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I've been playing around this morning with a new service that seems to be pitching itself as the new place for communities, particularly fandom ones: Imzy.

It doesn't seem to be particularly friendly for personal blogs like this--they're doable but awkward--but there are already a ton of communities there and I'm guessing they'll get more active as membership increases. I've already spotted a couple of comms that I recognise from LJ days, and I think it's going to be much easier to build communities than Tumblr has been.

I've got 5 invites available, if anyone wants to PM me their email address. There's a comm for femslash (Femslash Frivolity) that's already bigger than I expected, a slash comm, and plenty of pairing and fandom specific comms. Cross your fingers that it works? I've missed the old LJ community days and DW has never quite taken off the same way.

Imzy seems to be very responsive to requests for features and fandom is one of the potential default interests, so I'm hesitantly hopeful that it may be the next big fandom platform.

(If anyone is already on Imzy and has some comms to rec, throw them into the comments!)
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At Nine Worlds, I promised some notes on the locations of some older femslash fanfic, so here we go!

The main femslash archive back in the day, where most of us went first for fic, was The Pink Rabbit. It's still available, although no new fic has been posted in several years, at And the person who ran it is still posted their excellent f/f fanart on AO3! Which was a nice surprise: PinkRabbitPro.

The Xena writer who ended up writing a couple of episodes for the show is Melissa Good, who writes Xena/Gabrielle fic and a long-running Xena Uber fic (Dar/Kerry) under Merwolf. Her page is Merwolf's Cave. The episodes she wrote were in season six, "Coming Home" and "Legacy".

One of the big archives for Xena fic was The Royal Academy of Bards. "Alternative" was ye olde term for F/F, and Mel & Janice were the in-show reincarnations of Xena and Gabrielle who spawned the Uber genre. Some of the old Uber fics have disappeared from the web (when authors pulled them to publish as f/f romance--if you're reading a lesbian romance from the late 90s/early 2000s and it has a suspiciously familiar combination of character archetypes...yeah, a lot of Ubers were pulled to publish way before 50 Shades did it!), but a fair number of fics are still on the old archives.

If anyone knows Xena authors who haven't put their stuff onto AO3, a legion of new and old Xena readers would be grateful if you could nudge them!

The big Buffy femslash archives have all long since gone inactive. Many of them were killed by the great Geocities purge, or by the Tripod decimation before that. Woe. A few of the fics are still on Pink Rabbit and you can try following some of the links over there, but be prepared for a lot of page not found errors.

The Janeway/Seven fic I mentioned, Just Between Us, can be found on Gina L Dartt's website. Luckily, she's still maintaining her site so it hasn't been lost to the mists of time!

If anyone remembers anything we discussed and isn't here, let me know and I'll try to track it down. In the meantime, happy reading!

(PS. [community profile] femslashex is the annual femslash ficathon, and sign-ups will be opening shortly. It's a terrific exchange.)
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So, as I haven't updated here, over six months (barring a couple of fic posts), maybe I should note a few things? Possibly.

1) I'm going to be in England from Thursday for a couple of weeks, which will be epic. There is a con. A visit to Jersey. A prom concert. A Harry Potter studio tour. Many family events. It's going to be big.

2) Mother is visiting for her annnual six months in Canada. We're having a surprisingly good visit.

3) Related to that, a decision has been made regarding...well, many things. Mum and Dad aren't moving to Canada when they retire. That's the big thing we've been working through.

4) Mum (and probably Dad, but we'll see whether it really happens) will be spending three months here/three monts in England after Dad retires. They're selling the house I rent from them in 2018 and Mum will use the profits from that to rent an apartment for them.

5) I'll be (FINALLY) moving into my own apartment at that time, too. It's a good decision for both of us and Dad's mood has improved so much since he decided not to move (yeah, it was not a joint decision for them) that Mum and I are both happy with this now that we've got used to it.

