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Happy Canada Day!

I shall mostly be spending today watching cycling, talking to folks back in England and trying to ignore the latest sick headache.

We're unable to do the BBQ thing due to the work being done on our deck, so we're going to be grilling ribs indoors tomorrow for my aunt instead. Today we're doing fishcakes, which I know aren't quite in the spirit but will be tasty.

Mostly, I'm just excited about having a long weekend :-)
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Best Friend in America arrived on Thursday and we had a fabulous visit. I was sad to see her go yesterday :-( Flights between our cities are so insanely expensive that we're making plans to meet up somewhere in between (maybe Toronto or New York) next year. The cost of flights plus hotel room will actually work out less than the cost of a flight between our cities. It's insane.


On Friday, I managed to work through lunch and get out of work early so I hightailed it home to pick up BFIA. She'd spent the day reading, playing with Kate and Annie and going for a short walk. Apparently I live in a really lovely place :-) The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny, so we went down to the beach and spent lots of time paddling in the ocean and walking along the beach. I really must remember to do that when the weather is good :-) Then it was off for yummy sea food for supper followed by a cup of tea with my aunt, who was eager to finally meet the fabled BFIA!

On Saturday we set out for a drive down the coast, planning to visit Lunenburg and Mahone Bay. Incredibly, I didn't get lost! There was a craft fair at Lunenburg so we ended up with rather a lot of fudge and jam :-) We ate sandwiches on the waterfront and watched the sailing ships. Then we hopped into the car and drove back to Mahone Bay where we had tea (and amazing chocolate shortcake) at the Biscuit Eater Cafe and I got to pop into Have A Yarn. I emerged with some 2.5mm Addi circs, some 4ply alpaca to make something for a friend's baby and a skein of Tanis sock yarn in a gorgeous shade of blue - score! The drive back to the city was smooth and easy, despite the Paul McCartney concert, and after a bit of time to read and relax at home we went out for a sushi supper.

BFIA's main comment was "OMG, it's so fresh!" She adores shrimp and my sushi place does amazing shrimp tempura. I've never tried shrimp tempura rolls before (although I don't know why!) and I may have discovered a new favourite :-) We skipped dessert at the restaurant in favour of the insanely indulgent ice cream that I had at home and, sadly, concluded that BFIA will have to visit me if she ever wants that ice cream again as it's a local store brand. Heh.

Sunday was grey and rainy, so we decided to have a lazy day at home. We did venture out long enough to check out the local touristy gift shops and pick up some Tim Horton's (she needed to see why TH is so popular here) but mostly we read, watched TV and played with kittens. Supper was pizza and salad, which was just right and it was great to just sit around gossiping.

I took a long lunch yesterday to take her back to the airport. Apparently she's gone home with tales of beaches and amazing food, to persuade her husband that they need to take a trip back here because he'll love it. Yay!

It was great having her to visit and I've finally been able to persuade an old friend that moving here was a great decision. So many of my friends don't really know why I'd wanted to leave England and can't understand that I don't miss it. Of course, BFIA is probably the most likely to understand seeing as she left England years ago and now has a wonderful life in America. Perhaps if I can bring other friends over to visit and show them what my life is like, they'll understand better.

I suspect that the weather probably helped :-) This place in gorgeous, sunny weather is amazing. The days of fog and ick get a bit wearing and it's harder (but not impossible) to get out and enjoy the beach and the scenery. But BFIA pointed out that the ocean is always pretty spectacular whatever the weather, and she's right :-)

I've been thinking a bit about the move this weekend. When I was planning it, everyone kept reminding me that it wouldn't solve all my problems and I shouldn't expect to suddenly be amazingly happy just because I'd moved. So I set my expectations for how the move would affect me pretty low and it's turned out to be a much bigger thing in the end. There weren't any problems that I was running away from when I left, but I did leave behind a crappy job and a country that I didn't feel offered me much. Coming here, I've gained a great job, better prospects for housing and life quality, surroundings that I love and a new group of friends that I love spending time with.

I've got a new life that's quite different from what I had in England and, despite all those dire warnings, overall I'm much happier and more content than I was. So actually it has been the fix that everyone was warning me it wouldn't be - how amazing is that?
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Today I decided to haul my aunt along on a bit of a road trip. It's quite horrifying to think about how long it's been since I went beyond the city limits - when did I become such a home bod?

The plan was to do my chores, pick up my aunt and get to Mahone Bay around noon. This sort of worked (except for the detour where we drove for 30km before noticing that we'd missed the exit for the 103 and then had to drive 30km back to it) so we reached Mahone Bay around 1pm. Lunch time!

We briefly considered the Cheesecake Gallery for lunch, but nothing on the menu grabbed us so we decided to reserve them for dessert and retreat to our old favourite, The Biscuit Eater Cafe and Bookseller. My aunt had a turkey, cranberry and goats cheese sandwich that I know from experience is always excellent. I was going to go for that, but then someone walked past with a bowl of chilli and I made a last minute change. It was gorgeous, although my favourite bit may possibly have been the buttermilk biscuit that came with it because that was fabulous. Their debit machine was acting up so I had to pay cash, which was actually good because I had enough for lunch but not enough for books and I'm trying to keep my book habit sensible even though I'm no longer officially dieting.

