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I got home from the big trip on Monday. It was a BIG trip, so I will need to write up some notes from Worldcon etc. because it was amazing and I don't want to forget it.

Brief summary: wedding was amazing, Worldcon was fantastic, really liked Helsinki, the days with dad post-Helsinki were busy but lovely.

Pretty sure Helsinki/Worldcon wouldn't have been half so fun without roommate extraordinaire [personal profile] bookmonster :-D

Being back has been...interesting. The office managed not to collapse without me, despite the boss's worries and dire predictions. They didn't contact me while I was away (I suspect my coworkers sat on the boss whenever he suggested it) and nothing came in that couldn't wait for my return. Phew! I've been doing all the paperwork and prep for the release on Sunday of the project I've been working on since January. It's the first phase--lots of new code to replace all the COBOL we were running--and the second phase will happen in a month--deleting all the obsolete COBOL--if nothing falls down. I decided to leave the old COBOL in place for a few weeks in case we have to roll back, but if we get through a full month end batch cycle, it will go.

It's a bigger deal than I realised. So far, the director of my department has sent out an email to the whole of IT about it and I've had the manager of another department come over and congratulate me, and explain why freeing up some COBOL licences has huge benefits to his team. I'm a little gob-smacked that my little project is getting so much attention. There's talk of getting me to help some other teams do similar and of getting me to work on some projects to port stuff out of other old code-bases into something newer and better supported. Wow.

On the home front...

I love my mother. I really do. Remind me of this regularly, guys? It's only been four days and she's driving me up the wall. We'd been doing so well over the last two or three summers! But she came out later this year, so I had more time to get used to being on my own and doing my own thing and it's hard to adjust. It's probably all petty little things, but I'm not dealing well with her this year. Plus, there was an incident with my car and if it turns out she's wrong and the parking barrier didn't malfunction (the car park operator is trying to dig up CCTV), I'm going to need to have a talk with her about why she needs to pay for the damage she did and not me. I mean, I don't ask her to pay for any other maintenance or insurance, even though she uses it a lot when she's here! If she damages it through carelessness, I see no reason why I need to foot the bill. I'm waiting to see how her claim against the car park goes before we discuss that, though. We're getting the damage assessed this afternoon for the adjuster.

I'm ready for another holiday.
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...I have discovered online clothes shopping.

I need something to wear to my sister's wedding(s) (two days, two outfits) in five weeks (!!!) and I've been putting off going out on the hunt because I loathe clothes shopping and usually get horribly intimidated by the shops and the racks and the people, and end up running away with nothing to show for the attempt.

It's a thing. Going with people doesn't help--I end up feeling like the ugliest creature alive and picking the dullest outfit possible in a size too big, because it gets me out of there and nobody has to look at me any more. Then I indulge in a pity party because I hate what I bought but I can't take it back because omg no the shops are scary. Urgh.

So my sis suggested I try shopping online, which I'd never thought of before because how can you figure out what will fit from photos? (Hint: there are size charts. I'd forgotten that.) And she sent some links and I did some browsing, it's so much easier to pick something when I can see it on a model so I know how it will fit and fall.

The shirt that arrived yesterday was something I probably would never have picked out off a rack, because it looks pretty shapeless on a hanger, but I loved the way it looked on the model so I ordered it. (In my size and a size up, obviously, because I am still convinced I'm bigger than I am and the size up is definitely too big if I'm being honest so it's the one I'll return, not the one that fits.) It's possibly the cutest shirt I've ever owned and everyone I've shown it to says it looks good on me and that feels good.

Plus, I'd never have even tried it in a shop? But shopping from home gave me the confidence to give it a go.

So I guess online shopping is going to be a thing now. I've got another shirt arriving soon and hopefully by the end of this, I'll have outfits for both of the wedding days. Plus, I might actually start updating my wardrobe a bit and feel less frumpy by not wearing ancient clothes that are too big for me!
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I'm experimenting with Wunderlist for keeping track of tasks and lists and so forth, and of course it's been bought out by Microsoft and they're previewing the Microsoft version of the new software just as I start to use it. Grr.

Frustratingly, the Microsoft version includes the ability to schedule things for weekdays only (for example), which is something I really value, but not the ability to put subtasks in a task.

