing that I do not enjoy is receiving urgent "please put this up!" notices about events happening tomorrow.


Quite aside from the time difference, there is the issue that very few people will see the notice on the website in the few hours that it is up before the event and actually have time to rearrange their schedules if they wanted to go. Also, it is inconsiderate. I've just been out for the evening. It was something that I planned to do for days. Spending half an hour updating the website wasn't in my plan for this evening and I'm now doing it when I'm tired and cranky.

What would have been much more considerate is to send me the stuff a week or more ago with a note to say "when you're ready, but we'd love it within the next couple of days". Then if I was busy that evening nothing would be lost but I'd definitely make the time to ensure it went up as soon as it could.

This last minute stuff? Sucks. It's stupid. I make the time to do it because it actually can't wait (the lecture is tomorrow evening) but the next time this happens I'm not doing it. She's already had a couple of letters explaining why it's not good to do it. I know that by doing it ASAP I'm letting her get away with it and she assumes that I always monitor and jump on stuff immediately. So next time, I'll be unavoidably unable to do it that evening.

Actually I won't, because I can't. But she's definitely getting a more strongly worded letter pointing out that I cannot always be guaranteed to be available to do this work at the drop of a hat. She has to stop making these assumptions.

And thus my quiet time with Holby City and some knitting after an evening out is destroyed because it is now much too late to be considering starting to watch everything. I think that I'll go to bed with my book and try to de-stress a little.
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I think that I'm ready to leave tonight. Yesterday's sense of complete panic has faded rather than getting worse and I'm actually feeling calm about the trip. It's probably because my bags are as packed as they can be bearing in mind that I needed my purse and keys at work today and, according to my to do list, I'm actually on track. Tonight's plans are to take the cats to their holiday home, have a quick shower, change into travelling clothes, eat supper and go to the airport. I should be home by 4pm and I don't need to leave for the airport until 8pm at the earliest.

Four hours is plently of time, right?

My Quaker contact decided to send me stuff today to go up on the website, urgently because one of the events is on Thursday. I have emailed back and explained politely that I am flying to England tonight so there is no chance that I'll get onto that today. I might see whether I can get the most urgent stuff sorted out tomorrow afternoon if Da can hook me up to the wireless network at the house. I'll also have to go to PC World to buy myself a USB mouse because one bit of the request involves graphics and no way in hell can I do graphics on a laptop touch pad.

Why does she always ignore me when I tell her my vacation dates? Or send me stuff three hours before I leave so that I can "quickly sort this before I leave". Ah, well, there's nothing I can do about this because tonight's plans do not have an hour's wiggle room for last minute website edits. Or, if they do, the wiggle room involves no shower and no supper. Dirty, hungry Sel on overnight flight? Have pity on my fellow travellers!

Right, do some work and then I can get on with starting my holiday. I am going to feel so much happier when I'm at the airport in Tim Horton's with some hot chocolate and a sock to knit. [ profile] gmul - haven't spotted any mugs in TH :-( I can buy tons of coffee and put it into a mug, but currently no mugs to be seen.
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This weekend I have been remarkably productive:

- Put in a huge update for the Quakers website.
- Finished another two blanket patches, bringing my total tally up to 4 of 63.
- Wrote a big chunk of Sensible Man
- Walked into town and explored the new shopping centre.
- Replaced the work shirt that the washing machine ate this week. I am a girl with literally enough work shirts to get through the working week and no more. Losing one was a tragedy.
- Checked out food arrangements and printed out the final programme for Orital.

That's pretty good for a girl who is completely exhausted as well! I have some deep thoughts on the nature of fantasy and its relationship with the world inspired by the last episode of the Worlds of Fantasy documentary series. Except I have no brain left so I will have to write those thoughts tomorrow.

And now I am going to watch TV and eat something, because that also needs doing.
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Today it was raining like it would never stop, so rather than going for a walk to the local second hand bookshop (the original plan) I went into town for some bits and bobs shopping and pottered around the house. Mum joined me in the bits and bobs shopping and I managed to sort out banking, buy the Secret Santa present for my group of friends and stop for a gingerbread latte with a ginger muffin. They tasted very, very good. I love Christmassy themed food :-)

Somehow I think the walk might have been healthier - two miles there and two miles back - but in this kind of rain it is not good for people with colds and joint problems.

I have updated the Quaker website with Christmas service details, which was nice to do. And I've also made a couple of new icons. The only slight problem is that I discovered my usual Atlantis cap resource has died. Woe!

