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I kind of really hate it when something that worked perfectly suddenly decides to break. Yesterday Google made some kind of change to the formatting of their documents in Google Drive and QuickOffice Pro on my iPad can no longer open them.

Yeah, that's not inconvenient at all!

So I'm conducting an experiment that may result in me finally switching over to use DropBox. If it works as conveniently on my iPad as Google Docs used to and is fairly seamless to use through the desktop client then I'll be converted. I may even fork out the money (finally) to use it as a backup for stuff like my photos.

Let's just see how this goes for a few days, OK? I've got a lot of editing to do on a couple of things and being able to get some of it done through my iPad rather than spending long evenings on in my home office has been awesome.

Yesterday also saw me have a bit (heh) of a meltdown over writing the summary and picking a title for my Marvel Big Bang. Fahre was awesome at talking be down from incipient hysteria and getting me to actually focus.

Let's just say, if I ever want a career writing book blurbs for really cheesy genre books and true crime novels then I have the skills. Poor Fahre :-D

The first draft is in and I'm putting it aside for a week so that Fahre can beta for me and I can get started on editing That AU. I need a break from it so that I don't go insane!

I read That AU back last night, having not looked at it for a week, and it is not quite as much of a pile of stinky crap as I thought it was. Go me! Some sections need some heavy tweaking, there are more than a few typos lurking and I spotted an overabundance of the word "horridly" (slaughter that word completely, Sel) and an overuse of the concept of hair sticking up wildly that I'm almost embarrassed about. But I don't think we're talking wholesale major plot changes.

I think that getting some of the major edits done will be my major occupation this weekend.

This afternoon I'm going to see Awesoem GI Guy to get the verdict on whether weekly Humira is having an effect. Wish me luck, I may need it *sigh*
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Today has definitely been one of those days where I remembered why I felt so stressed just before my vacation and can't quite figure out why I thought databases would be a good career choice. Yeesh.

I managed to duck out early, though, to have a visit with Awesome GI Guy. He's very pleased with me and I'm officially back in remission :-) No change to the med schedule, we're going to see how I do for now.

I've got an appointment (finally) with a rheumatologist next month. The rheumy is probably going to order a ton of bloodwork, so Awsome GI Guy wants to be copied in on that rather than ordering his own bloods for next month and getting me stuck with needles twice in one month. Sensible guy. Awesome GI Guy also got a demo of just how nasty my back is being (I'd been sitting in his waiting room for a while, it got painful) and is speculating that this is ankylosing spondylitis. Not something that would shock me, given the UC and a family history of AS, but it was a surprise to hear someone admitting that it may be the cause.

And that's why he's Awesome :-)

Anyway, tonight is supposed to be miserable out there so I've done a short yoga practise and will be skipping class tonight. Instead I shall curl up with some TV watching. Yay.

Things I still need to do on the new computer:

1) Install iTunes
2) Switch Mcafee licence (I have until 12 Nov. to do that)
3) Install an HTML editor
4) Set up office VPN
5) Install and set up Thunderbird

It's a short list, but a couple of those are time-consuming things and I've not had much time after work this week. This is largely due to back pain. Argh.

I am really very hungry. Time to heat some chilli, methinks.
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Today I made an edible, quite tasty, omelette for supper. As my omelettes are usually awful, this is quite the thing for me. I will never understand how I can master apparently difficult cooking things and fail at simple things like omelette.

The trackball mouse that I've had for years has stopped working. Argh. It's definitely not the batteries so it looks like the thing has finally given up the ghost. Good thing I've got so many spare mouses around, although I'm finding the transition back to a mouse harder than you'd think.

Suddenly Netlfix Canada has tons of awesome stuff on it. Including the whole of Buffy. Looks like I'm sorted for TV watchings, then :-)

Must remember to catch up with some of the new stuff tonight, like NCIS and Grey's.

