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Ganked from [personal profile] sineala because I haven't done one of these in years, mostly because it's been a long time since I wrote more than one or two things in a year.

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I think that I may have a problem. A "Join all the things!" problem :-D

[community profile] trope_bingo sign-ups open on July 1st and I enjoyed it so much the first time that I'm definitely signing up for a card in the second round. In fact, I'm itching to do it so I can see what card I get and what bunnies it inspires.

And now that I'm familiar with the bingo format, I keep seeing other ones I want to do.

I've always been scared of [community profile] kink_bingo because I'm so *not* an explicit porn writer, but I've been reading a fair bit about it and I'm kind of interested to sign up for it. Mostly for the push to write something that subverts or plays with the kink in a non-porny way because that fascinates me. It's one where I'd probably end up writing one or two things and submitting during the amnesty period, but I'm still seriously considering it.

This morning [personal profile] netgirl_y2k pointed out [community profile] ladiesbingo and now I want to sign up for a card for that one. I keep sitting down, wanting to write some good fic for the Marvel ladies and then stalling out due to lack of plot bunnies.

I may end up signing up for three bingos. Oops?

Tonight the claims preview for the Avengers Reverse Big Bang goes up and, uh, I'm trying to tell myself not to look but...


I'm totally going to look.

Dear self: what happened to our vow to sign up for fewer things this year? Because we haven't even reached femslash ficathon or yuletide time and we're definitely signing up for those, so this year we're signing up for *more* than we did last year!

I'm comforting myself with the thought that doing the bingo thing means a minimum of one fic per thing I sign up for. So it's not *that* bad. Right?
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Cut for melting server rooms take three and crazy Project Doom stuff )

In other news...

Today I am woeful for there is no showing of Much Ado anywhere in my province. The cinema listings came out for the weekend and...nothing. Not even at our little arthouse cinema. Maybe the little arthouse cinema will show it in a few weeks?

I'm not going to hold my breath on that.

Hopefully there will be a DVD release.

On the brighter side, that work of cinematic genius "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" arrived yesterday :-D Watching it this weekend will be my reward for getting my AO3 auction fic edited and sent for beta. If the editing isn't done, I don't get to enjoy Hansel in a tree.

Dear fic,

Please be less terrible quickly.

Much love,
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It's kind of nice to know that I'm not alone in my love for happy endings and my frustration with the "If it's happy then it's not good literature!" police. Yay us! Go Team Happy! :-D

I finished fic editing last night and it's now resting quietly before I post on Friday. The wait until Friday is mostly (a) to give me some time for any final checks (a couple of lines got added to two chapters, I want to reread to make sure they work before I post) and (b) to give me time to think of a title.

Titles and summaries are my nemesis. It was interesting to listen to episode three of the current season of the slash report podcast where writers were discussing all the different elements of writing (seriously, go read episode 303 because it's fascinating) including the fact that they also struggle with summaries. Yay, I'm not alone!

For shorter things I've been resorting to using a couple of lines from the fic that give a feeling for what the fic is about (content and style) and, hopefully, entice people to read more. This seems to work better than I'd anticipated, at least according to my sample of two friends I've talked to about this.

For longer things where a couple of lines, however well chosen, probably won't capture the fic concept there's the actual summary to write. Fahre can tell you how many drafts I sometimes go through on this. How much wailing and gnashing of teeth there is. It's not pretty.

For the circus AU, I actually have a summary. I've had one since I was about halfway through writing the first draft.

Which only leaves the title, but do you think I can figure out a title? Nope! Six weeks I've been debating and rejecting titles. SIX WEEKS. Fahre has thrown some song lyrics at me and I think there are a couple of possibilities there. Better possibilities than anything I've come up with so far. Now I have two days to fix on something.

Yay self-imposed deadlines.

The exciting life of a fic writer, guys. Write 27k of fic accidentally. Stall out on picking a title.

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Remember how I wasn't going to do any deadline writing for a while? How I was just going to mess around with big AUs and not worry about timing?

huddle for warmth kidfic accidental marriage virginfic / secretly a virgin au: fantasy
secret relationship au: circus locked in accidental baby acquisition au: band
forced to marry fuck or die FREE

soul bonding / soulmates wingfic
presumed dead secret child fusion au: space handcuffed/bound together
telepathy / mindmeld holiday au: historical genderswap rivals to lovers

I'm doing [community profile] trope_bingo. I'm going to write aaaall the tropes. All of them :-D

On the up side, I pulled AU:historical and the Edwardian secret crime fighting vigilantes AU must sure qualify for that.