I did pick up a couple of chocolate espresso shortcakes to take home because they are mind-blowingly good :-)

Then it was off to the main reason for the trip: Have a Yarn! Here I was very good and bought what I intended without being tempted into extras, although I did feel up a lot of fabulous yarn. They have some new stuff in that I must investigate at some stage: 100% machine washable mini alpaca in fabulous colours that is amazingly soft and would be wonderful for baby knits. Hmm, who do I know who is having a baby in the next few months...


All that beautiful yarn worked up a dessert appetite so we popped into the Cheesecake Gallery for some lovely chocolate cheesecake. It was a baked cheesecake (love), chocolatey without being too sweet and just the right texture. Heaven on a plate.

My aunt then picked up some tea at the Tea Brewery (lemon rush roibus is so good) and we had to pop into a jewellery store that had a beautiful pearl necklace. I've bought a gorgeous thing that will hopefully look great with the bridesmaid dress next month: grey and dark pearls, none of them worth much because they are totally imperfect but they're so pretty and put together so nicely. Now I just need shoes!

Then it was back home where I dropped my aunt off and, er, stopped into the second hand bookshop. Somehow one book multiplied into five. Oops.

But I do have a copy of Spock's World now! And another Diane Duane! And a Lois McMaster Bujold!

I figure that I can Bookmooch any that I don't want to keep because tie-ins are rarely (for me) things that I enjoy so much that I want to keep them to re-read. We'll see how I do.

And now I'm quite tired and ready for a quiet evening with the my knitting and Ashes to Ashes. It was a good day.
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I'm sitting in my kitchen feeling very slightly disconcerted. I got home from work nearly an hour ago, the recycling has been put out, a cup of tea is beside me and I've spoken to my aunt yet it's only 5.30pm and the sun hasn't even begun to set yet.


Obviously I'd been a little lax about this 'getting home at a sensible time' thing before I went on holiday because I'm not used to having this sense of tons of time in the evening. Or possibly it's because I usually have several chores to do when I get in and today I have none. Whatever. It's quite a nice feeling to have sometimes.

Obviously I got home safely, although sadly I was felled by the return of the stomach bug on Monday (that didn't really go away over the weekend if I'm honest) and thus the end of my vacation wasn't quite as planned. It also made my flight yesterday a little less fun and I was so tired (lack of food more than anything else, I suspect) that I was in bed by 7.30pm last night. Thankfully I'm feeling better today, tired and wobbly but better in myself anyway.

The thing that I'm realising is how nice it is to sit in this kitchen in the evening when the sun is still up. I'm looking out at the ocean from where I am, enjoying how beautiful everything is. There are only a few traces of snow in the yards now and it feels like Spring may just be around the corner. It's reinforcing that the things I miss about England are people rather than things, because I couldn't swap this view for anything.

I do miss my parents and sister right now, but thankfully not much more than before I left and I know that will settle back in a few days. If I could have Canada with my parents and sister living right here then it would be perfect. It's not going to happen, I know, but it would be lovely. At least I'll get Canada with my parents living here in a couple of years.

The cats have mostly forgiven me for leaving them and I'm looking forward to getting settled into my life again. Tonight I plan to do a bit of writing, have some supper and then watch some TV (Holby City and ER, I think) before having another early night. Tomorrow is knit night and it's the birthday of a good friend there, so it won't be an early one I suspect! Then it will be Friday and my weekend, hoorah! I need to get to the farmers' market on Saturday. The green veg in the store was dreadful (I've resorted to broccoli again as the only halfway decent veg) and I have no eggs. Then I need to stop into the library and Bulk Barn because I have an overdue book and I'm almost out of pasta. My aunt is staying over on Saturday night so I'll be going through my recipe books to figure out something yummy to feed her.

Yeah, I think things are going to be OK. And the ocean really is beautiful.
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As of today, it is now six months since I moved to Canada. I can't believe how fast the time has flown! There have been ups and downs and the winter has not been easy, but overall it's been wonderful and I'm absolutely certain that I made the right choice to do this. It's been a huge learning experience in more ways than I could ever have imagined.

Things I have learned:
Cut for length )

I'm sure that I could keep going for hours on that. So much of what I've done and learned is stuff that I didn't even think about when I came here. It makes me quite excited about the next six months. The good thing is that the weather is going to start getting better as spring starts approaching (the long-term forecast has no snow for two weeks, which I'm sure is wrong!) so there are a ton of things that I plan to do:

- Get out on some trips at the weekends, exploring more of the area outside the city.
- Learn to barbeque really well and creatively.
- Experiment more with my cooking and do more baking.
- Go paddling regularly.
- BBQ at least once a week when the weather is warmer.
- Buy a table and chairs for the deck.
- Sit out on the deck on summer evenings. A glass of wine is totally allowed.
- Have people around for dinner.
- Organise picnics at the beach.
- Remember that I can be at the beach in fifteen minutes so there is no need to swelter at home if I don't want to.
- Wash my car regularly!
- Eat more salads and get out walking regularly.
- Or use the treadmill, if it's nasty outside.
- Walk to the mailbox in the evening when the weather is good rather than stopping there in the car.
- Get the shed door sorted out so that it can be easily opened and closed for storage of deck furniture.
- Get aunt to show me how to repair broken screens.
- Drink coffee on the deck in the mornings.
- Organise a party for my one year emmigraversary.