I think tomorrow the Haven will be updated with, um, one review (I am lame and [ profile] paranoidangel42 contributed that lone review), an update to the newsletter index and some icons. Plus I plan to write.

Is it bad that I haven't finished Sensible Man and I already have a great idea for another book? It's one of those rabid, attack plot bunnies. Grrr.

Just before Christmas I plan to have a seasonal-themed update, so if anyone out there has read some great seasonal fic or has a particular fondness for any Yuletide from the gift exchange programs, I'd love to hear from you. You can drop me a link in comments and I will wander over to check out the fic and possibly review it or you could even write me a review to be added to the database.

And now I must eat pizza and watch Robin Hood :-)
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The art website that I have been working on since September (ack!) finally went live today! I got the 'You have a go' email this morning (after letting them know that it was ready to go live around two and a half months ago...), checked that everything was ready and hit the button. The site is now running, everything works and I'm hoping that my clients are very pleased. I'm certainly very pleased with how it's turned out, despite the headaches and delays. It looks really good, it runs very quickly, it doesn't seem to break in any set-ups that I could find and even my father thinks that it's a good piece of work :-)

Plus, this can now go on my CV. Yay!

And now I must make myself pretty and presentable for when [ profile] terrylbirch, [ profile] yragg, and [ profile] sazzle_02 pick me up in a few minutes. We are going for lunch at the noodle place in town followed by a tour of a model village. Woo!

Hopefully I'll be back here with enough time for a lie-down before new Doctor Who starts. Only seven hours to go!
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*Sel does little happy dance*

I have finally got to a stage where I am happy to call the art trust website complete and finished. I've put it up in a password protected place on my professional website and emailed the client to take a look and let me know what he thinks - i.e. are there any glaring omissions/errors/daffy things. I won't be a happy chickie if he changes his mind on the design at this stage after already okaying it, but I'm prepared for the possibility. However, it is done and I don't need to think about it for a couple of weeks :-)

My lovely father bought the Battlestar Galactica mini-series this week. I love having a father with the same interestes as me :-) Except he watched it last night when I was out with Mom :-( Mean man. Guess I'll have to find some time to watch it...

I had thought about rewarding myself for completing the website with it, but Da is watching a documentary on chimps downstairs and I'd really prefer to watch it on the widescreen TV. So instead I'm goign to eat my comfort dish (penne past with pesto) and watch Press Gang. 'Cos I'd forgotten just how addictive that show was...
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I booked the hotel room for Pegasus One. Woo!

I finally got access to the Quaker website so I can now update for my client. Woo!

My car started so I didn't have to beg a jump from anyone at work. Woo!

I didn't get any French homework done tonight because I was working on the Quaker thing. Um.


At last!

Jan. 15th, 2006 08:24 pm
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I see the light at the end of the tunnel on the Never Ending Website! The graphics are finally finished and I've got the two largest image galleries put together. If I can get four hours of solid work in next weekend, I should be able to show the completed website to the client for sign-off. The idea of getting this off my plate by the end of the month really appeals.

The Quaker website is still problematic, due to serious issues with access to the site that the host is still refusing to sort out. Or even pay any attention to. The client has now contacted them to express his displeasure - I'm hoping that the money guy making some threats may finally get things rolling.

The only thing that hasn't been done is French homework. Erm. Possibly tomorrow evening would be a handy thing.

As a de-stress from HTML and graphics all day, I spend an hour reading Atlantis fic that broke my brain ([ profile] cesperanza) with the wrongness and the not-being-able-to-quit-reading-ness followed by [ profile] nel_ani's amnesia John/Rodney fic, which hit all the good spots of my love of this cliche. So, y'know, a day well-used :-)
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French assignment completed - check.
Morning out with [ profile] terrylbirch - check.
Never Ending Website work - check (but *flail* because my eyes are now hurting like a bugger. Stupid graphics that I'm only half way through fixing).
Quaker website - kinda check, kinda not. Update work is done. Can't log into the host to upload via FTP or via the control panel.
Angry email to Quaker website hosts - check.

See? I can be productive and useful when I choose to be. I just have to be firm with myself and make sure that I dedicate one day in the weekend to actual work rather than goofing off for fun stuff.

