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The problem with working from home due to snow is that I get to find out how many awful things my cats do during the day when I'm normally not here. Guys, please, is all that really necessary?

The other problem is that when a deployment to a higher-level test environment goes wrong due to DBAs being less than helpful there's no facility for me to walk over to their cubicle and express my displeasure in a calm, rational, controlled manner. Which leads to me venting on IM to my co-project guy and then on Twitter.

The last problem is that I think a lot about non-work stuff because I'm sitting here silently fuming at people I cannot physically glare at because they're in their homes 30km away.

Like today, when I've been thinking about what I write and why and what kinds of fanfic I read and why.

And why I sometimes feel like my gen Doctor Who adventure writing had more artistic merit than my slashy Avengers fic. Except I'm pretty sure my writing is better in my slashy Avengers fic but yet my confused little brain still feels like the Doctor Who stuff was Proper Writing and the Avengers stuff is less writerly.

It's possible that this is because the Avengers stuff comes easily and the Doctor Who stuff was like pulling teeth sometimes.

And then there's trying to work out why I read what I read, why I just skip over things, and thinky thoughts about why I feel odd reading slash for some fandoms and not for others.

See? Working from home generates too many thoughts and no answers at all.

*wanders off to play with a circus AU fic and look at Tumblr and say really bad words about DBAs preventing me doing any proper work because grr*
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American f-listies! Hope you're all having a good day however you celebrate it :-D

Today is my Friday and I'm relieved because my office is so empty this week. There is tumbleweed rolling past my desk. It's ridiculous. Ugh. I'm trying to pretend that it's not a Thursday in hopes of not getting Thursday'd. I suspect this to be a vain hope, looking at my inbox.

Kate was hilarious when she came back from the vet. Thankfully she didn't need extractions because she had a gum overgrowth thing the mimicked gum-line cavities. They cut away the excess gum so it can't cause cavities in the future and she's in no pain from the procedure, which is awesome. She was a total drama queen about the bandage on her leg from the cannula ("Have you seen my paw? It is a poorly paw. Look, poorly paw. I'm limping. My paw, it is poorly") and then pulled the bandage off half an hour after I got her in the door and her paw was *fine*. Drama queen.

Annie hates Kate right now. She's a foreign interloper kitty who smells wrong and Annie hateses her, yes she does. Also, Annie got a taste of being an only child and loved it. Kate is not needed.

Annie, you're a doofus. And can you please stop hitting your sister? And can you maybe eat something even though Kate exists within fifty feet of your bowl?

Being a cat mommy is hard work sometimes. Cats are eternal toddlers with temperaments to match!
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My baby, Kate, is currently at the vet's having dental work. Logically I know that she'll be fine, it's just x-rays and extractions, but she's so little and there's anaesthetic and it's scary.

My little girl looked so small and lonely when I left her :-( I should get an update in a couple of hours with some information on when I can pick her up. She'll probably be groggy and grumpy all evening so I'm skipping my usual knit night to stay with her.

Annie is looking a bit confused and she's insisting on cuddling me, which doesn't make working from home easy but I don't have the heart to throw her out of my office.

I have a feeling that she'll be all angry and filled with hate when Kate comes home acting odd and smelling of vets *sigh*

This evening, I think, is going to be a night of veging on the couch with grumpy kitties and DVDs.
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There have been no threats of mobs and pitchforks yet after I posted That AU yesterday! I'm oddly disappointed. It weirded one person out (so far) but that's it. Huh. All my flailing and panicking that fandom would hunt me down and kill me was for nothing.

Let's see how I do with Marvel Big Bang then *rubs hands together and cackles*

I'm not entirely sure how to react to this next thing, but mother has taken it upon herself to educate my father in the Marvel ways before the Avengers arrives next week. He'd seen Iron Man already so last night she sat him down with Thor. From the sounds of things, Captain America is next Monday's treat for him.

Mum, you are confusing. You question my life-style choices when I see a movie more than once and then volunteer to watch a movie twice in one month yourself. QUIT BEING ME. It's disturbing.

Unless this is because of the gratuitous mud fight? And I did overhear her remarking that "that's the guy from Hurt Locker and Bourne", which is leading me to suspect that we have a Jeremy Renner fan lurking in my house. Fahre, don't say a bloody word :-D

Tonight we are declaring it "Fuck this vegan cookery lark" night and taking dad out for supper to our favourite sushi place. There are going to be many such evenings, I suspect. And I have terrible burger cravings so I may try to tempt them to the gourmet burger place one night because there is a lentil burger there (and I'm not going to ask what the binding agent is because NO).

