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Dear Supergirl writers,

I know you want to establish Lena Luther as 100% Totally Straight with a tragic lost love, but you cast KATIE MCGRATH to play her. It's never going to work.

No matter what you do, she's always going to have more chemistry with a female co-star than she will with any boyfriend you try to pair her with. It happened on Merlin, it's happening here.

Frankly, I'd entirely forgotten Mon-El existed until Kara needed someone to "double date" with (which probably says as much about Mon-El as it does about anything else) and there was no stage in this episode where I was convinced that Lena cared about Jack as anything other than a friend.

In contrast, as usual, the Kara/Lena vibes were coming through strong and that final scene with the hug...seriously, you want me to not see the chemistry? REALLY?

I know Lena's being set up to turn evil, either because of her Tragic Lost Love or her sense of betrayal when she discovers Kara is Supergirl. She's a Luthor, I know how this story goes. It would be nice if it went somewhere different, if she stayed good and her story was about that struggle against the forces pulling her to the dark side, but it won't. It never does.

Just so you know, I'll believe the betrayal option before I ever believe the "I turned evil because my boyfriend died" story. Because writers, whatever you do, you're never going to convince me that Lena is 100% Totally Straight. You should have cast a different actress if you wanted that.


(PS. If you want to go where this story would naturally go, and have Lena and Kara fall in love on-screen and then have The Great Identity Betrayal, then I'm there for it. But I know you won't because there's already one Lesbian OTP and it would awful to have another, clearly, because there's a one f/f relationship per show rule out there that must be obeyed. Also, you're writing for the CW now.)

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Date: 2017-04-26 04:44 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lilacsigil
100% this! Honestly, this was the perfect level of Mon-El for me - a few jokes and backing up Kara, the end. Lena/Kara is so, so great, though. I also think Roulette is an ex-girlfriend of Lena's.

And I didn't mind the brief Mon-El/Jack moment, either!


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