Yeah, a lot of this is stuff that will need to wait until the weather is much better, but it's good to have goals and plans :-) I'm really looking forward to the next six months!
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My furnace has been repaired. Apparently whoever did the servicing in the summer didn't do a great job of it because the filters were clogged, something fell apart when he touched it and it was a miracle that it had been going at all.


Very glad to have a working furnace heating my house again. Today, at least, the temps were just above zero so it could have been much worse. As it's going down to 15C tonight, there was no way that I could be left without heating!

Unfortunately, that totally foxed all my plans for the day. I'd planned to go to church, pop to the library and then do some bits and bobs around the house before talking to the parents. Instead I curled up under blankets with tea, kitties and a book to wait for the furnace guy and then he took an hour to fix the furnace. So I've talked to the parents and made jelly. That's the sum total of today's activity.

I'm thinking about trying to start my Big Bang fic. It might be a good idea :-)

Is there anything I can bring from Canada for people who might actually see me while I'm over? Apart from snow boots and snow shovels - Mum already tried to persuade me to bring some and they just won't fit in my luggage :-)

I had a whole thinky post about tomorrow being my six month emmigraversary. I'll post it tomorrow because it will be more appropriate :-)

Sea mist

Jan. 16th, 2009 07:59 am
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This morning was incredibly cold. We're talking so cold that I coughed every time I took a breath outside, that cold. I seem to be handling the cold better than the snow, though.

That's not the point of the story.

It's going to be a clear day and I'd forgotten just how beautiful the day can be when it's crisp and cold. Then I got to the end of my road, looked down towards the ocean and saw the thick layer of sea mist out there. It was amazing, this cloud of white mist that drifted and shifted only a few feet over the sea. I wish that I'd had my camera and a few minutes to photograph it.


In other news, my back is playing up :-( I didn't do anything special to it last night, I had a comfortable seat at knit night and yet by the time I went to bed it was throbbing and hurting. If my rheumy X-rayed me right now, I'm sure that a ton of inflammation would show up, it was that kind of pain. Unfortunately, that meant I didn't really drop off to sleep until 2am and my alarm goes off at 5.45am. Yeah, I feel good.

I did get the heating set a bit better last night. I left it a degree higher in the main house than I usually did and pushed the dial up a little in my room, so I wasn't frozen when I woke up and it wasn't completely unpleasant when I got out of bed. Heating will resume normal status when the weather warms up a bit, but I was so glad this morning that I'd done that.

And now I shall go and take some painkillers and get on with my work.

More snow!

Nov. 22nd, 2008 01:15 pm
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We had a snow storm last night. A big one. An unusual one for this early in winter.

It's at least a foot deep with drifts that are much bigger. Sadly a large part of my driveway was one of those deeper drifts :-( I have shovelled my porch, path and drive, though, so I'm feeling quite proud of myself. And rather achy. My neighbour opposite was lovely and came over to give me a hand when he'd finished his drive so I have now met and been introduced to my neighbours. Hooray!

I've just never seen this much snow before. I'm hoping that the ploughs come through soon because I'm trapped here until they do. I'm supposed to be bringing my aunt over to stay the night later but that's only going to happen if I actually get ploughed out.

I feel so glad that I have winter tyres on my car. So, so, so, so glad.

It looks like I'll have to insist on getting the log-ons to work from home because even if the office doesn't close on a day like this, I may not be able to get out anywhere until ploughs come through. Hopefully it won't be much longer: there are a lot of people living up here and we have a hill to conquer in order to get in or out. Surely the authorities won't leave a couple of hundred people unable to leave their neighbourhood for a few days?

Apparently it's going to warm up and rain next week so this isn't going to last.

Hey, I'm going to have a white birthday!

ETA: The cats are loving this. They've been sitting on the windowsill watching everything for hours. My neighbours think my cats are gorgeous. It's so exciting for them!
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I've had a wonderful few days with [ profile] paranoidangel42 visiting. She arrived on Saturday and we had a relaxed evening recovering from her flight. Then on Sunday we did a bit of a road trip, visiting the sugar camp near Truro where they made PA some vegan gluten free pancakes (yay!) and took us on a tour of the camp so that we could learn how maple syrup was made. On the way back, we stopped at a corn maze that I'd heard discussion of and discovered that it was really rather a large maze in corn eight feet tall.

We ended up navigating by mud - "I haven't seen that mud before!"