And Wunderlist can only manage weekly or daily repetitions, but it does have subtasks.


So I may be using both side-by-side for a while, as I figure out what I need. I like the subtasks because it makes shopping lists and tracking my Hugo reads much easier. Having shopping lists I can tick off is something I really want, but none of the apps that are specifically for shopping work the way I want them to. So I'm trying out Wunderlist and I do like the idea of only having one app for all the different kinds of lists I need to track.

But I don't want to be reminded to close the windows before I go to work on weekends, which makes the Microsoft app useful. At least Wunderlist is going to keep running for a long time yet, probably while they port all that useful functionality over into the MS thing.

If anyone has a suggestion for an app that can do all the stuff I need in one app, and can be shared between web/iPhone/iPad, PLEASE let me know.

In other stuff...

Last night, I had a craving for scones and jam. So I made scones! I love being a competent baker. Although note to self: use the larger cutter, because these scones are very very small. The recipe is for eight. I have fifteen bite-size babies. Whoops.

I have spent most of my life thinking I don't like raspberry jam. Mum always reminds me I don't like it every time I contemplate trying it and I believed her.

Readers, I tried it and guess what? I like raspberry jam!

I will never believe Mum about these things without testing for myself again.

This week

Apr. 28th, 2017 12:01 pm
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This has been a weird sort of week, one where I feel like I haven't really accomplished much and I definitely haven't kept up with anyone and the time has disappeared somewhere, but somehow I haven't slept and I'm exhausted. Blergh.

And probably as a result of the not-sleeping, my neck went into spasm yesterday so I feel even more awful. Go me!

If I actually think about it, I haven't been lazy. I went for long walks after work on Monday and Tuesday, I wrote a bit of fic, I made good progress in my Hugo reading pile, I hit one of my milestones on the cobol replacement project I'm on at work...I did stuff! I achieved stuff! I just feel all out of sorts right now and the whole not sleeping thing is making it worse.

My Fitbit even totted up how much sleep I haven't had this week and gave me a little lecture on how hard it is to recover from that kind of sleep debt. Thanks, Fitbit. You're a pal.

Cut for wibbling about photography )

And that's been my week. I need to make bread tomorrow, but I might treat myself to pizza tomorrow evening. Cooking feels way too much like work right now.
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I still can't find a journal style that combines all the things I want (fun look, easy to read, comment threading easily obvious), which is why I keep changing it. But I will find one eventually! (If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to throw them at me.) The one I'm using as of this moment is the closest I've got yet.

It's probably around a year now until I finally move out of this gigantic house, throw the keys at my mother as my moving truck rounds the corner, and move into an apartment.


I will be helping Mum to sell this house, even though I plan to move out before it actually sells. I will also be helping her to pack her stuff and move it into another apartment and hoo boy next summer will involve so much packing and moving, I'm tired just thinking about it. But that's not the point. With a year to go, I'm already starting to anticipate things that need doing. So I'm doing occasional clear-downs of junk and sorting through cupboards and drawers. Eight and a half years is a long time to build up crap!

Most importantly, I'm doing some financial reviews because the rent on an apartment will be a bit higher than the rent I've been paying on this house. Not crazy higher, but enough to make the amount available to dump into savings lower, so I'm making sure there aren't any costs I'm paying that I don't need.

So far, I've reviewed and cut down on my comics spending. I never had time to keep up with them, so I've cut my pull list down to Hawkeye, Ms Marvel, and Saga, because they're the things I *am* keeping up with.

I dumped the data plan for my iPad, because I have a cell phone with a data plan now so I don't need it. I cancelled a streaming box I wasn't using from my cable company.

I'm currently on hold with my long distance provider to cancel it, because my cell plan has all the calling I need on that side and I'm only holding onto the plan for when Mum visits and makes, like, one call to PEI. Honestly, paying a significant number of dollars a month and then spending another dollar each time Mum wants to call out of the city is ridiculous, so it's going. If she needs to make calls when she's here, she's got a cell phone, there's Skype, we can figure something out. (ETA: And apparently this wasn't in my budgeting spreadsheet, so although it's a saving, it hasn't changed the spreadsheet. D'oh! But at least now it's not an *unplanned* expense each month, so that's good, right?)