Not in the office for the next three days - I am on a VBA course. Should They're determined to turn me into a Microcrap slave *sigh*

I've been thinking heavily about Mage Murders and why it's stuck. I'm starting to think that the main problem is that I'm attempting to tell the wrong story. I'm trying to write the prequel before I've written the important story stuff and while it's good to have that early stuff in my mind, it's not as interesting a story as I thought it would be. Time to take a step back, look at the short story that triggered the idea last year and possibly think about diving into the book that that short story was the first chapter for. I think that I intimidated myself out of writing that because it would require more work. I'll see how it goes when I've got some things roughed out on paper.

I really need to work on Under Green Hills because the ideas are buzzing around my head but I've been too tired over the last couple of weeks to write them. Huh.

Remind me why I thought full-time employment was so important again? Right, money.
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I made a decision. It's bad, evil and frivolous...but I've spent my voucher on Sims 2. 'Cos why else would people give me gift vouchers if not to buy the things that I usually can't justify in my monthly budget? *g*

I have completed the French unit that I'm working on and most of the assignment is roughed out. Yay me! Just gotta finish it and write it up neatly tomorrow.

I'm going to see Harry Potter tonight (woo!) and will be out with [ profile] terrylbirch tomorrow morning, but I won't be able to do the usual entire day thing because I've got so many other things that need to be done. I.e. by tomorrow night, I need to have my assignment ready for posting, get the Quaker site (which has thankfully reappeared although no word from the host on why they were down) updated and get some work done on the Never Ending Website. N.E.W. clients have sent part-payment for the site so it's really gotta get finished. There are a couple of bits of info that they haven't sent yet (of course), but most of the site can be finished without that and the most time-consuming part is still cleaning up the graphics.

Note for future: state in the contract/proposal that the images they send should be of production quality or the client pays extra for my skills at getting the damn things usable. 'Cos this is a bigger job than I thought it would be *sigh* I'm not even touching the colour balancing and shadows all over the shop - I now just want images with the correct perspective and non-blurry. 'Cos rectangular canvases that have wonky corners due to the photography really don't look good once you take out the enourmous expanses of mixed brickwork, wooden panels and curtains that form the background. Faults like bad perspective really stand out then. Oddly, it's the circular canvases that are the easiest to clean up. Possibly because it's harder to spot the wonky bits *g*
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Darn, I was so busy complaining about bad coffee yesterday that I completely forgot to note Doctor Who's 42nd birthday! So, Happy Birthday to the Doctor and may there be many more adventures with you to enjoy :-)

As a nice little connection, Little Sis had a day's work on the reception of a conference for learning disabilities yesterday and guess who was there?

Yup, Christopher Eccleston.

Apparently there's some kind of family connection there. He was signing autographs, but Little Sis didn't get a break until just before he left, so she didn't manage to meet him. Aw. But hey, she saw Christopher Eccleston and he exists outside the TV box, so that's cool.

Slightly irritating news yesterday was an email from my Quaker client asking where the website has gone. Um.

Hosting rant )

So yesterday was a mixture of the cool and the stupid. Ah, life, I love thee.
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Spoke to the agency dealing with my new job today. Apparently the company has upgraded my position, meaning that I get more holiday and slightly different benefits. There must be a catch somewhere, but I haven't found it yet - apparently nothing else in the job spec has changed. Hmmm.

He also found a technical hitch with my proposed start date on Monday. So I may not be starting then. Huh. I've already got my temping agency working on the paperwork to dis-employ me there, so it looks like I may be getting an unexpected week of not working at all. This is also an unexpected week of not earning. Seeing the technical hitch with this bit.

However, I've got the client looking at the proposed designs for his website so that may get rolling - if it got rolling and finished next week, I wouldn't object at all to getting his cheque for the work.

Spent some time messing around in Paintshop Pro to create the FDAS badges for SG-10 next month - anyone who wants one, leave a comment or email me and I'll put you on the list. I'm closing the badges list to nominations a week before the con so that I have time to print and laminate them. Tomorrow I'll probably post the badge design - at the moment I need to scoot and change for dinner with The Girls. We haven't hit the Chinese buffet for months and we're all going through withdrawal.
selenay: (Captain Jack fan) the worst moments. Damn you, CSS floats. My client's gallery was going to look so gorgeous until you stuck your oars in.

It still does look lovely...unless I increase the text size. Then it all goes icky. Can I really get away with an accessible website with a gallery that breaks when you change the text size? Or is it back to the drawing board for this one? Damn me for trying to do liquid layouts.

In other news, 59 fic reviews loaded and counting...and I've still not finished the Buffy section. But nearly.