First day back at work wasn't too bad, but I'm ready for a weekend now. Why does the working week have to be so long?
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So, the new computer has arrived (five days early!) and I'm getting it configured the way I want it. Windows 7 doesn't seem too scary so far and I've copied a lot of my files over to the new harddrive.

It's going to take days to figure out everything that I want to install and get everything looking exactly the way that I want it to *sigh* This is the bit that I really dislike about new computers. Still, at least it's a computer that will reliably turn on and do things.

There are a couple of things that I need to do:

1) Uninstall Mcafee from the laptop, install AVG on it and transfer my licence to the new PC before the free licence runs out. This may require consultation with a Mcafee tech.

2) Attach an extension to my VGA cable.

3) Get a USB hub with a long cable.

2 and 3 are needed so that the box can be put in a slight less inconvenient place and so that the webcam cable is less precarious. They can wait, though. At least things are set up and working.

I feel much happier now that it's done and largely set up. I wonder how long it will take before this thing feels like "home"?

Other than that, my vacation has been lovely. Lots of relaxing stuff, plenty of fresh air and exercise, lots of reading and catching up on TV: exactly what I needed to feel much more alert and relaxed. Hopefully now I'll be a little less frazzled at work ;-)

I did it!

Oct. 4th, 2011 07:30 pm
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New computer has been ordered, estimated delivery on 17th October. This is while my parents are on vacation, but I've set up the family computer with all the VPN stuff so that I can work from home on the delivery date. So, it should be here pretty soon and Dell gave me some nice savings so it's a fairly decent system. Phew!

I'll be relieved to have my own, working computer. Migration should be fairly smooth as all the data got backed up onto external drives when it first started to go wonky and I haven't actually stored anything on it since that. I figure that I can migrate all that stuff and then see what I'm missing, if anything, and try to get the lappie to behave long enough to get any missing things. There shouldn't be much, to be honest.

Dad arrived today for his visit. His flight took a different route to avoid the storm heading here and hence was longer than normal. He's exhausted. This did not stop him popping onto the laptop he's not supposed to have brought to do some work. Which he had promised that he wouldn't do.


It's about what I expected, to be honest. At least he's got his laptop so I can use the family computer when I need to?

I'm now at around 24 hours before I need to start my release if it's going to happen this week and still no word about whether it's going ahead. However, I am staying zen and calm about this so that I don't risk another migraine. I'm also coming around to the idea that I might be able to delegate supervising it if the release needs to go while I'm on vacation.

Look at me, being all mature and stuff.

Guess I'd better go and make nice with the old man, huh? Or at least, keep him company while he naps in his recliner and pretends that he's working :-)
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So, in conversation with a friend and my parents last night, I came to the conclusion that the stress of not knowing whether my laptop will start every day and not knowing what will go wrong this time (definitely the VGA connector on the lappie, the external monitor works fine connected to another computer), I've decided that it's time.

In order to make sure that someone is in the house to accept the order, I'll won't be ordering anything until the weekend. But I've picked out my system on the Dell site and I just need to finish the order.

My laptop is making such a determined effort to die. I can't turn it on anymore without a minor panic attack and there is always something. I'm suspecting that a certain amount of it (the hard-drive making beepy noises when it's joggled, the VGA connector, the heat, the massive slow-down to the USB ports) is hardware and signs that it's going to have an unrecoverable hissy fit soon. The Mcafee stuff may be software, but I could equally be looking at something like bad sectors on the hard drive.

So it's time. I'm working on the family computer right now and it's amazing how easy and smooth the experience is. That's what has decided me.

Thankfully I made this decision before my migraine overtook me last night and I'm happy with that decision now, after sleeping most of the morning away in a darkened room. It's the right thing to do and will at least mean that one source of stress in my life goes away.

Truth is, the system that I plan to buy is something that I can buy without dipping into the iPad fund. I've got plenty of savings and I'm not buying an over-the-top system because I don't need one anymore. However, I do need something reliable.