In other news, Dad finds my interactions with Kate highly amusing. It's the times that I use her as a bookstand and call her a horrible evil cat, isn't it?
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Oh, hey, look, I'm updating! I wrote so many great posts last week. So many. And I kept forgetting to actually, you know, copy them over here. And they're all a bit out of date now. Woops?

So in brief, last week:

- Dad arrived and I'm doing my best not to yell at him about putting his damn dishes in the damn dishwasher or get overly irritated that he's forever asleep in rooms where I need to be doing things
- When he's awake and not leaving dirty dishes everywhere, it's quite lovely to see Dad
- Annie went to the groomer and confounded everyone by adoring him
- Kate went to the vet and confounded everyone by losing weight, so we're working on yet another diet change
- I finally found my local comic shop and only bought Batwoman: Eligy, which I think we can agree was VERY RESTRAINED
- I also found the new French patisserie and OMG macarons *nom*
- The weekend was mostly about editing
- So much editing. SO MUCH.

Today it is Monday. Project Doom sucks. Co-worker M (my Project Doom partner) has learned that the engine in his boat needs replacing and he's having panic attacks about cost. I'm trying not to be smug because I knew that boat would be more expensive than it's worth. My neck is hurting and it's trying to set up a really awesome headache.

Oh, Monday, how do you suck so much?
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Today is my Friday and I get a four day weekend so everything is good :-D

There was also no cat barf to clean up this morning. That alone is amazing. Tonight we're going to the vet to pick up some stuff that will hopefully help them with the hairballs that seem to be the issue (they were on hairball control food before Kate's diagnosis) and I'm going to try that over the weekend. If we're still having problems next week, it's back to the vet I go. Poor kitties.

Poor, expensive kitties.

I've got three fics in various stages of editing now. And only one actual WIP that I'm in the process of writing. It feels a little weird. So over the weekend there is likely to be something new started - I've got two ideas buzzing around my brain right now to work on.

That may be it for the day.


Oh, yeah.


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Things that I accomplished over the weekend:

1) Finished the first draft of Marvel Big Bang, two weeks before first draft deadline
2) Made cheese muffins
3) Got through two difficult scenes of That AU (the one fandom will kill me for)
4) ...?

Things my Annie-cat accomplished over the weekend:

1) Snored so loudly she could be heard not just in another room, but on another floor of the house entirely
2) Gave a chair the head-butt of love so firmly that she bounced
3) Huffed my lemon valerian tea (mum left the box out, argh) until she was so high that she couldn't stop rolling around and rubbing on everything for hours in a way that was even more lewd and embarrassing than last week's shower cap incident
4) Wrapped the elastic 'tail' to her favourite toy around herself so many times she couldn't free herself and dragged it around behind her, glaring at it sometimes, for more than an hour before I took pity and removed it

I'm just going to leave that there because really, what I can I say about Annie that won't make her sound worse?


Aug. 24th, 2012 01:43 pm
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Yesterday my mother caught my Annie-cat in a compromising position with my shower cap.

Even she admitted that the cat was making love to the cap. OMG, mother!

Actually, the biggest oddness about it was that Mum hadn't caught Annie with my shower cap on previous visits. That cat is frankly embarassing if she gets her little paws on my shower cap.

Kate has now taken to sitting in a particular spot in the kitchen at medicine time, waiting for her 'treat'. And shouting if I'm late. Tonight there is no more medicine. She's in for a big disappointment.

There are days when I am deeply concerned about my cats and my relationship with my cats.

It is Friday and this is an utterly brilliant thing because I'm so incredibly tired that I might fall over soon. I'm just hoping that I can get eight hours of sleep tonight so that I feel a bit less ick.

Tomorrow my main job of the day is to make a batch of savoury muffins. Then I'll probably spend some time writing and get some reading done. I'd really like to get Marvel Big Bang finished this weekend and get a certain chunk of the AU I'm writing done.

See, I have goals. Muffins and fic. These seem like good goals :-D
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I have reached that stage of summer where I am actually having wild fantasies about the idea of being cold and wearing a sweater and OMG the thought of having a quilt on my bed is...

Well, anyway. Ahem. Let's just say, I'm done with summer and I'm ready for autumn now. So incredibly ready. When I'm complaining about the snow and the ice and the cold in January, remind me about how much I hate August, OK? I've got three months of the year that I honestly dislike: January, February and August. I can usually find some good points about the first two (days spent cuddled with blankets, tea, cats and books are so lovely) but August?