Monday was spent over in the city doing a bit of exploring. We visited capital hill in time to see the noon gun fired (quite a climb!) and, after lunch, explored the Museum of the Atlantic completely. It was fascinating to learn things about my city that I hadn't learnt even after all these years of visiting.

Yesterday was a quiet day, visiting a second hand bookshop in the morning and mooching around at Fisherman's Cove in the afternoon.

PA read a lot while she was here, trying to cram three Chalet School books from my shelves. But she did it! I spent a lot of time reading SFX and Doctor Who magazine borrowed from her. It was weird to realise that I actually miss them, despite rarely reading them when I lived in England.

Actually, what I think that I really miss is having a sci-fi fan around. Not that I had a sci-fi friend around much in England, but I got to chat Doctor Who and Star Trek with a couple of people at work and I've missed that. We spent a lot of time discussing other stuff, but we did spend a fair amount of time discussing Doctor Who, fic, writing, the state of sci-fi generally. Oh, and bitching about Willian Shatner's ego. Heh.

I really need to find the sci-fi community here. Maybe there will be contacts at work? After all, I'm going to be employed as a Programmer (official job title!) and there are always geeks in IT :-)

Now I'm going to watch Holby City (eee!), SJA and the hours of stuff that I videoed over the last couple of days. Still not entirely convinced about Fringe, but I did record it, and I already love My Own Worst Enemy. Heroes is always good and I have two episodes of that stored up.

I also have two Doctor Who DVDs from the library. After all, I don't need to job hunt anymore!
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For the curious, I passed my test and now have a Nova Scotia driver's licence :-)

After worrying, stressing, and ending up at the stage of being ready to throw-up by the time the examiner came to my car, it turned out to be much easier than I thought. In fact, he just had me drive around the block and then passed me. No manoeuvres, nothing difficult, just a quick trip out and we were done.

Apparently he can usually tell the good drivers from the bad or so-so very quickly and he knew that it would be good before we got to the first stop sign. So he passed me despite me mucking up parking at the end!

I have just fired off an email to accept that job. Da thinks that I'll survive comfortably on the salary and I trust him better than my own estimates of bills! There are good benefits (including full medical and company pension) although the holiday is only two weeks :-( Damn UK holidays getting me used to five weeks holiday! I'll have to find out whether the medical will cover EDS bearing in mind that it's my biggest expense, but I'll be happy if it includes drugs, optical and dental because those are likely to be my biggest bills right now. Any dislocations and doctor's appointments etc. are picked up my the state medical coverage anyway.

That is why I sputtered incoherently when McCain tried to accuse Obama of bringing in socialised medicine "like they have in Canada and England" as though that's a bad thing!! WTF world does he live in?

Anyway, that is the news and knowing that I've got myself a job does relieve some of my worry. Today I am going to do some cleaning in preparation for [ profile] paranoidangel42's arrival tomorrow and then curl up with some DVDs and declare a veg day. I really need one after the last couple of weeks!

BTW, why did no one tell me about season 4 Gray's Anatomy? Why did I have to find out about in on a Butch/Femme board on Ravelry? And, um, why did I order the box-set just now? *is puzzled*

Weird day

Oct. 14th, 2008 09:35 am
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Turkey Day yesterday was good, although I think that I might have overdone the turkey a bit. But it was really *good* turkey and it was nice to spend the day with my mum and aunt.

Today is the day that Mum goes back to England. She leaves tonight on a night flight. It's weird because a part of me can't wait to start the independent part of my life and another part of me is going to really miss her. We're out and about doing bits and pieces today, picking up bits that she wants to take back with her and taking my aunt out for lunch.

Somewhere in my day, I need to find time to nip down to the polling station and vote.

Mum was talking about taking a taxi to the airport last week because her flight is so late. We haven't talked about it since. Not knowing the way (I've only driven it once) I'd prefer to have my aunt with me if I do drive it. But we haven't arranged anything yet. I'll feel guilty if Mum does take a taxi, but I suspect that I'll also feel relieved and that's going to make me feel even *more* guilty.

Hopefully I'll feel much better about all of this tomorrow because Mum leaving won't be hanging over me any more. Plus I've got a busy day tomorrow. I'm planning to take my written driving test, I have a driving lesson booked to prepare for the road test, there is grocery shopping that I need to do and in the evening I'm out at a dessert evening with some women from church.

For now, I'm going to get through today and remind myself that I'm not going to be lonely after Mum goes.


Oct. 6th, 2008 11:33 am
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So I'm nearly done with my [ profile] dw_femslash fic (I should make it just under the wire). Hitting the word count has not been the problem. *Stopping*, that is proving to be the problem. What is it about ficathons this year that is making be break the 2,500 word mark when I hadn't managed that for eighteen months before?

In other news, I had a day out at Mahone Bay which was fabulous. There were books and yarn and amazing chocolate espresso cookies and then we went to my favourite steak place in the evening for supper. It turns out that a watched job board never produces jobs: while I was taking a day off, several jobs got posted that I could apply for! So today has been a bit more productive on that side than it has been.