And I pulled AU:space. If the space pirate AU doesn't qualify for that then I'm not sure what will :-D

Oh god, this year. It's going to be *hilarious*.


Aug. 10th, 2012 01:39 pm
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Happy Friday!

I really needed Friday to arrive this week. Or more importantly, I need tomorrow so that I can sleeeeeeeep and then spend a day buried in Redshirts.

How did four days turn into such a long week anyway?

I had an amazing dinner with Mum last night. The scallop carbonara was one of the best pastas I've ever had. Om nom. It's definitely a treat sort of place so I won't be going there often but it was totally worth it.

I finished [ profile] scifigrl42's fic "The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation" last night and now I have all the bot feels. I'm so glad that I waited until it was finished before reading it, though, because I cannot imagine the trauma of waiting for new chapters. That is one fine fic.

We shall not discuss how many in-progress fics I have right now. Or how many ideas have been noted down in my two-part ideas log just in case I need inspiration. I blame Fahre.

At least the Marvel Big Bang is progressing well. Chapter five of eight is done so only three to go. I suspect this may top out at around 20k words, double the minimum, so that's pretty sweet.

I should probably write a bit tomorrow. Maybe. Before I hide in my book. Hmm.

Just ugh

Aug. 6th, 2012 11:30 am
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I lost the whole of yesterday to the nastiest migraine I've ever had. I'm not even kidding with that. It's time to discuss some kind of suppressant with my GP, I think, because the 36 hours of torment was just not worth anything. Usually I can at least take Migraleve and sleep off the worst of it: this one, not even touched by Migraleve and there was no possibility of sleeping.

Ugh. Today I'm dealing with the hangover from it but that's much nicer than the actual migraine. I may just spend some time editing the ridiculously daft fic that I wrote last week and then retreat to my Olympics coverage and a nice book (I've finished the newest Mercedes Lackey and I'm onto John Scalzi's latest).

I may also be spending some quality time with [ profile] scifigrl42's botfic that has now been finished and is on AO3 for your downloading pleasure :-D

I expect that the ridiculously daft fic will go onto AO3 on Wednesday. I want to do an edit today then I usually leave it another day before posting so that I can do a final typo-catching read. Except tomorrow after work I'm spending quality time with my hairdresser and her Big Book of Colours, so Wednesday.

Cut for medical stuff )

As a treat for enduring Thursday's medical visit and yesterday's migraine, I've bought myself Harry Potter on Kindle so that I can reread when I've finished the other books that I have queued. I really know how to indulge myself :-D
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Cut for health winges )

In other words, I am ouchy and uncomfortable. Please send tea and chocolate.

I have been doing the stats on my June reading and working out what my July priorities are. I think they can be summed up as: finishing reading the damn Hugo list.

Cut for more book details )

August will, I think, be lots of books that I've been saving as my reward for finishing the Hugos (new Mercedes Lackey, new John Scalzi, new Mira Grant book, Wolf Hall) and probably a fair bit of fanfic. I'm going to try to be good for the next three and a bit weeks and curtail my fanfic reading so that I concentrate on Hugo reading.

Expect some flaily arrgh yay joy on July 31st :-D

Yesterday I finally got around 2,000 words of Thing 4 written that I did not actively hate and declared that Thing a wrap. Woo! Now I get to write Thing 5, which should be much easier and lots of fun :-D I'm thinking that this entire fic will weigh in somewhere close to 10,000 words when I'm done which is the longest fic I've written for two years. Go me!

No PR Manager Deserves The Avengers is being edited and polished and I'm intending to get it onto AO3 by the end of the week. I apologise in advance for the insanity levels displayed in it. This was my way relief from the process of rewriting Thing 4 at least three times (I lost count).

I've got a kind of outline worked out for my [ profile] marvel_bang fic and I want to start that next week. It's got alternate reality dimension jumping, two Coulsons, vampire!Clint, weird super soldier serums and plenty of hijinks. It's either going to be tremendously fun or the fic writing equivalent of a living nightmare.

Let's hope for option two, shall we? And remember that I can always take a short crack fic break if I need to :-D
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If, say, an author had written a fic with a "McGuffin made them do it" sort of plot, fully intending it to be a ridiculous one-shot, and then realized that the insane crack fic about the PR manager that has to deal with that stuff when it goes public that she was writing was, in some ways, a follow up to it, would it be appropriate to call it a series?

