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At last, that glorious day of days is here and it's time for some new Doctor Who! I have been doing chores this morning and I am sitting down to write, but after I've got the words down (and a nice walk outside in the sunshine done), I plan to have a mini Doctor Who marathon.

Just because it's been so long.

I can't decide what to watch, though. Should I rewatch the last few episodes of season 9? (Probably.)

The Christmas special? (Er, maybe not.)

Some favourites from earlier new Who? (But which ones?)

An old favourite serial? (Which, let's face it, will be Battlefield because it's my favourite old Who serial and I'll never get tired of watching it.)

Anyone else doing a wee preparatory marathon? What are you watching?
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Today is my Friday and I get a four day weekend so everything is good :-D

There was also no cat barf to clean up this morning. That alone is amazing. Tonight we're going to the vet to pick up some stuff that will hopefully help them with the hairballs that seem to be the issue (they were on hairball control food before Kate's diagnosis) and I'm going to try that over the weekend. If we're still having problems next week, it's back to the vet I go. Poor kitties.

Poor, expensive kitties.

I've got three fics in various stages of editing now. And only one actual WIP that I'm in the process of writing. It feels a little weird. So over the weekend there is likely to be something new started - I've got two ideas buzzing around my brain right now to work on.

That may be it for the day.


Oh, yeah.


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Today is one of those "surviving by distraction" kind of days. It's my appointment with Awesome GI Guy this afternoon and I don't have a good feeling about the outcome, so I'm distracting myself with fannish stuff and being mean to the DBAs.

OK, the being mean to the DBAs bit is necessary (yet fun) for my project.

The fannish stuff though...

OMG, Doctor Who trailer! With all the things! And the other things! And did you see the thing on the thing? OMG!!

I'm hoping that wasn't too spoiler-tastic for those who are avoiding spoilers. Please feel free to spoil in comments :-D

My Tumblr dash is a happy squee-ful Doctor Who place today :-D

Also, my Hugo vote is in (some tough choices were made) and...

...I'm still battling my way through GRRM book 4 because I'm determined to finish it. Then I'm taking a break before tackling book 5. I have other stuff to read that will be way more fun.

Note to self: no matter how depressed you are by this evening, you must read Fables 16 so that it can go back to the library tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow...

It's my first day off on the new work pattern arrangements. OK, so HR screwed us all up and have us all down with weird days off that aren't anything any of us signed up to, but we're all taking what it says in the paperwork as correct and not what they've programmed into our time tracker because the time tracker is nutso. Anyway, day off tomorrow and civic holiday on Monday. Ergo, I've got a four day weekend and I so totally need it :-D
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So, reading (and remembering) yesterday's stuff is showing me just how screwed up my relationship with food has become over the last few months. Hopefully as treatment works and things normalise properly, I'll be able to relax and enjoy things again. I'm quite happy with preparing my own food, because I know what's in it and how much I'm getting, but apparently I've developed a few issues about eating out.

It doesn't help that people keep telling me about their mates who gained 50lbs on prednisone and have never been able to lose it. I quite like the way I look right now. My weight is low, but stable, and I quite like not seeing a podgy tummy in the mirror. So I really don't want to have the pred make me fat.

That might have been a part of the flail on yesterday's treat meal. I can't wait to be off prednisone so that I can stop worrying about my weight and my appetite. If people would just stop telling me how much their friends gained on it...

My baking yesterday got derailed by the discovery that my little "keep the brown sugar soft" thingy had dried out, so my brown sugar was hard as a rock. I'm currently trying to resurrect the brown sugar in hopes that I'll be able to do something with it later in the week. I decided that maybe I would give up on the baking this weekend and my treat with an evening cup of tea would be a few squares of chocolate from my stash that I never remember to eat.

Today we're having a horrible wind and rain storm and I woke up with a bad headache, so I elected not to go to church. Breakfast, coffee and paracetamol kicked the headache away so I spent some time doing some vigorous Wii Fit stuff, which made me feel much more positive about everything. Those endorphin things are lovely.

I also watched the last three episodes of S5 Doctor Who last night. Not only did it cheer me up, but it reminded me of why the Doctor and co. were called to go to the Orient Express at the end and I am all excited again about my TARDIS Big Bang fic proposal. Surely, it must be Big Bang time soon?

This evening I have ribs in the slow cooker, those smashed potatoes that I posted the recipe for earlier this week and some asparagus planned for supper. Then I shall catch up on Holby City and see whether Monroe continues to be as ridiculously fun as the first episode hinted at.

Six days to go!
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So, LJ appears to be back now. And filled with spam! I've received more spam on my journal this week than I usually do in a year and most of it doesn't seem to have a 'mark as spam' option when I go to delete it - WTF LJ?


