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I am not quite organised to officially join [ profile] ficfinishing, but I do want to get one of my two big DW WIPs finished before the end of the year. No way that both are happening because I'm also planning to sign up for [ profile] yuletide this year, meaning that I'll have been on three ficathons this year. Yay.

The big question: which fic to really concentrate on finishing? Hence, the poll, that my f-list can dictate to me!

[Poll #1290822]
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Sometimes, I despair of my fellow fic writers. I get an RSS feed of new fics
at Teaspoon, just the titles and summaries so that I can take a look at
what's being posted. I don't have access to Teaspoon at work so I just
browse the titles and mark anything for follow-up that I might want to read
at home.

It is often painful in the extreme, but this morning's gem? "My Night with
the Doctor". Erp. Smutty fanfiction is one thing, but I really do not need
to read other people's porny fantasies starring themselves. Part of me hopes
that it was a humourous, ironic fic that is the polar opposite of title and
summary. The other 95% of my mind knows fic writers far too well.

When DW fic is done well, it really is some of the best fic out there. Sadly
it's just like every other fandom in having a 90:10 dross to gem rate and
the dross in DW can be truly terrible. It's at times like this that I
half-wish people had to get a licence to publish fanfic, except I'm not sure
that would actually weed out the bad fic because I experience bad drivers
every day and someone somewhere gave all of them licences.

Also, obviously, it would end up being totalitarian state thing and that
would be Bad. It's nice to dream, though :-)

In other thoughts, I've been thinking some more about Stolen Earth.

More spoilers ahoy )
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There was an interesting discussion on weight on the Girls Own list a couple
of weeks ago (yes, I'm behind and just working on catching up!) and it
triggered some thoughts. According to all the BMI charts, I am firmly in the
middle of the healthy range. According to the list of recommended weights
for heights in the 1930s posted by one member, my weight is just right for
my height.

Yet according to friends and magazines I am firmly in the plump, verging on
overweight category. If I lose the half stone that I always vaguely think
that I should then I will end up at the bottom end of the healthy BMI but I
still wouldn't be in the slim and gorgeous category according to friends and

Is it any wonder that so many women end up with eating disorders and the
like when some of the biggest influences in their lives say that what
doctors consider healthy is actually overweight?


In other thoughts: I am about half way there with my [ profile] femslash08
fic and I only started it a week ago. If I continue at this rate then I
should have it done by the weekend giving me two weeks to re-write, beta
and edit. Despite everything else going on at the moment, I seem to be much
more organised about it this year than I was last year. Phew!

I have banned myself from writing Donna the Time Lord fic until it's done

It is probably rather late to write any kind of message to the unlucky soul
who got me in the ficathon but...

Dear lovely [ profile] femslash08 writer,

You can rest assured that I really do want any of the fandoms and pairings
that I listed and I will not try to steer you one way or another. The only
things that I'm not wild about in a fic are tragic endings and extreme kink.
I quite like lots of plot but can quite happily enjoy pure fluff if it's
done well. Any rating is fine by me, any setting.

Hopefully I haven't just killed your fic totally :-)

Your grateful recipient
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The packers arrived bright and early this morning - 15 minutes early, in fact! Thanks to all our hard work yesterday we were able to just point them at the stuff and let them have at it. Mum and I sat in the lounge knitting and chatting, only moving to make tea and confirm odd questions.

It was a much needed break after yesterday! There is still a bit of sorting out to do because we need to move a couple of bits into this room so that I have somewhere to put a bedside lamp and store the remaining clothes, but everything is looking very empty and echoey. Photos will follow as soon as I've found my card reader. It all looked very cool :-) And there were metres and metres of bubble-wrap! I was good and didn't pop it all.

The plan for the day is lunch, then hit town to investigate the big new library and eat cake. We didn't expect them to be so fast so we have half a day that we didn't expect to have. Woo! Mum and I then plan the re-arrange the study downstairs to our liking now that the piano has gone and present Da with a fait accompli on the new arrangements *pokes tongue out at general direction of Father's office*

My [ profile] femslash08 assignment arrived this morning and I was very pleased to discover that there are a number of pairings that I feel I can write. Woo! I will be writing a little note to my person later, when I have recovered from the general packing exhaustion.

