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When I signed up for Marvel Bang this year, I did it knowing that it will probably be my last one. I didn't know how busy this year would get (if I had, maybe I would have chosen differently), but I know I've got busy and unpredictable summers coming up in 2017 and 2018 that will make committing to a Big Bang difficult. I didn't want to just fade and fizzle and flake out on one, so I figured I'd do this one last Marvel Bang knowing it's my last and put everything into it.

This is the story I've been itching to write since I wrote Clockwork Murders in 2013. I still can't believe it's been three years since I wrote that! I wanted my last Marvel Bang to round out the story I started then, and I've enjoyed doing that.

But as I sat down yesterday to do some non-Bang writing work, I realised that this is probably going to be my last big MCU fic. I still enjoy the universe, enjoy reading stories, but my stories have all been told. All the big ideas I have right now are for original novels and I'm having to work really hard to keep myself motivated on this sequel.

Last night, I had to do some homework for the critique group I've joined and then I started working on my femslashex fic. The words flowed better for that than a lot of my Marvel Bang story has. It's a different fandom, different characters, and it felt fresh and fun. It's also something where I'll hit the minimum word count easily, and not having the pressure to make this fic novel-length has been really freeing.

I guess what's happening is that I'm reaching the end of my time of major contribution to a fandom. I've got the Bang to finish, two fics that have been waiting to be published for ages and I really, really will get them edited and published this year, and then...I don't know. I might write the occasional short MCU fic.

I might not.

I'll sign up for Yuletide, because that's always fun, and I'll see what happens next for me in fanfic. It's very likely that I'll be writing short things for different fandoms here and there until the next time a fandom catches my heart and pulls all the big stories out of me. The next fandom might not happen: I might be writing short fics here and there forever more. I don't know.

In the meantime, I'm really excited to get back to my current original WIP when Marvel Bang ends. And then I've got a huge list of ideas for original novels that I want to play with. That seems like a good indicator of where my passions lie right now.

Look at me, fandom butterfly preparing to flutter again!
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A topic prompt from [personal profile] executrix: Prompts: what did you want from fandom when you first got involved? Did you get it? What do you want now? Are you getting it?

*rubs hands gleefully* I love talking about fandom :-)

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Today I am having the fun of arguing about the existence or otherwise of a table with the DBAs.

Hint: it exists.

Hint 2: half my code would be broken if it didn't exist.

Conclusion: clearly someone here has gone blind and it ain't me.

The argument is because I need them to change some columns and apparently if they declare it non-existent, they won't do the change. Except, uh, it's there. I'm looking right at the data I just selected from it.


And people say my job doesn't require deep and meaningful thoughts on the wider issues at hand. I'm debating the nature of existence, guys! Totes deep and meaningful :-D

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Apr. 4th, 2013 05:45 pm
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I'm trying out Pinboard at the moment because I'm a thousand years behind the rest of fandom on this. Maybe two thousand.
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I feel fairly certain that my astonishment every morning when I wake up and actually go to work means something. Not necessarily something good.

Happy Monday! It is foggy here and they're back to doing loud buildy things on the path they've been constructing outside my office since early May. They appear to be resorting to digging parts of it up (again) to prolong the work.

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During my weekly Skype with [ profile] historyterry yesterday we were trying to figure out why fanfic is often way more appealing than novels.

I have to admit, I have no conclusions on it. There are times when I go weeks (months) without touching fanfic and then there are times when I read way more fanfic than books.

My standards when it comes to fic have changed over the years: I'm less tolerant of basic writing idiocy than I used to be. If the first couple of pages of a fic are littered with basic punctuation problems and poor spelling or incorrect words, I will turn back even if the basic premise sounds interesting. Yesterday's "Oh god, delete!" fic included random apostrophes and some very unfortunate word substitutions.

Ridged <> rigid. Thankfully it was in the context of rigid/ridged arms rather than ridged anything way more unfortunate, but still. It threw me out and then I couldn't get back to it, which is good because I was already irritated at the OOC-ness. Yes, it's an AU. No, you still need to try with the characterisation. If Clint is sounding like Thor, there is a big problem.

I'm not expecting Tolstoy, but I like to think that I have standards :-D

Anyway, the why is fanfic more fun than novels at times question is confusing. Partially I think it's because we get the chance to return to spend more time with familiar, favourite characters. Most of us don't read fanfic for fandoms we know nothing about, after all.