And if an author did that, what in heck would she call it?

Because I think that I've done that.

And, for any AO3 users out there, is is possible to retroactively add a fic to a series without reposting that fic?

Oh, ugh

Jun. 29th, 2012 01:51 pm
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So, yesterday was a total wipe-out. Weird migraine resulting in a bit of a headache with a whole ton of nausea and vertigo. Oddly, I stayed home from work. In fact, all I really achieved was sleeping until 11am and then napping in my recliner until 6pm, waking up just long enough to see Nadal get beaten out of Wimbledon because my Mum knew that I'd want to see that and chortle.

The sleeping and napping was impressive bearing in mind how damn noisy the house was. We've got guys doing a ton of work on the outside of the house and the vacant lot across from my house is finally being built on. Yesterday was foundation pouring day. Plus my neighbours two doors down had their driveway widened.

Apparently I was really in need of sleep because I slept through all that.

Today I'm feeling better, although still experiencing odd moments when the world is suddenly at a 90 degree angle from me. At least it's Mum's day with the car so she could drive me to work.

Weird, weird migraine.

And because it's the day before a long weekend and I was sick yesterday and most of my colleagues are out today, I have nothing to do.



Nope. I'm the useless cog here.

So I've spent the day thinking up merchandise that the Avengers will hate (Natasha wins with the Black Widow Barbie so far) and ways to torture their PR manager. It's a lot of fun :-D

I'm really looking forward to writing the moment that the PR manager quits. Disney. Polluting of childhood memories. Her breakdown will be beautiful, I promise.

And then it's back to 5 Things because I may finally be unblocked on that. Of course, I'm unblocked just as the Tour de France starts and I lose much of my free-time to watching cycling. Hmm.
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Tonight I'm going to see Brave. Very excited.

First I have to get there, though. I leave work at 3.45pm and am supposed to be meeting my fellow cinema-goers at 4.45pm for supper. The early supper is due to the inconvenient show time.

In that transition hour, I have to get home, change, do my injection, feed the cats and get back to the same general area as my office. Also, I have to make sure that I have mother with me as this is a joint trip.

With the current construction work on my route, my drive home is averaging 28 minutes in the afternoon. So, no pressure then!

In hopeful news, Mum was explaining last night (after critiquing my washing up technique again, WTF?) that she's hoping to talk my aunt into a trip to a neighbouring province at some stage. I'm fairly sure that I didn't say "OMG, yay, squeee!" but I am encouraging this heartily. She mentioned getting a hotel for a couple of nights. Two mother-free days (at least). It would be glorious.

You know that stage in writing where you start to get tempted to write "Insert funny and insightful bit here->" in lieu of writing about five pages because the funny and the insightful disappear every time you try to write it?

Yeah, that.

Maybe Thing 4 needs to percolate a while longer and I should give Thing 5 a try now. It can't go any worse, frankly.

Or I could start the fic that I think will be my [ profile] marvel_bang fic.

Or I could see whether that bunny about the Avengers doing PR visits wants to come out and play.

Or I could continue to mutter about being unable to write and glare at the open file.
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After a long, delayed, unpleasant flight yesterday enhanced by being unable to debark the plane for twenty minutes after we landed, I'm home.

I love my bed and my shower so, so much.

Mum and I managed to stay awake long enough to buy some food, pick up pizza and eat some before giving in and going to bed last night.

That's why I was awake at 5am this morning. Ugh. There is not enough coffee in the world to deal with today.

Obviously that's why I spent the afternoon making jubilee cupcakes for work tomorrow. I'm trying to live up to the stereotype :-D It's sort of expected.

Picture! )

I'd been planning to play with the new stats page and possibly upload something to AO3 this afternoon, but sadly it's a mess of 502's. I'm still quite amused by the fact that the Avengers is killing AO3, but it might be nice if it wasn't happening when I need to use it...
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Specifically, I wrote 1,116 words of Sum of Parts today. That's almost like my old writing speed.

If you add that to the 500 words of Sum of Parts that I wrote last week, plus 600 words on an Avengers cliche fic and 500 words of a possible Big Bang fic (Avengers, of course) I've written around 2,800 words while I've been on vaction and I've written over 5,000 words this year.

It's officially my most productive year since 2010. Um?

It feels good. Sum of Parts is shaping up to be something fun and long and cool.