Right now, I'm just feeling oddly relieved that it's done. I waved good-bye to my stuff for two months and it was a little sad to see the van disappear into the distance, but also incredibly satisfying to know that this huge job that's been looming over me for months is actually done. The packers were fantastic. I'll let you know what happens at the other end, but right now I'd definitely recommend them for international moves.

I've been having a poke around my iPod and it occurred to me that I could load fic to read on it as well as fic to listen to. Does anyone have any experience with putting text files into an iPod? And can folders be created when doing so to enable better organisation of the stories? I could even download text file classics from the Guttenburg project if I wanted to!
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I did a little bit of work on The Return of Donna Noble while I was waiting for stuff to run today and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. In fact, the fic just needs a tiny end scene and then it's done. So I had a thought.

Last year, the thing that got me unstuck in terms of writing fanfic was taking part in [ profile] femslash07. That ficathon won't be opening up this year until after Memorial Day (when is this holiday, BTW?) but the thing that was good was that it was fun, the pairing was unexpected and I could go anywhere with it just from a very bare prompt.

So, thinks me, I'll throw it open to my f-list and ask for some challenges. Any fandom that you know I read/write in, gen/het/slash are all good, give me one line (or even just a couple of words) and I'll try to build a fic from it. I'll probably limit myself to the first three or four prompts that I get, but I'll see how it goes.

Any takers?
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Cut for musing on the reasoning behind choosing ship/slash pairings with specific reference to fanfic tastes )

In shallower thoughts...

Less than twelve hours now until episode 2 of Torchwood. Yay!

I have been watching The Hand of Fear (Classic Doctor Who) and I have one very important question: who thought that wardrobe would be good for Sarah Jane?? Loving the adventure so far (one and a half episodes in) and Elizabeth Sladen is doing a great job with it, but she's fighting a costume that makes her look around ten years old or possibly auditioning for clown school. Why?

This morning I thought of something that I wanted to say that would cause my f-list to explode. Now I cannot remember it. Woe.

I haven't seen any LJ commentary yet on Heath Ledger, but I can imagine what I will find. For some reason, hearing that news on the radio this morning felt like a big shock. He's not an actor that I thought about much except for "yup, very good" when watching him in films yet there is a little part of me that can't quite express itself except to say shocked.
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In around 70 minutes the Torchwood fandom will erupted into squees at frequencies that would kill bats. I shall re-emerge from my hypersound proof booth some time tomorrow, possibly with a review or maybe with just a note to say that I've gone to archery instead :-)

While I wait for the start, I feel the need to write Donna fic (DW Donna, not WW Donna or Holby Donna) but I shall resist. Maybe.
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I have a fairly impressive headache. While I will admit that smacking my head on my desk while attempting to retrieve a bottle of water didn't help, I don't think this is the root cause of the headache because I had one before colliding with the desk.


It seems oddly unfair after getting suckered with a migraine already this week.

I shall be going downstairs for a meeting in a few minutes so I may grab a cup of peppermint tea. And maybe some chocolate :-)

[ profile] crack_van I love you, because you have sensed my distress and included Torchwood as a recced fandom this month :-)

Holby City you are fabulous crack and I love you. Particularly now that Connie is back in all her bitchy fabulousness.

And now I must away to the trenches for another hour. Hoorah! Yes, the hoorah was sarcastic :-)
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I have finished editing the Atlantis Christmas fic. I have three seasonal fics recced so far and they are all lovely stories. They are fairly evenly distributed around the preferences, although so far I am missing an m/m slash fic. If anyone knows of any seasonal m/m stories, links would be much appreciated.

Mum and I have done our supermarket raid (hit the store at 6.30am - urp!) and scalped my employer for all the savings we could. I have to say, we did a fine job of the scalping this year.

I re-watched The Runaway Bride this year in preparation for Voyage of the Damned and now I have a plot bunny for a "Donna reunites with the Doctor" fic. One page is written already. Um.

