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I cannot think of anything to say that's not spoilery, so I'm not going to try! Spoilers under the cut.

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It's Friday and I am so relieved, because somehow it's been another week of paddling madly just to keep up.

I didn't even have time for a SHIELD post!

Tiny spoilers ahead: Cut for spoilers )

And I didn't have time for a proper Supergirl post either!

Tiny Supergirl spoilers: Cut for spoilers )

I started the edits on Huntress and I'm feeling more confident about it than I remember. Sure, it needs tidying up a fair bit and there's a soggy section in the middle that I have to fix, but structurally, it's not actually broken. It doesn't collapse the moment I poke at it even a tiny bit, and I'm quite proud of certain parts. I just need to fix the broken bits and then I can send it out to a couple of betas and see how many holes are left.

After I've done the post-beta clean-up, then I guess I have to decide what I'm doing with it. I'd still like to try for an agent, but it's an f/f fantasy romance, and one of the things I've noticed is that f/f romance of any kind is a tough sell to editors outside the small lesbian presses, which might be why so many authors go indie. So will my book get rejected by agents no matter what the writing is like, just because it's going to be hard to place?

Going indie has its appeal, for sure, but I don't know whether that's the wimp's way out. And going to the small lesbian presses also has appeal, except they're mainly US-based and they all seem to want me to edit into American-ised spelling and word usage before even sending an MS out, and UGH no.

So I'll do what I always do when I try to think about this stuff, and stick my head in the sand for now :-) The book isn't in any state to go anywhere yet, why am I thinking about this stuff already?

I booked my tickets for Helsinki this week, so it's official: I'm going to Worldcon 75 after my sister's wedding. I even looked at a map to figure out where Finland is and...look, I am bad at geography. I'd mentally put it somewhere near Denmark.

It's next to Russia.

Finland: it's further away than you think!
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Only brief notes today, because work fried my brain, but I had to note a couple of things.

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Okay, that wasn't actually brief after all :-)
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Here there be spoilers! (For those reading on RSS.)

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(Look at me, posting more than three times in one month. Hey remember when I used to actually talk about telly? Let's see what happens when I do that.)

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Currently around my company there are projects happening to secure and lock down various systems, removing obsolete code etc etc.

Unfortunately, they've decided to describe this activity as "hardening" the systems.

So we're all smirking and giggling every time we have to meet to discuss a hardening project, or reference that someone is hardening something, or question whether something has been hardened yet.

(We haven't had the guts to ask "Is system X hard?". Yet.)

I'm sorry, my team is a bunch of children at heart. Even the boss :-D

I was a good girl and did my wording last night. I'm staggering towards the novel finish line, one day at a time. I'm almost done with the big boss battle, and after that, it's just the tidy-up and the happily ever after. Woo hoo!

Agents of SHIELD is back, which means Tuesdays have become a dilemma. Do I watch AoS or Holby? I could watch both, but realistically, I never have enough time to watch two hours of telly in one evening. Last week, Holby won, but I think AoS is going to be winning from now on. My twitter feed has far more AoS fans and it's hard to hide from spoilers until I watch on Wednesdays.

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I'm debating whether I go back to paid status here, as a gesture of support for DW providing a sanctuary for all the new LJ refugees and totally not because I want all my icons back DEFINITELY NOT THAT.
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*cleans cobwebs off the posts*

So, my periodic promises to blog more never quite work, do they? Oops.

A brief summary of the last few months )

I am vaguely managing to watch some TV. One show per day, because I need some wind-down time. Thus far, my verdicts on new shows that I've picked up are:

I really want to like it and the deadly diseases episode was great, but the lead FBI guy bores the pants off me and the writing is so uneven. It's on probation, because I adore Jaime Alexander and I want this show to be good.

Not one I planned to pick up, but zomg I'm in love. Lead character is a WOC, the characters are diverse, and the plot keeps rocking along and carrying me with it. Not perfect, but it's holding my attention in a way Blindspot isn't.

I am in love. It's beautiful.

And for the returning shows:

Agents of SHIELD
I am so biased about this show, but I'm loving where they're going this year.

Once Upon a Time
I'm two episodes in Amnesia again. Seriously? My suspended disbelief is struggling, but I'm giving it a couple more episodes before pulling the cord.

The Flash
One episode in, but I'm pretty happy. It's never going to be a perfect show, but it was nice to see Barry considering consequences, and then being shown that he's better with his team. It's still my happy show.

Also only one episode in, but already an improvement on much of last season. Show, you are never allowed to break up Ollie and Felicity, because they are a perfect rainbow and I need that.

On my one show a day can probably see why I'm only one or two episodes into so many things. I really need to have a day where I just give up on being productive and mainline some teevees.
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For the December talking meme, [personal profile] emmzzi asked me to talk about Lola today. (Happy birthday!)

Which prompted a brief discussion about which Lola she meant. Showgirl? Coulson's car? Another Lola I'm unaware of?

Well, Coulson's car is a big of a showgirl, so that does work out rather nicely ;-)

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Spoilers behind the cut!

Cut for spoilers )

And I can't resist speculating a little bit on the trailer, but I'll put it under a second cut for those who are totally trailer-spoiler-phobic.

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[community profile] femslashex assignments were out this weekend and I love mine to itty bitty pieces. I have no idea what I matched on because two of the fandoms are ones I offered with pairings I offered and I'm inspired about fics for both. Oops?

I'm now two weeks away from the final draft deadline on Marvel Big Bang and the beta-ing has been going better than expected. It's all tweaks and typos so I'm still feeling confident about being done on time despite the incredible length of this novel. And the good thing is that I still really like the fic and feel very pleased with what I've achieved, so it's all good there.

Agents of SHIELD has been seen and much enjoyed. It was even better on my second viewing, with all the adverts removed. Ads really interrupt the flow of a good show. AoS isn't without its issues, ones that I'm hoping get addressed as time goes on, but as a pilot that was trying to show what it could be and set up a whole whack of things I thought it was great.

Things I'm looking forward to seeing more of (non-spoilery):

- FitzSimmons and their beautiful twinny friendship. Anyone who's read a lot of my Avengers fic may note how much I love playing with male/female deep friendship (Clint and Natasha are wonderful to write) and the FitzSimmons relationship plays into all my favourite tropes for that so far. I really want a couple of episodes focused on those two and their beautiful broship.

- Melinda May. So much mystery and so much history, we need to have some Melinda focused episodes.

- Grant Ward's incredible lack of sense of humour and people skills. Really, that's just crying out to be one of the running jokes of the series and I kind of look forward to him looking pained and tolerant as Fitzsimmons and Skye make with the mocking and the hilarity around him.

- Skye. I'm intrigued and I want to know who she really is. I kind of also like the mentor/protege vibe she's getting with Coulson, I think that's got some terrific possibilities.

- Coulson. On my telly box every week. With mysteries he doesn't even know he's in the middle of and that wonderfully determined belief that everyone deserves saving. Someone said he's the ultimate Hufflepuff and I really think that's the perfect way to see him.

- Arcs. Looks like we're getting lots of arcs and themes and that really hits all the things I love in a show.

Yup, I'm a happy fangirl.

And lastly, I may have picked up a new Thing. Sleepy Hollow, how are you so cracktastic and so very awesome?


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