My cable provider just (yesterday) introduced a feature where I can drop some channels I don't use and replace them with ones I do, without extra charges. So I'm no longer paying extra for BBC World News, plus I have BBC Canada and BBC Earth, in exchange for three kids channels I'll never look at.

It's all little bitty things, $5 here and $10 there, but it mounts up!

Later today, hopefully, there will be fic posting. Watch this space.

(Now, do I try another journal style?)
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Agents of SHIELD and Holby review posts are incoming, but first! STUFF.

I think that I have expressed my flail and frustration and every other emotion about the snap election on Twitter, so I won't bring it over here (today). Instead, today I has a sad because the woman who hired me over eight (nearly nine?) years ago is retiring today. She sponsored and championed me through my first couple of years at the company, she supported me through tough some tough stuff, and she's been a terrific teacher throughout my career here. Every time someone gives me kudos for my systems knowledge or planning skills, I just want to point to her and declare she did it. I just learned from her.

In a profession dominated by men, often hostile to women, I've been really grateful to have a woman like her around to be a role model. So I'm sad, but I'm also happy for her, because she's been looking forward to retiring and all the travelling she'll do, so how can I be sad for that?

In other news...

I took a couple of days off and let me tell you, I can rock a vacation like nobody!

On Tuesday, I spent the whole day filing taxes and sitting in passport offices and generally resenting all government bureaucracy. Woo hoo!

Monday was equally relaxing, in a different way. I finished writing the novel. That's right, The Hunter and the Monochrome Princess has got an ending (an epilogue, oh noes!) and I can now bask in the joy of having a complete manuscript for a few days. Or at least, let it stew in its finishedness for a week or two before I dive in and try to wrestle it into being a manuscript that doesn't look like I vomited words everywhere. Then I can let a couple of people read it (the first few chapters have been through crit group, but I need some people to look at it as a whole, rather than in little chunks) and do more edits. SO MUCH EDITS.

While sitting at the kitchen table, fighting the words, I also had food preparing. There was a loaf of bread. A pot of soup. A pot of lentil bolognese. My freezer has been partially restocked. And after I wrote the last words (and changed the last paragraph three times), I went for a loooooong walk.

See? Totally relaxing!

I need to get better at taking vacations.

My joy over Doctor Who was such that I wrote a short fic. It's back from beta so hopefully tonight or tomorrow I'll post it. I can't promise there will be a fic-per-episode, but it did feel good to write some fic after being in novel mode for so long. YAY FANFIC.

Tonight I have to pick up groceries and go to the library. It's a good thing I'm done novelling for a while, because holy holds, Batman! SO MANY HOLDS. And one of them is a seven day loan, but it's The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi and I don't think it'll be a hardship to dive into that one and consume it in a glorious burst of reading heaven.
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*peers at Twitter notifications* Ah, I see a Big Name in publishing retweeted something. Goodbye, ability to see any other notifications :-)

You know how a few months ago I was all aflutter because I love my iPhone so much? I STILL LOVE IT. Having a cell phone? One that's capable of sending texts and making calls and stuff? So good. If I, to take a random example, want to ask a friend out to dinner tomorrow night, I can just text her! And have it arranged in a few minutes! It's wonderful!

Who knew having the ability to communicate reliably would be so brilliant? (All of you knew that, but let's pretend...)

Anyway, Holby City.

Cut for spoilers )
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I know, it's been over two months since I posted. But I needed to do a bit of housekeeping and I swear that I'm going to try to do better in the future.

You may all point and laugh when I don't post again until June.

I've turned off cross-posting to LJ, thanks to the new shenanigans being done with TOSes in Russian and so forth. I'm not sure what I'll do with my LJ long-term, but I'm glad that I backed it up over here years ago and have only been cross-posting for the last few years.

I've also done a tiny bit of housekeeping on Mostly behind-the-scenes tweaks I've been meaning to do for ages, but I have removed the ability to add new reviews to the review section. Bet everyone forgot that was there! I don't plan to take them down, because it's a good record of what was hot like, ten years ago, but I don't plan to update anything any more. Not even broken links, no.