6) Mum and I plan to get apartments in the same building. Not the same corridor, that would be too weird, but the same building. It will make it much easier for me to keep an eye on her apartment and car while she's in England. And we'll be able to share stuff--like the sewing machine and our huge collection of baking equipment--and visit each other for coffee when she's here, so that'll be quite lovely. We've been plotting and planning this and getting excited, so I think we're making the right decision.

7) I'm still writing, but not as much fanfic as I did. I'm currently working on a fic for Marvel Big Bang and an original novel that I'm ridiculously excited about. We'll see what happens :-)

8) This will be my third original novel. The other two aren't quite trunked, but the first one needs a total rewrite and I'm still not sure the second one is viable, either. My current WIP? I'm feeling good about it. Really good. Of course, I haven't hit the stick middle yet...

9) My sister is engaged to a lovely, wonderful man. They're planning to get married next August. My attendance at Helsinki Worldcon is now dependent on what their wedding date is. Hold on tight.

10) If you want to hear from me more than once every six months, I'm on Twitter: [ profile] selenay. And I'm on Instagram sporadically. My username there is selenay936. I also post those photos to Tumblr ([ profile] selenay936, which is about the only thing I'm still using Tumblr for these days.

And this concludes the updates :-) Tune in same time, same DW maybe six months.
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*blows dust off blog*

Ahem. Yes. I am terrible about updating. BUT. I figured it might be handy if I listed somewhere which panels I'm on at Nine Worlds THIS WEEKEND OMG HOW IS IT SO SOON. Don't believe the schedule - there's a small back-end issue with one of my panels, where I had to turn one down due to a clash but the listing still has me down on the turned down one. Woops!

So, if you want to see me be geeky, here's where you can find me:

Friday, 3.15pm: Writing Superheroes

Join Emma (signe_chan), Ollie, and I as we discuss writing superheroes in our fic. The ins and outs, the interesting aspects to explore, the way fic explores superpowers. However you define superheroes and superpowers, whether it's DC/Marvel or Buffy, this is the panel to be at.

Friday, 5pm: WILD SPECULATION: Star Trek

Round-table speculation about the movies and the forthcoming TV series. The wilder the idea, the better!

Saturday, 11.45am: History of Femslash

Llyn, Cleo, Roz Kaveny and I will be talking about femslash and its history, discussing where it began, where we all began in it, and how it has changed over the years. Whether you're new to femslash or an old hand, this is a panel for you! Wanna know what the first written femslash pairing probably was? Or what in heck a Xena Uber was? (And why so much lesbian fiction from the early 2000s looks suspiciously Xena-like?) Audience participation is encouraged and we'll be trying to put together an actual timeline on a large piece of paper during the panel.

Sunday, 9am: Why we love femslash

Despite the early hour, this is a celebration panel! Why do we love femslash? What are the tropes and stories we adore? Come and spend 45 minutes squeeing with Llyn, Cleo, and I about the joys of f/f romance in our favourite shows, books, and movies. There's only one rule: the phrase "femslash is better than dudeslash because..." is outlawed :-D
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take his hand and run (1765 words) by Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ashildr | Lady Me & Clara Oswin Oswald
Characters: Clara Oswin Oswald, Ashildr | Lady Me, Bill (Doctor Who)
Additional Tags: Moving On, Companion search, Female Friendship, Developing Friendships

Summary: "He's not good at being alone."
They're ready for their own adventures, but Clara and Me have one final task to complete. After all, who knows what the Doctor needs better than the people who have seen him through the good times and the worst times?
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Because I've been asked about this a couple of times, I'm throwing my cheese scone recipe here for easy reference :-)

It's from the Be-Ro recipe book and it's ridiculously easy. I've added my own hints and edits in brackets.

175g (6 oz) self-raising flour
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 x 2.5 ml spoon (1/2 tsp) mustard powder (I get really generous with this and heap it, for extra punch)
25g (1oz) hard margarine
75g (3 oz) cheese, grated (use a good strong cheddar for flavour)
1 medium egg
2 x 15 ml spoon (1 tbsp) milk

1. Heat oven to 220C/425F. Grease or line a baking tray.

2. Mix flour and seasonings together, rub in margarine. Stir in cheese, reserving a little for the top. (Or stir in all the cheese and grate a little more for the top - I like my scones very cheesy!)