Apart from anything else, right now I can't work from home because my laptop doesn't like to be on for more than an hour before it throws some kind of wobbly. That's not exactly helpful - what if I get sick again? What will happen when the roads are too bad to drive?

Yup, I can find lots of justifications for this. So, in a couple of weeks there will be a pretty new computer in my house. Until then, I'll gingerly turn on my laptop every couple of days and do most of my computer stuff on this computer whenever my father isn't using it.
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Cut for techy moaning )

There are no rugby matches today. Woe. So tonight will probably be Holby catch-up. And apparently all the American shows are premiering this week. I think that I'm going to stick with just the five that I've kept from last year and not worry about new stuff, unless someone tells me about something amazing. Between those, Netflix (which now has the whole of Stargate, Xena and various other cool TV shows thanks to a recent content update, yay!), UK telly and my DVD collection, I think that I'm sorted.

I just have to schedule in some time this week between rugby matches for Spooks. And get Mum out of the house for the Gray's Anatomy premier. Too much telly, not enough time!

In book news, I am continuing with Perdito Street Station. I'm enjoying it, but it's quite weird in places and my excellent imagination is rather too good at conjuring up disturbing images from the vivid descriptions. SO, er, it's not a pre-bed read and thus is going a bit slowly. I'm now reading Northanger Abbey and loving that to bits. It's my first time and, while it doesn't have the subtlety of Austen's later books (this is thought to be her first written novel, although it was published much later), it is very entertaining and a great read.

Mum and I watched the Strictly launch show over the weekend (a week late, I know). I can feel my brain atrophying. But it was darned fun. I'm trying to work out when I became a Strictly/Gray's/Holby sort of person. I'm sure that I used to disdain such viewing...
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Cut for lengthy computer woes )

Everything seemed fine with both Mcafee and the HDD early last week and the slow-down started after a Macafee update. Can anyone give an opinion on whether what the most likely source of this is? My options right now are Mcafee, the HDD or the USB port that the HDD is plugged into, but all three were fine a couple of days before this started.

We have also been having problems with the big desktop. Cut for length )

The last week has made me more determined to get an iPad for my birthday (two months!). Apart from anything else, Internet connectivity (my iPod works, but the screen is too small for really technical stuff) is important when computers start mucking about.

I am so glad that I'm not going to be spending my iPad savings on replacing my laptop. That was one of the nightmare scenarios I kept thinking about. I'm about halfway to having the money together for a desktop when the time comes, but I need a few more months to get there properly without needing to dip into the main savings account. Which is not impossible, but wouldn't make me happy.

In other techy news, I'm going to get terribly technical and get an internal HDD for my Popcorn Hour. I'll also be hooking it up to the Wi-Fi and when the HDD is in, sorting out the apps to see whether I can torrent straight to it. This may be scary. I may be needing tech support from my PCH owning friends.

In non-techy news, Mum and I went sailing on a tall ship on Sunday. It was so much fun! We just went around the harbour and there were loads of other people there, but it was lovely and we got to see the islands in our harbour much closer than we've ever seen them before.

Also, I may have watched a lot of rugby. It's been great. Tonight there is no rugby (we watched a videoed match yesterday) and we are a little lost. It may be a Holby-watching evening. We're about four episodes behind.
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I've been having a bit of a week. My computer played silly buggers on Wednesday and I've been nervous about turning it on ever since. And having anxiety moments every time I think about it, even though it's irrational to the extreme because the world isn't over if I have to replace my computer a bit earlier than planned.

Deadlines are approaching at work and things we thought would be easy to achieve are turning out to be epically not easy and in some cases require extensive work-arounds in order to get things working. So, you know, more anxiety.

On top of that, I am starting to think that my remission status only lasted two weeks. I won't go into details, but since the middle of last week there have been strong hints that I'm getting sick again.