Getting to see new ideas and interpretations of those characters is also a part of it. There is a lot of fic out there that is written as part of a conversation or reaction to the canon that is a different way to discuss that stuff and I love it.

Wish-fulfilment is a lot of it, I suspect. We know that certain things will never happen in canon - most of us don't even want them to - but it's still a lot of fun to read about them. Yes, I suspect that this is a big part of the popularity of the pornier end of fanfic :-D

In some fandoms, I'm far more interested in the non-main characters in my fanfic. I adore Harry Potter and his friends to pieces. My fanfic tastes, though, run more to characters like Sirius and Remus because they're great characters who only get a small amount of book time.

As much as a short fic is fun, I'm a huge fan of the long, novel-length fics and I can never quite put my finger on why. It's partially that I get to spend more time with a particular set-up. That's not completely it, though, and I'm not sure that I'll ever figure it out completely.

Right now, I'm in a "read all the Avengers" fic kind of place after over a year of barely reading any fic. It's the shiny new fandom stage of fic reading. I'm definitely in a "fic is more fun than books" place and I have no idea why, except maybe it's because all my current books are deeply serious and intense and fic...doesn't have to be.

In conclusion, I have no conclusion :-)
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This morning I beat the school bus. Woo! Definitely leaving by 7.04AM in the future.

Today is a "Moar caffeine needed OMG!!" kind of day. I blame Tumblr and AO3. Horrible, evil sites. Why must there be so much good stuff to look at and read when I'm supposed to be sleeping?

A couple of months ago I was feeling slightly sad about having no fannish t-shirts that were a) less than five years old and b) small enough to fit me.

Now I've got two Doctor Who t-shirts and a Son of Coul (Avengers) shirt will shortly be winging its way to me from Ript. I'm deeply tempted by a Black Widow shirt (this one, for the interested) that I've seen on another site. Why no Hawkeye love, t-shirt guys? Apparently this is going to be the year of the fannish t-shirt. I should feel embarassed about that, right?

The zombie novel is done and I am uncertain about what to read next, although I think that I'll be going for another Hugo read rather than a book of mindless fluff, even though mindless fluff appeals greatly right now. Whatever I read needs to be zombie-free, not even a surprise zombie, so that I get a brain-breather and stop having zombie nightmares.

My count of graphic novels waiting at the library is now up to 5 and I'm hoping that at least one of the three outstanding holds will be there tomorrow. Mum has been talked into volunteered to pick them up for me while she's shopping tomorrow :-) In my defence, there are several Fables volumes so they are totes Hugo related.

Avengers Ultimates and Black Widow: Deadly Origins not so much. Heh.


May. 4th, 2012 07:08 pm
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It is now T minus one day to the Avengers. Eeep!

I'm trying not to be obsessive with the planning my day things, but I do have a general layout to follow. I plan to get up, eat oatmeal, take a nice long walk and then get home and make soup and muffins for the week. Then I hope to eat a quiet lunch and have some time to quietly sit down for a few minutes before going out to pick up my friend and head to the cinema.

Theoretically, this all sounds doable.

Just don't let me get distracted and goof off so that I end up with barely enough time for a sandwich never mind making soup and all that other stuff, OK?

I have now sorted out a ride to the airport so I'm feeling a bit more prepared for the England trip. Haven't sorted out the ride back, but I'll think about that...another day.

I have ordered a travel adaptor for my iPad charger. So my iPad can be safely charged while I'm travelling. Must remember to back the iPod and Kindle leads as well. Sometimes I feel like half my luggage is leads and chargers.
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OK, my new computer is missing something important: fannish wallpapers.

As my new computer can change the desktop wallpaper at set intervals (I have it changing every hour), this is particularly important. Currently I'm relying on the stuff that Windows supplied, which is way less obnoxious than the usual Windows stuff.

However, I'm already missing my fannish stuff and I want some goodies.

You know my main fandoms (which include Doctor Who, Stargate, Merlin, Glee, Holby...I'm easy to please) so if I could have some links to particularly pretty wallpapers...
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I less-than-3 the Archive of Our Own so much. Specifically the ability to download in .mobi format and put things on my Kindle. It is so much love. Last night, after checking that my bank account hadn't been emptied and doing a bit of house-keeping on some stuff, I decided that what I really needed was some lovely long plotty fanfic.