3. Beat the egg and milk together. Mix to a soft dough, reserving a little of the egg/milk for glazing. (You may need to use all the egg/milk and even a splash of water to get a good consistency - if that happens, don't worry!)

4. Roll out to a round 1.5cm (1/2 inch) in thickness and cut into 8 triangles.

5. Place on the baking tray and brush with egg/milk (or with just some milk if the egg/milk got all used up) and sprinkle with cheese. Bake for about 10-15 mins until golden brown.

(6. NOM. Split them and butter them if that's your inclination or just eat as they are.)
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Dear Yuletide Author,

You've signed up to write for one of my beloved teeny fandoms so that already makes me adore you and utter little squeaky happy noises :-D Thank you!

I'm not hard to please, I don't think. A lot of my fandoms are femslashy this year, but if F/F isn't your thing, I'm a huge fan of female friendships and fics focusing on those.

This letter isn't as long and terrifying as it looks, I promise. I broke it all down into sections and put the general notes in their own bit, which is why it looks long, but honestly. As long as you don't include anything on my dislikes list, I'm probably going to be happy.

General likes and loves )

General dislikes )

Think of England - K J Charles: Fenella Carruth, Patricia Merton )

Uprooted - Naomi Novik - Agnieszka, Kasia )

Jupiter Ascending (2015): Jupiter Jones, Kiza Apini )

Jurassic Park (Movies): Claire Dearing, Ellie Sattler )

Cornetto  )
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And Eternity in an Hour (60811 words) by Selenay
Chapters: 17/17
Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Characters: Clint Barton, Phil Coulson
Additional Tags: Background Relationships, Many MCU and SHIELD cameos, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Beauty and the Beast (TV 1987) fusion, Romance, Angst and Feels, Marvel Universe Big Bang 2015, Minor Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov
Summary: He comes from a secret place, far below the city streets, hiding his face from strangers, safe from hate and harm. He brought me there to save my life...and now, wherever I go, he is with me, in spirit. For we have a bond stronger than friendship or love. And although we cannot be together, we will never, ever be apart.
When Phil Coulson is attacked and left for dead, he is rescued and cared for by an unusual man who looks like a beast. As Phil heals, he learns that Clint is part of a community hidden below the city, where people who don't fit into the world above can live in safety. In time, Phil has to return home, but he vows to change his life and find a happier, better future.
Phil and Clint believe their time together is over, but they are destined to meet again when their worlds begin to collide.
A Beauty and the Beast (TV, 1987) fusion fic.
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Inspired by Actual Documented Accounts... (9583 words) by Selenay
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hermione Granger/Luna Lovegood
Characters: Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Minerva McGonagall
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - X-Files Fusion, Case Fic, Magic, Femslash, First Kiss

Summary: The sceptic and the believer. Science versus the unexplained. Hermione Granger is supposed to be proving that Luna Lovegood's strange cases have scientific, rational explanations, but their latest adventure may force her to change her mind...about more than just Luna's beliefs.

Inspired by this Tumblr gifst:
a harry potter/x-files au

Note: My entry for femslashex this year
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...I possibly lied. Or overestimated my ability to resist when my local writers got talking about it :-)

I just signed up again. But I'm doing the rebel thing this time. I've got a novelette to finish and then I'll be starting a new novel about gay magical spies defeating evil and falling in love. The novel will be tropetastic and m/m and I'm just letting my id go wild on it.

Looks like I'll be aiming to get 50k written across two projects in November. Wheee!
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*cleans cobwebs off the posts*

So, my periodic promises to blog more never quite work, do they? Oops.

A brief summary of the last few months )

I am vaguely managing to watch some TV. One show per day, because I need some wind-down time. Thus far, my verdicts on new shows that I've picked up are:

I really want to like it and the deadly diseases episode was great, but the lead FBI guy bores the pants off me and the writing is so uneven. It's on probation, because I adore Jaime Alexander and I want this show to be good.