And I know that Buffy is one of the smaller sections. Eep!
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It's Sunday, but I seem to have been busy anyway. I've added another 23 reviews to the new archive - that's 45 reviews in total and I haven't even finished going through the Buffy reviews. Some of those are very old reviews, over four years, and I'm amazed by how many of the archives are still around. The archives listed for a number of fics have disappeared, but I've managed to track down all bar one fic. I had made the decision to only transfer reviews for fics that could still be located somewhere and anticipated losing 20-30 reviews, but it looks like I'll probably only lose a couple.

Guess it goes to show that you can never really take back a fic after publication - it will always persist somewhere.

I've also finished the bulk work on the mocks for the client and I've even cleaned up a few of the photos that will be needed in the gallery. I should have the completed mocks ready for the client by the end of the week and everything should be in place to put together when I get their response. Shouldn't be too difficult to complete despite the new job. Yay!

I am now going to watch a very silly detective show before bed. 'Cos I'm going cross-eyed from review transfers.
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How hard can it possibly be to set up one silly little interview?

So far, the agency has called me four times today about this second interview thing. The last two times were from someone other than my usual guy, who had obviously never received the message about me saying yes to Thursday and therefore was making an urgent call to see whether she could slot me in tomorrow or possibly Thursday. As the agency guy hadn't even mentioned tomorrow when he first called and I'd spoken to him to say yes to Thursday, I felt that this was getting silly.

Upshot is that...I still don't know. They're gonna call me tomorrow.

And why would I agree to an interview at 10am tomorrow when it's already 6.15pm today and I would have to literally leave my workplace in the lurch because I'd be on the motorway at the time when I needed to call and let them know what was going on? Particularly when this agency knows that I'm working and trying not to wind up with a bad reputation for swanning off at the drop of a hat?


It's definitely Monday today.

In good news, I've got the XHTML version of one of the art website mock-ups finished. Go me :-)
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I've actually acheived a surprising amount today. I've paid my car tax. I did all the research for tomorrow's interview, including finding maps and routes which prove that it's easier to find than I thought it would be. If anyone sees a purple Nissan Micra bombing around Liverpool with a worried and confused-looking driver, though, you'll know that was wishful thinking *g*

I've also roughed up another design for the art trust website and then got thoroughly stumped for a third. So I picked up The Zen of CSS Design and had a bit of a flick through, landing on a discussion of colours and textures as well as just looking at the pretty pictures. It got me thinking a little and the result is a partial design that looks nothing like the other two - the first two designs are shockingly similar despite surface changes in colour and typography. I want to make sure that there are several different designs to look at rather than three designs that look almost identical.

I'm happy about this design and will be even happier when it's actually finished - which should be tomorrow, if I get back from my interview with enough sanity, or Saturday. Then I just have to turn these beautiful PaintShop Pro files into functional XHTML and show them to the client. Not much to ask, really *g*

I also managed to work on the current Teyla/Elizabeth fic a little (read, 50 words) and did a little bit of work on Under Green Hills. All of this and I still have the evening to fill. Go me. Now I must prepare a nourishing repast to equip me for an evening of archery, which will hopefully be the perfect destress to ensure a good night's sleep.

Oh, and iron my good suit trousers and a smart shirt. Mustn't forget that.
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So, I gave in and emailed that place I interviewed with three weeks ago that I really liked. They said that they'd be back to me in around two weeks, so I feel that I gave them extra time (so don't sound desperate) but hopefully reminded them that they've got an eager candidate who is actually more competent than she sounded in the interview. This undoubtedly means that the rejection will arrive tomorrow. Ho, hum.

On the up side, had a meeting with a potential client for a website and am now committed to drawing up a proposal by next Monday. Will even have to set a realistic price. Woo! It should be a fun project - not quite as small as I'd initially envisioned, but not as scarily big as I was led to believe. Definitely an interesting one and, in the absence of employment with regular wage cheques, freelance work is not to be sniffed at. Particularly as it's in the right kind of field and therefore will make my CV look a little less IT-deficient.

Part of me is a little concerned that this isn't where I'd seen myself being at this stage. I'd assumed that I would be permanently employed - should it really take this long? And I hadn't even considered freelance work at the beginning of the year. Yet that side is going better than the regular employment thing.

I'd also assumed that I'd be nearing the end of writing Mage Murders with a heafty start on Under Green Hills. But no. What I really need is some time where I'm not thinking about job applications or websites and can just let myself be absorbed the writing again. My agency owes me some paid leave - maybe I'll take it next month while the parents are away. The idea of a few days of just me, a notebook, a pen and my computer (with my work email accounts ignored) sounds rather heavenly right now.


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