Nope, coming up empty on good things about August. This is because it's been weeks since I last had a decent night's sleep due to the heat in my bedroom. Last night I must have had a vivid hallucination because when I first went in there, I thought it was actually cool.

Nope, it wasn't. OMG, that was not a good night.

Cut for a bit of writing babble )

In other news, Kate loves taking her medicine. I'm disguising the pills inside pill pockets, which she thinks is the greatest treat ever. To the point where she sits and begs for her 'treat' while I'm getting it ready. She's only got two doses left. Poor thing. She's going to be so disappointed tomorrow evening :-D
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Cut for cousins and university stuff )

On the less happy front, my Kate cat has decided to take after her human mum in the wrong way: she has inflammatory bowel disease. Just like her human mum. IDEK.

So, antibiotics for a week (the same stuff they give to Crohn's patients, just to rub in the connection!) and a special diet that is less strain on her bowl to get the inflammation to settle. We're going back in a month to review her progress.

We are treating this as rather hilarious. Particularly as we apparently decided to flare at the same time :-D

Now when she's being yowly and grouchy, my main thought will be "I know that feel, cat".

This household, man. What is up with all of us?

She also has a cavity. So when her bowl has settled, she gets the fun of a tooth extraction. Kate is proving to be a very expensive cat this month. And I can't feel annoyed because I know that she probably doesn't feel great.

Annie spent most of yesterday telling Kate off because she was gone for an hour and came back smelling wrong. I have no idea how Annie will react to Kate being gone for a day for her tooth!

Cats. Why do we put up with them?

Right, the cuddles.

ETA: Bowel, not bowl. Jeez, you'd think I could manage to spell a word that I spend so much time writing down and discussing with medical professionals.
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I am becoming the crazy cat lady, I can already tell.

This morning I heard a loud clonk and looked around to see Annie-cat nuzzling the books on the bottom shelf of a bookcase. What I think happened was that she attempted the "brush by and scent mark" thing and miscalculated it into a headbutt, then recovered gracefully with a nuzzle to the books.

This is a frequent thing. I'm starting to suspect she has a permanent concussion and that's why she miscalculates.

Last night I spent most of the night having nightmares about taking Kate to the vet. Apparently the vet will tell me she's terribly ill, probably dying, and only this regime of twenty pills a day for a week will save her.

The part that worried me wasn't trying to work out how to stuff twenty pills into my stubborn cat. The part that worried me was that I couldn't administer the pills due to being on immuno-suppressants.

Let's not even discuss how whacked out my brain must now be to combine my fear for Kate (and I wasn't worried about Miss Stinky Butt until I booked her into the vet) with my worry about increasing my Humira dosage. My brain, man. It's a terrifying place.

I say that with complete authority because I've seen what I'm writing this week. And also what I'm trying not to write (OMG, no to the unicorns). Be glad that my brain isn't something you can see into, people.
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Today I am working from home due to the complexity of trying to manage mother's bible camp needs (she's snacks and drinks lady), my work schedule, my Humira schedule and our plans to see Bourne Legacy tonight.

Just...don't ask. Ugh.

Unfortunately that means I'm working at home. Without my lovely air conditioned office building. Ugh. Just ugh. And the team is back building a house across the street which today involves a lot of drilling and a lot of nail guns. Joy.

At least the cinema will be cool and blessed with air-con :-D

On Friday I have to take Kate AKA Miss Stinky Butt to the vet. She needs to be checked over to see whether the stinky butt (actually, stinky poo) problems have a source or whether she's just being really stinky for no good reason. Poor baby. I'd feel more sorry for her and the vet thing if she wasn't being randomly stinky a couple of times a day. Yurch. As painful as I suspect getting medicine into her will be (and as painful for my bank account as it will be) I'm almost hoping there's a curable parasite in there.

The joy of being a cat mum. They cost money, are forever demanding attention and sometimes they stink your entire rec room out.

Then they wander over with their favourite toy in their mouth looking utterly adorable and you forgive them everything because d'aaaaw.

Yesterday I had my most productive writing day in years. Over 3,000 words split between two fics.

Unfortunately none of those words were on the [ profile] marvel_bang. Oops?
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Helpful hint to fanfic writers: typos will slip through even the most thorough beta, but really try hard on slaughtering the typos in sex scenes.