Not one I planned to pick up, but zomg I'm in love. Lead character is a WOC, the characters are diverse, and the plot keeps rocking along and carrying me with it. Not perfect, but it's holding my attention in a way Blindspot isn't.

I am in love. It's beautiful.

And for the returning shows:

Agents of SHIELD
I am so biased about this show, but I'm loving where they're going this year.

Once Upon a Time
I'm two episodes in Amnesia again. Seriously? My suspended disbelief is struggling, but I'm giving it a couple more episodes before pulling the cord.

The Flash
One episode in, but I'm pretty happy. It's never going to be a perfect show, but it was nice to see Barry considering consequences, and then being shown that he's better with his team. It's still my happy show.

Also only one episode in, but already an improvement on much of last season. Show, you are never allowed to break up Ollie and Felicity, because they are a perfect rainbow and I need that.

On my one show a day can probably see why I'm only one or two episodes into so many things. I really need to have a day where I just give up on being productive and mainline some teevees.
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Dear Femslashex creator,

First of all, don't get worried about me or the length of this letter. I'm pretty much going to love what you do because you're writing or arting for one of my f/f pairings and that's a win in my book :-) If you've already got an idea for one of them, and it doesn't hit any of my squicks, go for it! Something coming from the heart is always the best thing. I'm equally happy with fic or art, and generally any rating goes for me.

If you want ideas or more info, read on! I tried to give some prompts for each pairing, just because that's what I find easiest to work from, but optional details are optional.

General likes:

Competent women, plots, case fic, getting together fics, happy endings, all the AUs, all the tropes, cabin fic, fake relationships leading to more, friends to lovers, trope subversion, women geeking out over science, banter, enthusiastic consent, bisexual characters, women being awesome


Death fic, sad endings, BDSM and heavy kink, graphic violence, dub-con/non-con, character bashing, cheating/adultery

Harry Potter )

The Parasol Protectorate )

Uprooted )


Original Work )

Call the Midwife )
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As anyone following me on Twitter will know ([ profile] selenay), my flight to England last night was cancelled. It was supposed to leave at midnight, but by 11.30pm, it was not looking good. We had to wait another three and a half hours, though, before they decided to cancel the flight and send us all away.

At 3am.

In a mostly closed airport.

Yeah. This was not a fun night for anyone. The taxi station was overwhelmed, so I didn't get home until 5am.

(Mum asked why I didn't call her to get a drive home. I did. Over a dozen times. Dad tried her, too, from England. She sleeps like the dead.)

Dad and I were in contact through the night, thanks to the airport's excellent wifi and our mutual love of tech, so we both had iMessanger going. He was lovely about all of this and kept me cheerful even when I was too tried to think anymore.

So. New plan.

I'm booked on a new flight tonight. Initially it was tonight's midnight flight (although I could see that was going to end badly, if we were all on it, because most of us would have to be bumped) but they've laid on an extra flight three hours earlier, and I'm booked on that. I'm checked in, my seat is assigned, let's hope this plane doesn't break and get cancelled!

I've had some sleep this morning, so I feel slightly less awful. This afternoon I'll just flop around and wait to try again to go to England. This...this is not the holiday I planned.

I mean, why couldn't my flight get cancelled at the end, rather than making me miss the first day of my trip? I had plans! I had tickets to the women's FA Cup Final tomorrow!

Everyone cross you fingers that my flight happens and I'm not so completely dead that I can't do football?
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I'm flying to England in eight days (squee!) for a fifteen day vacation, with Nine Worlds in the middle, so clearly it's time for my annual Kindle book buying splurge so that I have lots of reading material with me.

Theoretically, I'm going to have loads of time to read. Masses. So much reading to do. I'll, er, let you know how well that theory works out for me.

But in this day of Kindles and ebooks, I no longer have to restrict myself to the five or six books that'll fit in my luggage and that I'm absolutely certain I'll read. I can take 200 books if I choose. Which only seems to make my choices harder.

So, with that in mind, I need some help. Take a look at this list. Take a look at the potentials. Is there anything there that you adored and think I should prioritise? I can probably only justify four or five new books, but I have...a lot more than that on my list.