Just need to get an actual plot for the Big Bang fic worked out beyond "fix the movie" and I'll be jetting.
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Today and tomorrow are planned as quiet, very little activies days and then I'm on a plane back to Canada on Saturday. My feelings about this are mixed: I've loved my holiday, had so much fun doing stuff and playing tourist in England, and am at the "will kill for my lovely comfy bed and beautiful shower" stage of being OK with going home. Obviously I'd love to continue wandering around in shorts and bare feet, doing cool stuff like bookshops, musicals and cream teas. Not being at work has been awesome. I am starting to miss my own bed, shower and kitchen though.

Seriously, how did I sleep in the bed here for all those years?

Today I tried to sleep in a bit, which resulted in me getting up not long after 8am with a nasty oversleeping headache. I'm now trying to consume sufficient caffeine to make that go away.

And thus, I'm thinking about fun silly things like fic and fandom and stuff!

On the one hand, it's very frustrating that AO3 keeps going down. Argh. On the other hand, I'm constantly amused that it's because the Avengers explosion is taking it down :-D As I'm one of the people hitting it up every day for new stuff (I have more stuff flagged to read later than I can count right now, argh) I can't even be that mad. Poor AO3, it survived Yuletide fairly well this year and now a single newish fandom is killing it.

Speaking of Avengers fandom, you should all go and read everything Avengers that [ profile] scifigrl47 has written. She brings the crack and it's laugh out loud, brilliant stuff with astonishingly good writing and characterisation considering she's writing high octane insanity. I'm particularly enamoured of anything in the Toasterverse and you need to read it to know why it's brilliant.

Also, I got recced this Sherlock slash story yesterday (Matchmaker, Matchmaker) that is lovely and long and the first chapter has already got me hooked. When I get home, there is going to be a big recs post of doom for all the stuff that I've been reading lately.

I should also probably throw all of it onto Haven Reviews. It's been too long since that got a good update.

It appears that I'm falling back into fandom with ease and joy :-) And now, I'm determined to get at least 1,000 words down on something today. I've now got two on the go fics - Sum of Parts (Doctor Who) and the as-yet-unamed Avengers thing for the Marvel Big Bang. This may be my most productive year for at least five years.

Who am I and where did tired, unhappy, uncreative Sel go? Because I don't want that Sel back. I like this happy one much better :-)
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I have finally finished the third Song of Ice and Fire book *does the dance of joy*

So very happy about that. Now I'm reading the first of Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy and enjoying it more than I expected. Not being a zombie reader normally, it's different and I'm more entertained than I thought I would be. It helps that it's so different from GRRM.

Today we went to London for Matilda and it was brilliant. I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone who loves musicals and it's easy to see how it did so well at the Oliviers.

Finally, any impression anyone thinking that they might have seen me signing up for the Marvel Big Bang has is probably wrong.

Except where they're not. Drafts due in September. Anyone fancy beta-ing for me? Probably Avengers...
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It's been a fairly quiet few days. My mothers's family visited on Saturday and it was great to see them. I spent Sunday doing quiet family stuff as my sister was staying with us.

Yesterday I wandered into town to do a bit of shopping - picking up some stuff to cope better with the heat wave we've been having. I resorted to t-shirt and PJ trousers on Sunday after overheating on a short hike with Dad and my winter PJs are definitely too much at night. So I now have shorts and some lighter sleep attire.

I packed for everything except a big heat wave. Argh.

In the evening I made the terrible sacrifice of going to The Avengers again with my dad so he could see it without being lonely. Aren't I a good daughter?

Black Widow gets more awesome each time I see her. I really want to see an origin movie with her and Hawkeye now. Or just any movie with her being awesome and Hawkeye doing improbable archery. Pretty please, Marvel?

I am absolutely not in any way considering signing up for [ profile] marvel_bang. Nu uh. No way.

I've got that Doctor Who fic to finish, right? Even though the deadlines for the Big Bang are far enough away that I could probably do both and...

Good thing my writing mojo is returning?

Today I'm off to Manchester to visit [ profile] historyterry. If this train ever moves. Shall post this when I get back as the cost of wifi on the train is insane.

ETA: 500 words of Avengery fic committed on the train home. Suspect I may be having a problem...
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There was an interesting discussion on weight on the Girls Own list a couple
of weeks ago (yes, I'm behind and just working on catching up!) and it
triggered some thoughts. According to all the BMI charts, I am firmly in the
middle of the healthy range. According to the list of recommended weights
for heights in the 1930s posted by one member, my weight is just right for
my height.