Bugle <> bulge

That particular substitution in the middle of a sex scene is jarring, to say the least :-D I spend the next five pages with my brain on a permanent loop of unfortunate anatomy.

This week there is no Tour so I'll be trying to get a lot of writing done. I'd like to have two chapters of the [ profile] marvel_bang done by the end of the week and a signficant chunk of the ridiculous AU. That would, at least, get me near the halfway mark on the MBB first draft and through some of the bits of the ridiculous AU that I'm nervous about.

Cut for slightly lengthy personal stuff )

In other news: the all salad all week supper plan is coming into effect today...just in time for a prediction of two days of torrential rain starting tomorrow. I apologise to all Atlantic Canadians for the coming rainpocalypse. I'll try to make next week filled with comforting pastas, roasts and other foods one does not want on a hot day so that the weather returns to summer.

Also, my cats are very...special. Annie-cat showed us on Saturday that she has a look of Great Judgement. Apparently I must shower before cuddles are acceptable if I've used sunscreen and she will judge me for the sunscreen and lack of cuddles if I do not.

Kate produced her Super Death Glare last night when I dared to suggest she should move so that I could feed her. She was very comfortable, thank you, and when faced with the choice between food or being allowed to stay comfy and asleep, she'll take the latter.

My cats are not like other cats, I suspect.
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Yesterday it was horridly hot and muggy when I got home so I made the (at the time) sensible decision not to hop on the exercise bike because I was fairly sure that I'd expire.

Today my back is locked up and bitchy so tonight, despite the heat, I shall have to bike for a while. Ugh.

My Annie-cat is determined to induce heat exhaustion in both of us by insisting on cuddles and extensive draping every time I sit down. I tried to deny her but she gave me the pathetic look and the tiny 'mew' noises so I gave in. The poor thing is fluffy as heck and probably cooking in her coat, yet she insists on cuddles with her warm mommy so that we can both be even hotter and more disgusting.

What a silly cat. Kate is being sensible and "hell to the no" on the cuddle thing. She's normally my deeply stupid and silly cat, so this is an odd turn-about.

Remind me of how much I dislike this kind of heat when I'm complaining about snow and shoveling in January, OK?

I managed to finish chapter two of the Big Bang yesterday, add another scene to the insane AU and may have started a teeny fluffy fic that fits into the Damage Limitations-verse. The fluffy is because fluff requires no plot and thus is relaxation. It also does not need me to keep count of the Coulsons, Natashas and Clints in a scene or figure out how to differenciate which one I'm referencing.

Remind me after this, only one of each character in any given story. Never again with the alternate universe story-lines.
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So last week there was a terribly boring meeting that we all had to attend. It's the six-monthly update from the director of our section of IT where he tells us about resourcing, budgets, audit compliance, department vision (for the day) and other stuff that's going on.

Most of us zoned out. I stayed with it through audit compliance and then spent forty-five minutes plotting fic in my head so that I'd at least have my eyes open and look kind of attentive.

I do remember hearing something about porting and portals and portlets. The porting stuff is irrelevant for at least a year and the portals/portlets was, we thought, completely irrelevant for all time because the web team never lets us play with that kind of cool stuff.

Except the business just decided that Project Doom needs a portal. As in, decided yesterday. And it's going to be M and I implementing it.

Guess I should have paid attention to that meeting after all...

My Annie-cat was, apparently, horribly lonely and unhappy last night. She told Mum and I about it all night, alternating which bedroom door she wailed outside of, and thus today is a Drink All The Coffee! kind of day.


Dec. 18th, 2011 10:09 pm
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You know those weekends where you have loads of plans and a time table that, if followed perfectly, will ensure that you get everything done?

And you know how plans always fall apart due to miscalculations like running out of mince meat and cats knocking over the Christmas tree?


The good news is that it was only the little tree downstairs and it was easy to fix. The tree is now being hidden under the stairs unless I'm at home and awake to supervise.

And I've got more mince meat marinating so the mince pies for the work thing on Wednesday can still happen.

OK, yes, no cards got written and I'd planned to have the pies made and ready to bake so that Tuesday evening would be less fraught...

I love Christms but I always get over confident about my plans. At least my Yuletide fic is pretty much done and will be uploaded tomorrow. How is everyone else doing on the Christmas insanity?

Please don't let that be a cat with a bauble that I can hear...
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Sometime last night I woke up with stomach cramps. Not the ones that I got with the colitis flare, these were entirely new ones. Much higher, sharper and with a sort of burny tang to them.