I now have the first few stories in a long, plotty Harry Potter thing. And a long, fluffy X-Men:First Class thing (what? sometimes I like fluff too!). Plus the next part in a lovely long, plotty Glee femslash fic that I love like pie. They're all on my Kindle and it is fabulous.

By the way, why are there so few long, plotty femslash things? Even fandoms with big femslash pairings tend towards shorter stuff. How does femslash always end up short and often less-than-plotty, while slash, het and gen all have tons of gorgeously long, plotty fics?

Somewhere in my brain I have fics. They will not transfer to paper. I have the Orient Express in space story (Eleven, Amy, Rory, slightly psychic little girls and murderous Egyptian goddesses) and Five Time Jenny Rescued Madame Vastra (cross-dressing interspecies lesbian romances FTW!) rattling around in there but I cannot seem to put all the bits and bobs together into coherent stories. Why is my brain so stupid?

Perhaps being dead tired from back pain is a partial cause. If I could just get some sleep...

Cut for health and exercise stuff )

New!Boss came to our office for his regular bi-weekly status meeting with us. He works in the next province and has to go past a great market on his way over. Last time, he brought exceedingly yummy donuts. The good kind, that are a plain ring covered in sugar. This time he did not bring donuts. There was much woe. We may complain in our meeting this afternoon about the lack of donuts.

Thankfully, my disappointment in the lack of donuts appears to be a good sign that my appetite is coming back. Yesterday was, er, a day when I probably wouldn't have broken 1,000 calories if I hadn't needed to make supper for Mum. She's going to be a good influence on those days, I can tell.
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Why do people not know the difference between reply and reply to all? It's going to be a long day at this rate...

We had a lovely weekend, warm and sunny, so now we're back to days on end of rain, wind, and more rain. My trousers got soaked walking from the car to the office. I hate spending the day in wet trousers. This will be the theme of the week, I can tell. It's bad enough out there that my office-mates have cancelled their lunchtime soccer session. Ugh.

Also, last night I got woken up by a nasty migraine. Ugh. Thank goodness I import Migraleve. It took a few minutes to kick in, with an ice-pick trying to drill through my right eye the entire time, but then I got knocked out until morning. Phew.

However, now I get to sit in wet trousers all day with a migraine hangover. One of my colleagues brought a big box of TimBits in because she thought the weather might be getting us down. Several of us proposed marriage to her.

Anyway, in more cheerful news...

I appear to be getting the hang of pastry. I made a quiche yesterday and managed not to re-commit any of the previous mistakes on the pastry: it was light and flaky (not over-handled, correct softness) and it tastes good (remembered the salt). Om nom. Now I have quiche for lunch this week, so it's score all round.

I had a bit of pastry left over and I hate waste, so I used it to make three mince pies as I had some filling mixture in the fridge. Nom.

Now that my pastry is getting better, I need to work on my scone technique. I will master these things! I will! I cannot consider myself a decent cook until I can do them!

Cut for X-Men First Class spoilers )

Er, I may possibly be contemplating a few X-Men collection thingys. Amazon is surprisingly obliging in that direction. Oh, Amazon, your ease of ordering is my downfall. Curse you!

Cut for Holby spoilers for last week )
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Cut for further Holby thoughts )

Someone, shoot me if I show signs of getting even more Holby obsessed than I already am?

The lovely [ profile] gmul sent me the first season of Better Off Ted. I'd planned to watch it when I needed something fun and light while I was recovering, but have not actually allowed myself much veging with TV time that hasn't been to specifically watch particular things. It felt like giving in. Now that summer is here, the teevee box is empty and my back is being a PITA, I've started watching it as my light, fun time-filler when I need something to fill a gap. It's very funny and quite lovely.

Last night, I also put on an episode of All Creatures Great and Small on Netflix. I'm definitely keeping the subscription now that I've found many things to watch. Anyway, it's odd watching ACGS (but fun! Lots of fun!) because Peter Davidson is so incredibly young and many of his mannerisms in this are the same ones that he used for the Doctor. So they're Davidson mannerisms and vocal tones rather than character-specific ones. Anyway, when he sounds particularly Doctor-ish and I've got my eyes on my knitting, I half-expect to look up and find him dressed as an Edwardian cricketer. It's very strange.