Today I did lovely boring stuff like banking and filing taxes. Then I thought that I'd take myself out for lunch and have that burger I've been promising myself as a treat.

Tip to the wise: never look up the nutritional stuff on a treat.

I got myself so stressed about the calories+prednisone fear, the "what if it hurts me?" fear and my generalised food fear that I had nightmares about it last night and decided this morning that I was definitely not doing that. Instead I took myself out for lasagne, which wasn't amazing but was filling and I hadn't looked at anything to do with the nutritional stuff before I went. It also only contained meat, cheese and pasta which have never caused me problems before and the burger that I really wanted contains onions, which have on occasions caused problems. I feel absolutely fine right now, although I do feel like a bit of a crazy lady for getting myself so totally stressed over a treat.

This whole experience appears to have traumatised me. Urgh.

Only a week to go!
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I sort of really hate getting horrible insomnia on a Sunday night. It makes Mondays even worse.

I sort of really hate prednisone.

The two are connected. Prednisone leads to insomnia. Blergh. Tapering down from prednisone is also of the un-fun. I've been at 30mg for three days now. At least my mood swings aren't quite as terrible as they were a few days ago, so that's a good thing. Nobody needs me tired and super-cranky.

I'm sort of slightly getting hopeful that the Humira might be doing something. As mentioned, I'm at 30mg of pred. And the bleeding is dropping off quite nicely, rather than increasing. Yay me! The test will be whether I can get down to 25mg in a few days, which is the point where things started to go wrong the last time.

I have stopped taking my iron tablets. I know, maybe not sensible, but I think they may have been contributing to an, ahem, issue that I've been having. Three days of no iron = issue suddenly releasing. Heh.

Seeing Awesome GI Guy on Thursday. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for a haemoglobin over 80, shall we? That's apparently the "Let's give her blood!" point. GI Guy may be unhappy about the no iron tablets thing, but I'll talk to him and see whether there's anything we can do about that. Going from one extreme to another so totally unhelpful, I'd just like to say.

This week I shall go to both yoga and knit night. There shall be no unsociable slug-like Selenay this week. Yesterday I went for a lovely brisk walk in the morning and today I hit the Wii Fit because the weather is too foul for a walk. It's a good sign than I managed both pretty well :-) If we ignore the attack of dizziness when the walking got to brisk for the anaemia...

12 days until new Doctor Who. Not that I'm excited or anything...
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Today there was finally some good news for me: the insurance company approved the Humira with no restrictions. That means I get what my specialist thinks that I need for $10 co-pay rather than going bankrupt to pay for it.

I am so relieved.

The pharmacy is ordering it in and a nurse will be out possibly as early as Friday (I'll know when they call tomorrow) to train me on taking it. Pretty soon, we'll have my immune system damped down and my innards healing. I hope. It will be good to start feeling better :-)

Also, new Doctor Who trailer today! I couldn't resist and peeked. It's going to be so good .-D
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So far, my Easter break has largely consisted of baking. Yesterday it was Good Friday so I wanted some hot cross buns. Rather than taking the easy route and buy them from a store, I decided to try my hand at making my own. I make fruit buns earlier in the year and they went well, apart from the bit where my big oven is crap and burned the bottoms while leaving the tops entirely unbrowned and not even slightly golden.

Hot cross buns are the same recipe with some extra spices and flour and water dough cross on the top. Or at least, they are in England. Canadians seem to put icing on top :-(

The construction of the dough went much smoother than last time, I suspect because it's getting familiar, and they proved beautifully. Then I put them in my little toaster oven on the convection baking setting. They came out beautifully browned on top, light and fluffy inside, not burned. I'm so pleased with them!

Today I did a lot of cleaning and baked a simnel cake. It's at least ten years since I last did any kind of fruitcake, but this one seemed to be much easier than I remembered. Perhaps it's just that I'm a better baker than I was? It's got an insane amount of fruit in it (over 1lb of currants plus other fruit) and I was determined that this would be a perfect cake. My crappy oven would have murdered it so I stuck it in my little toaster oven, covered the top with brown paper when it looked to be getting too brown on the top, and it came out beautifully. The bottom doesn't look burned! Tomorrow I'll put on the marzipan and grill the top. I'm so excited about this cake :-)

I've also been finishing a pair of socks so that I have new socks for tomorrow. They're so pretty.

Something else is happening today. Now what was it?