I keep promising myself that I'll call Awesome GI Guy tomorrow if things don't improve. And then promising the same thing tomorrow and on and on. Mostly I just don't want to admit that Humira may not be holding me in remission. I'm so sick of hospitals, tests, needles, drugs, side-effects and everything else. I'm done. I don't want to talk about it to friends or family IRL because it will just worry them and I know that burying my head in the sand is not helpful but I just wanted a few weeks of being OK :-(

I wish that I could forget all of this and go into the weekend feeling calm, but the computer issues and possible flare are both things that will be rearing their heads over the weekend and I'm not good at forgetting about work.

I'd been doing so well at not being anxious and this week has just thrown me. My head is a bad place.
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My lovely hosts, FutureQuest, have helped me to get rid of all the compromised files and they have blocked the IP that the hack originated in. They have been wonderful and incredibly fast to respond to everything, which is amazing on a Sunday afternoon.

I always write and update the site on my local hard drive, so I was able to restore everything to its pre-hacked state with no problems. It doesn't look like the hackers compromised the data in the reviews database, which is a relief!

That has been moved to a regular updating schedule, just in case.

The vulnerability was an old version of phyMyAdmin, which I have removed and I will be reviewing what I use in future to administer the databases. The hackers were able to use that to inject code in my index files and .htaccess files, which redirected everyone to a site that I assume then installed lots of nasties onto peoples' machines. If anyone visited The Haven between 20th October and 24th October, you should check your anti-virus and anti-spam things to make sure your machines were not attacked.

I apologise for this and I wish that I had detected the issues earlier. It is the first time the site has been hacked in the ten years that I have been running it, which I am trying to tell myself is a good running average although right now it doesn't feel like it.

Basic message: website restored and now protected better. Never believe it won't happen to you because it can.
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OK, it looks like (my site) got hacked during the week (thank you [ profile] paranoidangel42 for the heads up!).

I have removed/replaced all the files that got replaced (it appears to have just been anything that called, changed my password and reported the hack to my hosts.

Anyone know what other steps I need to take?

I have no idea how long all the virus thingies are going to keep telling people that my site is compromised :-(


Sep. 23rd, 2010 05:26 pm
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I cannot get into the Canadian or US versions of my bank's website. The UK version doesn't help (although I can access it) because my money is here in Canada.

I could see those sites at work, but I'm not quite stupid enough to log in and let the sysadmins grab my passwords.

A friend on the same ISP also cannot get them.

A friend on a different ISP is fine.

I think something in my ISP is borked *headdesk*

Email has been sent to my ISP and I'll escalate to phone calls if I don't get a response tomorrow. My bank doesn't have any branches open outside business hours, so if I can't get onto their site then I can't do things like pay bills. One of the bills that needs paying is...for my ISP. Ack!
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So, last night's problems don't seem to have been the Windows update after all. The computer is recognising the AC adaptor and behaving quite normally again. Ack!

On Dell's site there is some troubleshoot advice and the first step is to check the AC adaptor and battery by unplugging and removing both, then putting everything back and seeing what happens. Ta da! Happy compy.

I'm going to look at getting a new AC adaptor, though, in case this is an early warning that the adaptor is going funky.

It turns out that when the compy doesn't recognise the AC adaptor, it runs like treacle so that would be the reason for the system slow-down last night as well. Argh.

Still, at least the computer is fine and my sleepless night was completely unneeded.

It's been a very rough, exhausting few weeks due to horrendous amounts of work and the kitchen renovation continuing to be a nightmare. I'd pretty much decided when I got home last night that I'd be calling in sick today for a mental health day. I feel even worse than yesterday after worrying about this all night so I'm definitely taking a mental health day! I shall curl up in my recliner with a book and a hot water bottle (stress + IBS = urgh) and try to ignore the workmen upstairs sorting out kitchen stuff. With any luck, I'll sleep through most of the morning and feel human again.
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Has anyone else had trouble with the latest Windows update? (I'm running Vista Ultimate).

Last night when I went to shut down, it said there were 13 updates that needed loading. Being an idiot, I didn't set a system restore point and cheerfully told it to do the updates.