Today I need to decorate a tree and make cup cakes. At some stage this weekend I also need to make mince pies. There is also the traditional Secret Santa exchange and take-out pig-out tomorrow with The Girls and a carol concert at church to attend. Somewhere in all of this I also need to wrap presents. I feel like this is going to be a very, very busy weekend.


Oct. 1st, 2007 09:11 pm
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Monday has been a nightmare and my back hurt like you wouldn't believe all day. The motorway was insane so I got trapped in traffic queues with a back that hurt like you wouldn't believe.

I felt that a nap when I got in was totally justified.

Mum made cauliflower cheese with mushroom and bacon in. It's great comfort food.

I also spoke to [ profile] historyterry and [ profile] yragg, which was enormously cheering even though we mostly ranted about my crap job and Terry's house issues.

During the frequent pauses while things ran and everything locked up, I poddled around with Notepad and the next Teyla/Weir Crossing fic. I've been working on it for a week, it's nearly finished...and it might be the longest fic that I've written for over a year. I.e. it's over 2000 words. Yay.

Just gotta write the, ah, fade-to-black love scene and then I'm done. Who wants to take bets that this is where I get blocked for the next two weeks?

I'm going to watch Sarah Jane Smith and knit, seeing as I'm still completely knackered from a nasty day.
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Possible minor spoilers for Deathly Hallows under here. Be prepared for others providing spoilers in comments )

Today is monumentally boring. I really want to be at home finishing a French assignment so that I don't have to do it at the weekend or even just reading fic. Instead I am bored :-(

And coming down with a serious case of meeting-itis.

Is it time to go home yet?

I don't have the words to talk about the Tour de France and Vino. Yet. I shall probably recover my ranting abilities later.
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That Brigadier Bambera 5 Things fic I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Just needs another read/edit session and then it is all done :-)

The bad thing is that I then have to post it somewhere. The Haven is currently set-up for me to write Buffy, Stargate and Atlantis fic. Nothing else. So I shall be doing a little bit of reorganising over the next couple of days to enable the organisation of fic for other fandoms. Quite a radical departure and possibly one of the biggest visible changes since I added Stargate/Atlantis fic. That database project was huge for me, but wasn't quite such a big change for site users.


Why didn't I consider that I might branch into other fandoms when I was re-organising everything five years ago?

I may also chuck the fic up on Teaspoon as a just in case archiving thing.


Today I had a nice holiday to recover from my Tour de France exploits. I have been going college work, watching movies, editing fic and now I am going to eat before watching more cycling. At some stage this week I need to re-watch Goblet of Fire before seeing Order of the Phoenix at the weekend.

Tomorrow I shall be back at work. Bleh. Must try not to think about it. The only good thing to come out of work for the last couple of weeks was some rather yummy chocolate brownies. We had people giving away samples and I managed to snag two small boxes. They are like heaven in a plastic wrapping. Sometimes, working for a major retailer has its advantages.
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For those wondering at my unusual silence, I am being weird right now and not feeling that talkative. I was starting to feel more cheerful today and my little group was bantering and having fun for the first time this week, but we have now been told off for being too happy. Or noisy. Or something.

It would be more accurate to say that J has been told off, because Da Boss apparently failed to notice that L and I were joining in (and even starting) the fun. Most unfair and we're all now feeling grumpy and bitchy.

I have been reading some fanfic this week so there will be some nice reviews in a couple of weeks' time. I've actually found a couple of decent long-ish fics on Teaspoon. The trick is to find one good author and just check out the authors she's marked as being good and keep following links that way. Trying to navigate through recent entries or pages for individual Doctors is a Very Bad Idea. There are some truly terrifying Doctor Who fics out there *shudders*

Did I hear correctly that Eurovision is taking Doctor Who away from on 12th May? Yarg!
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This has been a bit of a weird week. I actually had a relatively smooth Monday and Tuesday, which was terribly odd, and right now I've not got a whole lot that I can do (usual reasons - data warehouse). I even got to leave only half an hour late both days, which was very nice.

I'm slightly worried.

