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It's a birthday miracle, and I've only ended up working for an hour and a bit today. Woot!

So I'm making a deal with myself. If I can past 50k on Papercuts, thereby getting a birthday win on NaNo, I can spend the rest of the day catching up with Once Upon a Time and last night's Strictly and eating chocolate cheesecake.

So here we go. I need to write 2k words today. I'm doing it. I'm going. I'm not looking at Tumblr...


Nov. 23rd, 2011 03:07 pm
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Can I has iPad?

Yes I can!

Yup, today is the day and guess where I'm writing from? I love this thing so much already? I'm getting it all kitted out with lovely apps, like Quickoffice and a calculator Accuweather and...

OK, yeah, there are a few fun ones. Obviously there's the essential things like Netflix and the various reading apps. And I'm digging around for the players for my TV stations. I may also have invested in Infinity Blade :-) And I'm eyeing up some other games as well :-)

My sister arrived yesterday and she's installed on the sofa doing some work, the poor thing. I understand that there's a fair bit off filing emails using Outlook web access and it's driving her insane.

The promised snow storm has arrived early and with way more snow than predicted. Yay? My sushi plans have been put on hold until Friday. Ah, well, we have pizzas in the freezer and mum has made me a lovely cake. It's still a great day :-)

As soon as Sis finishes her filing, I'm going to see if she wants to watch some movies. And I just happen to have a couple that arrived this morning...
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On Wednesday I have a day off so that I don't have to be in horrible meetings and terribly stressed on my birthday. The plan was to spend the day having fun and playing with my new iPad(!!).

My sister flies in for a visit tomorrow so the plan got updated a while ago to include a day trip to buy yarn, tea and other nice things.

You know what me planning a day trip means?

30-40mm of rain. If it doesn't rain, it will snow.

Looks like I'm not going anywhere on my birthday. The trip can be postponed until the weekend, when the forecast is great, so it's not a total loss. Mum is feeling guilty that my weather luck is holding for my birthday.

Really, all I ask for is that it rains instead of snowing so that I can still go out for sushi that evening. And maybe have a nice breakfast out. Between those two events, having my day out cancelled just gives me more iPad time. So, not a total loss.

It does prove that something out there is trying to get me with the weather, though.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] hhertzof!!

Hope your day is filled with lovely things and snuggly bunnies :-)
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] gaspodex and [ profile] gmul!! Hope you both have fabulous days.

Well, I know that one of you is because I saw the Twitter of where you were this evening. Not jealous, obviously :-)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] kymbr!

Hope the next year brings you wonderful things, hon :-)
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Yup, Doctor Who turns 45 today and I couldn't be happier. My show is so great :-)

And thank you for the birthday wishes. I'll reply to them individually as well, but right now I'm about to run out of the door for food and pressies at my aunt's house. Thankfully the roads were cleared yesterday afternoon so it's still been a great day with lots of really pretty snow to look at.

I even got a card from my kitties :-)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] danamaree!

Hope you have a great day :-)
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Happy (Be-lated) Birthday [ profile] margec01!

Shredding is an evil process, particularly when one's shredder only takes on sheet at a time and needs emptying approximately every twenty sheets. But I am now victorious because the shredding has been completed. Yay me.

Unfortunately I forgot to de-frost lunch and with the current "try to get rid of all fresh food by Saturday" policy there is not sufficient left-overs lurking for me to concoct a replacement meal. I'm hoping that time in the airing cupboard and then a minute or two in the microwave on lowest power settings will enable me to eat my lunch shortly.

On the up side, our builder has offered the loan of a laptop until our new computers arrive so we are still on schedule for getting our Internet hooked up next Thursday. Phew!

Anyone know anything useful about cable routers/modems? Particularly ones with wireless and wired connection potential?
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This weekend I managed to note (and not actually post about) two birthdays. So...

Happy Birthday [ profile] paranoidangel42!

And Happy Birthday [ profile] netgirl_y2k!

In other thoughts, would someone please talk me out of writing Donna the Time Lord fic? Please? Particularly as I've already written 1,300 words today and I really want to be writing Sensible Man instead.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] gaspodex and [ profile] gmul!

Today is obviously a good day for fine people to have birthdays :-)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] feather_autant!

Hope the day brings wonderful things.
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] the_magician

Hope you have a fantastic (and relaxing) day.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] jedinic !.

Hope you have a great day, hon.
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Happy birthday [ profile] thegrrrl2002!

Hope you have a great day :-)
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Happy Birthday [ profile] riverfox!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] sazzle_02!!

Hope you have a lovely day, my dear, and that the next year brings amazing things for you.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] wadjet_theperv! Hope you have a lovely one, hon :-)
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Happy birthday [ profile] kymbr! Have a lovely day, hon, and I hope the next year is wonderful :-)
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Today is very important...

It's [ profile] terrylbirch's birthday!

Enjoy your day, hon :-))


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