Also, did you know that because they had no FX-cows, when you see James, Siegfried or Tristan with their arms up cows bums, they did in fact have to learn how to stick there arms up cows bums? Now that I know this, I watch those scenes with much more sympathy. And sometimes more giggling at the surprised expressions on the cow's face. Last night's cow looked particularly shocked.

Also, can someone tell me whether they changed the actress playing Helen? Because that's definitely not Lynda Bellingham playing her and I could have sworn that Lynda Bellingham played her when I watched.

In other Netflix news, Judi Dench is absolutely brilliant in As Time Goes By and I may have a tiny crush. I refuse to believe that they started making that twenty years ago. I cannot be that old.
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- We had a huge electrical storm last night, the biggest since I moved here. The thunder was so loud it kept me awake.

- I think that I would have really enjoyed watching it if I hadn't needed to get up this morning for work.

- Shockingly, my power stayed on. As I usually lose my power at the slightest hint of a breeze, this is lovely.

- After all, I needed my coffee to have some hope of functioning today.

- The stomach pains did not return. Phew.

- I'm still planning to experiment with spag bol again next week to see whether it was the tomatoey sauce that did it.

- I think that I'm breaking up with House.

- We had a good relationship in the early years and I stuck by him over recent years when all my friends abandoned him, but this year I've struggled to stay interested and I think it's time to just admit that our relationship no longer works.

- The rest of my shows are all staying in my PVR programming, although CSI:NY is on probation because the last couple of episodes were rather dull. I want my insane murders back, please.

- I watched the finale of The Event last night. I'd planned to break up with that, too, but there was some interesting stuff set up in the final few minutes.

- Sadly, it appears that NBC have now cancelled it and made my decision for me. Oh, darn.

- I have no idea yet what new shows I'll pick up in September, if any. That's a decision that I can make later in the summer, I think.

- I remember someone pimping something that looked super cool, but I can't remember whether it was an American or UK thing. Argh.

- I'm going to buy Fringe season 1 because my library has an insane hold list and I won't get it this year if I try to get it from the library. It's top of my list of things to try and maybe catch up on this summer.

- I'd like to try out NCIS:LA, but I'm not too worried about whether I see it this summer and the hold list is slightly better than Fringe at the library, so I'll put that on hold.

- I really need to make an actual list of "things I want to try/catch up on/buy" because I know that people have suggested stuff that I've forgotten.
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Cut for complaining about programming woes )

Cut for complaining about health woes )

- I essentially mainlined nine Glee episodes in just under a week. Now I have no Glee until September :-(

- Is it crazy that I now want to write Santana? The bitchiest girl on the planet?

- Or possibly endless Kurt and Rachel friendship fic?

- With a side-order of Santana/Brittany?

- Or that I've hit up AO3 already looking for lovely long Glee fic?

- That I can put onto my Kindle because AO3 has a .mobi download option that is awesome?

- Stop me, I beg you. I need another fandom like I need a hole in the head.

- Or encourage me. That also works. Doctor Who doesn't have much femslash potential for me but Glee did even before Santana came out.

- Apparently due to a crazy American holiday, there will be no Doctor Who here tomorrow. I am going to be forced to commit crimes in order to watch it. And this is why Canadians are often resentful towards Americans.

- Today I have cereal for lunch. This has nothing to do with me being totally exhausted last night (well, maybe a lot) and means that I definitely cannot have cereal for supper again. Apparently living on raisin bran is not an acceptable diet.
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I think that I'm going to wait until I've seen the second part of Doctor Who (which was lovely and scary and had Marshall Lancaster in) before making comments. It's easier to judge a two-parter when you've seen the second part.

We had a bank holiday this weekend, possibly so that we could celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. I don't know, some Canadian holidays are kind of weird. That's why I got a little concerned when my oil tank ran dry on Saturday.

I'm on an automatic top-up plan. This shouldn't happen. Apparently my oil company had me down for a delivery in a couple of weeks, having last delivered in February. Maybe if this had been an abnormally warm spring, like last year, my oil would have held out. Sadly, it's been a cold, wet spring so my heating hasn't been turned off yet. At this rate, my heating may stay on until July.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the furnace was no longer doing its thing until around 6.30pm on Saturday when I couldn't quite work out why the temperature in the house had dropped a bit and finally checked the cold, dead furnace. Poor furnace.

As it was a holiday weekend, I assumed that the earliest my oil company would be able to deliver would be today (Tuesday) but I called them anyway to see whether I could get the earliest possible delivery on Tuesday. I was not looking forward to three days with no heat or hot water!