Yet according to friends and magazines I am firmly in the plump, verging on
overweight category. If I lose the half stone that I always vaguely think
that I should then I will end up at the bottom end of the healthy BMI but I
still wouldn't be in the slim and gorgeous category according to friends and

Is it any wonder that so many women end up with eating disorders and the
like when some of the biggest influences in their lives say that what
doctors consider healthy is actually overweight?


In other thoughts: I am about half way there with my [ profile] femslash08
fic and I only started it a week ago. If I continue at this rate then I
should have it done by the weekend giving me two weeks to re-write, beta
and edit. Despite everything else going on at the moment, I seem to be much
more organised about it this year than I was last year. Phew!

I have banned myself from writing Donna the Time Lord fic until it's done

It is probably rather late to write any kind of message to the unlucky soul
who got me in the ficathon but...

Dear lovely [ profile] femslash08 writer,

You can rest assured that I really do want any of the fandoms and pairings
that I listed and I will not try to steer you one way or another. The only
things that I'm not wild about in a fic are tragic endings and extreme kink.
I quite like lots of plot but can quite happily enjoy pure fluff if it's
done well. Any rating is fine by me, any setting.

Hopefully I haven't just killed your fic totally :-)

Your grateful recipient
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I have finished editing the Atlantis Christmas fic. I have three seasonal fics recced so far and they are all lovely stories. They are fairly evenly distributed around the preferences, although so far I am missing an m/m slash fic. If anyone knows of any seasonal m/m stories, links would be much appreciated.

Mum and I have done our supermarket raid (hit the store at 6.30am - urp!) and scalped my employer for all the savings we could. I have to say, we did a fine job of the scalping this year.

I re-watched The Runaway Bride this year in preparation for Voyage of the Damned and now I have a plot bunny for a "Donna reunites with the Doctor" fic. One page is written already. Um.

Today I need to decorate a tree and make cup cakes. At some stage this weekend I also need to make mince pies. There is also the traditional Secret Santa exchange and take-out pig-out tomorrow with The Girls and a carol concert at church to attend. Somewhere in all of this I also need to wrap presents. I feel like this is going to be a very, very busy weekend.
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That Brigadier Bambera 5 Things fic I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Just needs another read/edit session and then it is all done :-)

The bad thing is that I then have to post it somewhere. The Haven is currently set-up for me to write Buffy, Stargate and Atlantis fic. Nothing else. So I shall be doing a little bit of reorganising over the next couple of days to enable the organisation of fic for other fandoms. Quite a radical departure and possibly one of the biggest visible changes since I added Stargate/Atlantis fic. That database project was huge for me, but wasn't quite such a big change for site users.


Why didn't I consider that I might branch into other fandoms when I was re-organising everything five years ago?

I may also chuck the fic up on Teaspoon as a just in case archiving thing.


Today I had a nice holiday to recover from my Tour de France exploits. I have been going college work, watching movies, editing fic and now I am going to eat before watching more cycling. At some stage this week I need to re-watch Goblet of Fire before seeing Order of the Phoenix at the weekend.

Tomorrow I shall be back at work. Bleh. Must try not to think about it. The only good thing to come out of work for the last couple of weeks was some rather yummy chocolate brownies. We had people giving away samples and I managed to snag two small boxes. They are like heaven in a plastic wrapping. Sometimes, working for a major retailer has its advantages.
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Before I start my Peg 2 con reports, I should note that I've received my [ profile] femslash07 assignment, which is very exciting (and scary). This means that I need to knuckle down and get some writing done over the next month. Also, some episode re-watching done for inspiration :-)

As for my requests, I'm a pretty happy girl with whatever might be written. I think the only thing that I'm really hoping I don't get is a "can't have the man of my dreams, will settle for this girl person instead" kind of plot. Or character death. Definitely not into the angsty/suicidal/character death dark kind of fic. Otherwise, I'm happy with fluff, plot, romance, drama, PWP, deep and meaningful, PG, NC-17...why yes, I am an easily pleased sort of girl :-))

For those following my work tales, yes everything broke and there was a ton of stuff that they "just couldn't quite get round to" on my desk when I arrived this morning *sigh* I am planning to hammer notes everywhere about the fact that I won't be in on the Tuesday after Redemption so they really have to make sure they can get everything done while I'm gone that time. I will save the tale of the crazy lighting for another post :-)


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