When I have more time, I may be installed a Wordpress thing on the site to make managing it easier. It's no longer the best source for my fic--that's all on AO3 now--but it would be good to get things a wee bit more up to date. And maybe I could set up a WP blog and cross-post to here.

Anyway, that's it. No huge changes, but if you want to know what I'm up to, the best source is probably [ profile] selenay.
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I have finally given in and ordered a network extender, because the patchy coverage in the kitchen is intolerable. The worst spot, where the network is largely dead, is the kitchen table. We cannot figure it out, but if you move even a foot away from the table, there is a (weak) signal. At the table? Most of the time?


Where do we all tend to spend a lot of time reading iPads over breakfast? Where do I watch stuff on Netflix when I'm eating alone?

Yup. Kitchen table. So hopefully that will arrive on Friday and I can set it up on the weekend and finally get everything working the way it should. It's a Netgear dual band jobbie. I'm assured it's simple to set up, but it's the same one my Dad got for the house in England and he'll be back from his travels on Monday, so if I fail then he can give me a hand. Cross your fingers this solves the issue and there isn't, in fact, some kind of impenetrable field around my kitchen table?

Last night's attempt to get an early night was scuppered when I decided to spend some time setting up my PVR for all the new shows that start next week. Woops.

I upgraded my cable package earlier in the summer--better services for less money, still don't know how I did that--so I have a new PVR with none of my old settings. On one hand, it's frustrating to set everything up again.

OTOH, it's encouraged me to ditch a couple of shows (OUAT, I'm looking at you) that I'd lost interest in and was only watching out of a vague sense of obligation. So that's good.

And I set up to record Pitch, a new show about a woman baseball player, because it sounded interesting and WOMAN BASEBALL PLAYER. Women doing sports thing has become kinda my jam lately :-) Need to dig through my list of other new shows I wanted to check out and figure out when they're premiering. I seem to recall a lot of them were lined up as potential mid-season debuts rather than September, which always throws me.

Anyone got any recommendations for new stuff I might want to check out?
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If I'm going to use this more, I'm vaguely considering upgrading back to a paid account. But do I really want to spend that money when all I'm doing it for is the icons?


Maybe not. I'm a mature rational adult who does not need to spend money just for icons.

I've had an email from Mum and Dad noting that they got to their first B&B safely, so that's all good. I had this whole plan about going to bed nice and early last night...

Yeah. I had critique group, and then I did some banking, and then I got some work done on a project...and suddenly it was ridiculously late. Argh. Tonight! Tonight I will be better. Mostly because I got all the piled up Stuff(TM) done last night, so I shouldn't get sucked into that again.

All I need to do is write more words on the Clockwork Murders sequel. And exercise. And take Humira. And make and eat supper. With enough time to veg in front of the TV with a cup of tea before going to bed.

It's nice and quiet in the house, though. If I want to do something, I just do it. I don't get sucked into conversations that delay everything, because my cats are cute but not inclined to natter. I'd forgotten what having the house to myself was like, which is odd, because I've only had Mum here since mid-June. But it's been Mum+othervisitors for a lot of that time, so maybe that's why it's felt more crowded than usual.

On Friday, I may treat myself to take away. Probably pizza. It's been months since I last got pizza, and it was awful pizza so I don't count that one. I'll treat myself to good pizza, and a movie, and being a total slob because no parents :-D
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This whole thing where I promised to post to Imzy daily hasn't really worked...but it has got me posting to Dreamwidth more regularly (and cross-posted to Imzy when I remember). So, er, yay? Well, it's improving my rate of posting *somewhere*, at least.

I was reading some old posts here, and I realised how much I miss having that record of what I was doing and feeling. My posting petered out almost completely around 2014 (AKA The Year I Was Sad), so I have very little written down about that period. It makes me sad, because reading those old entries reminded me of happy times and places that I'd almost forgotten about. Turns out, DW/LJ weren't just about community for me - they were a way of recording my experiences for posterity. The silly every day stuff as well as the big memories. That's why I need to get back into the habit of writing here, even if I'm getting my fill of community-love on Imzy. I need that record of who I was, what I did, and how I felt.

And so...