When I tried to start the computer today it came up with an error that said it could not detect the AC Adaptor and advised me to try reseating it. I continued (because the thing is definitely hooked up to the mains) and it took forever to finish booting. It's a laptop and the battery indicator says that it's 96% charged, plugged in but not charging. It's definitely running on AC power but whatever has happened is not letting the battery charge, which could be a problem eventually!

I re-booted and it came to the warning screen again, so I tried the first suggestion and went into some settings. Couldn't find anything and exiting put me straight into finishing booting (which took forever again).

When I finally got in, I went into the system restore centre. The time stamp on the restore point looks to be the time just after these 13 updates finished, but I tried it anyway. I'm guessing it overwrote any other restore points - can anyone tell me whether it's possible to find a restore point further back, though?

Anyway, that didn't help and I got the error screen again when I rebooted. So I tried running system restore again, which said everything is fine.

So I've got a machine that can't charge it's battery but runs fine on AC for now and takes a geological era to boot. It was working perfectly before the Windows updates.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Do any of my IT guru f-listies have any suggestions before I ring Dell and see whether they can help?

Anyone know how I can get these damn Windows updates backed out?

Any help would be gratefully received. Bloody Microsoft!
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Just purely hypothetically, if one had accidentally knocked the C key off their laptop keyboard while removing it from the docking station, what would be the best way to reattached said C key?

Am I looking at sending my baby to a workshop to get this fixed?

It's a Dell lappie that was absolutely lovely until about fifteen minutes ago :-(

That bit about Christmas can only go up from here? I'm still waiting for the up.
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Well, first of all I am fairly confident that I didn't get the job but it was good experience. Not least because the guy asked me 'what is normalisation and how is it achieved' and I went totally blank. So I now know that in addition to revising all those typical interview questions, I need to go back to basics and revised my relational theory to be better prepared for the next one. So that's cool.

The work does sound really interesting and I liked the company. In the highly unlikely event that they did offer it, I'd seriously consider saying yes. However, they are looking for someone with C# and ASP.Net who can hit the ground running and those are two skills that I don't have.

It was really good experience, though, so I'm glad that I went. Back to the drawing board then!

On the kitten front...I have already been approved as an adopter by the SPCA. They're now going to get into contact with the foster mother of the two that I spotted on their website to arrange a meeting. And if those two have been adopted, they've got lots of others for me to choose from. I'm approved as an adoptive mother!

My aunt has concluded that she'll take her computer down to the repair shop at the end of the road. This is not due to any failure on my part, more due to all the work that her house-mate is insisting they have done around the house resulting in the house (and her computer room in particular) being complete bedlam. There is nowhere for us to sit and work on the thing and the constant noise, banging and construction dust isn't helping. The repair shop do sound like they know what they're doing, though, so I don't feel too awful.

Someone reassure me that I'm right to advise my aunt not to run two anti-viruses at once? Apparently a friend advised her that it would be a good thing to do when the machine is sorted out (one is good, two must be better!) and I'm trying to talk her down from it.

And that is it. Today is going to be a quiet day. Or at least it will be when the piano tuner has finished playing!
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I am discovering the down side to being known as a geek by my family here. Tech support!

My aunt's computer has decided to play silly buggers. Just before I arrived, her home page in FireFox got switched to Yahoo - she swears she did nothing. I switched it back to Google without a problem and the computer ran perfectly.

About a week ago, she started having problems. It's hard to make out quite what all of the problems are, but it sounds like the computer isn't letting her browse the Internet properly although she can't really articulate what it's doing. She originally couldn't get into MSN either, but that seems to have worked itself out now. The bit that really scared her was that around the same time she had a flood of popups and blue screens warning her that her computer had been invaded by viruses, trojans, worms etc.


She decided to just shut it down and look into getting someone to clean it up at some stage, but we've all been so busy with shipping arrivals and some work being done on her house that nobody got around to it.