Cut for discussion of possible reflux )

It is like my entire intestinal tract hates me.

The cats think this is all quite brilliant. Kate can lie on me when I need to lie down to rest my back. Annie is cuddling on my lap at all opportunities. It's very cute.

Last night, Annie had a moment of klutz. She's usually my more graceful cat and rarely falls off things, unlike Klutzy Kate who could probably fall off a three-foot wide ledge. Now that the weather is warming up, I open the windows when I get home to get some air in the house. The cats absolutely love this and they run for the window the moment they hear the latch. Yesterday, Annie ran towards the kitchen window at full speed.

I'm sure she intended to stop.

What she actually did was over balance in some wacky way, thunk down on her bum and slide on her bum for the last couple of feet. It was completely hilarious.

I can't decide what was funnier: the sliding, Kate running away because it was noisy or Annie's WTF? face afterwards.
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- I have a rotten headache. Again. Argh!

- I managed 30 minutes of free running with the Wii, plus a good yoga work out.

- My treadmill kills me: I can only run for about two minutes on it. What is up with that?

- Am I stupid, or is setting up a welcome tab for a Facebook page insanely complicated and difficult? I'm trying to figure it out for my sister and currently feel even less technically competent than my artsy sister.

- It is spring so there were fiddleheads in the store today.

- I bought some. They will be nom.

- Humira injection went well, no side-effects at all this time. I'm liking this med!

- I'm down to 10mg of prednisone today. If the taper continues to go smoothly, I will be pred-free in two weeks. Woo!

- I get the results of my blood draw when I see Awesome GI Guy on Thursday, which will tell me whether Humira is making a difference.

- For reference, I'm hoping for a heamoglobin in the high 90s, if it's not yet over 100.

- And I'd like the white blood count below 35. Normal WBC shouldn't be over 11 for adults, but as my last was somewhere around 38 any drop will look really good.

- Yes, my immune system is utterly insane.

- It's Saturday, therefore it's Doctor Who Day. I was trying not to look insane by not putting this as my very first note.

- This probably didn't work.

- Annie cuddling me. She's forgiven me for the indignity of insisting on grooming and clipping her this morning. She forgives easily.

- I want chocolate. It's because I worked out and ate a healthy, salad-y lunch, isn't it?

- But chocolate does help with headaches...


Apr. 4th, 2011 08:11 pm
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Well, after a few issues I finally have both Humira in the house and a community nurse scheduled to come out and show me how to take it tomorrow.

Yup, tomorrow I finally get to take my new meds. Who would have thought that I'd actually be happy to inject myself with a boatload of horrible stuff?

It's an odd life I'm leading.

If it stops me wandering around in a daze of exhaustion and gets me feeling human again, though, it will be worth it.

For some reason, Kate has decided that evenings are now her crazy time. It would be fine if she wasn't trying to attack the TV every five minutes. Argh. Silly cat. Annie is such an easy cat by comparison. Mostly.

Note to self: catch cats and lock away when community nurse arrives. I don't want to accidentally poke a curious nose with needles.
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It has been at least a week since anyone stuck me with a needle so today was blood work day. Given the choice between waiting for two and a half hours and getting it done for free (resulting in more time off work) or paying $13 and getting it done in 5 minutes before work, I opted for the one that is compatible with continued employment. Trying not to feel guilty about encouraging the privatisation of critical services like this.

In non medical stuff...

On Friday, I cast on for a new knitting project. It's a vintage waistcoat pattern, in sports weight, and I bought some beautiful Blue Moon Fibre Arts Woobu (merino and bamboo) yarn for it. The required gauge has resulted in me knitting it on 2.25mm and 2.5mm needles (i.e. very tiny needles) but I'm about four inches into the back and I love it. The stich pattern is 1x1 rib all over, with a knit row on each 10th row, and the resulting texture combined with the yarn is gorgeous and just right for the vintage-ness of this pattern.

It could take a while, but I'm really excited about it :-)

Trying to organize a pizza party, cut for length )

Tonight is yoga night. Tomorrow is knit night. Kate really resents me being out so often even though she doesn't cuddle much in the evening :-) She's a demanding little kitty. Annie misses the snuggles and makes up for it by demanding Even Moar Snuggles!OMG when I'm around. When I got home from work yesterday, Annie acted like she hadn't been cuddled since forever (despite cuddling for quite a while in the morning) and put on quite the "need snuggles now!" display. My cats, they are crazy.


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