This whole iPhone-having thing is still rather neat and lovely. I can reply to messages when I'm out of the house! And look up tide-times when we're trying to make last-minute beach plans! And catch up on Twitter while I'm waiting for a doctor's appointment! It's all very cool :-)

Dad has been visiting for the last few days, and I can tell how much the move to Canada had been weighing on his mind, because he's still in an excellent mood several months after deciding not to do it. The last couple of visits he made here, he was in such a terrible mood that I was frankly glad to see the back of him. I wasn't entirely sure Mum would go back to England at the end of her visit last year, thanks to his behaviour.

He's been a delight this trip. Fun, funny, happy to go out and do stuff or veg around the house as we please, no black silences and refusals to make decisions about even minor things like what to eat. For the last two or three years, he wouldn't go on any little trips with Mum, so his visits were three weeks of gloomy hanging out at the house, but today they're off for a few days driving and visiting and he's really happy to do it.

I can also see the difference in Mum - she's enjoying her time with him, which she really hasn't been over the last couple of years. They're going to have a great time away together. Even though she was upset and angry when he unilaterally decided they weren't moving, I think it's actually going to be good for them in the long-run. If he'd continued being a miserable git for much longer, I don't know what would have happened. Now the weight's gone and he's back to being the Dad I used to know.

Although, as much as I'm enjoying having him around this time, I am looking forward to having the house to myself for a few days :-)
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I have been holding out against getting a smartphone for so long. Years. Probably more years than are sensible. Mostly due to Canada's riduclously expensive plans, but it also became a matter of stubbornness, too. Everyone told me to get one, so I refused.

But I've done it. I have an iPhone (SE, 64GB) and a data plan and now I'm capable of this modern communication lark. No more being out of communication every time I'm away from a wifi hotspot. No more plans that can't change because I was out of the house and nobody could contact me.

No more being unable to find people when I get to a thing because it takes me longer to make my very old stupid phone send a text than it does to search the entire place top to bottom.

I actually have more data than I planned, because they had a deal on that doubled the data I was getting. So I have 2GB instead of 1GB. That's pretty cool, right? And my iPhone is incredibly fast compared to my three year-old iPod Touch. With a fancier camera. It's all very exciting.

I've even set up Whatsapp, so I'm down with this modern communication thingymajigy.

If anyone wants my number for Whatsapping purposes, PM me and I'll send it over.

Look at me, being all modern. It's almost like I'm a techy person!

(I feel like I'm the last IT professional in the world to reach this place. Please tell me I'm not?)
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I ended up taking a sick day yesterday, because this cold refuses to go away. Today I still feel like crap, but I'm at work because we have air conditioning and I'm hoping it will help my poor, asthmatic, drowning lungs. The city is currently blanketed with massive humidity, which isn't helping me at all. So far, the jury is out on how much this is helping.

Three coworkers have already told me I should go home, so maybe the jury isn't that far out...

I spent yesterday curled up with Netflix. Got through some TNG (Best of Both Worlds pts 1 and 2), some DS9 (Sons of Mogh and Bar Association), some Person of Interest (two S3 episodes), and the second episode of The West Wing.

And finished it off with some Midsommer Murders. Mum and I were playing spot the location. We think the part of Midsommer Worthy was played by Dorchester - Mum recognised an arch.

All the TV watching was in an effort not to make my rotten cold-induced headache any worse by reading all day. That was what I did on Monday, and it definitely did not help much.

I'd been hoping to be better today, because Dad arrives this afternoon for a three week visit. He always gets distressed when I'm ill, but no such luck. Damn. The fun thing about being sick is the part where I got to inject myself with immunosuppressants yesterday. It always feels counter-intuitive--have a virus, kill your immune system anyway!--but it's not worth taking the risk of making my IBD flare up by skipping them.

Apparently we have ice-cream sundaes in the lunchroom soon, courtesy of our staff association. I'm sure ice-cream will help a cold, right?

Sick :-(

Sep. 5th, 2016 10:35 am
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I have what I'm hoping is just a really miserable cold. It'll be my third this year. I've been stuffy and ick for a couple of days, but yesterday a wave of incredible fatigue landed on me and hasn't lifted and today I've lost my voice. My throat is a little sore, but not bad enough to account for the no voice thing.

I'm really hoping this is just a rotten cold.