Thoughts, anyone?

Already on the Kindle:

Sailor to a Siren - Zoe sumra
Liesmith - Alis Franklin
Trade Me - Courtney Milan
Broken Homes - Ben Aaronovitch
Heartstone - C J Sansom
Hounded - Kevin Hearne
Think of England - KJ Charles

Definitely maybe purchases:

Slightly Scandalous - Mary Balogh
One Salt Sea - Seanan McGuire

Potential purchases:

Ink and Bone - Rachel Caine
For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund
About a Girl - Sarah McCarry
The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater
Sparrow Hill - Seanan McGuire
The Price of Salt - Patricia Highsmith
Pheonix Rising - Pip Ballantine
The Tropic of Serpents - Marie Brennan
Delia's Shadow - Jaime Lee Moyer
Celebromancy - Michael R Underwood
Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe - Jenny Colgan
London Falling - Paul Cornell
The Master of Heathcrest Hall - Galen Beckett
Iron and Velvet - Alexis Hall
The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath - Ishbelle Bee
Captive Prince - C S Pacat
I Can't Think Straight - Shamim Sarif
Just Three Words - Melissa Brayden
The Princess Affair - Nell Stark
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As part of my cunning plan to post more regularly again, have some Wednesday reading!

What are you currently reading?

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire. It's lighter than her other urban fantasy, but I'm having fun and light was what I needed.

I'm also working my way through an authorised history of MI6. Partially book research, partially personal interest. It's not as dry as I expected.

What did you recently finish?

A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab. Lived up to all the hype, I loved it. I'll definitely be grabbing the sequel next year.

What do you think you'll read next?

I've got a library book - Ironskin- that I need to get to, so that's definitely taking priority over the new books I bought recently. On the Kindle, I'll probably pick either the new book I couldn't resist buying this morning (queer protag, steampunk, sounded so great) or the YA lesbian romance I bought at the weekend. All titles are currently escaping me.
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For reasons that only my immune system can answer (and it doesn't talk to me much), my body has suddenly decided to cooperate with my meds. Of course, it decided to do that a week before I saw my new GP to ask for referrals. Good timing, eh?

I finally started to get a really good response to the Humira within 24 hours of each dose - back settling so much that I can bend at the waist and sit for whole half hours at a time, belly not hurting - and for a couple of doses, it actually lasted until a day or two before the next injection. The last two doses have stayed mostly effective all the way through.

It's Monday, I don't do Humira until tomorrow, and I can still bend at the waist, sit at my desk for long enough to get work done, and stand up for more than a few minutes without severe pain. I managed baking at the weekend. I got editing done at my desktop.

It's bloody marvelous.

My new GP seems pretty great. I got a good vibe from him - he understood what inflammatory axial (spinal, for us laymen) arthritis was like and he made IBD puns, so I think we'll get on well. The colonoscopy was deeply unpleasant and I'm unimpressed by my body's decision to resist the sedation until two hours after it was over, but it's done and I don't have much to worry about, apparently. Just have to wait for biopsy results, but GI Guy expects them to come back clear.

Now it's July, which means it's "try to write a huge long fic for Marvel Big Bang while keeping up with the Tour de France" season. With added novel editing. Yeah, this is going to be such a restful three weeks!
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*blows dust off the furniture*

So, that whole "I'm totally going to blog regularly, really!" thing didn't last through the end of the winter of hell. Whoops.

So, time to start again.

Where to start?

I'm enjoying the lack of winter. I'm over the moon that Agent Carter got renewed with a ten episode order. I have no words to express what I feel about the Hugos clusterfuck.

My back has totally borked itself and I've spent two months trying to get a new GP, because walk-in clinics are bloody useless for this stuff. Next Friday I'm seeing someone who *might* be my new GP. Cross your fingers? It would be nice to have some help and a referral to the right people.