:-D The Confidential is nearly finished downloading, so I shall shortly be retiring to my living room for That Show. It's so exciting!
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I need a Five icon :-)

Cut for length and spoilers )

Tonight is Castrovalva, a story that I'm absurdly fond of for no good reason at all :-)
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Cut for Wii Fit stuff )

Onto Doctor Who stuff. In a week's time, the new series starts. I feel the need for some re-watching in preparation but don't know quite what I want to focus on. I'm definitely rewatching Logopolis and Castrovalva this weekend for a Classic Doctor Who fix, but what next?

Should I do a full S1 re-watch, as it's been a while and I'd forgotten how much I loved Christopher Eccleston?

Or combo of the final few eps of S1 and the final few of S2?

S2 and S3?

My S4 discs are currently lent out, but would a S1 and S4 combo be best?

Can I actually stand to re-watch the end of S4 with the inevitable Donna-related trauma?

Would it maybe be more appropriate to go for the first two eps of each season?

I've already done a Last of the Time Lords re-watch, now I'm horribly conflicted!

Feedback is needed! And would anyone be interested in me doing some commentary on my original reviews with the hindsight gained from seeing what comes after those episodes? The cats are just no help when it comes to making these decisions :-)
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In just over a week, season 5 of Doctor Who starts in the UK and as you can imagine I'm very excited. I'm also a little bit nervous.

It's not as bad as my nerves were before Rose aired. That was a combination of "I won't believe it until I see it" and "What if they muck it up?". There had been so many rumours over the years that didn't turn into anything. Even the TV movie, while fun, didn't lead into anything permanent. I'm sort of glad about that because, as much as I loved Paul McGann, Doctor Who really doesn't work when it's made in America. Anyway. With all those rumours and disappointments (actors had been 'signed' before, writers had been attached etc.), I couldn't quite convince myself that it was really happening until I saw it on my TV screen.

There had also been a number of old TV shows at that time brought back for series or movies and done as parodies, so a part of me was very scared that this would be the tactic they would take with Doctor Who. After all, as much as I love it and can overlook the dodgy effects to see the great storytelling in many episodes, I knew that this was a show that could easily be parodied. Bubble-wrap monsters. Eep.

I knew nothing of Russell T Davis apart from the fact that he'd written a few things that I hadn't watched but had been well-received. It was only a couple of years later that I discovered that he wrote Century Falls, one of the best children's drama serials that I've ever seen. That one still stands up well even now - hunt it down if you can, you won't be disappointed.

Christopher Eccleston was an actor that I'd liked since his time on Cracker, but all I knew about Billie Piper was her disastrous pop career and her marriage to Chris Evans so I had no faith in that bit of casting.

When I sat down on Easter Saturday in 2005 to watch Rose, I was terrified that it would be really, hideously bad. Dad and I were both a bit of a nervous wreck that day. Two huge Doctor Who fans who have been watching since their childhoods made for a certain energy in the house. UK Gold had done a day airing a story from every Doctor (still can't understand why they chose Dragonfire as the Sylvester McCoy ep - Silver Nemesis and Ghost Light were much better and the same length) so it was a really fun, Doctor Who-ish day building up to it. We still got progressively more nervous as the day went on, though!

I am so happy that my nerves were unneeded. It happened, Rose was good and the rest of the season was even better.

So this time my nerves aren't quite as bad. It's been nearly two years since the end of season 4 and the specials really didn't satisfy the gap, which is why I'm very excited. It may explain a tiny bit of my nerves, although this time I do believe that it's really happening. Stephen Moffat has written some of my favourite episodes and is also the man responsible for Press Gang, the other children's drama that really stands out in my mind as excellent. He's a massive Doctor Who fan.

Matt Smith didn't impress me much initially, but all the trailers and interviews have grown on me. He looks to be full of energy and yet able to do the quieter moments as well. He says "Trust me, I'm the Doctor" and I trust him.

It's just that there's this nagging little voice that's scared. Logically I know that all the elements are there for a great season: Moffat's vision, lots of Moffat eps, other great writers including Curtis and Gatiss, Matt Smith. That little voice keeps whispering "What if Moffat can write, but can't create the vision?" and "Matt Smith's trailers might look great, but what if he actually sucks?"

I suspect that little voice won't shut up until I get to the closing credits of The Eleventh Hour and sit back with a huge grin yelling, "Woo, that was brilliant!"
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So, is everyone excited? Ready? Got their viewing plans sorted?

I'm counting down the hours, now :-D
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Doctor Who special day is finally here. Anyone excited yet? :-D
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After a week of torment, it is finally Saturday. Only eight hours now until the final part of Doctor Who.

It's been a very long week :-)

To distract myself, I'm taking a family trip to the cinema to see Prince Caspian. First, though, I have to go out for a nice long walk. Da's back is misbehaving so I'm training on my own today. I just hope his back is better for Snowdon!
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Yesterday I managed to leave on work at my actual finish time, which meant that I actually made it home with enough time to eat before going to my concert. In fact, we rolled up before the doors opened! Most unexpected, that, although it did mean that we were in line to get decent seats.