On the up side, my very excitable immune system is currently suppressed enough to allow me to catch a virus. Go me and my immunusuppressants?

Ugh. I'm trying to do some writing--it's Labour day, thankfully, so I don't need to take a sick day yet--but my eyes keep crossing and drifting shut. I may have to admit defeat and retreat to my sofa for a nap. It's not even 11am yet! I hate getting sick, so very very much.
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Cut for spoilers )

One of the things I realised while I was on holiday is that I was pushing myself so hard to write lots every night that I was burning myself out. I never had time to do things like read, watch TV, and unwind. I'm trying to be kinder to myself and not push so hard. Yes, I want to write. Yes, I want to get a novel published eventually. No, I can't do that at the cost of my ability to think and enjoy life. It's time to be a bit more reasonable about how I use my time: as long as I'm writing regularly, does it matter if I'm writing 600 words or 1500? Probably not. But if I'm writing 600 words most nights and taking time to do other things, I can still finish books *and* have time for other things that keep my brain happy.
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I've been back home in Canada for twenty-four hours, and I'm feeling much more settled than I was on Friday. This is why decisions like "moving across the Atlantic" take a long time and are best made on the side of the Atlantic you're currently living on, not the one you're visiting and missing :-D

This is not to say that I'm never moving back to England. I'm still thinking that, eventually, it's something that may happen. Probably will happen, actually. But not for a few years. Probably not for at least ten years, I suspect, because I wouldn't do it until Mum decided she wasn't up to the regular transAtlantic crossing for her prolonged visits.

And getting back here has been lovely--sleeping in my own bed and seeing my cats and being surrounded by familiar things. Mum and I were looking at the Ikea catalogue last night and I realised that I'm still excited about getting the apartment in 2018, so moving back to England definitely can't happen for a few years yet.

For the first time, though, I'm letting myself admit that Canada might not be my always and forever. I'm not afraid to think that. It's a thing I wasn't even letting myself think before.

And now, I'm going to put that all aside and concentrate on living my best life here for a while. Tomorrow I go back to work and find out all the things that went terribly wrong while I was gone. This evening, I plan to relax and prolong the sense of being on holiday for as long as I can 😁
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It's my last day on holiday in England. Woe.

It's also a little odd, because for once, I feel like I've had a really long holiday and my mourning isn't due to not having had enough time. It's an acknowledgement that I miss this place at times, and being back here fills a need I work hard to ignore the rest of the time. This year, for the first time, I admitted there were circumstances that could pull me back.

Before, I've always said that doing the trans-Atlantic move again is not something I'd voluntarily consider. Of course, if family circumstances required it, I'd do it. That's never been in question. But this is the first time I've admitted to myself, or to anyone else, that I'd come back if the conditions were exactly right.

Note: these conditions would consist of a job offer so good I couldn't pass it up, with a pay packet that would enable me to keep the kind of lifestyle I currently have in Canada. So, unless someone knows of an incredibly high-paying job in data warehouseing somewhere in the South East or London, it won't happen any time soon.

Maybe that's why I'm feeling a bit melancholy today: I've had a wonderful holiday, I've crammed in a ton of stuff, I've properly forgotten all about work and the crap back home, and now it's the last day and I'm secretly wondering whether that perfect set of circumstances will ever happen for me. Is it time to give in and put a profile on Linkdin, just in case someone headhunts me, or do I potter along as I am for a few more years and see what happens?

I'll think about it some more when I'm not here and surrounded by only the good parts of living here. There were good reasons for me to make the move eight years ago, after all.

I refuse to waste my last day being sad, though. I'm going to get some writing done, spend some quality time with a book (or maybe more Holby City), and spend an afternoon with family having a cream tea and a nice walk by the Thames. Sadness can happen when I'm back home in Canada, with cats to cuddle.
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*cleans cobwebs off the posts*

So, my periodic promises to blog more never quite work, do they? Oops.

A brief summary of the last few months )

I am vaguely managing to watch some TV. One show per day, because I need some wind-down time. Thus far, my verdicts on new shows that I've picked up are:

I really want to like it and the deadly diseases episode was great, but the lead FBI guy bores the pants off me and the writing is so uneven. It's on probation, because I adore Jaime Alexander and I want this show to be good.

