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I'm going straight behind a spoiler cut today because OMG.

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There is nothing I can say about this that isn't spoilery, so here we go!

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I cannot think of anything to say that's not spoilery, so I'm not going to try! Spoilers under the cut.

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For various reasons (mostly related to Space channel being useless), I've only had time to see this week's episode once, this morning, over breakfast. Usually I watch during broadcast and then rewatch in the morning sans adverts thanks to iTunes, but Space didn't air it until 4am last night, so GRRR.

(This is what you get for trying to use legit means to watch TV shows instead of 'acquiring' them.)

ANYWAY. That means this will be a brief bullet-point review rather than a full thing because if I don't do it now, I'll never do it and I'm TIRED today.

But non-spoilery reaction outside the cut was "yaaaaay" and also "OOOH CREEPY" :-)

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Non-spoilery reaction: Frost Fair! Bill! Squeeee!

And the spoiler-laden version:

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Only brief notes today, because work fried my brain, but I had to note a couple of things.

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Okay, that wasn't actually brief after all :-)
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Non-spoiler reaction: Not quite as good as last week's, but still a lot of fun. Two thumbs up! 👍👍

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Here there be spoilers! (For those reading on RSS.)

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Non-spoilery reaction: OMG SQUEEEE!

Also, I adore Bill :-)

And now, the spoilery version

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(Look at me, posting more than three times in one month. Hey remember when I used to actually talk about telly? Let's see what happens when I do that.)

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Non-spoilery verdict: I loved this series!

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It was the 50th anniversary last week, which somehow crept up on me despite all the stuff over the last few months discussing it. Huh. A part of me is surprised it's the 50th already, another part thinks the sho should be older, but I think that's because Star Trek and Doctor Who are so tightly tied in my mind (my brain is a weird place) that I keep thinking "we already did this!" when it was Doctor Who we did three years ago.

My brain. So weird.

Anyway, in honour of the event, I rewatched "Where No Man Has Gone Before" on Thursday and "The Man Trap" yesterday. If this sounds like I might be starting a rewatch, I couldn't possibly comment...

Dad is visiting, so he and Mum were here to watch, too, which is was nice.

We all found it a little disconcerting to watch "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and have the Enterprise crew sort of there, but not quite right yet. No McKoy or Uhura. The uniforms from "The Cage". Spock still in the make-up from "The Cage", although now with the Vulcan logic being an important element to his character.

I surprised myself with how much I initially liked Gary Mitchell, and how intensely I disliked him by the end. But I think that's the point: power corrupts and twists people, even reasonably decent people like Mitchell. By comparison to a lot of modern sci-fi, it's slow and thoughtful, more interested in the moral dilemma of Mitchell's power and the philosophical implications than the crash-bang-wallop fighting. It fascinates me that this was the less cerebral option that finally sold the show!

The costumes were a bit drab, and it was hard to see the difference between the command and engineering/security specialties, so I don't miss those shirts. I did appreciate that all the women got trousers, though, and I wish they'd kept that aesthetic with the brighter colours. My feelings about Elizabeth Dehner are mixed. Her character should have been great, with her background, but it was like the writers didn't quite know what to do with her. She only really showed her strength towards the end, when she fought back against Mitchell. I guess we got spoiled with Number One :-(

As someone on another board said, the new film Carol Marcus looked a lot like her, and Into Darkness might have been a more interesting film if they'd done something with that. Argh.

I enjoyed the more than I expected to, but it was still a relief to watch "The Man Trap" and get my familiar flavour of Star Trek back. It was interesting, to me, that the first "proper" episode focused so heavily on a character other than Kirk and Spock. You'd think they would have waited a couple more episodes before doing that, but nope. Bones got to feature heavily and have a lot of his backstory established, while we've still only really got Kirk and Spock sketched in. As Bones is my favourite, I'm a-okay with that decision :-) Shatner seemed more comfortable in the role here and Nimoy's Spock is finally starting to behave like the Spock I know, so it's all quite lovely.

My feelings about Uhura are mixed. Obviously I adore her, and I loved seeing her do things that aren't just communication--she helps Sulu coordinate the search!--but there is such a heavy focus on her being lead by the potential for love and lust. That made me a little uncomfortable, because although I love Uhura's poetic side, I don't love the image of her being so easily led by a pretty face. Does that make any sense?

I was highly entertained by the fact that Sulu is, apparently, a master of everything. Mathematics (in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"), botany, navigation and helm...Sulu, you are the best person on the ship, aren't you? :-D

I'd promised myself I wouldn't do a TOS rewatch until I finished TNG and DS9. My discipline is weakening...
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Maybe it's time to upgrade to a paid account again. I need icon spaces for Peggy.
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Spoilers behind the cut!

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And I can't resist speculating a little bit on the trailer, but I'll put it under a second cut for those who are totally trailer-spoiler-phobic.

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[community profile] femslashex assignments were out this weekend and I love mine to itty bitty pieces. I have no idea what I matched on because two of the fandoms are ones I offered with pairings I offered and I'm inspired about fics for both. Oops?

I'm now two weeks away from the final draft deadline on Marvel Big Bang and the beta-ing has been going better than expected. It's all tweaks and typos so I'm still feeling confident about being done on time despite the incredible length of this novel. And the good thing is that I still really like the fic and feel very pleased with what I've achieved, so it's all good there.

Agents of SHIELD has been seen and much enjoyed. It was even better on my second viewing, with all the adverts removed. Ads really interrupt the flow of a good show. AoS isn't without its issues, ones that I'm hoping get addressed as time goes on, but as a pilot that was trying to show what it could be and set up a whole whack of things I thought it was great.

Things I'm looking forward to seeing more of (non-spoilery):

- FitzSimmons and their beautiful twinny friendship. Anyone who's read a lot of my Avengers fic may note how much I love playing with male/female deep friendship (Clint and Natasha are wonderful to write) and the FitzSimmons relationship plays into all my favourite tropes for that so far. I really want a couple of episodes focused on those two and their beautiful broship.

- Melinda May. So much mystery and so much history, we need to have some Melinda focused episodes.

- Grant Ward's incredible lack of sense of humour and people skills. Really, that's just crying out to be one of the running jokes of the series and I kind of look forward to him looking pained and tolerant as Fitzsimmons and Skye make with the mocking and the hilarity around him.

- Skye. I'm intrigued and I want to know who she really is. I kind of also like the mentor/protege vibe she's getting with Coulson, I think that's got some terrific possibilities.

- Coulson. On my telly box every week. With mysteries he doesn't even know he's in the middle of and that wonderfully determined belief that everyone deserves saving. Someone said he's the ultimate Hufflepuff and I really think that's the perfect way to see him.

- Arcs. Looks like we're getting lots of arcs and themes and that really hits all the things I love in a show.

Yup, I'm a happy fangirl.

And lastly, I may have picked up a new Thing. Sleepy Hollow, how are you so cracktastic and so very awesome?
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If only we could have a Gaiman script every year!

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