Merlin has just finished downloading but I really need to finish the fic and then go out to the store. I'll definitely be back for my regular chat with [ profile] historyterry unless the sky falls in. I'm starting to feel much more confident about driving on my own and, at the weekend, I finally seemed to get the hang of four-way stops. Go me!

Note to self: book driving lessons after lunch to make sure of stuff for driving test. Also, book driving test.

Now it's back to the fic with some sustaining tea. Why is my throat sore?
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This week seems to have been busier than ever, although I'm not sure how much actual useful stuff I have achieved!

Monday was Labour Day so we drove up to Sugar Moon for pancakes, maple syrup and amazing maple baked beans. The time in the sugar camp and at the restaurant was lovely, but the drive was less so. This is mainly because I appear to be cursed with torrential rain whenever I am looking for an exit from the highway. I'm very proud of myself for driving all that way up the highway. Er, I asked Da to drive back while I recovered from the torrential rain experience :-)

The evening was spent constructing furniture and we now have a lot of the office set up. Just got a bit more furniture building to do tomorrow. Um, yay?

Tuesday was another out and about day, going to about ten different places to buy stuff that the house still needs. The good news it that we now have a DVD recorder, some stationary, various items for making cards (?) and a full set of chairs in the dining room.

A lot of Wednesday was sacrificed to the cause of going to customs and signing for my shipping. It will arrive on Monday and I am going to be so happy. My highway/torrential rain curse struck again, which was...exciting. The rest of Wednesday was lost to bundling up the cardboard from all the furniture so that it could be taken away by the garbage truck.

Mum and I are thinking of starting a business as flat-pack furniture builders and cardboard bundlers.

Da is going back to England today and, in the four weeks that he's been here, he's hardly done anything except build furniture, shop (for furniture) and do an awful lot of work for his companies in England. So he decided that he wanted to spend Thursday and Friday being a tourist.

Thursday we drove down to Mahone Bay for the day. Why have we never done that before? It's a beautiful town, picture postcard beautiful, and filled with lovely little shops that Mum and I have decided we need to make a return visit for. There is an absolutely fabulous yarn shop, Have A Yarn, that is possibly the biggest yarn shop we've ever seen. There is also a tea shop that sells the most amazing teas ever. We bought some rooibus and lemon that is gorgeous and Da fell in love with a rooibus and ginger tea. It's good to have a place that can feed our love of wonderful teas :-) There was also a cafe/book seller, The Biscuit Eater, that makes great sandwiches and sells lovely old books. I might have picked up an old, original Nancy Drew :-)

Yesterday (Friday) we decided to spend the day across the harbour. Da wanted to wander around and take photos and Mum and I thought he'd like the company. Sadly, our builder called just before we were due to leave with the news that the guy who is putting a new front door and storm door on was on his way. Um. So Mum decided to stay behind and supervise the guy and then pop out to buy some bungee cords so that we can strap down the bins and anything else fly-able on Sunday.

It was a great day out and I saw parts of the city that I've never really explored before. Sadly, my knee attempted to dislocate so I had to leave early :-( I got Mum to pick me up from the bus stop because, even though it's only a fifteen minute walk, I wasn't that sure about my knee holding up to it. Da stayed into the evening to get the good light and really enjoyed himself.

Today we are just doing bits and pieces while Da potters around and packs. His flight is at 11pm tonight. The weather yesterday was amazingly hot but it's cooler and wet today. We assured that the remnants of Hurricane Gustav will be passing over today. Tomorrow we're getting what's left of Hurricane Hanna, although the forecaster today says that it won't be as bad as originally predicted here because the storm has changed track and the eye won't be going over us any more. So just 30mm of rain and 65kph winds, heh.

I am now feeling very glad that I didn't agree to contracting with Tesco. The office still isn't really sorted, although I do finally have a desk rather than having to work from the sofa or my recliner. Monday is going to be hell with my shipping arriving, we'll still be sorting on Tuesday probably (my aunt is come over to help us with it all) so it's probably going to be Wednesday before I get a proper routine going and I *really* need to get some more work done on the job hunt thing. Two applications will definitely not result in a job any time soon.

Despite all of that, I am still really happy that I've done this.
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The luggage!
Originally uploaded by ArcheryGirl
I've been updating my Flickr with the photos from my first couple of weeks in Canada. The little camera that I bought for Snowdon has been living in my messenger bag so I managed to catch some good moments.

You can see the rest of the photos here:
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The sun has gone down
Originally uploaded by ArcheryGirl
There have been a ton of amazing sunsets here since I arrived so I put a few of them up on Flickr. All of these have been taken from the deck.

You can see the rest of the sunsets here:
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Yesterday was as lazy and relaxed as I'd hoped for. I went to church with Mum at the little baptist church down the road in the morning. Everyone was really friendly - the geniune sort of friendliness - without being pushy and signing me up for three committees and the choir before I'd sat down. They are starting up a walking club and I put my name down - the people seem lovely and it would be a good chance to meet new people and keep up my walking.