Not one I planned to pick up, but zomg I'm in love. Lead character is a WOC, the characters are diverse, and the plot keeps rocking along and carrying me with it. Not perfect, but it's holding my attention in a way Blindspot isn't.

I am in love. It's beautiful.

And for the returning shows:

Agents of SHIELD
I am so biased about this show, but I'm loving where they're going this year.

Once Upon a Time
I'm two episodes in Amnesia again. Seriously? My suspended disbelief is struggling, but I'm giving it a couple more episodes before pulling the cord.

The Flash
One episode in, but I'm pretty happy. It's never going to be a perfect show, but it was nice to see Barry considering consequences, and then being shown that he's better with his team. It's still my happy show.

Also only one episode in, but already an improvement on much of last season. Show, you are never allowed to break up Ollie and Felicity, because they are a perfect rainbow and I need that.

On my one show a day can probably see why I'm only one or two episodes into so many things. I really need to have a day where I just give up on being productive and mainline some teevees.
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*blows dust off the furniture*

So, that whole "I'm totally going to blog regularly, really!" thing didn't last through the end of the winter of hell. Whoops.

So, time to start again.

Where to start?

I'm enjoying the lack of winter. I'm over the moon that Agent Carter got renewed with a ten episode order. I have no words to express what I feel about the Hugos clusterfuck.

My back has totally borked itself and I've spent two months trying to get a new GP, because walk-in clinics are bloody useless for this stuff. Next Friday I'm seeing someone who *might* be my new GP. Cross your fingers? It would be nice to have some help and a referral to the right people.

I've also got a colonoscopy next week. The original plan was to do it later in the year, but I got offered an appointment on Friday for next week, after some bloodwork results came back. That's not worrying at all, obvs. I doubt my haemoglobin is low, so it's probably a raging white blood count and possibly some high inflammatory markers.

I can't imagine why that's happening. My back has only been a mass of inflammation since February. Although I'm willing to concede that I might be getting some belly pain that I've cheerfully been ignoring for a couple of weeks. Urk. It'll be interesting to see what the scope shows, anyway.

Guess I'm playing medication roulette again soon :-)

I have done so much reading. The only time my back is relatively not painful is when I'm walking or pedalling on my stationary bike, so I've had my nose in a book while I pace the house or pedal. So much fic reading. So many books.

Writing hasn't been easy, because sitting makes my back hurt, but I have managed to figure out an arrangement with my iPad and a keyboard that isn't too awful. I write in bursts and then wander off to read and pace for a while before writing some more. Working at my desktop only happens on weekends during my good phases of the day, so editing of any form has been horrendously delayed. Ugh. But I'm getting there.

Summer hiatus is upon us. I managed to keep up with most shows, but I've still got a few Sleepy Hollow episodes to watch and I didn't quite manage to marathon the last half of Arrow before Mum arrived for her annual visit last week. I'll be trying to sneak in the last couple of episodes whenever she's out.

I'm sure there must be interesting things for me to talk about, but the habit has gone again. Drat! Anyone got something they want me to write about?
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Things I need to do this weekend:

- Edit a short Peggy/Angie fic and send to beta
- Write some words on the demon!Clint fic and pretend not to see the short original story I accidentally started this week
- Read
- Sleep
- Sleep
- Sleep
- Catch up on telly box things
- Sleep

So, you know, it's a busy weekend I have planned there :-)

Sadly, I'm also supposed to work for a few hours on Sunday morning. Grr. That's going to interrupt the sleep schedule.

Last night, I got curious and watched the pilot for The 100, which I hadn't bothered with last year because it sounded so totally ridiculous. Except people keep Tweeting about how good it is, and I needed to find out how wrong I'd been.


It's a good thing it's all on Netflix, that's all I'm saying. My attempts to catch up on tell box things might end up getting derailed by binge watching all of it.

(Someone please explain how I got sucked back into Holby viewing, please? I'd gone cold turkey for a year and then I watched one episode and now I'm so off the wagon it's not funny.)

(Someone make me feel better about buying sushi for supper tonight. I cannot think of a single thing I want to eat tonight that's not sushi, even though I'm supposed to be on a takeout freeze for January.)

(Someone take away the parenthesis keys on my keyboard.)


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