I've also got a colonoscopy next week. The original plan was to do it later in the year, but I got offered an appointment on Friday for next week, after some bloodwork results came back. That's not worrying at all, obvs. I doubt my haemoglobin is low, so it's probably a raging white blood count and possibly some high inflammatory markers.

I can't imagine why that's happening. My back has only been a mass of inflammation since February. Although I'm willing to concede that I might be getting some belly pain that I've cheerfully been ignoring for a couple of weeks. Urk. It'll be interesting to see what the scope shows, anyway.

Guess I'm playing medication roulette again soon :-)

I have done so much reading. The only time my back is relatively not painful is when I'm walking or pedalling on my stationary bike, so I've had my nose in a book while I pace the house or pedal. So much fic reading. So many books.

Writing hasn't been easy, because sitting makes my back hurt, but I have managed to figure out an arrangement with my iPad and a keyboard that isn't too awful. I write in bursts and then wander off to read and pace for a while before writing some more. Working at my desktop only happens on weekends during my good phases of the day, so editing of any form has been horrendously delayed. Ugh. But I'm getting there.

Summer hiatus is upon us. I managed to keep up with most shows, but I've still got a few Sleepy Hollow episodes to watch and I didn't quite manage to marathon the last half of Arrow before Mum arrived for her annual visit last week. I'll be trying to sneak in the last couple of episodes whenever she's out.

I'm sure there must be interesting things for me to talk about, but the habit has gone again. Drat! Anyone got something they want me to write about?
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Posting this for posterity, mostly so that I can check back next winter to find out just how long this hell lasted. I'm hoping that next winter, I'll be checking back at this time and feeling happy that winter is already over.

It is the 29th of March and we had 30cm of snow this morning.

Yes indeedy. I shovelled. My plough guy helped. I shovelled some more.

And now I'm taking the horse pills to get my back to stop screaming at me.
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Ten years ago today, my dad and I sat down in front of the telly box with our hearts pounding and our palms sweating, waiting for something.

(I think Mum and my sister were probably there, because it was Easter Saturday, but Dad and I are the hard core Who fans and I have no clear memory of how Mum and sis felt at that point. Probably bemused by us.)

We were nervous. Ever so slightly terrified. Still half in disbelief that it was really happening. We'd been fooled so many times before with rumours of returns, with the movie that never went anywhere. Ever since we'd seen the announcement, we'd half expected it to get torn away from us while someone laughed hysterically at the idea that we'd actually trusted it would happen.

And lurking constantly was that other worry: what if it...wasn't good? What if our love for Doctor Who was tarnished by a terrible reboot? What if we had one awful series and it died forever, never to be brought back again?

Dad has been watching since the first episode. I've been watching since I was old enough to hold my head towards a TV. We're those fans, the ones who have consumed as much Doctor Who as possible and can spend hours debating Gallifreyan history and arguing over who is the best companion (Donna and Ace jointly, obvs, all other opinions are Wrong no matter what my dad says).

So that day was a huge one for us. We waited for Graham Norton's programme to end. We held our breaths. We exchanged nervous glances as the scene in Hendricks opened.

And then the Doctor said "Run!" and we let out a relieved sigh. The opening theme played and it was orchestral instead of electronic, but we loved it anyway. We watched until the final "boom" at the end of the closing credits played and we immediately discussed it all over supper.

(Mum learned very fast that supper had to be timed around Doctor Who. It was okay, she turned into almost as much of a fan as us.)

I wrote my first squeeing review and crossed my fingers that the ratings would be good.

Season one went on. Christopher Eccleston's departure was announced, immediately followed by David Tennat's appointment. Dad and I squeed because this meant season two was going to happen. A Dalek made us cry. A little boy asking for his mummy made us jump out of ours skins. A young woman saying goodbye to the father who had died when she was a baby made us cry again. An episode that seemed to be simply a parody about reality TV turned into something much bigger and darker with a massive Dalek fleet and a speech by the Doctor that made my heart pound.

The final episode of season one aired on June 18th. That's my dad's birthday. During the week before, my mum called me to ask whether 6.30pm would be okay to book a table at our favourite restaurant for his birthday.