I suspect that I'll be alternating that one with Safe Harbour (the LGBT church over the harbour) once I'm more settled. It's certainly somewhere that I felt comfortable. The service was informal without being happy-clappy or unstructured, so it's just my level. I'll have to see what Safe Harbour is like.

Most of the afternoon was spent reading, knitting and generally relaxing. I walked down to the mailbox to post some letters just before supper and, post-supper, we sat in the rec room to watch some Olympics. I finally caught five minutes of gymnastics! I saw the final floor exercise by the winner of gold in the girls floor category. She really was amazing and I could see why she'd been given the gold.

Today has been busy busy. Mum and I got up early and got the trim painting done in my room. The carpet went down at the end of last week but our painter hadn't got around to painting the skirting boards or door trim. As he's a very messy painter, we didn't trust him to do it so we got out the tools and did the job ourselves. I've now got sheers up at the windows (still need to make some curtains) and we've even put the bed in. The bed is on a temporary frame until my real one arrives, but it's great to get it up and made up (complete with beautiful quilt!) so that it looks like a real bedroom. Mum and I also put up the Cheval mirror. We're productive when we try to be :-)

This afternoon we went to the store, planning to make a quick stop to look at furniture for the big rec room on our way.

Readers, I bought some.

On Friday, a new (three seater) sofa, coffee table and two recliners will be arriving. By Friday evening we shall be sitting in comfort to watch TV so we'll be able to relax properly in the evening.

The other good piece of news is that the lumber for the new deck will arrive on Wednesday and we won't have to carry it into the back yard ourselves, as was the original plan. With any luck, we should have a new deck by mid-next week.

Today was much more successful than some days have been. The second insurance company has faxed their letter to my new insurers so that just leaves the pain in the butt insurance company. Grrr. I'm praying that will come soon but not expecting much because they take so long to get their finger out and actually do anything.

No word yet on when our new computers will arrive. The estimated delivery date is still showing as tomorrow on the Dell website, but they are also not showing as having been dispatched so it's anyone's guess as to where they are! I really want my computer because my dad's laptop refuses to let Skype work and is rather temperamental at best. Silly thing.

Still, everything is looking brighter today and the big bulk of furniture shopping is now over. That means I can turn my attention to the job hunting and I'll feel much more relaxed once that has been started. I can't believe that I've only been here for a little over a week!
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Friday was fairly unremarkable except for one teeny little thing.

It's called a big power cut.

I was finishing up some bits on the computer on Friday when suddenly everything went dark. The computer is a lappie and the modem had just (two hours before) been set up on a UPS so that was fine, but the lights and fans just died.

Checking with a neighbour (I met a neighbour! Except he's just sold his house...) proved that it wasn't just us but then we had a new problem. It was supper time. We had a gas ring to cook on, but nothing to stand it on and, even more importantly, we had no flashlights. Nope, not a flashlight or a candle was to be found in our house.

Good thing the stores are open untl 8pm!

As we were going out to the store anyway, we decided to eat out and set up the gas ring another day. It was a good plan, we decided. We very nearly ordered in but as we set out for the store, we realised that it wouldn't have been a good idea. Everything was in darkness (including traffic lights) for miles. The first working traffic light was at the entry to the highway. As the hardware store is on the first exit from the highway, we were just grateful that there was some power there. Flashlights and table were bought and then we went onto a sushi place for supper, which was excellent. The quality was top notch and the range was as good as my favourite place across the harbour. Definitely a place to return to.

The power was back by the time we got home, which was actually a huge relief. It turned out to be a fun power cut, though, because we got a nice supper and everyone had a chance to relax and enjoy themselves for a few hours.

Yesterday we did a lot more sorting, bought the new quilt for my bed and my parents bought a security system for the house. I think they're worried about me being here on my own. Awww. We had my aunt over for some supper and so that she and mum could go to Canadian Tire and drool over power tools. That was a heap of fun and my aunt treated us to a chocolate cheesecakse for dessert. Da had a 'vegan' (heh) blueberry turnover as my thank you for carrying all my extra luggage. He really went above and beyond for it.

Today we are having a lazy day and hopefully tomorrow we'll finish up the work in my room. I really want to move into my own bedroom now :-)
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I'm starting to feel a little more settled now. It helps that yesterday we got the Internet hooked up at the house. No computers yet, but Da has his laptop here (old and tends to get crotchety sometimes) so we can actuallly use the Internet without having toddle over to my aunt's house every time we need something.

How crazy is it that an Internet-less state of being can be so unnerving?

The computers should arrive early next week and then I shall have my lovely new laptop to play on to my heart's delight. We've even got the wireless network up and running on a D-Link box and it's great. We actually get really good signal strength throughout the house, much better than we get at home, and the Internet connection is lovely and fast. I'm a happy girl :-)

The other important thing is that we have a TV so now I can actually see news and Olympics coverage and so on. Somehow, just having those two things, helps me to feel much less cut-off from the rest of the world.