Thus I was rather amazed when the company had a tanker out to me in an hour and someone arrived a couple of hours after that (after I'd changed into my PJs because I didn't know that he was coming) to bleed the lines and get the furnace re-stated. It's hard to be annoyed with the oil company when they give such prompt service on a holiday weekend.

It makes me feel more confident about what would happen in the same situation in, say, January. This is not a country where days without heat and hot water are in any way practical in mid-winter.

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful. I read a bit, went on a couple of really long walks (oh, god, my legs!), baked a bit and caught up with a few episodes of Glee. I have a three or four episodes still saved up on my PVR, but it was a bit of a Glee marathon weekend and somehow they managed a run of several episodes with no duds. When Glee is on form it's brilliant. Every now and again, though, it has pretty a bad episode and I wonder why I keep watching.

Then I get an episode like 'Sexy' or the acceptance one that I watched last night and remember why I watch it.
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- The 20 minute beginner Zumba workout seems to do more for me than 30 minutes of free running with the Wii.

- Or at least, my legs, arms and tummy feel fully worked out and I'm dripping with sweat by the end.

- I do still have the strength to do some other stuff (yoga/strength, or 10 minutes of running) afterwards. This is a big improvement from two months ago.

- This week, I've been challenging myself to walk the three flights of stairs to my office twice a day.

- OMG, I am so unfit. Argh. This is incredibly frustrating. You'd think after two months of regularly doing fitness stuff, I'd be able to manage three flights of stairs easily.

- My body is so stupid.

- Today, it appears to be not raining. It may be the only day for the next week when it won't be raining.

- I'm going to start growing mould if this rain doesn't quit soon.

- Baking will happen this weekend. I miss baked goods.

- How can it possibly be season finale time for so many shows?

- Oh, it's mid-May. How did that happen?

- One of my colleagues just got chocolate in the internal mail, from one of our business analysts. She's quite a lovely person, so she deserves the chocolate.

- So, I've got Fringe and Castle on my summer catch-up/watching plan. Anyone have anything else that I should look into?
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Poll #6668 Am I appreciated?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Which of these, if offered at a staff appreciation breakfast, would make you feel truly appreciated?

View Answers

Healthy stuff: fruit cups, low fat yoghurt, wholemeal bagels with fat free cream cheese
0 (0.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Pancakes, syrup, sausages
2 (33.3%)

Bacon AND pancakes, syrup, sausages
4 (66.7%)

Try to guess which option my company has gone for? I do not feel appreciated by this.

In other stuff...

Oh, Holby City writers, why did you do that?

Cut for spoilers for last week's episode )

It appears that yet again someone said something stupid on the internet - and possibly in print? - about epic fantasy (the entire fantasy genre, apparently) being "boys fiction" and completely unappealing to girls. She's probably regretting that about now, as thousands of women have spent the last few days writing about why they love fantasy, what they love, and pointing out that a large number of female authors would be shocked to discover they've based their career on writing "boy's fiction".


Nobody is surprised that I read epic fantasy, right? I mean, "Game of Thrones" isn't my cup of tea, but that's a personal taste thing. I don't have to love *every* fantasy epic out there. I've even heard rumours of fantasy fans who don't like Lord of the Rings.

The majority of my female friends love fantasy fiction. There are few of the fantasy sub-genres that I don't love, although the vampire/werewolf stuff usually doesn't interest me unless it's got something else to go with it. See Gail Carriger for a good example :-)

One day, someone is going to actually think before they write about how women don't like science fiction and fantasy and they won't hit 'send'. Hopefully that day won't come too soon, though, because it's so much fun to read all the meta that those daft articles inspire :-)
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Last night, I had serious cravings for a burger. A specific burger. It was really so incredibly tempting to take myself out for the burger. However, I was strong! I was an adult! I ate the planned healthy supper from the menu and did not eat the burger!

Sometimes it sucks being adult.

I used logic on myself. Tomorrow I see Awesome GI Guy. Hopefully he'll be able to confirm that the Humira is starting to work. Do I really want to treat myself to an evil burger and risk not feeling great just before seeing Awesome GI Guy? No! So I shall be strong and wait. If Awesome GI Guy gives me good news (I haven't had good news for a while, I think I'm due some) then at the end of the week there will be burger-like treats. While I know that the burger probably wouldn't make me ill, why take the risk? And why not then use it as the reward if I get good news?