However, it has given me time to do things in the evening such as reading Doctor Who fic. I've been venturing into Teaspoon and an Open Mind - there's some good stuff in there, but I skimmed through the Recent Entries section with an increasing sense of terror. Eep! I have a feeling that if I just try reading through the archives, with no recs and not looking at the Top Tens list, it's going to be a scary process. Ouch. But I will sacrifice myself for the sake of finding good stuff to review *martyred sigh* God, some of those summaries are just terrifying.

Tonight it is Pub Night and I am determined that I will resist the lure of chips and random desserts. Drinkies only tonight. Promise.
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Today is being a Bad Day, thanks to the unique combo of my back being wonderfully painful and getting certain cramps a day early. Again. Bleh. Painkillers and chocolate ahoy!

However, I managed to get into work early due to the complete lack of other people on the roads and the sun is shining in a very pretty way. So it's not all bad. I just need lots of coffee and chocolate brought to me by beautiful maidens in alluring togas. Or something.


I am trying out LJ's new vertical menu design. I may decide to go back to the original layout, but I thought I'd give it a go for a few days. It does have the advantage of being less likely to flip around if I'm not feeling too co-ordinated with teh mouse, but I'm not completely convinced yet.

I've also been reading a bit of the reaction to the loss of the Hinkley Island Hotel for [ profile] redemption_con. To be honest, finding a new hotel that we can take over completely sounds like a great idea: there were definitely problems with the hotel this year, particularly the food and the attitudes of non-con guests, so I'm looking forward to having all the fun of Redemption without that. If we're the sole occupants of the hotel for the weekend then they'll have to do a reasonable job with food, won't they? We could even have a green room kind of thing like certain other cons, maybe with snack food available at times other than specified eating times. And free WiFi would be very nice if it can be achieved :-)

I'm feeling rather flattered, and surprised, about all the feedback for the [ profile] femslash07 fic. Quite nice to know that I can write more than just Teyla/Elizabeth without totally sucking :-)
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I know that there are at least a couple of ex-military types on my f-list ([ profile] riverfox?), so I'm hoping that you can help me with getting a detail right for a B-plot in a fic I'm possibly writing.

If there were a female officer who separated from her husband (without divorcing) and subsequently had a relationship that resulted in pregnancy, would there be any legal consequences for her? I'm not looking for a particular scenario here, but I want to make sure that I don't write something that has people going "but, but...". Would it be a situation where she wasn't breaking military laws, where she could potentially be prosecuted but most commanders would turn a blind eye or where she'd be facing a court marshall no matter what her commander thought? It's only a detail, but I want to make sure that I get that detail right.
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Before I start my Peg 2 con reports, I should note that I've received my [ profile] femslash07 assignment, which is very exciting (and scary). This means that I need to knuckle down and get some writing done over the next month. Also, some episode re-watching done for inspiration :-)

As for my requests, I'm a pretty happy girl with whatever might be written. I think the only thing that I'm really hoping I don't get is a "can't have the man of my dreams, will settle for this girl person instead" kind of plot. Or character death. Definitely not into the angsty/suicidal/character death dark kind of fic. Otherwise, I'm happy with fluff, plot, romance, drama, PWP, deep and meaningful, PG, NC-17...why yes, I am an easily pleased sort of girl :-))

For those following my work tales, yes everything broke and there was a ton of stuff that they "just couldn't quite get round to" on my desk when I arrived this morning *sigh* I am planning to hammer notes everywhere about the fact that I won't be in on the Tuesday after Redemption so they really have to make sure they can get everything done while I'm gone that time. I will save the tale of the crazy lighting for another post :-)
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Got my Peg 2 ticket in the post yesterday - number 90 :-)

Anyone on my f-list want to pipe up with ticket numbers (if you have them yet)?

Judging by some of the comments on the Wolf message boards, I'm very glad that [ profile] paranoidangel42 and I have already booked our room at the Sheraton - people are starting to report difficulties getting a room! I'm guessing that this won't be quite as small a con as it was last year.

Today I am mostly working and trying to leave at a sensible time. There will be no Internets at home due to all the computer equipment being moved to make way for a new window, but there is Holby City tonight.

I am considering signing up for [ profile] femslash07. Would I be totally crazy considering I've never done a ficathon before in my life?


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