I also have airmail letter paper and envelopes (from the dollar store, where everything is an actual dollar rather than £2.50) so I can write snail mail letters to people as well.

After the triumph of finding a new car, there was the slightly less triumphal getting of insurance. I've found a company that will insure me and take into account my driving record in the UK (which really brings down the quote a lot - by $2000 over what most others were quoting) but they need letters from my insurance companies in England.


So my fun job this morning was calling my old insurance companies in the UK. Thankfully I'd written letters to all of them at some stage in the past so I had the policy numbers lurking in my hard drive. Obssessive filing pays off sometimes! One of them had a fax with my new insurers within a few minutes of me calling. Another will be faxing on Monday.

Then there's the insurance company that I was with for a few years up to 2007. The ones who took ten months to sort out a claim that the other driver admitted liability for within a couple of weeks because they'd rear-ended me. The nightmare company that had to be called twenty times, with three written letters of complaint, before they finally sorted out the claim. They say that they cannot fax or email anything. They cannot post anything outside the UK. They'd really prefer to post to my old address, but I exploded a little at that one because, um, I DON'T LIVE THERE ANYMORE. So the compromise is that they'll send it to my sister and I'll hope that she can fax it.

They'll do it within five business days. Grump.

So I've told the garage about the delay and the reason and they're fine for me to pick the car up whenever. I've told them that I'm hoping for Wednesday but I'll keep them informed. That means that my parents will have to keep their hire car for an extra few days, which is annoying but not totally impossible.

I hate insurance companies.

Everything else has been relatively successful over the last few days. There was no shopping today (phew!) but we have been painting and cleaning lots. Yesterday I went out with Mum and picked out a quilt - it will be picked up tomorrow when my bank card has been activated. I made some changes to my bank account on Wednesday to get an account that doesn't have charges attached, but my card was going to take 48 hours to activate the changes. Bah. But at least it's nearly sorted and the quilt is absolutely beautiful. We also have curtain material and the carpet got fitted. That means there is a decent chance that I'll be able to move into my bedroom by the beginning of the week. Hooray!

I was out at the insurance office last night so I didn't get to go to the local knitting group, but I'll be trying to get there next Thursday. They meet in a local bar/eatery that apparently does great chowder and amazing onion rings. I'm going to have to be careful here or I'll end up the size of a house!

I was a little low last night after realising that the insurance would be more complicated than I thought, but I'm feeling much better now. The sun is shining, it's beautiful outside (windy and fresh and lovely) and I'm mostly just feeling impatient for everything to be sorted out. I knew that it would take time to get everything sorted out so it's just illogical that I'm feeling bad over not everything being done yet when I've only been here six days.

[ profile] historyterry, feel free to laugh at me right now for all the times that I've tried to encourage you to relax when not everything is perfect immediately. Pots and kettles and all that :-)

Everything is starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere and I'm looking forward to being able to relax a bit at the weekend. I've decided that Sunday needs to be a proper "doing fun stuff" day rather than another day of shopping/fixing/calling people. We all need a break!

ETA: I actually have 90 days to get my new driver's licence. Phew! And I'm already half-way up the back of sis's cardigan and it's going beautifully.
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The last two days have involved shopping, more shopping and then for a change, some more shopping.

I'm shopped out and there's still a ton of stuff to buy!

On Monday we ordered a TV stand and the office furniture. Most of that will be delivered today, except for the desks which aren't due until next week. But then neither are the computers, so it's not a disaster. Today will also see the arrival of our dining room table (phew! The card table is very worrying due to a pronounced wobble) and a chest of drawers for my sister's room. This will mean that I can finally unpack some of my cases and put things places. Living out of suitcases is already driving me crazy because I can never find anything. I would kill for a nail file right now - I have at least two packets somewhere in my luggage.

The one thing I have found is my yarn, so I've cast on for the beautiful cardigan that my sister wanted for Christmas. It's looking great so far :-)

Yesterday's big purchase was a new car. On Monday, I will be the proud owner of a Honda Fit.

It's going to be paid for on the monthly installment plan to the Bank of Mum and Dad. Beautiful car, it should be very good and reliable but I am slightly worried because I have never spent that much on a vehicle!

Apparently I'm only going to have 30 days to get my Nova Scotia driving license, so today I'll be getting myself a driver's handbook and trying to find someone to give me driving lessons. Eeep! Today I'm also going to the bank to sort out my address change and a checking account so that I can actually buy and pay for things myself. It will be nice to have access to cash again.

It's all been rather exhausting, but things are starting to take shape at the house and I'm only having brief moments of panic. We were all tired and snapping and irritable last night so I'm planning that we're going to have an actual day off over the weekend before we kill each other.

The Internet gets hooked up tomorrow (yay!) and my father has his laptop with him, so I'm hoping that we'll have some Internet access from tomorrow. Our new computers will arrive at the start of next week. I'm starting to suffer from severe Internet withdrawal :-) Mostly, I'm feeling rather cut off at the moment because the TV hasn't been set up yet (too much builder's stuff in the main room), we have no radio and without Internet I've got no idea what's going on in the real world.