Oh, I am being so grown up over this. Damn.

I had a lovely relaxing evening, going for a nice (yet incredibly windy) walk by the ocean and then eating my healthy supper before curling up with Edward III for a while. Then I watched an episode of State of Play before going for an early night, due to poor sleeping the last couple of nights and the resultant zombie!Sel.

I slept beautifully. Only woke up once. And felt so incredibly tired when I woke up that I'm even more zombie!Sel than yesterday. Argh *gnashes teeth* My body, it is crazy.

However, State of Play! I remembered it being utterly brilliant when I first saw it and now that I'm re-watching, it is even better. They could seriously never make it again. The cast list reads like a who's who of amazing British actors and this was kind of the break-out production for many of them. Bill Nighy, John Simm, Phil Glenister (I'd forgotten he was in it!), James McCavoy, David Morrissey, Marc's utterly insane just how good the cast are. And then there's the writing and...

Yeah, if you've only seen the Hollywood remake then you need to watch the BBC original. It is utterly brilliant.

10 days to go!
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Wow, LJ is getting kicked around pretty badly, huh? Sometimes it's so easy to forget that LJ/DW etc. aren't just used by fannish folks to post porn. Then the Kremlin tries to take down LJ with repeated DDoS attacks (so the rumour mill says) and you kind of end up remembering anyway.


I am now glad that I did a full back-up over here a few months ago and have been cross-posting ever since. I should probably back up my comments, but I don't want to put LJ under even more pressure right now. There are a lot of people predicting that this could be the end of LJ. That may be a bit premature, but if the LJ guys can't get this fixed soon then they may find that a lot of their regular users migrate anyway.

Why do I keep trying to add an 'e' to every word that I pluralise? What is up with that?

Anyway, I've been reading around DWs network thing and found all sorts of interesting things. People that I didn't know had gone to DW, new-to-me-people, the LOLcat RSS feed...

I feel all excited about fannish-ness again.

I just have to be careful about all the spoilers out there. You know the ones. The ones for That Show. I don't want to know. I am hiding in my bunker of non-spoiler-ness. It's a comfy bunker.

At some stage today, because it is sunny and lovely, I shall walk down to my mailbox and pick up my mail. This has nothing to do with checking to see whether medieval Sims is here. Obviously.

In the same vein, I totally did not go onto AbeBooks yesterday and order second-hand copies of Archer's Goon and Logopolis. Nu-uh. It's some other book addict that you're looking for.
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I promise, no medical discussion here today. Still feeling good and I'm kind of bored with contemplating the inner workings of my immune system :-)

So, what have I been up to for the last few weeks?

Obviously, there hasn't been a huge amount of getting out and about, so I've been doing lots of DVD watching and book reading. The most significant part of that is the complete Ashes to Ashes re-watch, in preparation for the panel that I'm on at Redemption. At the moment I'm mid-way through season 2 and on course to easily fit the other episodes in before I leave.

Cut for minor spoilers )

As of last night, I am two episodes behind on Holby and one episode behind on Larkrise. Mum is also a Holby and Larkrise fan, so we'll probably be doing some catch-up. It seems to be character shake-up time on Holby so I've now lost three favourite characters since Christmas: let's hope the new characters are enjoyable replacements. Not keen on Malik so far, but then again I hated Connie initially and she's been one of my consistent favourites over the last few years.

There have also been books. Unfortunately, some of the books haven't been that great :-( But some have been, so it's not all bad.

Cut for book babble length )

I note that most US TV shows are now out of hiatus this week, so I need to find some time to watch a few things before I go to England so that the PVR doesn't explode while I'm gone. Two weeks until England!
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I should probably at least pretend to review things sometimes, shouldn't I? Just to join in with the general squee.

Thus, at the weekend I went to see Deathly Hallows part 1 and I don't think it's spoilerish to say that I really loved it. If you didn't, feel free to continue to not love it but please don't try to insist so hard on its crapness that I get the feeling you're trying to force me to hold your opinion

Why no, I am not getting frustrated with the attitude of some fans who are determined that anything they didn't enjoy must be automatically hated by every fan. Argh.

I am happy in my squee-ing and joy. Don't take my joy away!

Leaving all that aside, there were some stand-out parts and I even have reasons for why I loved it:

Cut for spoilers for book and movie )


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