"Um, can you make it 7.30pm? It's the last Doctor Who," I said.

A sigh down the phoneline. "That's exactly what your father said when I asked him earlier."

The table was booked for 7.30pm.

The whole family sat down to watch "The Parting of Ways". Dad and I had practised extreme spoiler avoidance all week. We knew nothing. Not one thing. We hadn't watched the trailers. We'd turned off the radio if they mentioned Doctor Who. I stayed away from every community and mailing list. It was a little easier in 2005, with social media not such a huge part of our lives, but it still wasn't easy. We knew that, at some stage in the future, the Doctor would regenerate, but we'd assumed it was going to happen in the Christmas special (a Christmas special!!) or maybe at the beginning of the next series.

We watched the Doctor rescue Rose. We watched Captain Jack heroically lead the resistance, kissing the Doctor and Rose on the lips (to my utter delight - m/m kiss on my telly box!) as he left. We watched Rose absorb the time vortex and scatter Bad Wolf.

And then...

"Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I."

It happened. The regeneration. We got a glimpse of Ten and then the credits closed, and all four of us (Dad, Mum, sis home for the birthday, me) stared at the screen in open-mouthed shock for a good two minutes at least.

Of course, then we had to hurry to walk down the road to the restaurant for that important table booking. But all the way there, we talked about the episode. About the season. About that regeneration. Even my sister, who had never been a Doctor Who fan before but today owns all the box-sets and makes sure she's watched every new episode before the weekly family Skype. We couldn't stop talking about it.

If you'd told me then that ten years later, I'd still have Doctor Who on my telly box and we'd be on Doctor number twelve (or thirteen, or fourteen, depending on how you number them), I probably wouldn't have believed you. I would have wanted to believe, but it would have seemed too incredible.

But here we are, ten years later, and Doctor Who is still going. We've got Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman filming as I type, getting ready for a new series that will probably start some time in August.

I'm one of those Doctor Who fans who will never stop watching, no matter what happens. So are the rest of my family. We may dislike some episodes (Dad's rant after the space dragon episode last year was amazing) but we're still here, flying away with the Doctor in the TARDIS. It's a show that keeps evolving and changing, so if we're not entirely happy right now, we know that we just have to wait a year or two and something new will happen that we might like better. The important thing is that we have it. We have the Doctor in our lives and on our screens again.

So, Happy Birthday, Doctor Who! My wonderful show that has just turned fifty and now gets to turn ten, which seems completely appropriate for a show about a Time Lord. May you have many, many, many more confusing birthdays.
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As a retreat from the overwhelming winterness of the last couple of weeks (and because it's now on US Netflix), I've been working my way through S2 of Hawaii Five-0. I know that it's got problems, it's maybe not the highest quality telly ever...but it's got sunshine and sand and people who aren't wearing snow boots.

The ridiculous slashiness doesn't hurt, either.

And that has led to me digging into the H50 fic that I'd downloaded and hadn't read, and discovering the most delightful high school AU/canon divergence fic that made me happy in ways I'd forgotten about.

But most of my bookmarking and rec sources are, like, three years out of date for this show. So, if anyone has recs for H50 fic (yeah, yeah, Steve/Danny all the way) they want to throw my way, new or old, you should do that. Particularly if it's over 10k, because this is a fandom where my preference is for long fics I can sink my teeth into.

The Writing Bit

For the first time in ten days, I dug into my writing files this week. I picked up the Papercuts reading and revision note making process, which is almost done. The last chapters are so much easier than the early ones.

I also picked up the file for the Zombie Circus rewrite and started making more notes, because a group of us are doing Camp Nano next month, and I'm more than ready to get my teeth into writing another novel. It's evolved a lot from my original "this would work so much better with Eve as the MC" notes, and I think that I like what I'm doing. It's a little darker, a little more steampunky, and I'm getting excited to see what else develops when I start writing it.

And also, it's going to be interesting to write an MC with the moral ambiguities that Eve has. She's such a departure from Polly (MC of Papercuts) and I think it'll be a lot of fun digging into that.


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