Damn, I'm way too much of a news junkie to be this long without access to TV or the BBC News site.

And now I'd better let my father have the computer before he explodes from Internet withdrawal as well.
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Well, I am posting this from my aunt's computer (800 x 600 display is painful!) so I must be in Canada! Yesterday wasn't much fun, but all the bits that I'd been worrying about went smoothly so I'm feeling much happier now. It's not really sunk in that I'm here for good yet, it still feels like a holiday even though I've been out to buy a TV and some telephones today.

After all the worrying about luggage allowances on Friday evening, I discovered yesterday morning that I'd left all of my medication and my teddy out of the cases. Oh noes! That meant I had to unpack some bits, leave a couple more things behind and re-pack and re-weigh. Everything came in just under the weight limits, which should have been a relief but somehow Da and I still felt very stressed about it all. I think for my part is was because I still wasn't sure that the airline would be OK with my archery equipment and Da was absorbing and magnifying all of my stress :-( The bit that really didn't help was that, five minutes before the taxi arrived, I discovered that I couldn't find my keys. I'd packed them carefully the night before, but I had no idea where they were now. Why were my keys important?

Because I'd put the keys for my archery box on the ring so that I wouldn't lose them!

Cue one almighty panic, complete with shouting and tearing of hair, on my part, until I finally worked out where the hell I'd put them. Basically, I turned into my mother having one of her 'moments'. Please shoot me if I do that again, people. Still, considering what I'm doing, I feel like one wobble insane moment is more than justified. It was all the stress being expressed in one awful moment!

The lovely [ profile] gmul came to meet us at the airport and wave me off, so he was also able to direct us to our check-in desk. Thankfully the archery equipment was waved on without a hitch and no mention was made of excess baggage. Phew!

Then we wandered up to a coffee shop to relax with tea and coffee for a while (and a croissant for me because I went into starvation mode once the first stress was over). Our gate was called about two minutes after gmul toddled off and the sheer weight (and bulk) of our hand luggage made the traipse up to the gate torture. Thankfully we got there just before they started loading and my walking stick secured us early access to our seats.

The flight was unremarkable, but felt incredibly long to me. We pushed away from the gate late and we were almost an hour late getting to Canada. I did manage to doze a bit for an hour, but Da was too stressed to sleep. Poor man. He also got starved because the 'vegan' lunch they served was frankly inedible. Sadly, my lunch was perfectly edible and identifiable so I was fairly well fed. Oops.

The bit of the trip that had kept me in nightmares for days was the entry to Canada. Despite my citizenship documents, passport and SIN, I was still convinced that it couldn't possibly be as easy as everyone was assuring me that it was. Um.

The hardest bit was customs working out which form to use for my shipping goods. Heh. They spent a long time debating whether I was a settler or a returning Canadian. On the one hand, I've never lived in Canada before. On the other hand, I'm a citizen. In the end we concluded that I'm a returning Canadian and one of the customs guys (every customs officer in the airport ended up putting in their 2c) reassured me that I'm entering "by right as a Canadian!" so I'm wonderful. Yay.

Half an hour after getting off my plane, I was walking into arrivals as Canada's newest resident. Phew!

Mum took a photo of me as I climbed out of the taxi at the house so I'll post that as soon as I have my own computer :-)

The house is gorgeous. There is still a lot of working going on in it and it's going to be weeks before everything is done, but it's already looking fab. I'm currently just marveling at this concept of having a bathroom with enough drawers and cupboards to keep my toiletries in! I've lived out of a toiletry bag in my bedroom for as long as I can remember, always having to gather up everything I'll need and carry it to the bathroom every time I shower or even just want to wash my face. It's brilliant :-)

I'm sleeping in my sister's room, which is almost fully furnished (no chest of drawers yet), because my room still needs to have the floor fixed. As soon as the floor is fixed, later this week, I'll be able to set up my bed and new Cheval mirror and sleep in my own room. Sis's room is beautiful and comfortable, though.

Tea and pie were consumed when I arrived (to keep our stomachs from grumbling too loudly) and then I had a lie down to rest my back before supper. It was strawberry and rhubard pie, [ profile] historyterry. I know how important pie is for you :-)

Supper was at Bookdocks with my aunt. This is a lovely restaurant just down the road from me and we sat outside eating lobster sandwiches while we watched the ocean. I'm going to love this kind of life :-)

It was early to bed then, but not before I pulled the door off the coat closet. It came off in my hand, honest!

Really, that's the truth. The bolt has sheered off and there is a lot of damage to the track that it ran on (it was a fold-in door) so Mum suspects that it broke when the tenants were here and she's just been lucky up until now. And then I moved in :-)

This morning I did exactly what I'd been promising for months. There's no furniture out there, so I had to stand, but I drank my morning coffee on the deck looking out over the ocean. It was just amazing, beautiful and serene, and I realised again just how incredibly lucky I am.


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