Last night a friend walked her through running a full AVG scan but nothing virus-like was detected. I'm starting to think that those pop-ups weren't from her virus scanner but were webpages popping up with malicious intent. I'll need to check with her one whether she clicked the 'OK' button on any of them because she wasn't too clear on what they were.

Also last night, pop ups kept appearing whenever they were doing anything on her computer. A lot of them were ads but one or two were distinctly unsavoury. All of them were launched from Mozilla, which is her default browser. My aunt's comment was "Mozilla keeps interfering whenever we do anything!"

Her friend attempted to uninstall Mozilla but the computer wouldn't let her, saying that Mozilla was still running even though they'd closed it. So they turned to the computer programmer of the family to solve the problem :-)

I'm leaning towards the possibility that she's got a big spyware/adware problem on her computer. Does this sound familiar to anyone? And does anyone know of some tools that I could download to scan her computer and confirm/disprove my theory? I've never had a problem like this on my own computer so I'm a little uncertain on how to fix these problems!

All help will be gratefully received and virtual chocolate thrown your way.
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I know that I have techy people on my f-list and at least a couple of you use Skype so hopefully someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

Skype keeps disappearing on me. I'd call it a crash, except there is no error message or warning. The program loads up, logs in and five seconds later it disappears completely from the screen, the icon tray and even Task Manager. It doesn't stay up long enough for me to make any changes to anything to see whether that helps or even start a call. It just...goes away.

I've been Googling and searching through the Skype forums but I can't find any solutions. The only references to the problem that I've seen had notes to say that nobody had been able to fix it, even by un-installing and re-installing.

The problem has only been there since Skype updated to version 3.8 (the latest) so I was hoping that it was a bug with the version, but nothing.

Can anyone help me? I was planning to use Skype a lot to keep in touch with people after my move but I can't do that if the thing is going to be this buggy! All ideas and suggestions would be gratefully received before I tear my hair out.

X-posted to computer help forums.
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Dear Spinal Column,

Yes, I did housework. I shifted stuff, sorted, tidied and vacuumed. This is not your cue to really, really, really hurt. So cut it out, will you?

No love,

In other news, yesterday was really good fun. I met up with [ profile] paranoidangel42, [ profile] kate_closet and [ profile] blonde_sheep for a few hours in London and it was really good to see them all again. We lost kate_clost and blonde_sheep when we got to the Canadian pub for a drink and discovered it was incredibly busy, but PA stayed on with me for a while. I tried not to watch the rugby match that was showing and failed miserably. Bad Sel.

Best Friend in America arrived later in the afternoon and we had a fabulous time. PA went to ZZ9 around 6pm (hopefully BFiA and I didn't bore you too much...) and somehow BFiA and I time-travelled because the next thing we knew it was 8pm and we should have started back to our homes ages ago. Oops.

In our defense, there's two years of stuff to catch up on and we've always been terrible for talking too much :-) It was fabulous to see her again. We'll be meeting up again on Friday - she's coming out for my birthday do. She's staying the night on my floor (hence the housework) so we'll probably sit up all night talking, as we have a bad habit of doing. Then she'll be going back to America next weekend, but with plans that she'll be back again sometime next year.

Today has mostly been about housework and doing computer things. The good news is that I got my new microphone set up so I can now chat to people from the computer. The bad news is that I'm having problems with external storage devices - they're working rather randomly. I've managed to get my card reader to work plugged directly into a port on the back of the machine, which is rather inconvenient. It refuses to work on the extension cable to the same port. Grrr. Haven't experimented with the iPod this weekend to find out which ports it likes. I'm not sure whether I want to try experimenting with the extension cable.

The ports on the front of the machine just plain hate external storage devices, but they're happy with my graphical table. Anyone else have these kinds of issues? I'm slightly worried because the first sign that my old laptop was dying was when it started dislking the outside world and I don't want to buy a new desktop before I emigrate. Computers sometimes drive me nuts.


Feb. 16th, 2006 03:18 pm
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Dear Windows NT Dr. Watson,

You are a cruel bastard. Sod off.

No love,


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