We saw a band called Feast of Fiddles and I can heartily recommend them. The band consists of seven of the best folk fiddlers around (Chris Leslie, Phil Beer, to name two) plus a rock backing group. So they covered everything from haunting duets to beautiful ballads and bright jigs with the odd rock anthem thrown in for good measure. It was a terrifically fun evening and now I need to find recordings of some of the best stuff :-)

The only downside is that I am incredibly, unbelievably tired today so I shall be signing off shortly for an early night.

I do need to mention that I got the new Radio Times today. Well, Mum got it and she claims that the superstore only had the Ood cover. Heh. I haven't actually read more than the editor's bit yet and I'm feeling even more hyped up for Doctor Who than ever now. Only three days!

Was it my imagination or were there more April Fools' jokes going on than usual yesterday?
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I have finally got around to checking the BBC site for the new Doctor Who trailer.

My response is approximately "Squee" *flail* "How many days is it?"

I am so looking forward to some new Who.

Speaking of...I really need to get that Donna fic finished before 5th April.
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So, in less than an hour the season finale of Doctor Who will start.

In preparation, I have re-watched the previous season finales this week and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Of course, they also were both a little teary and incredibly dramatic, something that had lessened in my mind over the months. Re-watching them reminded me of how good they were and how much I enjoyed them. Also, of how much they both moved me.

The interesting thing was that I noticed they both had cliff-hangers of a sort. The main plot was resolved by the end, but there was a hook there. Parting of the Ways had the Doctor's regeneration and Doomsday had the appearance of the Bride. I can only assume that the same is going to happen tonight and I don't even want to speculate on what it could be.

Spoilers for Utopia and The Sound of Drums )

The only other thing that I'm really hoping for from this finale is an absorbing, amazing episode that will leave me impatient for the Christmas special. That's not too much to hope for, is it? ;-)

Only forty minutes to go. Better get myself in place and waiting!
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Finding the first sign warning me of fog on the motorway *after* I'd left all the fog behind seems a littel daft.

It's never a good sign when you look up and realise that your memory of passing a particular junction was obviously faulty because you're just passing the signs warning you that the junction will be in a couple of miles.

An early night and sleeping like a dead thing should not result in total exhaustion the next day.

Four days until new Doctor Who :-)))

Apparently David Tennant will be on the Steve Wright show this afternoon. I forgot to put a CD in my car, so I will have to listen to the radio on the way home. So I will also have to remember to change stations as soon as DT arrives so that I don't accidentally hear any spoilers.

I have nice, calming herbal tea. It's Life on Mars tonight. I haven't quite devoured Black Powder War yet. Is it time to go home yet?

< / random babble >
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The art website that I have been working on since September (ack!) finally went live today! I got the 'You have a go' email this morning (after letting them know that it was ready to go live around two and a half months ago...), checked that everything was ready and hit the button. The site is now running, everything works and I'm hoping that my clients are very pleased. I'm certainly very pleased with how it's turned out, despite the headaches and delays. It looks really good, it runs very quickly, it doesn't seem to break in any set-ups that I could find and even my father thinks that it's a good piece of work :-)

Plus, this can now go on my CV. Yay!

And now I must make myself pretty and presentable for when [ profile] terrylbirch, [ profile] yragg, and [ profile] sazzle_02 pick me up in a few minutes. We are going for lunch at the noodle place in town followed by a tour of a model village. Woo!

Hopefully I'll be back here with enough time for a lie-down before new Doctor Who starts. Only seven hours to go!
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It's Good Friday, which means that I'm not at work and we get to eat hot cross buns later :-) Usually it would also mean going on the walk of witness in a nearby town, but that was a little beyond me today :-( But I did sleep lots today, despite the return of the cold that made last weekend less fun than planned.

And today I've already slept in, eaten lunch, done my back and hip exercises, cleared the space for my lovely new DVD player wot arrived yesterday and taken another run at my CV. Productive, non?

And it's now only 28 and a half hours until new Doctor Who. Not excited, of course ;-)

What shall I do with the rest of my day? Well, I've got to set up the DVD player, but that requires aid from mother because I can't lift my TV on my own. I'm going to add a couple of reviews to the review site, validate the ones that came in this week and enjoy the ease of maintenance that I now have. I'll probably take another look at my portfolio website. And I may finally finish the Teyla/Weir fic that I was intending to finish two weeks ago.

Or I may just pig out on hot cross buns when Mom gets in :-)


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